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model 08-120 F & 08-120 FT
model 16-120 F & 16-120 FT
Manual : 0309 573.038.212
08-120 F and 08-120 FT
16-120 F and 16-120 FT
Wall mounting unit Air supply (Standard air motor) Air supply (Turbo air motor) KREMLIN REXSON – Site de Stains : 150, avenue de Stalingrad
93 245 - STAINS CEDEX - FRANCE Téléphone : 33 (0)1 49 40 25 25 Fax : 33 (0)1 48 26 07 16 STAINLESS STEEL FLOWMAX AIRMIX PUMPS,
model 08-120 F, 08-120 FT, 16-120 F, 16-120 FT
z Air operated piston pump with bellows seal fluid packing.
z Low maintenance and ease of use - Use without lubrication.
Recommended for :
z Supplying one or several spray guns.
z Water-based or solvent-based paints whose viscosity is lower than 1 000 mPa/s.
„ FLOWMAX PUMP : 08-120 F & 08-120 FT
Motor type …………………1000-4 or 1000-4T Pump body type…………….FLOWMAX 120 F Air motor section Theorical fluid pressure ratio……………….8/1 Hydraulic section Effective fluid pressure ratio………………7,5/1 Delivery per cycle Metals in contact with the material :
Hard chrome stainless steel, Fluid delivery (30 cycles) Maximum air operating pressure Maximum discharge pressure Tightness packings :
Bellows : polyethylene.
Maximum operating temperature Upper, fixed : GT (polyethylene).
Weight (wall mounted pump) Lower, mobile : polyethylene.
„ FLOWMAX PUMP : 16-120 F & 16-120 FT
Motor type .…. 2000-4 or 2000-4 T Pump body type………… FLOWMAX 120 F Air motor section Theorical fluid pressure ratio……………16/1 Hydraulic section Effective fluid pressure ratio…………….15/1 Delivery per cycle Metals in contact with the material :
Fluid delivery (30 cycles) Hard chrome stainless steel,Stainless steel, Maximum air operating pressure Maximum discharge pressure Tightness packings :
Maximum operating temperature Bellows : polyethylene.
Upper, fixed : GT (polyethylene).
Weight (wall mounted pump) Lower, mobile : polyethylene.
Manual : 573.038.212
Bare pump
Pump with equipment
Standard motor : Female 3/8 NPS Turbo motor : Male 3/4 NPS (valve - air supply) Male 1/2 JIC (filter outlet) „ HOSES WITH FITTINGS
Pump air supply hose (minimum ∅ for a 5m / 16.5 ft length) : ∅ 16 mm / 5/8" AIRMIX  fluid hose (between fluid outlet of the pump and gun) : 4,8 mm ID / 3/16 dia Air hose (between "GUN AIR" regulator and spray gun) : 7 mm ID / 1/4 dia For circulating : HP fluid hose (pump fluid outlet) : minimum ID 9,52 mm / 3/8" dia 400 15.75
1,050 41.34
270 10.63
211,5 8.32
7x15 0.27x0.6
17 0.67
9 0.35
9 0.35
Manual : 573.038.212

Before any action on the pump, shut off the compressed air supply and
depressurize the systems by triggering.

Unscrew fitting (39) and screws (43 & 45) to remove attachment fluid tube (41).
„ SUCTION VALVE (DOC. 573.113.050)
Unscrew suction valve (28). (If cylinder (22) remains attached to the suction valve, unscrew bothparts. Then, hold cylinder (22) by inserting a rod into the cylinder holes designed for this purpose).
The ball (29) is secured on the valve (28) by means of a circlips (30).
Clean the parts.
Reinstall suction valve (28) and seal (31). Replace them if necessary.
In order to make easier the disassembly, a hole is drilled in the cylinder (22) at each end.
In relation to the part which is unscrewed first, insert a rod into one of these holes to unscrew the otherpart.
When reassemblying, be certain the two seals (25 and 31) are installed.
Unscrew cylinder (22) and pull it downwards.
Unscrew exhaust valve (24) by holding piston (21).
Remove ball (33) and mobile packing (cup seal ind. 23).
Clean the parts and reinstall them. Replace seals if necessary.
Unscrew the 4 screws (26).
Remove tightness seal (27) by pulling discharge flange (20) downwards.
Replace tightness seal (27), O-Rings (25 and 11).
Reinstall the parts in the reverse order of the disassembly sequence.
Disassemble the fluid section prior to carrying out the following procedure.
Unscrew the nuts (14) from the tie-rods.
Remove suction flange (1) and cylinder (2) by pulling them downwards.
Remove screws (12) to disconnect suction bearing (3) from air motor.
Disconnect intermediate piston (9) from air motor rod.
Remove coupling parts.
Remove bellows flange (4) by unscrewing screws (13) to free the upper part of the bellows.
Unscrew skirt (8) to free the lower part of the bellows.
Manual : 573.038.212
Replace bellows (5).
When installing bellows push it into skirt firmly (8).
Insert intermediate piston (9) into bellows (5) and screw the skirt at the piston end.
Insert bellows and piston (9) into the suction bearing (3).
Install flange (4) in the suction bearing (3) and tighten the whole with the screws (13).
Connect bellows-piston set to motor rod and secure the whole on the lower support of the air motor by
using screws (12).
Reinstall fluid section piston (21) on intermediate piston (9).
Replace seals (11). Then install cylinder (2) and suction flange (1).
Install the whole on tie-rods and tighten it with nuts (14).
„ REVERSING BLOCK (MOTOR) (DOC. 573.045.050 OR 573.046.050)
Disassemble cover (32) by removing 3 screws CHc (33).
Dissociate female yoke (12) from reversing block lever (9).
Dismount reversing block by removing screws (10 and 8).
Reinstall the new reversing block in the reverse order of the disassembly sequence.
31.85 mm ±0.5
 CAUTION : The number of spirals must equally be distributed on each fastening parts in
order to get the above dimension.
Before reassembing the different components :
Clean the parts with white spirit or with the appropriate cleaning solvent.
Install new seals if it is necessary, after having lubricated them with PTFE grease.
Lubricate the piston and the inside of the cylinder to prevent from damaging the seals.
Install new parts if it is necessary.
Manual : 573.038.212
Part number
"SUPER SEAL" glue Aneorobic Pipe sealant Simular as Loctite 577 Manual : 573.038.212



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