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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Page 2 - Letter to theEditor - Transitions; WeAsked an Expert - Vision Page 3 - An Introductionto Pelvic Floor Health Page 4 - CollaborativeEfforts to Provide Free Safe for your Baby? Car Seats to Syrian and of itself. A current prevailing hypothesis to O ver the last decade been an explosive

Neuroscience 141 (2006) 559 –568 OXYTOCIN RECEPTORS IN THE NUCLEUS ACCUMBENS FACILITATE"SPONTANEOUS" MATERNAL BEHAVIOR IN ADULT FEMALEPRAIRIE VOLES D. E. OLAZÁBAL* AND L. J. YOUNG Prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) display biparental and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Center for Behav- high levels of affiliative behavior

PRODUCT INFORMATION NAME OF THE MEDICINE Granisetron Kabi Concentrated Injection Granisetron hydrochloride has the following chemical structure: Empirical formula: Molecular weight: The systematic chemical name is endo-N-(9-methyl-9-azabicyclo [3.3.1] non-3-yl)-1-methyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide hydrochloride. DESCRIPTION Granisetron hydrochloride is a white to off-white crystalline powder which is freely soluble in water and sodium chloride 0.9% at 20°C. Granisetron Kabi Concentrated Injection contains granisetron hydrochloride equivalent to granisetron free base 1 mg/mL. It also contains sodium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and water for injections. PHARMACOLOGY Granisetron is a potent anti-emetic and highly selective antagonist of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT3) receptors. Radioligand binding studies have demonstrated that granisetron has negligible affinity for other receptor types, including 5-HT, alpha1 and alpha2, beta-adrenoreceptors, histamine H1, picrotoxin, benzodiazepine, opioid and dopamine D2 binding sites. Antagonism of 5-HT receptors located peripherally on vagal nerve terminals

ARTICLE IN PRESS The Association Between Autism and Errors in EarlyEmbryogenesis: What Is the Causal Mechanism?Annemie Ploeger, Maartje E.J. Raijmakers, Han L.J. van der Maas, and Frietson Galis The association between embryonic errors and the development of autism has been recognized in the literature, but the mechanismunderlying this association remains unknown. We propose that pleiotropic effects during a very early and specific stage of embryonicdevelopment— early organogenesis— can explain this association. In humans early organogenesis is an embryonic stage, spanning Day 20to Day 40 after fertilization, which is characterized by intense interactivity among body parts of the embryo. This implies that a singlemutation or environmental disturbance affecting development at this stage can have several phenotypic effects (i.e., pleiotropic effects).Disturbances during early organogenesis can lead to many different anomalies, including limb deformities, craniofacial malformations,brain pathology, and anomalies in other organs. We reviewed the literature and found ample evidence for the association between autismand different kinds of physical anomalies, which agrees with the hypothesis that pleiotropic effects are involved in the development ofautism. The proposed mechanism integrates findings from a variety of studies on autism, including neurobiological studies and studies onphysical anomalies and prenatal influences on neurodevelopmental outcomes. The implication is that the origin of autism can be muchearlier in embryologic development than has been frequently reported.

CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY PSYCHIATRIC TIMES 25 The Adolescent Brain Is Different Criminal Responsibility and Adolescents . . the Court has already en- lescents rarely use an insanity de- about adolescent development that dorsed the proposition that less fense, in part because the incidence are important to keep in mind when ixteen-year-old John and 2


Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Lead Urogynaecologist, Northampton General Hospital What is Painful Bladder (PBS) or Interstitial Cystitis (IC)? Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammation of the bladder wall, which can also be diagnosed as Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS) or Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS). It is a disorder with symptoms of

Focus on Life Science Compliance: The Evolution of Medical Affairs DepartmentsBy Krist Werling, Hol y Carnel , and Drew McCormick. McGuireWoods LLP, Chicago, IL This article addresses the evolution of medical variety of medical communications with prescribers, the provi- affairs departments and a variety of key issues that sion of grants to fund investigators studies, as well as various

Soy nutritional profile and health impact ades.pdf

balanced diet promotes more than good body function, it is an important way to provide vitality and well-being. A good variety of foods should deliver all the nutrients necessary for Aa healthy body in a practical, delicious and creative way. vzv A healthy and fun diet is important for everybody, but particularly those who experience the stress of modern life and lack of time.

Jagdeep Hundal, MD, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery 774 Christiana Rd, Suite B4, Newark, DE 19713 Phone: 302-266-2449 Fax: 302-266-2450 Allergy Questionnaire 1. What symptoms do you suffer from? Please circle below Eyes: Itchy eyes, tearing, eye redness, eye discharge Ears: Popping sensation, fullness, itching Nose/Sinus: Congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchiness, post nasal drip, recurrent sinus


FEBS Letters 582 (2008) 1950–1959 Centromeres: Old tales and new tools P. Vagnarelli*, S.A. Ribeiro, W.C. Earnshaw* Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh, Swann Building, KingÕs Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JR, UK Received 3 April 2008; accepted 11 April 2008 Available online 22 April 2008

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A Publication of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers £ Howard M. Rosenblatt . . . 352/373-7100 £ Chantale Leif Suttle . . . . 305/665-3399 Clara Gehan Miami-Dade County (8th Circuit) £ Sarah "Shelley" I. Zabel . . 305/982-0999 £ Diane Baccus Horsley . . . 321/727-9888 Miami-Dade County

For Medical Students You want to start as early as possible perfecting your clinical assessment skills. The physical exam is key in every patient encounter Your responsibility to physically assess a patient, will be a major characteristic differentiating yourself from others in the healthcare field. In addition, insurance companies billed require appropriate documentation of your clinical observations, and the medical necessity of the procedures performed.

5 Radiation optic neuropathy after external beam radiation therapy for acromegaly Alfons C.M. van den Bergh1, Robin P.F. Dullaart2, Marjanke A. Hoving1, Thera P. Links2, Cees A. ter Weeme3, Ben G. Szabó1, Jan-Willem R. Pott4 1 Department of Radiation Oncology, 2 Endocrinology, 3 Neurosurgery,

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Chapter 12 The Anisotropy of Metal Oxide Surface Properties G.S. Rohrer Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University,Pittsburgh PA, 15213-3890, U.S.A. The surface properties of metal oxides influence the rates of heterogeneouschemical reactions, the growth of heteroepitaxial films, and the sintering ofparticles during the consolidation of ceramics. Just as certain bulk properties ofcrystalline materials are anisotropic, surface properties also depend onorientation. The dependence of surface properties on orientation can berationalized by recognizing that the atoms on crystallographically distinct facetshave different coordination environments, as illustrated schematically in Fig. 1.This same figure also illustrates that in binary and more complex materials,surfaces with identical orientations can be terminated by different atomic layerswith distinct compositions. Throughout this chapter, we shall take the"character" of a surface to be defined by its orientation, {hkl}, and its atomictermination layer.

Tetracyclines veterinary—systemic

TETRACYCLINES Veterinary—Systemic This monograph includes information on the following: Chlortetracycline; Doxycycline; Oxytetracycline; Tetracycline. Some commonly used brand names are: For veterinary-labeled products— Agrimycin 100 [Oxytetracycline] Oxytet-250 Concentrate Agrimycin 200 [Oxytetracycline]

Fiix-prothrombin time versus standard prothrombin time for monitoring of warfarin anticoagulation: a single centre, double-blind, randomised, non-inferiority trial

Fiix-prothrombin time versus standard prothrombin time for monitoring of warfarin anticoagulation: a single centre, double-blind, randomised, non-inferiority trial Páll T Onundarson*, Charles W Francis, Olafur S Indridason, David O Arnar, Einar S Bjornsson, Magnus K Magnusson, Sigurdur J Juliusson, Hulda M Jensdottir, Brynjar Vidarsson, Petur S Gunnarsson, Sigrun H Lund, Brynja R Gudmundsdottir*

Understanding and living with glaucoma

Samantha hopes future generations won't have to live with Dr. Horner's breakthrough research could mean they won't have to. Supported by an educational grant from The Allergan Foundation. "Glaucoma Research Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of


International Journal of Food Microbiology 90 (2004) 1 – 8 Inhibition of pathogens on fresh produce by ultraviolet energy Brian R. Yaun*, Susan S. Sumner, Joseph D. Eifert, Joseph E. Marcy Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA Received 10 September 2002; received in revised form 20 February 2003; accepted 3 March 2003 Ultraviolet energy at a wavelength of 253.7 nm (UVC) was investigated for its bactericidal effects on the surface of Red

Pre-purchase Examinations - Common Terminology Page 1 of 5 This document is for guidance purposes only and is a client reference to common terminology that may be used by our Vets when carrying out a Pre-purchase Examination. FIVESTAGEVETTING.COM Vetting Guidelines - common terminology You may find it useful to consult this document whilst speaking with our veterinary surgeons and reviewing

Micro-Level Value Creation Under Managerial Short-termism ∗ Jonathan B. Cohn† University of Texas at Austin University of Texas at Dallas Wharton Research Data Services We present evidence that managers facing short-termist incentives set a lower threshold for accepting projects. Using novel data on new client and product an- nouncements in both the U.S. and international markets, we find that the marketresponds less positively to a new project announcement when the firm's managers haveincentives to focus on short-term stock price performance. Furthermore, textual analy-sis of project announcements show that firms with short-termist CEOs use more vagueand generically positive language when introducing new projects to the marketplace.Keywords: CEO Short-termism, Corporate Investment, CEO Compensation, CareerConcerns, Corporate Governance

Dreaming and rem sleep are controlled by different brain mechanisms

BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES (2000) 23, 793–1121Printed in the United States of America Dreaming and REM sleep are controlled by different brain mechanisms Mark SolmsAcademic Department of Neurosurgery, St. Bartholomew's and Royal London School of Medicine, Royal London Hospital, London E1 1BB, United Kingdom Abstract: The paradigmatic assumption that REM sleep is the physiological equivalent of dreaming is in need of fundamental revision.A mounting body of evidence suggests that dreaming and REM sleep are dissociable states, and that dreaming is controlled by forebrainmechanisms. Recent neuropsychological, radiological, and pharmacological findings suggest that the cholinergic brain stem mechanismsthat control the REM state can only generate the psychological phenomena of dreaming through the mediation of a second, probablydopaminergic, forebrain mechanism. The latter mechanism (and thus dreaming itself) can also be activated by a variety of nonREM trig-gers. Dreaming can be manipulated by dopamine agonists and antagonists with no concomitant change in REM frequency, duration,and density. Dreaming can also be induced by focal forebrain stimulation and by complex partial (forebrain) seizures during nonREMsleep, when the involvement of brainstem REM mechanisms is precluded. Likewise, dreaming is obliterated by focal lesions along a spe-cific (probably dopaminergic) forebrain pathway, and these lesions do not have any appreciable effects on REM frequency, duration, anddensity. These findings suggest that the forebrain mechanism in question is the final common path to dreaming and that the brainstemoscillator that controls the REM state is just one of the many arousal triggers that can activate this forebrain mechanism. The "REM-on"mechanism (like its various NREM equivalents) therefore stands outside the dream process itself, which is mediated by an independent,forebrain "dream-on" mechanism.

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A Publication of the Harper Woods Notre Dame Alumni Association Keeping the Spirit of the Fightin' Irish Alive Since 2005! SUMMER 2014 EDITION Bob Bury ‘71 Leading the Rebirth of the Detroit Historical Doug Brown ‘70 Pete Zingas ‘79 Terry Johnson ‘08

Edition découverte 2015 - la revue prescrire

380 JUIN 2015 e • juin 2015 • Tome 35 • n° 380 BIS – Une sélection de textes pour faire des choix de qualité L'objectif de Prescrire est clair, et très concret : il s'agit d'apporter réguliè- rement des matériaux solides pour votre construction de soins de qualité.

Lauri: what the table of directive analyses is serving

Substitution of trichloroethylene as cleaning solvent in metal processing This case study aims to illustrate a chemical substitution process. It is based on publicly available information on company's experience as well as on substance hazards, alternatives to the hazardous substance and regulatory information. The case study is neither complete nor comprehensive in illustrating all substitution options of a

Usgs open-file report 2005-1339

In Cooperation with the Southern Nevada Water Authority Gravity Studies of Cave, Dry Lake, and Delamar Valleys, East-Central Nevada By Daniel S. Scheirer Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government Open-File Report 2005-1339 U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey

Pudsey lowtown primary school

Farsley Farfield Primary School FIRST AID AND MEDICATION POLICY March 2014 OVERVIEW This document has been developed to give the school clear guidelines regarding the application of: 1. First aid to students, staff, parents and other incidents at the school requiring assistance relating to the health of individuals. 2. The administering of medication required due to: - ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy - allergies caused by dietary reactions, insect bites and/or chemical

El reencantamiento del mundo – michel maffesoli

EL REENCANTAMIENTO DEL MUNDO Una ética para nuestro tiempo Michel Maffesoli Prólogo a esta edición La ética inmoralista y el espíritu del neotribalismo En el paisaje actual de la sociología contemporánea, Maffesoli tiene un lugar muy singular: se encuentra lejos de cualquier moda intelectual y a contrapelo de las corrientes dominantes, lo que naturalmente le confiere una relativa soledad. Esa singularidad resulta paradójica: a pesar de nutrir el centro de su reflexión sobre fuentes indudablemente sociológicas, predica en el desierto como un profeta alejado de la comodidad institucional de la disciplina.

Programa nacional de formaciÓn en medicina integral comunitaria

PROGRAMA NACIONAL DE FORMACIÓN EN MEDICINA INTEGRAL COMUNITARIA PLAN DE CLASE ASIGNATURA: Morfofisiología Humana III SEMANA: 8 FOE: Actividad Orientadora 10 MÉTODO: Expositivo Ilustrativo MEDIOS: Pizarra, Videoclase. TIEMPO: 100' TEMA: 1. Sistema endocrino. TÍTULO: Glándulas paratiroides

r ers une politique médicaments au Canada Marc-André Gagnon, Ph. D. Publié par :La Fédération canadienne des syndicats d'infirmières et infirmierswww.fcsii.ca2841, promenade RiversideOttawa (Ontario) K1V 8X7613-526-4661 © La Fédération canadienne des syndicats d'infirmières et infirmiers 2014 Tous droits réservés. Aucune partie de cet ouvrage ne peut pas être reproduite ou transmise par quelque procédé que ce soit, tant électronique que mécanique, en particulier par photocopie, enregistrement ou par tout système de recherché ou d'entreposage documentaire sans l'autorisation de l'éditeur.

Oktober - November - Dezember 2013 Belgien - Belgique 88 P.P. - P.B.B 5595 Eupen Mail Erscheint dreimonatlich Abs.: Freie Krankenkasse, Postfach 2, 4760 Büllingen des Lebens Wechseljahre - der Körper im Umbruch Rauchfrei durchs Leben Kostenlose Behandlung für SIS-Karte ade! Kinder und Jugendliche

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RESEARCH PACKET Rev. 1.4 June 2007 Table of Contents Corporate Philosophy.3 Our Mission.3 Research Philosophy.3 Commitment to Quality .3 Certificate of Analysis .3 Safe and Legal.4 About PreRace Pre-Exercise Supplement .5 Physiological Adaptations .5 Biochemical Processes.5

Cmdh agrees to strengthen warnings on the use of valproate medicines in women and girls

21 November 2014 CMDh agrees to strengthen warnings on the use of valproate medicines in women and girls Women to be better informed of risks of valproate use in pregnancy and need for contraception The CMDh, a regulatory body representing EU Member States, has agreed to strengthen warnings on the use of valproate medicines in women and girls due to the risk of malformations and developmental problems in babies who are exposed to valproate in the womb. The warnings aim to ensure that patients are aware of the risks and that they take valproate only when clearly necessary.