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How does acidic rain affect aquatic plants?
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Uncovering hidden sugar in food
Tirana TOC
Making salt water drinkable: Some traditional and creative
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
How to Grow the Best and the Largest Crystals
Tirana TOC
Wate management
Tirana TOC
Brahimaj Fire Retandant paint
Lifi loud speaker
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
8 Besjana
Aloe vera
Durres TOC
Plants and Pollution
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
10 Brendon
What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?
Tirana TOC
11 Danaid
Kaleodoscope Science
Tirana TOC
12 Dilara
Akaybicen Sara
Which one is more efficient, cotton or polyester?
Which food will mold the fastest?
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Comfrey Plant as a natural fertilizer
Durres TOC
15 Engjëllushe Basha
Solar Hot Dog Cooker
Tirana TOC
16 Erisad
Automatic switching
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
How Loud Can Paper Speakers Get?
Tirana TOC
Salt water energy
Tirana TOC
What is the fastest way to cool a soda?
Tirana TOC
20 Fabiola
Are frequent facebook users less or more lonely?
Durres TOC
21 Gabriel
Make your own soap
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Is bottled water really as clean as we think it is?
Tirana TOC
23 Ingrid
Mathematics and Art
Durres TOC
Measuring Sugar Content of a Liquid with a Laser Pointer Tirana TOC
Math Tricks
Durres TOC
Measuring Sugar In A Liquid With Laser
Tirana TOC
Mine Detecting Drone
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
28 Kledis
Make a UV Counterfeit Money Detector
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
29 Megisa
Estimation and population size
Tirana TOC
30 Muhammed Meshnuni
Brahimi Elektromagnetic brakes
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Barbullushi Andromela
How does music effect in plants growth?
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
32 Nijada
Money Problems
Durres TOC
A water purification system that cheaply and
33 Nikoleta
portably purifies water for 3rd W countries
Build Your Own Crystal Radio
Tirana TOC
35 Rafaela
Bonjaku Design Your Own Video Game
Tirana TOC
How to build a crystal radio
Tirana TOC
Explore Optical Illusions: Build an Infinity Mirror
Tirana TOC
Does sugar effect focus and brain funcionality
Tirana TOC
Which part of town has the most pollution as airborne
Tirana TOC
Solar-Powered Salt Water Purification; From Brine to Beverage Tirana TOC
How do fears change with age?
Durres TOC
Cardiovascular response to mental stress in adolescents.
Durres TOC
How to make nanosilver, a bacteria killer
Abduramanaj Can a human body be a battery of the future?
Building Your Own Tool for Identifying DNA
Tirana TOC
Nicotine: Cancer's ally
How to derive fuel from algae?
Durres TOC
Hydraulic Crane
Durres TOC
Can bacteria live off electricity
Does aspirin affect plant growth?
Tirana TOC
Bringing to light the solution of Hemophilia
Inxhiljana Stafasani
The effect of music on plant growth
Tirana TOC
How to use the fat food waste.
Tirana TOC
Harmful or Helpful? The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on Seed
15 Antonela Simaku
Durres TOC
16 Anxhela
Driving force due to perpetual motion
Durres TOC
Production of electricity by using photosynthetic process of olive
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
18 Aurora
Does aspirin affect the growth of plants?
Durres TOC
A study on body language
Durres TOC
Can blood group affect your school performance?
Tirana TOC
The impact of different biological factors in your academic skills
Alternative Methods to Slow Down Iron Corrosion
Tirana TOC
22 Desada
From waste to energy : Converting paper to ethanol
Tirana TOC
The red fish (Prussian carp): a good indicator of polluted water
The effects of video games on our body
27 Elmjedina Halilaj
Ecofriendly solution for a better future
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Building up a lie detector.Does your blood pressure tell if you are
lying or not?
Treating Acnes with Toothpaste
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
30 Endrin
Make your own bioplastic.
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
31 Enilda
Does Tea Stain your Teeth?
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
32 Enriko
Pick's Theorem applied on 3D objects
Tirana TOC
How to unboil an egg
Water to fuel to water, the fuel cycle of the future!
35 Eranda
Why Aren't All Medicines Pills?
Durres TOC
37 Eriselda
From waste to energy
Smart traffic lights
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Life assistance robots
The Road to Developing an Artificial Pancreas
41 Evgjenia
Eco Bio-Diesel
Tirana TOC
The science of making perfume
Tirana TOC
Antioxidants - Longevity
Tirana TOC
How to break down plastic by soil bacteria.
45 Gerald
Homemade electric generator
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Using rice hulls as a substitute of wood in particle boards.
Bananas are the new plastic
48 Hygerta
Chestahedron: The Discovery
Robotic Arm
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
Applying electromagnetic field on plants for observing
50 Irıldı
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
effectiveness of photosynthesis
Electricity from Seawater
Tirana TOC
52 Joresa
Multi-functional building
Aspirin heals even plants!!
Tirana TOC
54 Julisjana Veliaj
The sound effect on the human blood pressure
Durres TOC
Emotional Resonance in Color and Black and White
Durres TOC
How does music affect bacterial growth?
58 Ledina
3D Glasses
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
59 Lediona
The influence of packaging on consumer's purchase decision.
Durres TOC
60 Ledjona
Majlinda Lloshi
A Fishy Memory
Durres TOC
61 Lorisa
Fast Food:Can peppermint improve reaction times?
Durres TOC
Diabetes, the modern times epidemic
Durres TOC
How do Newtons Law's of motion affect us
Tirana TOC
Waste Not, Want Not: Use the Microbial Fuel Cell to
Elizabeth Mataj
Tirana TOC
Create Electricity from Waste
Let there be light
The road to develop an artificial pancreas
Durres TOC
Kill two birds with a stone: fight global warming
67 Naisila
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
and reduce mercury toxicity
Anemia and Chlorosis, Blight of the Third World:
68 Onejda
Tirana TOC
The Absorption of Iron in Spinach
Tirana TOC
70 Rafaela
Does caffeine affect physical performance
Tirana TOC
The alcohol test on animals/Do the animals get drunk?!
72 Rigers
Infinity Mirror
Tirana TOC
Energy production
Does aspirin help plants grow?
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
75 Stefan
The Best Workout Drink
Durres TOC
76 Steisi
Improving soil
Tirana TOC
One more plant in your house saves your life
Cleaning Up Ocean Oil Spills Using Nanotechnology
Tirana TOC
Conection between incomes and expenses
Tirana TOC
How does the colour effect our heartbeat,blood pressure and
colour therapy
81 Xhenisa
Home Dehydrator
Shkoder H.R.Pasha
How does blood sugar affect a student's school performance?
Tirana TOC


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