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Car Seats to Syrian and of itself.
A current prevailing hypothesis to O ver the last decade been an explosive OTTAWA INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTRE
explain the surge of immune 1129 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G4 Page 5 - Mod Mom; In
interest in understanding related ailments we are seeing is a the bacteria that inhabit our general lack of immune tolerance bodies. Supplement Jess Sherman helps busy mothers simplify their lives by arming them with a along with reduced diversity in the powerful understanding of nutrition and the body. Her workshops, articles and companies and researchers have consultations focus on simple ways to build physically resilient babies and children, and bolster their own health while they're at it.
Page 6 - Recipe -
microbiome. The "atopic march" been hard at work investigating (sometimes called the "allergic Fermented Carrot Soup; efficacy and safety of probiotics as march") describes the typical Before giving any supplements to mother-infant pairs participated in a tool to support health. But the Fertility Awareness: An progression of immune system your baby, you should speak with the double-bind placebo trial. The question remains for parents: are your health care team, but Alternative to the Pill response that often starts with study group was given a daily dose probiotics safe for babies, and are eczema, moves to allergy, then to probiotics are showing themselves of 4 strains of probiotics from 36 they necessary? Here is a little of asthma and sometimes to to be a safe and effective way to Page 7 - Upcoming
weeks' gestation through infancy what researchers have found out.
autoimmune disease.
stabilize immune function and stop up to age 6 months. The children Events; Resources the "atopic march" in its tracks "The microbiome" refers to the Since programming of the immune were assessed for adverse reaction, when given in infancy. If you are consortium of yeast, bacteria, system mostly happens in early atopic eczema and allergy at 6 interested in using probiotics talk fungi, and viruses that live within childhood (and possibly in utero), months and then again after 2 to your naturopath or nutritionist to us naturally. Scientists are still and because the microbiome is be sure to get a supplement of high 2. (Allen SJ et al. Probiotics in the "mapping" the microbiome in an very much involved in oral In terms of safety, the results quality and with the correct strains prevention of eczema: a effort to more fully understand its tolerance and immune system showed no adverse events either and potency for your baby. v randomized controlled trial intricate structure and function, but development, researchers are caused or exacerbated by the Archives of Disease in we are learning that, as a whole, naturally interested in how we probiotics. In terms of efficacy, Childhood 2014 Jun 19; the microbiome exerts significant might use probiotic supplements to while they did not see a significant 1. Prescott, Björkstén, Probiotics influence on our metabolism, our interrupt the atopic march in immediate reduction in eczema in for the prevention or treatment weight, our digestion, our immune the infants, they did find a 54% of allergic diseases. Journal of function, our hormones, our DNA 3. Plummer, Nigel. Perinatal expression, our mood and The Swansea Baby Allergy reduction of allergy to cow's milk, Allergy and Clinical Programming: Opportunity and behaviour, and so much more.
Prevention Trial is one study that egg, grass pollen, tree pollen, Immunology 2007 Aug120(2) Threat in the Risk of Chronic investigated the safety and efficacy house dust mite, nuts, fish when Disease. Presented at the It is so important to our body's of probiotic bacteria in the tested at 2 yrs old, as measured by Integrative Healthcare function that the microbiome is development of allergy. 454 a skin prick test.
now considered to be an organ in Symposium, Toronto 2016 Naturopathic Postpartum Health Care:
You DO Have Options
New Baby…New Life
changing family dynamics and doctors offer primary health care Dr. Christine Nguyen
simply trying to juggle all the new options to women who want a Life with a new baby is filled with Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
information and advice that natural approach that equally Member of the Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors novelty, excitement and emotion.
comes from welcome and addresses body, mind and spirit.
It often also tests our limits with unwelcome sources.
Naturopathic doctors spend a 1129 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G6 the challenges associated with Telephone: 613 798
Cell: 613-883-3898 Fax: 613-798-9995
significant amount of time with Email: [email protected]Website:
learning how to care for this Self care is often last on the list of their patients, allowing a dependent little life, fluctuating mom's priorities.
meaningful rapport to be Ÿ Chemical imbalance questions, the root cause or hormones, physical/ emotional developed and for the underlying causes can be identified and a recovery from the birth From a naturopathic perspective, root causes to come to the Ÿ Food intolerance/sensitivity safe, effective, and individualized experience, sleep deprivation, postpartum supports need to surface, thereby allowing them to treatment plan can be developed.
lack of personal time and space, address all of these and more.
Ÿ Thyroid imbalance With a holistic focus, naturopathic Ÿ Adrenal insufficiency/fatigue When it comes to that treatment When it comes to the emotional plan, the beauty of naturopathic roller coaster that can accompany Ÿ Inadequate support or poor medicine lies in the fact that life with a new baby, no two coping strategies treatment options are diverse.
people are the same. Theunderlying root cause may be one Ÿ Underlying mental health The list that follows is merely a or some combination of the condition or trauma snapshot of some of the possible treatment approaches that may Ÿ Other physiological health Ÿ Poor dietary habits Ÿ Dietary Modification – foods
Ÿ Nutrient deficiencies Clearly with the right practitioner recommended to improve in your corner, listening, mood and energy; foods to Ÿ Hormonal imbalance observing and asking the right continued on page 4 .
Fertility/Infertility Treatments w Preconception Planning w Naturopathic Induction w Therapies for Turning a Breech Presentation w Treatments for Stalled Labour w Doula/Labour Support w 1129 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G6
Natural Pain Management w Satellite Office: Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre,
2260 Walkley Road, Ottawa ON Lactation Support w P: 613-798-1000 w F: 613-798-9995
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy w Pregnancy Massage w Dr. Colleen McQuarrie, Bsc., BA, ND, Clinic Director w Dr. Christine Nguyen, ND, Associate w Dr. Erin Kasparek, ND, Associate w Dr. Jennifer Keller, ND
Jo-Ann D'Alfonso, Yoga Therapist w Rekha Ishwanthlal, Integrative Pharmacist w Lisa Flanders, RPT Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist w Diana Sheldrick, RMT, MAT
t t
Letter to the Editor
when we're scared, feel badly at night as a measure of how to prepare for their new role as to connect with ourselves. We for disappointing others, or well they are doing as a mother.
mothers. Instead of how to give can begin by using our negative Throughout pregnancy it can be maybe we were taught to avoid Many women are confused birth or what to buy, perhaps we emotions as guides for what is easy to focus fully on figuring fear or anger completely. Some when they find themselves can look at pregnancy as a time really happening below the out and achieving the kind of of us may have learned that struggling during pregnancy or to reflect on the types of values surface. Instead of running away birth we want, or to become when we are challenged we throughout that first year of with which to raise our children.
or denying feelings like sadness distracted by all of the stuff should take responsibility to fix being a mother.
Which parts of your childhood or anger, perhaps we could find we re going to buy or need to our own problems or to simply are you inspired to reconstruct ways of making space for them get this parenting thing right.
A lot of women find it helpful to trust whatever the experts tell us and which pieces must we let go in small, manageable ways that Becoming a mother is a rite of develop their voice during their is the right thing to do. As a in order to parent from a place allow us to reflect on our own passage in our life and a pregnancies. Setting healthy result, we might find our values and connect to the big transformational time. During boundaries as well as changes that are happening in If being connected to our children are important values for us as parents, we must first learn Becoming a mother is a rite of
passage in our life and a
relationships strained; with our responsible for our baby's every co-workers, our partner, our them may feel like it can sap so need and we can forget that parents and even with our much energy, yet it is such an transitions in life aren't always friends. It is no surprise some essential part of becoming a easy in fact they rarely are.
FROM BELLY TO BABY women place so much emphasis mother. In just 9 months,women must wrap their minds Many of us grew up in a culture on "nailing" their birth, or using [quarterly print and online] not only around what is that told us we should smile how long their baby is sleeping happening to their body but also We Asked an Expert
vision will likely return to normal, age children have vision Dr. Kelly Norman
whereas the baby s vision starts problems, which can greatly Chiropractor, Clinic Director
to develop. The newborn s eyes Q: When should baby have his or
impact academic achievement. If BACK IN BALANCE CHIROPRACTIC AND MASSAGE
are briefly examined for signs of her first eye exam?
you notice your child is squinting, 591 Byron Ave., Ottawa ON K2A 4C4 congenital cataracts or neonatal A: Although the pediatrician or
tilting their head often, frequently eye problems. Such eye problems family physician should include a rubbing their eyes, closing one backinbalancechiro ca are rare, but must be detected basic eye exam and screening for eye to focus, or complaining of headaches, it is important to visit Most women are aware of the preservatives can be harmful to vision problems, Doctors of classic ailments of pregnancy, but them. It is always best to consult Q: What can a newborn
did you know vision changes may with your optometrist to confirm also be part of the experience? the best solution for you.
A: At birth, a baby only
Hormonal and physical changes
We asked Renée Lavallée, a Q: Can vision issues during
sees shades of black, white Registered Optician at NUVO Eye pregnancy be a cause for
and gray, and is not very associated with pregnancy can
Centre, what visual changes can light sensitive. He or she occur during pregnancy, and how will notice things that affect your vision.
to care for a baby s eyes in the A: Blurred vision can also be a sign move, but won t be able to
first year and beyond.
of gestational diabetes, a focus on them. Within the first Optometry of Canada your health care professional.
temporary form of diabetes weeks, a baby will be able to see recommend babies pass a full eye These are warning signs of Question: What are some of the
associated with pregnancy.
red, orange, yellow and green, examination by 6 months of age.
possible vision issues.
common reasons for vision
Women with either whereas blues and violets will changes in pregnancy?
gestational diabetics should be take longer. To encourage your Q: How often should I schedule
We may not be able to protect closely monitored by a doctor an eye exam for my child?
our children from all visual Answer: Hormonal and physical
infant s vision, introduce them to during pregnancy, as high blood challenges that lie ahead, but we changes associated with bright, cheerful colo rs.
A: While the first year of a baby s
sugar levels can not only affect can certainly prevent permanent pregnancy can affect your vision.
life includes many changes, it is your baby, but can damage the Q: What are some of the common
complications by being proactive Fluid retention can change the important to continue your child s small blood vessels of the retina, observations from new parents
rather than reactive. At NUVO Eye thickness or shape of your vision care with an annual eye leading to possible vision loss for about their baby s eyes?
Centre, it will be our pleasure to cornea, resulting in blurry or care for you and your family s distorted vision. This change is A: Parents may notice how large
Studies show nearly 25% of school- visual needs. v typically minor and transient, with Although uncommon, vision their baby s eyes are, as they are vision restoring itself as the changes can also be a sign of already 65% of their adult size.
DISCLAIMER: All material in this publication and on our website is provided for your
cornea returns to normal after preeclampsia, which occurs in 5 - Furthermore, most babies are information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or birth. Most women can function 8% of pregnancies. Vision changes born with blue eyes because inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readersshould consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and with these minor visual changes.
related to preeclampsia typically darker pigments in the iris are not However, if they are more include temporary loss of vision, completely developed at birth. It The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the significant, your optometrist may light sensitivity, blurry vision, may take up to a year for your best judgement available to the authors, and readers who fail to consult with appropriatehealth authorities assume the risk of any injuries. In addition, the information and opinions recommend a new eye wear auras, or the appearance of expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of every contributor to From Belly to flashing lights. If you experience remain stable.
Baby. From Belly to Baby acknowledges occasional differences in opinion and welcomesthe exchange of different viewpoints. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.
From Belly to Baby is not responsible for copyright infringement within any textual and/orgraphical submissions provided by authors. Authors are solely responsible to ensure they OUR EXPERT:
own full copyright to any and all submissions.
Renée Lavallée, Optician
eyes. This can be NUVO EYE CENTRE
From Belly to Baby Contacts Editor, Advertising, Website : Dr. Colleen McQuarrie, ND, Ottawa Integrative Health Centre, Phone: 613-798-1000 F , ax: 613-798-9995, Email: [email protected] lenses difficult.
any of these symptoms, contact proper alignment, ModMom, We Asked an Expert: Dr. Kelly Norman DC, Back in Balance Chiropractic, The use of artificial tears to your optometrist immediately.
as the baby s eye muscles are still Phone: 613-288-2225; Email: [email protected] lubricate the eyes can ease developing. However, should a Graphic Design & Websit : e Heather Murray, Murray Web Works, Email: dryness. Be sure your artificial Q: What should we look for in a
constant misalignment be tears of choice are compatible newborn s vision?
noticed, it should be reported to with your contact lenses, as some your health professional Questions? Please contact Dr. Colleen McQuarrie, ND. [email protected] A: After giving birth, a mother s
t t
An Introduction to Pelvic Floor Health
Optimal health of the pelvic also have the ability to Ÿ Persistent Pelvic Pain, or floor is necessary for our function with the rest of unexplained pain in the RPT, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
bowel, bladder, sexual our core muscles.
function and supporting 1129 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G6 Think of the abdominal area our internal organs in both as a canister, "the core" Ÿ Pain during or following men and women. The pelvic made up of a top, bottom intercourse, pain with floor is a group of muscles, and sides. The Diaphragm, orgasm or arousal thorough history taking and Take a long slow exhale which forms sling, the major breathing physical exam. From there, through your mouth, form attaching internally to the 2. Hypotonic pelvic floor muscle, is found at the top the concern you have your lips as if you are sides of the pelvis, the muscles (muscles that are sitting just below the inside addressed is discussed and whistling to slow the pubic bone, tailbone and too weak) can lead to: of the rib cage. The a treatment process is exhalation even further.
sacrum. They support the abdominal muscles in the described to you.
Start with 10 breaths in and internal organs, the Ÿ Stress Incontinence front, and the deep back out. If you do not feel the abdominals and low back, (leaky bladder when you Ready to start connecting muscles act to corset and connection and the muscles making up a bottom of the cough, sneeze, laugh or to your pelvic floor today? support the low back. The relaxing right away, do not core muscles. The muscles Begin by lying on your back, pelvic floor at the bottom get frustrated, it may take contract to maintain or in a comfortable supports the canister from some practice to start continence, relax to allow position. Place one hand below. A break in the Ÿ Pelvic organ prolapse connecting again. Keep urinary and fecal voiding just below your ribcage and practicing until you feel the the other just above your muscles relax on the top of Pelvic floor dysfunction is not a
pubic bone. Focus on the areas under your hands.
normal part of aging, nor is it a
Breathe slowing and deeply Know that each pelvic normal symptom following
in through your nose and health concern is as unique feel both hands slightly as the individual that is may contribute to rise. Focus on having your experiencing it and each system, anywhere in the of muscles does not work any of the concerns listed belly expand, rather than treatment plan will be canister can lead to pelvic symmetrically, are weak or your chest. Imagine the air tailored specifically for that floor dysfunction.
are carrying too much filling your lungs, going person. Do not be tension, pelvic floor Your pelvic health is down into belly and feel it embarrassed about seeking disconnected to their pelvic dysfunction occurs.
nothing to be embarrassed all the way down into your treatment. Take back floors, as this is an area about, but unfortunately pelvic floor. See if you can control of your pelvic floor Pelvic floor dysfunction is often ignored. Pelvic floor there is still a strong stigma feel the muscles relaxing.
and take back your life. v not a normal part of aging, surrounding our private nor is it a normal symptom following childbirth. It iscommon, but should not be Approximately 1 in 3 normalized. If you are a women and 1 in 9 men woman (or you have ever experience pelvic floor seen an episode of Sex and dysfunction and there the City), you may have are multiple causes.
heard of the term "Kegel Pelvic floor dysfunction Exercises" as a necessary is not a normal part of exercise to maintain health aging, nor is it a normal of our pelvic floor muscles.
symptom following Kegel exercises were first childbirth. It is common, described in 1948 by an but should not be American gynecologist as a normalized. Dysfunction way to strengthen the does not only refer to a muscles in our pelvic floor leaky bladder, it may following child-birth or as we age. The truth is, contracting and tightening bladder, pelvic pain or your pelvic floor muscles an increased number of are NOT indicated for all trips to the washroom.
pelvic health concerns and There are many types of may do more harm than pelvic floors that can good. Additionally, most lead to dysfunction: people do not perform physiotherapy is not about Kegel exercises correctly.
teaching you how to do a 1. Hypertonic pelvic floor Kegel, it's about connecting muscles (muscles that are For a muscle to be you with your pelvic floor too tight) can lead to: functional, it must be able and empowering you to to contract and relax fully, take back control of your and must work well in incontinence, frequency bladder, bowel, sexual conjunction with other of urination, incomplete health and your life.
muscles in our body. The bladder emptying, or pelvic floor muscles are no Treatment for your pelvic exception, as they must health concern starts with a Use your Smart
Phone and your
favourite QR
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and scan this QR
code to Like
From Belly to Baby
t t
Collaborative Effort to Provide
Free Car Seats to Syrian Refugees
A collaboration between the to 71%. It took so much for all participants and storage of Ottawa Childbirth Education these families to get this far new seats until donated.
Erin Shaheen
Association (OCEA), the from their home. We want to Sponsoring families who OTTAWA CEA - Childbirth Education Association
748 Halstead St., Ottawa ON K Telephone: 613 860
restraint for their Email: [email protected]Website:
.free car seats, and
installation training, for Syrian
children are also refugees and their
Your gift will help make that If you are a sponsor family, or sponsoring families in
their installations refugee family, in need of car checked for safety seats and training, call OBWC and proper us.
Donate at
installation training, at 613-260-1441 to register. v help ensure that they will be for Syrian refugees and their safe in vehicles in their new sponsoring families in Ottawa, as well as for GovernmentSponsored Refugees.
OCEA will be acceptingfinancial donations on their After identifying a gap in this website to area of service in late 2015, the be used to purchase new car three agencies initiated seats for children. OCEA has discussions on how to best arranged for discounted new coordinate resources for new seats with a variety of families arriving to ensure safe manufacturers to ensure a safe, travel for children under the age current and appropriately sized of eight in the Ottawa and seat for each child. SEATS for surrounding areas.
Kids – – Numerous studies show that as will be offering free training for many as 9 out of 10 child any sponsoring families and restraints are installed refugee parents on proper use improperly, but that proper use and installation with the OBWC can reduce injury or death by up providing the training space for the events as well as registering . continued from page 1 - Naturopathic Postpartum Health Care: You DO have options, by Dr. Christine Nguyen, ND
improve nursing moms' milk essential fatty acids can restorative function from the and their families throughout supply, foods to avoid based impact anxiety, depression, sleep one IS getting.
preconception, pregnancy, labour on their impact on blood skin and pain.
In summary, naturopathic and the postpartum period. APND sugar regulation, digestive Ÿ Homeopathic edicine
doctors have a great deal to offer members offer diverse clinicalexperience and training in dealing health, identified/tested or Ÿ Acupuncture – performed to
address an energetic new moms in the realm of with fertility issues, pregnancy suspected food sensitivities.
calm the tumultuous mind, imbalance, to relieve postpartum care and can care, labour discomforts, Dietary modification in a balance the body's energy, symptoms of discomfort and effectively compliment any care postpartum, and pediatric support. nursing mother can also make provide pain relief, and tonify safely shift/improve our you are already receiving. If you Additionally, Perinatal ND's can huge differences in the health depleted organs.
constitution .
are searching for an work with a woman's primary of an infant suffering from clinical caregiver (RE, RM, MD, Ÿ Adaptogenic herbs and
Ÿ Hydrotherapy and hysical
colic, digestive disturbances natural and safe health care OB) in situations that require nutrients – to aid the body to
Medicine – using water's
or skin ailments such as paradigm that is holistic and intervention such as IVF, breech cope with stressors, sleep healing capabilities and other eczema, all of which add addresses the underlying root presentation, post-dates induction, deprivation, mood physical modalities such as another stressor on the new cause, contact a naturopathic and breastfeeding concerns. In disturbances and feeling massage, laser.
Ontario, registered naturopathic doctor knowing that there is light overwhelmed and exhausted.
at the end of the tunnel. And that doctors are licensed and regulated Ÿ Exercise to improve
by the Board of Drugless YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS. v Ÿ Herbal edicine
circulation, to build stamina, Practitioners – Naturopathy. Visits Nutrients, Vitamins and
capsules or tinctures to for mental health, to heal with a Naturopathic Doctor are Minerals – taken orally, by
A Perinatal Naturopath is a Doctor balance the mood, relieve disturbed or scarred tissue.
of Naturopathic Medicine that has covered by most extended health injection or intravenously to care plans. Visit to pain, aid with nursing, or further developed his or her address deficiencies or learn more. improve digestion, the list Ÿ Lifestyle Counselling – to
interest in providing care to women imbalances can sometimes be identify unhealthy coping the change that allows new strategies and effective stress moms to make it over that Ÿ Addressing Sleep Hygiene
management skills to hump and feel energy again.
to get the most benefit and overcome the daily road Specific recommendations for Doula and Lactation Support Services
Do you have an idea a for a topic or story for [email protected] • 613.799.4116 From Belly to Baby?
Do you have a question you'd love to hear professional feedback on? All you have to do is ask!
Send your topic idea or question to Dr. Colleen McQuarrie at t t
For the Glowing Mom on the Go
By Crystal Skiehar Back in Balance - A Centre for Wellbeing As we prepare to transition to a warmer season, these two fashionable finds will put a spring in your step! The M Shellrain coat and the Boob Cameron Long Dress are versatile and suitable for any lifestyle.
The M Shell
A unique convertible 3-in-1 water resistant, bonded fleece rain coat that goes frombeing a fashionable Maternity coat to a hip Mama coat for baby carrying and back toa regular Myself coat. It features: Water resistant fabric ed exterior pockets, emov able front panel for normal table draw cord waist, warranty, 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.
Price $195, on sale for $170 hautemama
6 Pommel Cr, Kanata ON (by Appointment) 613-592-3800 or 866-615-3800 Boob Cameron Long Dress
Summer will be here before you know it! This amazing dress is great for pregnancy and breastfeeding! Available in 3 colours.
Retail Price: $119 Milkface Nursingwear Inc. 445
Churchhill Ave. N., Ottawa ON In the News
Local Ottawa Childbirth seats for Syrian refugee
Melatonin the best first
medications are not Domperidone may not
families in need:
line therapy for children
indicated for children with be suitable for all
in conjunction with the
insomnia. (Pediatric mothers trying to
OBWC and Seats for
increase their milk
Kids launches a
campaign to find car
follow next, and sleep "There is nothing sweeter
in this sad world than the
sound of someone you
love calling your name."
The Tale of
Despereaux by Kate
t t
by Jess Sherman
Fermented Carrot Sticks
Fermented carrot sticks are a great way to introduce the sour taste of ferments to your baby and also give them the richhealth benefits of probiotic foods. The carrots will soften as they ferment, making them easier to chew and less of achocking hazard.
Ÿ Pack a 500ml wide mouth mason jar with peeled carrot sticks (about 6 medium carrots cut lengthwise). Cut them short enough so that youhave about 1 inch of space at the top.
Ÿ Add 1 tbsp fresh dill (or 1 tsp dried) and 2 cloves garlic (optional)Ÿ Add 1-2 tbsp sea salt (be sure it is not iodized)Ÿ Cover the carrots with filtered water (be sure it is not chlorinated)Ÿ Cover with a lid and let it sit at room temperature for about 3-7 days.
Check periodically until the carrots become soft and sour. Thentransfer them to the fridge to slow the fermentation process For more simple family-friendly fermented food recipes check out Jess'sBeginner's Guide To Fermented Food available
An Alternative to the Pill
Recent studies have found that within a day or so of ovulation and thick, white, and sticky. The acidic women taking newer birth control are associated with the surge in environment of the vagina rapidly Dr. Sarah Vadebonceur, ND
pills containing drospirenone, such progesterone, a heat releasing destroys sperm. Rising levels of OTTAWA INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTRE
as Yaz and Yasmin are 2 to 3 times hormone, which occurs at the time estrogen alter the cervical 1129 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G6 more likely to develop serious of ovulation. When interpreting secretions from white and sticky blood clots compared to those temperatures, it is important to gradually becoming more taking an older generation of pills look at the big picture and not to transparent, stretchy, and wetter that contain a hormone called focus too much on the day to (due to increased water content), levonorgestrel. Oral contraceptive changes. The key is to look for a similar to the consistency of egg pills can also lead to high blood pattern of highs and lows: whites. Immediately after perfect use). This illustrates that pressure and an increased risk of temperatures before ovulation will ovulation, the rise of progesterone using this method alone is only What are the benefits?
breast cancer. While they may be go up and down in a low range causes the secretions to thicken to effective if used by highly an effective and suitable option for while the temperatures after form a sticky plug which is motivated couples who are able to Despite the limited scientific some women, many are seeking ovulation will go up and down in a antagonistic to sperm penetration.
tolerate lengthy time of abstinence evidence, there are several natural and safer alternatives to or are willing to use a barrier advantages to FAB methods. It contraception and family planning, method during the fertile time.
does not involve the use of such as fertility awareness based There are certain factors that can Cervical secretions were found to chemical agents or physical increase your waking temperature, Estrogen and progesterone also cause subtle changes in the muscle have a failure rate of around 3% if devices and had no side effects.
and connective tissue of the cervix.
couples were given good fertility Educating patients on this method Women can learn to recognize awareness teaching and followed is empowering and fosters a sense these changes by gently palpating the instructions correctly. However, of shared responsibility and the cervix at about the same time with imperfect use the failure rate increased communication for the each day. As ovulation approaches, rose to nearly 20%. There are no couple. Also, it is not dependant on the cervix tends to rise, soften, and effectiveness studies using the medical intervention after the open. It progresses from feeling cervical positioning indicator initial visit, thus keeping costs low.
like the tip of the nose to feeling What are the limitations?
soft like lips as ovulation These studies find that the failure approaches. The cervix will drop rate tends to be lower when There are also some limitations to abruptly into the vagina when combining indicators. The most FAB methods. It can take time to estrogen levels fall, and common combination is cervical learn and some women find progesterone becomes dominant secretions and temperature which charting difficult. Both partners after ovulation. The fertile time has been found to have a failure must be committed to the practice starts at the first sign of the cervix rate between 0.43% (perfect use) and some couples find abstinence becoming high, soft or open and and 2.2% (overall pregnancy rate).
difficult. Times of stress or ends after the cervix has been low, Perfect use refers to using hormone changes can make firm and closed for 3 days. These abstinence during the fertile time charting more difficult and mayaffect efficacy.
(FAB) methods. FAB methods including: having a fever, drinking subtle changes can be detected by and therefore is a measure of true include all family planning alcohol the night before, getting simply inserting a clean middle effectiveness. Interestingly, one If you are interested in learning methods based on the identification less than three consecutive hours finger into the vagina and assessing study found that there was no more about fertility awareness of the fertile time. There are sleep before taking it, taking it at a the following conditions: softness, difference in failure rates between methods, a Naturopathic Doctor several indicators of fertility that substantially different time than height, opening, and wetness.
the learning phase (first 3 months) can be a great resource for learning change throughout the menstrual usual and using an electric blanket How effective is it?
and subsequent months of use. For about the pros and cons of all cycle in response to changing or heating pad that you don t a contraceptive method to be rated contraceptive options- allowing levels of estrogen and normally use.
Studies have found that when using as effective as the hormonal pill, it you to make an informed decision progesterone. Three of the most temperature as a single indicator of requires a failure rate of less than that will best suit your needs. v commonly observed indicators of fertility, the overall failure rate was 1%. The studies mentioned above fertility are basal body The quality and quantity of 5.4% compared with a method found FAB to be as effective as the temperature, cervical secretions, cervical secretions are influenced failure rate of 1% (this refers to birth control pill when used and cervical positioning.
by estrogen andprogesterone.
Basal Body Temperature
Basal body temperature is the body temperature measured immediately secretions either after awakening and before any physical activity has been Now offering general Physiotherapy services, as well as Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
undertaken. During the phase motility and this • pediatric, pre and postnatal chiropractic care •
before ovulation, waking • pediatric, pre and postnatal physiotherapy •
temperatures range from 97.0 ̊ F to state of fertility.
• pelvic floor physiotherapy • prenatal massage therapy •
97.7 ̊ F (36.1̊ C – 36.5̊ C); • naturopathic medicine•
postovulatory waking temperatures tend to rise about 0.4 ̊ F or higher 591 Byron Avenue, Ottawa ON K2A 4C4
and they usually stay elevated until tel: 613-288-2225 • fax: 613-288-2226
the next period. Temperatures rise t t
Prenatal Yoga with Sheila
When: Mondays, 10am to
Where: Kneaded Touch
the upcoming birth. Instructor two feet! This parent-and-tot noon; Mondays to Saturdays, 1 Women's Clinic - 4100 will work with moms to modify class is full of fun, tropical songs When: Mondays - 5-6pm
to 3pm; and Wednesdays, 6:30 Strandherd Dr., Unit 206, 613- postures in order to and steps for toddlers up to 5- Where: Metta Massage & Yoga
accommodate the various years. Parents get active stages of pregnancy.
modelling actions for their Where: Live Well Family Health
Cost: $96/session or $15 drop-in
Relaxation and breathing children and promoting Cost: $15 drop-in or $120 for a
Centre, 100 Centrepointe Details: Class would include 45
techniques to help moms physical activity for the whole 10-Class Card.
minutes of yoga with your connect with baby. No family. Children learn dance Details: Gentle postures, self-
Cost: 1st visit $40; return visits
baby to help develop strength previous yoga experience and movement concepts care techniques and $20 (no pre-registration and flexibility to minimize the while singing, playing and recommendations for your discomforts of post pregnancy using their imagination in an daily home practice. Register and carrying new baby, as Baby Express Free Drop-
Details: Drop in to meet with a
open and safe environment.
online at well as, a special time to bond certified lactation consultant or call 613-724-4747.
with your baby. Instructor will who will answer any questions When: Wednesdays, 9:30am to
work with you to adapt and dule for schedule, locations, you may have about modify for any stage of post breastfeeding, or help you and registration details.
pregnancy and/or any Where: Ottawa Public Health
problem solve your own concerns with baby. Yoga is When: Third Thursday of each
breastfeeding situation, weigh then followed by 15 minutes of month at the OIHC from 7- your baby and spend time with When: Monthly - please see our
Infant Massage. Infant other nursing mothers.
Details: Ottawa Public Health's
website for dates Massage benefits babies by Healthy Babies, Healthy Where: OIHC, 1129 Carling
stimulating growth, muscular Where: Kneaded Touch
Children offers a weekly Baby Ave., Ottawa ON K1Y 4G6, P: Women's Clinic - 4100 development, circulatory Express drop-in at the Centre system, nervous system and Strandherd Dr., Unit 206, 613- as of March 19, 2014. The Baby When: Last Saturday of each
digestive systems. It can also Cost: Free, but registration is
Express is a free service and no month, 9:30am to 11:30am help with babies ability to appointment is needed. We Where: Milkface Westboro, 445
sooth themselves. No previous invite parents and caregivers 9-10am - Pre-natal yoga,
Churchill Ave N, 613-596-1170 yoga experience required.
of babies up to the age of one perhaps for mom and When: Last Thursday of each
Cost: $60
Parents should bring a yoga to drop-by to consult a Public month; 7pm to 8:15pm mat and a towel or blanket to Health Nurse about a variety of Details: Taught by an IBCLC.
place baby on for the health issues including Ÿ 10:15-11:15am - Talk on
Where: Elmvale Acres Library,
massage. Babies age: 0- breastfeeding, infant nutrition, Doula and labour support 1910 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa mental health, parenting and Cost: Free
Ÿ 11:30-12:30 - Lunch Break
Details: Monthly group meeting
When: Mondays through
Salsa Tots Class by
Ÿ 12:30-1:30 - Prenatal
offering support for mothers When: Wednesdays at
Dancing Mama / Salsa
Nutrition and what you grieving the loss of their Where: Milkface Westboro, 445
need to eat during breastfeeding relationship with Babies Class by Dancing
Churchill Ave N, 613-596-1170 their child. Please call Where: Kneaded Touch
Cost: $40 - 1st visit; $20 -
Ÿ 1:45-2:45pm - Talk on
facilitator, Laurie-Anne Women's Clinic - 4100 subsequent visits.
When/Where: Based on
Prenatal Massage and Muldoon at 613-782-1191 or Strandherd Dr., Unit 206, 613- benefits and perhaps Details: Breastfeeding help
including infant Massage for more information. New from an IBCLC.
Cost: Depends on class
Cost: $96/session or $15 drop-in
members are always welcome.
Ÿ 3-4pm - Relaxation and
Details: Go from goo-goo, ga-
Parent and Baby Yoga
Details: Helps to develop
breathing techniques for ga to cha-cha-cha! Designed and Massage
strength and flexibility during for older babies who have pregnancy in order to When: Mondays at 9-10am
outgrown the carrier and are Ÿ 4-4:30 - Any questions and
decrease and minimize any ready to dance on their own Beginning Sept. 15th discomforts and to prepare for Include your event in both the printed quarterly newspaper and on the website by submitting your event here:
· Ottawa Childbirth Education
1170 445 Churchill Ave N. Community Resource Centre, 15 Lake St., · Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centres
Association: 613-860-2061
Killaloe ON 613-757-0808 C/O (PSI): 152 Cleopatra Drive, Suite 108,
Back in Balance Chiropractic and
Petawawa Centennial Family Health Nepean, ON 613-727-5557 Massage: 591 Byron Avenue, Ottawa, ON
· Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and
K2A 4C4 613-288-2225 · The Ontario Early Years Centres:
Institute, Jack Newman: 1255 Sheppard
Centre, 154 Civic Centre Drive, Petawawa Government of Ontario sponsored centres Avenue East, Toronto ON M2K 1E2, 416- 877-757-0808 [email protected] that provide information and support to · Kangaroo Fitness: 613-327-7930
families with young children including · Midwifery Collective of Ottawa: 297
Marketplace Family Chiropractic
drop-in centres. Locations throughout Olmstead Street, Ottawa ON Centre: 80 Marketplace Avenue Unit 2,
· Back in Balance Chiropractic &
Ottawa ON 613-823-1265 eastern Ontario can be found on their Massage: 591 Byron Avenue, Ottawa, ON
· Bumbini: Modern cloth diapers that don't
K2A 4C4 613-288-2225 · Ottawa Public Libraries: Offer
· Midwifery Group of Ottawa: 700-265
cost the Earth 855-838-0788 Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic: 421
BabyTime Sessions in English and in Carling Ave, Ottawa ON Richmond Rd, Suite 201, Ottawa ON, · Fab Baby Gear: 1308 Wellington Street
French - stories, singing and nursery W., & 755 Bank Street, Ottawa ON, 613- rhymes for parents and children aged 0-3 · Hands on Health Massage: 104
729-8838 Perth Chiropractic and Longevity
Centrepoint Drive, Lower Level, Ottawa Center: 5 Gore Street West, Perth ON
ON K2G 6B1, 613-225-2333 · hautemama Maternity & Nursing
· Ottawa South Midwives: 4112 Albion
Fashions: By appointment 613-592-3800
Rd, Ottawa ON, 613-822-6646 St. Lawrence Chiropractic: 520 St.
· Serena: 613-728-6536
· Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy: 389
Lawrence St., Winchester ON 613-774- · LA FORÊT Natural Foods: 757
Danforth Ave. & 1900 Merivale Rd, Suite Ottawa Valley Midwives: 130
Riverside Dr., Wakefield, Québec J0X 104, Ottawa ON 613-725-0988 & 613- Fitness for Baby & You: Dovercourt
Landsdowne Avenue, Unit 7, Carleton 3G0 819-459-3555 226-1900 Recreation Centre 613-798-8950 Place ON, 613-253-3148 · Milkface Nursing Wear: Westbro: 445
· Kneaded Touch Women's Clinic: 4100
Full Circle Counselling: 613-
Strandherd Dr., Unit 206, Barrhaven ON Churchill Ave N, 613-596-1170 · Sarah Zahab - Continuum Fitness -
· Quinte Midwives: 11 Victoria Ave,
· Mother Earth Natural Health: 747 D
Specializing in pre and postnatal exercise.
· Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic: 421
Richmond Road, Ottawa ON, 613-321- [email protected] 613-962- Barrhaven Dental: 3777 Strandherd
Prenatal Strength Workout DVD - Richmond Rd, Suite 201, Ottawa ON, Drive, Nepean ON, 613-825-9393 · Natural Food Pantry: 2277 Riverside Dr.
· Chapman Mills Dental: 50 Marketplace
Nurturing Nomad: 2260 Walkley Road at
& 1309 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON Ave., Unit 11, Nepean ON K2J 5G3 613- Gaela Nelson Pdhom (UK), RCSHOM:
St. Laurent Blvd, 613-240-4334 Alanna Dyment ND: 1142 B Tigne
Professional Homeopath, 613-296-2937 Street, Manotick ON 613-410-5076 NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy &
· Ottawa Integrative Health Centre: 1129
Clinic: 1303 Richmond Road, Ottawa ON,
K2B 7Y4, 613-820-4200
· Ottawa Integrative Health Centre: 1129
Birthcare: Certified doulas available for
· Ottawa Integrative Health Centre: 1129
Carling Ave., Ottawa ON 613-798-1000 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON Satellite
· Rainbow Foods Natural Foods: 1487
labour and delivery support 613-739- Carling Ave., Ottawa ON 613-798-1000 Office: Ottawa Birth & Wellness Centre:
Richmond Road, Ottawa ON, 613-726- 7370 MIDWIVES OF EASTERN
2260 Walkley Road, Ottawa ON 613- 9200 · Mothercraft Birth Support: 613-728-
· Christèle Rousse, DMH, Msc., Bsc.
· Sweet Peach Diaper Service: 1 Costello
1839, ext. 228 Doctor of Medical Heilkunst: 613-878-
· East Ottawa Midwives: 2575 Innes Road,
Drive, Carleton Place, ON Motherkind Doula Services: 6 Horace
3460 Blackburn Hamlet, ON 613-590-1711 888-51-SWEET Court, Nepean ON K2J 3C5 Nature Prenatal: Ottawa ON 613-854-
· White Cross: Home Health Care Store
9848 Christèle Rousse, DMH, Msc., Bsc.
· Community Midwives of Kingston: 391
· National Capital Doulas–Modern
Barrie St, Kingston ON Ottawa Integrative Health Centre: 1129
Doulas for the Modern Family:
[email protected] 613-544-7127 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON 613-798-1000 3460 · Generations Midwifery: 201-51 King St
· Rasa Nutrition:
· Dovercourt: 411 Dovercourt Ave., Ottawa
E., Brockville ON Satelite office in ON 613-798-8950 Kemptville 613-345-6608 Birthcare: International Board Certified
· Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic: 421
Birthcare: Child birth education classes
Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's), home Richmond Rd, Suite 201, Ottawa ON (late pregnancy classes focusing on visits city-wide, drop-in clinis, medela · Gentle Beginning Midwifery:
· Back in Balance Chiropractic &
preparation for labour and delivery), breast pump sales and rentals 613-739- Winchester, 462 Main Street East, PO Box Massage: Andrea Plitz PT M.Sc. PT,
private prrenatal preparation 613-739- · PranaShanti Yoga Centre: 52 Armstrong
7370 505, Winchester ON B.Sc. 613-288-2225 7370 Street, Ottawa ON 613-761-9642 [email protected] 613-774-3131 La Leche League Ottawa: Daly Ave.,
· Informed Beginnings Childbirth
· Rasa Nutrition: 613-620-2902
Ottawa ON K1V 9A4, 613-238-5919 30 Thirteenth St E, Cornwall ON 613- · Ottawa Integrative Health Centre: 1129
Carling Ave., Ottawa ON 613-798-1000 · Madawaska Valley Midwives: C/O
Milkface Lactation Services: 613-596-
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__— introduction —

MODULE PSYCHIATRIE (PSYCHOPATHOLOGIE) Dr Pierrette ESTINGOY _ (1er semestre 2008-2009) I ntroduction : généralités Introduction historique à la Psychiatrie. Approche clinique en psychiatrie A. Les grandes catégories de troubles psychiatriquesB. Entretien psychiatrique et démarche diagnostique en

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An-Najah National University Faculty of Graduate Studies Fate of Oxytetracycline & Doxycycline in Soil & Underground Water Lama Sameeh Mohammad Awartani Supervised By Dr. Shehdeh Jodeh Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Chemistry, Faculty of Graduate Studies, at An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine