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For the purpose of this document, self-catering establishments refer to a villa or house or
apartment, fully furnished and available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
The establishment shall be used solely for letting to and occupation by both local and
international visitors and shall be used and occupied for no other purpose.
This programme is open to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago only.
A multistory building with units including a full kitchen, living room and one or more bedrooms, but may be studio-type rooms with kitchen equipment in an alcove. Basic cleaning supplies must be available. Apartments are not required to offer a daily housekeeping service. Individual villa, cabin, house or bungalow equipped for housekeeping. Parking must be available at each unit. Basic cleaning supplies must be provided. Cottages are not required to offer a daily housekeeping service. One or more bedrooms and a living room, which may or may not be closed off from the bedrooms.

Approved self-catering facilities will be promoted by the TDC and the Tobago House of
Assembly (THA).

The guidelines set out are designed to ensure that the operators provide a high level of
safety comfort, cleanliness and hospitality. In order to ensure that these guidelines are
met, properties will be monitored annually through an on-site inspection.
The minimum guidelines do not extend to:
(a) Bed and Breakfast Properties
(b) Hotels and Guesthouses
(c) Apartments let for residential purposes for periods exceeding one month
This section outlines TDC's inspection policies and procedures.

A person who wishes to operate a self-catering facility and have it Tourism Development
Company Ltd. (TDC)/Tobago House of Assembly (THA) registered must apply for an
Upon receipt of the Application Form, a Copy of the Home and Public Liability
Insurance, Police Certificate of Character and the prescribed fee,
the provider will be
notified of the date on which the premises will be inspected.
A person who operates a self-catering facility shall apply to TDC for renewal of the
registration certificate annually.
Grounds for refusal of Application for Registration

TDC/THA may refuse to register a property if:
(a) The property does not comply with the requirements set out by the company.
(b) The applicant refuses to permit entry to the apartment.
(c) Registration under the TDC/THA Self-Catering facility programme was suspended
and grounds for suspension still exist.
(d) The property is located in an area that appears undesirable, unsafe or is difficult to

The Inspection Process

A team of inspectors designated by TDC/THA will conduct the inspection of apartments,
villas and houses. Prior notification of the date of inspection will be given one week in
TDC and THA will be responsible for the annual qualitative assessment of establishments. Evaluation will cover the following areas: ™ Kitchen & Menus ™ Bedrooms & Furnishings ™ Exterior/Structural Soundness ™ Bathrooms & Furnishings ™ Entrances/Exits ™ Medical Services ™ Fire Prevention ™ Dining/Living Room Area
Should weaknesses be noted during the inspection, this will be brought to the attention of
the Self-Catering Facility Operator. Adequate time will be given for corrective action to
be implemented.

Once a property has been approved, it will be inspected at least once a year from then on.
Surveillance inspections will be conducted periodically if a visitor registers complaints.

Where a self-catering facility has satisfied the requirements for registration, TDC/THA
will designate that property an "Approved Self-Catering Facility". However, should two
or more valid complaints be made against the property, the original approved status and
the related certificate will be withdrawn.
Certificate of Registration

TDC will issue a certificate of registration, which would be valid for one (1) year.
Review of Regulations

TDC shall review periodically the application form, minimum guidelines and procedures
for assessment of self-catering facilities.


A non-refundable fee shall be collected by TDC before an inspection can be undertaken. This fee is TT$100.00 and is subject to change. LISTING REQUIREMENTS
The listing requirements seek to ensure that the minimum requirements are observed.

Insurance (Home & Public Liability)

Self-catering facilities must have a home insurance policy to insure the home and its
contents to its full value in the event of damage or loss. In addition, public liability
coverage is required up to the value of $250,000.00.
Paying guests are regarded as contracted licensees and are not regarded in the same way
as a visitor by the insurance company. Insurance Companies must therefore be informed
of the change and the maximum number of guests that will be accommodated within the
Public Health
The Public Health Department should visit all homes at least biannually. In addition there must be valid food badge held by the proprietor or food handler if such services are provided. Display of Certificate

The Certificate of Registration issued by TDC must be prominently displayed.
Statements of the self-catering facility in-house policies, services offered and their respective charges must be available to guests. Policies are related to: (a). Settlement of account (b). Entertainment of visiting guests (c). Charges for telephone (d). Safe deposit for visiting guests (e). Cancellation of bookings. ♦ Instructions to be followed in case of emergency such as fire and earthquake must be available and easily accessible. ♦ Guest registration records must be kept. ♦ Information regarding rates and occupancy must be supplied to the relevant authority. ♦ Information must be regularly updated.

Guest Registration

All guests seeking accommodation must be registered. Records shall include the
following information.
a. Name of Guest b. Address and country of normal residence c. Nationality d. Purpose of visit (Leisure, Business etc.) e. Arrival and Departure Dates f. Room rate charge g. Room number h. Passport /Identification/Drivers Permit i. Signature of guest These records must be made available to TDC upon request.

♦ At TDC's sole discretion, properties located in areas that appear undesirable, unsafe
or with difficult access will not be considered for listing.
♦ The exterior parts of the home such as the walls, walkways and roof must be clean
and in good condition and repair. Grounds should be well maintained and kept free from
♦ Windows, doors and doorframes must be clean, unbroken and undamaged.
♦ Stairs and railings must be clean, undamaged and pose no threat to guests. ♦ The exterior stairs, entrances and parking area close to the home must be adequately illuminated between sunset and sunrise. ♦ The building must be structurally safe and in good repair. ♦ Garbage and storage areas must be clean and out of guests' view. Swimming Pool ♦ If facilities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, etc. are provided, they must function properly and conform to industry regulations for quality, cleanliness and maintenance. ♦ Any swimming pool on the premises should be provided with adequate lifesaving equipment, depth markings, warning signs of approved types and a notice of the opening and closing hours.

♦ Entrances/Exits must be of sufficient size to cater adequately for the volume of traffic
using the facility. ♦ Entrances/ Exits must be adequately secured using any of the following devices: deadbolt, double locks, alarms, burglar-proofing, watchmen, direct police contact, watchdogs. ♦ Guests must have access to the facility at all times by the provision of a key.

♦ Adequate parking shall be provided for guest use.
♦ The area must be free from obstruction and debris. ♦ Any designated parking area shall not be used for storage purposes. ♦ Garage ceiling, walls and floors must be free from stains, scuffmarks, peeling paint, cracks and damage. ♦ There must be adequate lighting. ♦ Guests must have access to the area at all times
♦ The area must be secure.

Dining and lounge accommodation should be appropriate to the residential capacity of
the unit, which should contain comfortable furniture, fittings and equipment of good
taste, quality and condition.
Guests shall have access to this area at all times and there shall be adequate seating to
accommodate all guests.
♦ Ceiling, walls and flooring must be free from stains, discoloration, cracks and
♦ Windows and window treatments must be free from termites, clean, not worn and ♦ There must be adequate lighting and ventilation. ♦ Lighting fixtures must be operable, clean and free from damage. ♦ Ceiling fans and/or air conditioning vents must be operable, clean and without rust or ♦ Chairs and tables must be free from damage and termites. ♦ Sofas and sofa cushions must be clean and free from soil and damage. ♦ Any additional fixtures such as television, radio and entertainment center must be in operable with no missing /broken parts. ♦ Any artificial plants must be clean, dust-free and undamaged. ™ KITCHEN
Properties with self-catering facilities should provide modern equipment and fittings of
good quality and condition - constructed of materials which are easily cleaned and
suitable for the storage, preparation, cooking and service of food.
Equipment should consist of:

• Cooker with hotplates and oven
• Refrigerator
• Sink unit complete with all plumbing for the supply of water
• Countertop
• Cooking utensils including pots, pans, kettle, etc.
• Garbage disposal unit
• Electric iron and ironing board
• Cupboards, racks etc, for storage
• Cutlery, crockery, glassware, linen
In the interest of maintaining the highest possible standard of hygiene, each unit must
have equipment suitable for day-to-day cleaning and maintenance. Items should include
brooms, mops, pails, handbrushes, dustpans and dusters.
♦ All persons handling food shall be in possession of a valid food handler's permit.
♦ Ceiling, walls and flooring must be free from stains, scuffmarks, holes, cracks and ♦ Windows and window treatments must be operable, clean and damage free. ♦ The kitchen must have adequate lighting and ventilation. ♦ Light fixtures must be operable, clean and free from rust and damage. ♦ The kitchen must be well fitted with adequate cooking equipment. ♦ All kitchen appliances including the refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster ovens and other appliances must be fully functional and free from rust, stains, grease, cracks and dents. ♦ Kitchen sink and fixtures must be in good condition with no discoloration, rust or ♦ There must be sufficient cutlery, crockery, chinaware, tableware and glassware for guest use. These must be kept in a good condition ♦ Food storage areas such as cupboards and/or cabinets must be in a state of good repair, free from all types of vermin (cockroaches, mice etc.) and clean. ♦ Pots and pans must be clean and free from rust, dents and other damage. ♦ Counter tops must be free from scratches, stains, chips and other damage. ♦ Garbage bin must be of sufficient size, clean, lined and unstained ™ BEDROOMS AND BEDROOM FURNISHINGS

♦ Adequate bedrooms must be available in the house that is suitable for the
accommodation of guests. ♦ Each room is suitably decorated and furnished and of sufficient size to allow free movement of guests occupying the room. ♦ The minimum sizes of guestrooms exclusive of wall closets shall be as follows: a. 9.05 meters or 90 sq. feet b. Double room Occupancy: 11.05 meters or 125 sq. feet c. Triple room occupancy: 13.5 meters or 150 sq. feet ♦ The ceiling, flooring and walls must be kept clean and free from stain, discoloration ♦ Windows and window treatments must be kept clean and free from stain, discoloration and damage. ♦ Doors and doorframes must be free from damage and termites. ♦ The door must be able to lock from the inside and outside and locks must be operable and free from rust. ♦ There must be adequate natural and/or artificial lighting and ventilation. ♦ At least one bedside table with a bedside lamp. ♦ All light and ventilation fixtures (ceiling fans, air conditioning units, lamps must be operable with no rusted parts, clean and in good condition. ♦ Comfortable beds with the following dimensions: (a) Single (75"long by 39" wide) (b) Double (75" long by 54" wide) ♦ Bed frames mattresses and box springs must be unbroken and damage free.
♦ Pillows and pillowcases must be clean and free from stains, tears and odour.
♦ Mattress pads must be clean and without stain and damage. ♦ Bedspreads must be clean and without stain and damage. ♦ There must be two sheets per bed both without stain and damage. ♦ Blankets must be without stain and damage. ♦ The closet/wardrobe must be damage free with no peeling paint or cracks. ♦ A chest of drawers/dressing table/vanity unit for storage of folded clothes and guest ♦ At least six sturdy plastic or wooden hangers must be provided in closet. ♦ A full-length mirror free from discoloration, cracks and damage. ♦ Functional Electrical Outlet ♦ At least one armchair free from termites, stains and peeling paint. ♦ A wastebasket that is clean and undamaged. ♦ A flask with glasses for drinking water which must be kept in good, hygienic ♦ Guestrooms must provide sufficient sound proofing to prevent outside noises and normal sounds in adjacent rooms from disturbing guests. ♦ There must be adequate means of securing the guestroom door from both inside and ♦ Bedrooms must be free from any unpleasant odors.
♦ A bedroom rug is required if the rug is not carpeted.
♦ Linens must be changed after the departure of each guest and replaced with clean bedding. For stays of more than one night, linens must be changed every third day. ♦ If guest has a telephone in the bedroom, it must be operable and kept clean.


A bathroom must be suitably located for every two (2) guestrooms with a maximum of
four (4) occupants not served by a private bathroom.
♦ The ceiling, walls and flooring must be free from stains, scuffmarks, cracks, damage
♦ Door must be clean, operable, able to lock and without damage. ♦ Bathroom must be adequately lit and ventilated. ♦ Light fixtures must be operable and free from rust and damage. ♦ Windows and window treatments must be operable, free from stains, cracks and ♦ Exhaust fan, if present, must be operable and clean. ♦ Toilet bowl/ Seat/Tank must be clean and free from stains, cracks and damage. ♦ Face basin and basin cabinet must be clean and free from mildew, stains, cracks and ♦ The bathtub or shower stall must be clean and free from cracks and damage. ♦ Bathtub/ Shower fixtures must be operable, clean and free from corrosion. ♦ Shower curtain/doors must be clean and free from mildew, stains and damage. ♦ Grouting and caulking must be in good condition. ♦ Mirror and medicine cabinet must be free from discoloration, cracks and damage. ♦ Towel racks and toilet paper holders must be unbroken and in good condition. ♦ There must be sufficient toilet paper. ♦ Soap dishes must be clean and unbroken. ♦ There must be sufficient soap (liquid/block). ♦ Wastebasket must be clean and unbroken. ♦ Hooks for robes and other clothing ♦ One Hand Towel per person-clean and damage free. ♦ One Bath Towel per person-clean and damage free. ♦ Two Washcloths per person-clean and damage free. ♦ Bath mats must be clean and not worn. ♦ Non-skid mats or grab bars ♦ Hot and cold water supply. ♦ Bathrooms must be odour free.


♦ A complete and valid First Aid kit without any damaged or expired items must be
♦ Emergency telephone numbers to be kept on display at all times (doctor, fire, ambulance, hospital and police) in an easily visible and accessible location.

♦ Fire fighting equipment (extinguisher) must be in good working condition, easily
accessible and kept in a visible location. ♦ The fire extinguisher must have been serviced in the last six (6) months.
♦ Laundry facilities (washing machine, washtub) shall be provided for guests. ♦ If a washing machine is provided, it must be fully functional and in good repair. i.e. without rust or damaged parts.


The provision of security at these facilities is of utmost importance. Visitors/guests at the
property must be made to feel safe and secure. Some security measures, which are
required, are:
• Burglar alarm system linked to security firm or police
• Well lit premises especially at night • Security personnel monitoring the property • Adequate burglar proofing system • A housekeeper, gardener or other person present at all times at the property

Food Badge

Food Badges are issued by the Public Health Department, City Hall, 2-4 Knox Street,
Port-of-Spain. The days for business are Mondays to Thursdays from 8.30 to 11.30 a.m.

N.B. Please call first for current information should requirements change from the time of
printing this document
Police Certificate of Character
Certificates of Character must be applied for in person, at the Police Station in the district where
the applicant resides or at the Station which is most convenient to him/her.
The following documents are required: ♦ A Fee of fifty Trinidad & Tobago dollars (TT$50.00) ♦ A form of identification (I.D. Card , Passport or Driver's Permit)
In addition, the applicant's name, address, age and occupation are recorded along with the
applicant's fingerprints. This information is entered on the relevant application form and sent to
the Criminal Records Office of the Criminal Investigations Department where the application will
be processed.
The certificate usually takes three (3) weeks to prepare and the official receipt (after paying the
prescribed fee) must be presented on collection of the certificate.
N.B. Please call first for current information should requirements change from the time of
printing this document
For taxation purposes, the proprietor of any self-catering facility comprising less than six
is only required to declare the proceeds from letting of guestrooms as additional
income on their personal income tax declaration.
If there are six (6) or more rooms, Hotel Accommodation Tax shall be charged on the
proceeds of the letting of the accommodation by the operator at the rate of ten (10) per
of the proceeds of such letting.
This tax will be collected by the Board of Inland Revenue and is payable on or before the
last day of the month following that in which the tax is collected.
For further information, please contact the Board of Inland Revenue, Miscellaneous
Taxes Division (623-2981).

♦ One Metal Box ♦ Band-Aids (Assorted Sizes) ♦ Adhesive Tape ♦ Gauze Pads and Roller Gauze in assorted sizes ♦ Cotton ♦ 2" Elastic Bandage ♦ Antiseptic Ointment ♦ Disposable Latex Gloves ♦ Eye Wash ♦ Tweezers ♦ Plastic Bags ♦ Small Flashlight and extra batteries ♦ Triangular Bandage ♦ Blanket ♦ Aspirin ♦ Hydrogen Peroxide

9 Check your kit regularly
9 Make sure the flashlight batteries work
9 Check expiration dates and replace any used or out-of-date contents
9 Store your first aid kit in a secure place


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