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ENDOWED IN MEMORY OF HARRY AND SHIRLEY NACHMAN Vol. 64 No. 3 January - February 2007 Tevet - Shevat - Adar 5767
Sundays . . . . . . . 8:30 a.m.
Purim Party Plus Monday – Friday . . . . 7:30 a.m.
Shabbat . . . . . . . 9:00 a.m.
Saturday, March 10 7:30 p.m.
Sunday – Friday January 1-12 . . . . . 5:00 p.m.
January 14-19 . . . . 5:15 p.m.
January 21-February 2 . 5:30 p.m.
Elegant Buffet Supper – Great Music
February 4-16 . . . . . 5:45 p.m.
and an array of outstanding prizes headed by a
February 18-28 . . . . 6:00 p.m.
January 6 . . . . . . 5:00 p.m.
$5,000 Israel Bond
January 13 . . . . . . 5:15 p.m.
Trip to Israel for Two Big Screen Television
January 20 & 27. . . . 5:30 p.m.
February 3 & 10 . . . . 5:45 p.m.
$1,000 Israel Bond $500 Israel Bond
February 17 & 24 . . . 6:00 p.m.
$150 per person for the party and 1 ticket in the drawing
$300 per couple for the party and 2 tickets in the drawing
$1,000 Patron contribution entitles you
to 8 guests and 8 tickets in the drawing
R abbi Herbert Yoskowitz will discussThe Life and Works of Rabbi
Abraham Joshua Heschel at a 2-part Lunch & Learn series, FEBRUARY 24
January 11 & 18.
Born on January 11, 1907, Rabbi Heschel became one of the most quoted Jewish theologians of the 20th century. He was passionate about human holiness and about Israel. Rabbi Yoskowitz THIS ISSUE
was a student of Rabbi Heschel at The Jewish Theological Seminary.
In celebration of the centenary of Rabbi Heschel's birth, Rabbi Yoskowitz will teach from his writings.
Lunches begin at noon. There is a $10 charge per session. Please respond to Charlotte Fiszbein, 248-851-5100, by the Monday before each session. ANUARY AND
"Obsession," a powerful documentary about radical FLYERS AND
Islam's war against the West will be shown at the Synagogue at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 17.
Rabbi Daniel Nevins will serve as the moderator for the evening.
There is no charge. Those who plan to attend should RSVP by January 12 to WILL BE PUBLISHED
Sheila Lederman at 248-851-5100 or [email protected].
The evening is co-sponsored by our Israel Advocacy Committee, the Men's Club and the Sisterhood.

Mazal Tov to our January/February B'nai and B'not Mitzvah Please join us for our weekday minyan. It
meets daily at 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. (time will change for the afternoon minyan in mid- January), and 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Ari Weil is the son of Elysa &
Sundays. The daily minyan is for everyone, Michael Weil, the grandson of Janet not just those saying kaddish or observing Weil and the late Ralph Weil, Judy yahrtzeit. Our "minyanaires" are a welcoming, Hocher and the late Robert Hocher, friendly group, and always welcome and Sanford Eichenhorn and the late Patricia Eichenhorn, and the If you are new to the daily minyan, great-grandson of Priscilla consider starting out by choosing one or two services each week to put on your schedule.
Join us regularly at those times, and then slowly expand your participation. Lexie Sittsamer is the daughter of
Here are a few guidelines for those new to Wendy Strip-Sittsamer and Murray the daily minyan: Sittsamer, the granddaughter of q Be there with us – because your Karen & A.C. Strip, Maxine presence is what's really needed Sittsamer, and Jack Sittsamer, and q Wear casual attire the great-granddaughter of Ruth q Start on the page where the service begins, and read at your own speed. With frequent attendance, you will soon become familiar with the prayers and their melodies q When others stand or sit, follow their Amanda Guttman is the daughter
lead; soon, you will understand the rhythms of Barbara & Jay Guttman and the and movements of the service granddaughter of Saba Holcman and Marian & Howard Guttman. q Many individuals come even though they are too shy to lead the prayers. It's okay Ari Rosenberg is the son of Julie
to say no when asked to lead prayers or accept Shamie and Brandon Rosenberg, the grandson of Christina Camou, q Encourage your friends to come with Joan Mazzei, the late Dean Knight and the late Harvey Rosenberg, q Make a definite commitment to
and the great-grandson of Rose fulfill this mitzvah!
Alice Carrington and Beatrice By participating at any level, you help ensure that if you must say Kaddish for a loved one, there will be enough people attending to enable you to fulfill this mitzvah.
Kayla Rosen is the daughter of
Laura Rosen and Peter Rosen and the granddaughter of Irene & periodically on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.
Nathan Rosen. You can still sign up for this class, which begins on January 14. Bring yourself, a notebook, and a pencil to get started.
Particularly in the winter, Adat Shalom Davi Lebow is the son of Deby
looks to its members to serve as lay leaders of Lebow and Michael Lebow and the our Shabbat morning service. If you are grandson of Regina Muskovitz & proficient in Hebrew and are interested in the late Saul Muskovitz. leading part of the service, or if you know how to read Torah and would like the opportunity to participate in one of our various minyans, please call the synagogue office and leave your FARMINGTON HILLS MLK PEACE WALK
name, phone number, and email address with The Men's Club and our Education & Youth Department are ARRY LIPPITT, RITUAL DIRECTOR
coordinating Adat Shalom's participation in the Farmington Hills Peace Walk on Monday, January 15. The walk departs from the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on 12 Mile Road at 9:30 a.m. It concludes at the Farmington Hills Library with a speaker, panel discussion and If you have questions, please contact Men's Club President David Strauss: 313-300-1965, [email protected], or Jodi Gross, Assistant Director Education & Youth: 248-626-2153, [email protected].

It is that time of year again.
Purim is getting closer and we For nearly half a century, Conservative Judaism dominated
the American Jewish scene. Its academic center, The are beginning to plan our Jewish Theological Seminary, gathered the preeminent annual Purim Party Plus Judaic scholars of the twentieth century. These sages were supported by one of the greatest Jewish libraries ever. In the As many of you know, we years after World War II, Conservative synagogues were RABBI NEVINS
need to raise $200,000 established wherever Jews settled. Conservative clergy and educators staffed annually in order to balance the not only these institutions but also many agencies of the larger Jewish synagogue's budget even after community. Ramah camps and then Solomon Schechter schools created an taking into account dues and elite corps of Conservative Jews who understood Hebrew, embraced tradition, income from our endowments.
and yet were fully engaged in the modern world. Conservative Jews funded and Obviously we cannot do that without your lead the Federations and made an enormous impact upon Jewish communities help, hence the need for all of us to participate by across the globe.
attending and buying raffle tickets for the annual Undergirding this organizational superstructure was a solid ideological Purim Party Plus Gala which this year will be infrastructure. Conservative Judaism modeled depth of scholarship, faith and held on Saturday evening, March 10.
practice. It was grounded in tradition, but it embraced the best modern This year's event is being chaired by my democratic values. Zionism and American patriotism, civil rights and critical lovely wife, and it is guaranteed to be a "fun theory all coexisted with mitzvot such as kashrut and Shabbat. During the raiser" as well as a "fundraiser." 1950s and 1960s, Conservative Judaism mirrored American optimism—it Although our Purim fundraisers have always seemed obvious that this version of our religion was good not only for those been successful, proceeds have tended to "level fortunate enough to practice it, but indeed for the entire world. off" in recent years – just when the need has However, just as American optimism was weakened by our experience in increased. We are very grateful to those who have Vietnam, so too was the confidence of Conservative Judaism shaken starting been annual supporters, but the time has come in the 1970s. There were many reasons, internal to increase that base of support. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 16)
Please contact Alan Yost at the synagogue office to buy your raffle tickets.
This is also the time of year that the entire community comes together to kick off the annual HESCHEL, KING AND THE TALL RABBI LOEW
Jewish Federation Campaign.
This year's Super Sunday is scheduled for According to legend, Rabbi Loew of Prague (1553-1609),
January 21st between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. As popularly known as the Maharal, the abbreviation of always, Adat Shalom encourages your Moreinu Harav Loew, our teacher Rabbi Loew, was called participation in making phone calls on that "the tall Rabbi Loew." According to onlookers, on the Sunday. Breakfast and training will begin at Shabbat he looked to be a head taller than he was on the 9:30 a.m. in the morning for volunteers and there other six days of the week. A similar legend is told about a will be activities for children ages 5 to 12.
great nineteenth century Rabbi, Joshua Horowitz.
If you have the time, please contact Carol Undoubtedly, the same perception applied to other "giants" Kaczander at the Jewish Federation at 248-203- who observed Sabbath.
1466 to volunteer but, at a minimum, expect a Rabbi Heschel (born January 11, l907) emphasizes in "The Sabbath" that phone call on that day asking you for your tremendous changes can be seen in saints like Rabbi Loew and Rabbi Horowitz annual pledge.
on Shabbat. Like tongues of fire, holiness blazes in the heart (p.88). The cause and needs are great as the 19 Rabbi Heschel's friend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood with Rabbi local agencies and the Israel Emergency Heschel at a Rabbinical Assembly Convention and urged Rabbis and Challenge Fund will be the beneficiaries.
Rabbinical students to take a leadership role in helping Soviet Jewry. Both Looking forward to seeing you at Purim Party men were not tall in physical height; nevertheless they were giants when they Plus, as well as your participation on Super espoused a noble cause.
In his Rabbinical Assembly address, given shortly before an assassin's weapon ended his life, Dr. King warned his audience about the dangers of a well-adjusted life. People should be maladjusted about religious bigotry, economic injustice and racial hatred. Like Dr. King, Rabbi Heschel spoke out forcefully as he applied Jewish tradition to the challenges and perplexities of published monthly except February and July by their day. What a team these two men were! ADAT SHALOM SYNAGOGUE
Heschel found the rationale for his concern with social justice in our 29901 Middlebelt Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334
Jewish heritage. Study and textual scholarship were important to Rabbi Heschel who taught us, his students at The Jewish Theological Seminary, to Periodicals Postage entered at the Farmington, Michigan Post Office Postmaster: Send address changes to:
value them, too. Ritual, our Hasidic inheritance, marching on behalf of civil The VOICE, 29901 Middlebelt
rights and fully observing Shabbat can all make us appear to be giants, if not Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334-2319
in the eyes of others, then in our own eyes.
Affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (CONTINUED ON PAGE 9)
by Ruby & Richard Kushner
Overheard during breakfast at the hotel in Jerusalem, a Rabbi planning to take a group of Texas Evangelicals touring: Christian: How dangerous is it here in Israel? Rabbi: When Moses sends the spies to look into the land of Canaan, they tell him it's too dangerous. Yes! Well, they are the CNN reporters of today. The mystery, magic and enchantment of Israel get distorted in the news reports, but "our" truth is that Israel is an amazing travel destination.
as beautiful as Tuscan scenery.
Driving from Jerusalem on a new highway 2-1/2 hours In the evening we meet with fellow congregants of north to Karmiel, Renee & Milt Wohl, Richard and I arrive at Kehilat HaKerem, our sister congregation. They are 75 a geographically impressive vista, nestled in the foothills of families: Israelis, Russians, and Spanish-speaking Jews.
the Galilee. It is a picturesque development town, with round- Some came to the area from Britain and America because it abouts and lots of gardens and sculpture throughout the city.
has a Conservative congregation. Rabbi Landau is a former We meet Rabbi Tsvi Landau at the home of the Wohls' cousin.
New Yorker. When the town started to develop in 1964, there The plan is to get a personal tour the next morning and to were 11,000 souls, the average age 19 years old. Now the meet with some of Rabbi Landau's congregants from Kehilat town has a population of 50,000 and almost all of the HaKerem, our sister congregation.
conveniences of a bigger city, with congregants forming a On the tour we see the remnants of the Katusha rockets genuinely supportive community.
from last summer; the damage has been cleaned up, and only We brainstormed about our congregational on close inspection do we see the evidence. Like Jews "connection." Some ideas to strengthen our new partnership everywhere, we bury our dead quickly. So too are the effects include home hospitality for Adat Shalom visitors to the area of war quickly buried, and life resumes…we are a stiff-necked (there is one small hotel in Karmiel), identifying Karmiel as a stop on the way to other destinations, Bar/Bat Mitzvah We see lovely neighborhoods, amazingly beautiful twinning, exchange of videos via a web cam, pen pals, and parks, shopping, industry, schools, and the small, multi- generally increasing our knowledge and awareness of each Later that day, we go up into the hills of the Galilee to The amazing aspect of travel as a Conservative Jew is a moshav where we have a three-hour vegetarian feast in to joining with a congregation which is familiar because of Amirimm. In the distance we can see Lake Kinneret, and it is its siddur and melodies and feeling as if we have arrived in a familiar, spiritual community. AIPAC CONFERENCE IN MARCH
ur Israel Advocacy Committee has arranged VE POSEN AND
for Adat Shalom members to have a special JOSH WOHL
presence at this year's AIPAC Policy Conference in WITH RABBI
Washington, March 11-13. At that time more than 5,000 pro-Israel activists will gather in the capital to hear from ACHEL SHERE
prominent politicans and policy analysts about the best ways to support Israel.
We recommend that you reserve a room in the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel. All reservations for both the hotel and the RECENT TRIP TO
conference can be arranged through the AIPAC website: Our Active Affiliates After many years of devotion to Sisterhood's MEN'S CLUB HAPPENINGS
ENHANCED KIDDUSH, Rena Tepman and Adele
Staller are passing the torch into the capable hands Hello and Welcome to 2007 from the Men's Club! of Shannon Dickstein and Norma Dorman.
The Men's Club momentum is a Enhanced kiddush provides a special ending to our great ride.join us! As you look at your 2007 Shabbat mornings, providing a gathering place for resolutions, I have laid out for you your Men's eating terrific food and greeting our friends and Club resolutions.
fellow congregants. It helps to create a feeling of 1. Join the Men's Club.the best $36 you'll ever warmth among our members and guests. The dedication of Rena and Adele and the many other 2. Get involved in the Men's Club.volunteer to volunteers should be applauded. Week after week they have inspired help with a program.or chair an event! much goodwill in our synagogue. Attend our great programs.our member's only breakfasts, Sisterhood/Men's Club Shabbat, THE TORAH FUND TEA was a great success. I would like to thank co-
the Daddy-Daughter Dance, the Men's Club chairs Shelly Perlman and Marilynn Robinson and their committee Intercongregational Dinner, and much, much members: Janis Holcman, Helayne Kaplan, Pam Lippitt, Esther Liwazer, Allison Schwartz and Adele Staller for all their hard work on behalf of the 4. Look for our flyers in the mail.
5. For those with children in the nursery school or religious school, look at all the flyers, homework, and great artwork they bring home! Subscribe to our bi-weekly e-newsletter, Mentchen Mentions. You can subscribe via an email to [email protected].
7. Remember, Men's Club is a great way to be a part of Adat Shalom! 8. Attend services! Jewish Theological Seminary. Shannon Dickstein and Harriet Dunsky are our Torah Fund chairpersons. Shannon, Lisa Grodman, and Rena As always, feel free to email me at Tepman are our Ways and Means chairpersons, who also contributed to [email protected] or call me 313-300-1965 the success of this event.
with questions, comments, or suggestions.
BREAKFAST & PROGRAM – On January 7th the Sisterhood and Men's
See you at the next Men's Club event! Club will welcome Louis Lessem, Vice-President and General Council of – David Strauss, President
Wayne State University. He will lead a discussion about Campus Free Speech and Issues of Wayne State Community Relations and ■ ON THE MEN'S CLUB CALENDAR ■
Divestments. I hope that you will all join us for what promises to be an interesting and informative discussion concerning campus relations and ■ BREAKFAST PROGRAM WITH SISTERHOOD –
the impact upon the State of Israel today.
January 7 (See column on right)
■ MLK PEACE WALK – January 15 (See p. 2.)
remember a wonderful program of the same name offered by the ■ "OBSESSION" – January 17 (See p. 1.)
synagogue several years ago. In the same way, this evening will give you ■ WORLD WIDE WRAP – February 4
the opportunity to choose among a variety of interesting speakers, as well as enjoy delicious desserts and other goodies. We hope to include ■ BREAKFAST PROGRAM – February 11
topics that impact several generations. Watch for your invitation.
Watch for your flyers!
Please take advantage of some of the excellent opportunities that are coming up this winter. Any questions? I can be reached at home at 248- 932-0231, by cell at 248-613-8828, or by email at [email protected].
for one very special occasion
Cindy Nagel, President
Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30 - 6 p.m.
Sundays 9 a.m. - noon during Religious School
Dinner Dance For special appointments, call
Sunday, March 11 Jane Anchill, 248-661-4007 Debbie Supowit, 248-489-7017
Shelly Perlman, 248-478-9478 or Micki Grossman, 248-851-5666
Education & Youth Smile! (Left) 2nd Graders assemble a Thanksgiving Food Box for Yad Ezra clients. (Center & Right): Look at the Yad I
made! 7th grade project with artist Gail Kaplan in November. 6th graders…Your turn to create a beautiful Yad is on
From the Beth Achim
Jodi Gross
Assistant Director, Education & Youth
So far this school year Shoresh Members (all 4th and 5th
We are starting the second half of the school year with a
graders) have had many exciting events, from making special thank you to our fifth graders for spearheading the
honey jars at You're Fired to bouncing around at Pump It One Night of Chanukah Program in our school. We thank all
Up. The highlight of this semester will be our retreat with of you for the presents you contributed to this effort. It was a Makor (2nd & 3rd graders) at Camp Tamarack, March 30- lot of fun getting together at Hillel Day School with fifth graders April 1. We hope to see your child at our upcoming events. from our entire community, appreciating the impact we can These photos summarize the type of activities our youth have when we work together! advisors continue to plan and how much fun your Our second graders continue their exploration of heroic
children are having at events. Take a look and encourage behavior on January 7 with our program Jewish Heroes Just
your child to be part of our youth group program. Like ME. From 9:15 -10 a.m., we offer a discussion with Rabbi
Nevins about how Judaism defines heroism. At 10 a.m.
parents and students will join in the Social Hall for an active program celebrating and demonstrating the heroic behaviors found in the Bible.
On Wednesday, January 10, each sixth grader will make a
yad that they will be able to use at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We
will talk about the laws relating to Torah reading. Parents are invited to join us at 5:30 p.m. to help their students with this creative endeavor. We will finish at the regular dismissal time of 6:15 p.m. Each yad is subsidized by Federation for $18 and by Adat Shalom for $9. Each family is asked to pay the final $9. Our sixth grade yads will be on display for all to enjoy! ANUARY 15:
On January 14, our sixth graders and their parents meet at 9 are participating in a.m. for the second Tallit ‘n Tefillin of the year. On that
the Farmington Hills morning we will study all about Tefillin. That day our first graders will travel by bus to visit other synagogues and look
for similarities and differences. We hope that parents will join Makor (2nd & 3rd graders) bowling event at Drakeshire us for this fun "field trip." That same morning, our third grade classes are visiting Shalom Street, which is featuring an
Shoresh (4th & 5th graders) skating event at Bonaventure exhibit about Jewish music.
SAT. JAN. 27: ADUSY (9th-12th graders) social event, TBD
Our 7th graders are encouraged to join the Martin Luther
King Walk sponsored by the city of Farmington Hills on
January 14. The following Sunday, the 7th grade Tallit ‘n FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3: Kadima (6th-8th
Tefillin group will be joined for breakfast by friends from local
graders) retreat at the Kalahari Resort JARC homes to do a number of activities together. We hope
that parents will join us and help keep the interactions going.
On January 28, sixth graders and parents are invited to a USY Specialty Kinnus in Columbus, Ohio CONTINUED ON PAGE 8
Education & Youth ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ FUN
ON ■ ■ ■ BOARD ■ ■ ■
DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? "We are all starting with a cleanslate." In October I asked you to write down your hopes and We hope everyone had a nice winter break. I want to give a special thank you to Dan Shere and Loie Meeron, the staff and all the parents for making our Chanukah celebrations so intentions for the Jewish New Year. Now that the secular new lively and special! We hope your family Chanukah celebration year is here, it is a good time to review your thoughts from a was enhanced by the knowledge that your little ones could few months ago. Are your goals still the same? Are you doing share about the holiday! something to make today special instead of just another Winter is definitely here, and we are gearing up for a brand day? Here are some thoughts that our Religious School new semester starting the week of January 22nd. We have families shared with me about making every day count: I'm many new offerings and great enrichments planned, so please thankful for trees because they give us air. - Sarah Rose Shea; turn in your registration form as soon as possible. There are My cats, my Mom, my Grammy and Papa, my Bee-gee and only a few limited spaces available.
Poppie, my Dad, my friends, my teachers, a place to live, January and February is a time in the school when we are school, Hebrew school! - Claire Hogston; Thank you for my preparing for two Jewish holidays – including Tu B'Shevat – the family. - Ben Francis; I hope that everyone in my family will New Year of the Trees (which falls on February 3rd this year).
be well and have a good new year. - Jacob Greenberg We will start to introduce the story of Purim at the end of February, but for the most part our focus will be on many other subjects. We celebrate Dental Health month with a visit from UPCOMING FAMILY EVENTS our very own "Tooth Fairy," Joyce Weingarten. Joyce is amazing Family Education programs are endowed in memory with the children, and they take her advice about brushing and flossing and eating healthy foods very seriously. She has a of Oscar Cook and in honor of Jeanette Cook wonderful way with the children and great props to BUBBIES, ZAYDES & ME – Sundays, January 7, February 11
demonstrate proper hygiene. Many classes are spending time and March 18 in the Muscle Room, 12:15 p.m.
on subjects such as community helpers, seasons, and winter Grandparents are invited to share special time with their grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age. We On Thursday, February 1st at 6:30 p.m., our children will will have lunch, play, tell stories and do a project centered on present to you a very exciting MUSICAL PROGRAM FOR TU Jewish holidays. Cost $9 per child. B'SHEVAT. Afterwards, you will be invited back to your child'sclassroom for special Tu B'Shevat programs with their class.
MACCABEE DINNER CLUB – Wednesday, January 10, 6:15
Adat Shalom families with students from second grade
Please hold the date – you won't want to miss this event! and up are invited to have dinner in the Social Hall. A variety Believe it or not, even though the snow is falling and of topics are covered throughout the year. $5 per person with temperatures are below freezing, we are knee deep in planning for another amazing SUMMER CAMP SEASON (Please seeinformation below.). We will again offer a five full-day option, as ALEPH SANCTUARY HOP – Sunday, January 14. Students in
well as extended care hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and 1st grade (Aleph) and their parents take a tour to other Fridays. We are flexible about offering more extended care hours synagogues to learn the differences and similarities between if there is a demand for it, so please let us know if the schedule congregations. Reservations are required to ensure space on does not meet your family's needs. Because of the huge success of last year's optional soccer camp week, we will once again be offering the Lil' Kickers Soccer Camp in August with the Total PJ'S, PIZZA & STORIES – Tuesdays, January 16 and March 13,
Soccer staff from Wixom. We hope you will consider our 6 p.m. Preschoolers through first graders and their families
program for the summer – it really is a blast! are invited to say goodnight amongst friends, crafts and food.
We begin at 6 p.m. with pizza for $6 per family with advanced – Jordana Weiss, Director
– Adat Shalom Day Camp Information – While you are building your snowmen, we are constructing another great Adat Shalom Day Camp program. From June 18th - August 3rd your special preschooler or kindergarten- bound child can enjoy up to seven weeks of summer fun at Adat Shalom Summer Day Camp, plus choose an optional 8th week of our Lil' Kickers Summer Soccer Camp! Wading pools, sprinklers, large, grassy fenced in areas, mini-nature trails, a duck pond, and our amazing Rona and NURSERY & KINDERGARTEN TU B'SHEVAT PROGRAM – Herb Freedland Family Thursday, February 1, 6:30
p.m. Your children will
Playground will make the entertain you with their musical abilities and knowledge of outdoors an irresistible learning center.
Visits from a magician, MORE PROGRAMS - See Page 8 More camp info – turn to page 8 Education & Youth DAY CAMP continued from page 7 From the Beth Achim Religious School continued from page 6
a Hebrew specialist and a scientist – just to a "redesigned" Tzedakah Experience. Also on the 28th, Mrs. Traub's and
name a few – will add to the excitement. Every Mr. Pass' fifth graders will be visiting West Bloomfield Nursing Home as
afternoon, specialists in music, movement or part of their Gmilut Chasadim (acts of righteous kindness) program.
gym will provide a variety of challenging Seventh graders will continue their life cycle studies at the Ira Kaufman
Each week of camp will feature a Chapel on January 17. They will travel by bus.
different theme. Kick off our sensational On January 21 we are doing a 4th grade program about Israel, originally
summer by going on an adventure with Dora scheduled in April the Explorer or find clues with Blues during Adventures & Mystery Week.
Our recurring events fill out the rest of the January calendar: Limud Shabbat
Creepers will give our campers a chance to
on January 5 at 5 p.m. in the Main Sanctuary and on January 20 at 10:30 explore the fascinating world of insects and a.m.; Maccabee Dinner Club, January 10, Pizza, PJs & Stories, January 16.
spiders. Happy Birthday to Us will be a week
loaded with art, music and magic to celebrate Thank you to everyone in the Kehilla program (3rd through 6th grades),
our country's birthday. Sensational Senses
who turned in your passports. By now, you should have participated in nine week will help our campers learn about sight, events, services or projects since September. On January 21, you again have sound, taste, touch and smell by conducting a the opportunity to make lunches for the homeless. So, load up those lunch variety of experiments.
bags with a drink box, a healthy sandwich, crackers or chips, fruit roll ups, Our second session will start with Planes,
fruit snacks, apple sauce or raisins and dessert, and bring them to religious Trains & Automobiles Week. We will study
school on January 21.
the different modes of transportation as we There are no religious school classes on January 15.
travel around the Adat Shalom summer camp. Circus Week
will transform our On February 4 we mark the World Wide Wrap, an attempt by the national
campers into lions, tigers or trapeze artists.
organization of Men's Clubs to have as many Jews as possible in Tefillin on Camp will culminate with a return to Tanach
the same day! We ask all of our 6th and 7th graders and parents to meet at You never know what biblical 9 a.m., put on Tefillin and hear from people within our community who put characters may be found traveling the Adat on tefilllin regularly. As usual on TNT mornings, the Men's Club will provide Shalom camp halls this summer.
Although snow may be blanketing the On February 11 our third graders and parents will gather at 10:30 a.m. to ground, summer is just around the corner.
learn About Purim. Mr. Pass' and Mrs. Traub's classes will be visiting Arden
Please call 248-851-5105 for information on Court on that morning. We have no classes from February 18 through 25.
any of the following summer programs (applications will be sent out in March): Elissa Berg, Director of Education & Youth
*3 FULL-DAY PROGRAM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11: Makor & Shoresh "Food Frenzy" event at Shalom Street*
*5 FULL-DAY PROGRAM MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19: Kadima & ADUSY Mid-winter break event
*FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN BOUND PROGRAM *BREAKFAST CLUB (Monday through Friday) Event flyers are handed out during school and/or sent home in snail mail. In *EXTENDED CARE (Mon., Wed. & Fri. until 4:30 addition, if we have your email address, we will send you information about the events. Please remember to look in your child(ren)'s school bags for event flyers. (Please contact the office if you require COLLEGE OUTREACH PROGRAM:
additional extended care options.) *JUST FOR ME - Introduction to school for 2 year Thanks to the new committee of parent volunteers: Sheryl Dovitz, Shelley Goldin, Nancy Handelman, Wendy Heller Kippelman, Sharon Moss Lebovic, Marianne *PARENT TODDLER CLASSES – Pesick, Susan Robin, Joyce Torby, Julie Wiener & Beverly Yost, 145 Adat Shalom For children from 16 months to 2-1/2 years college students received festive Chanukah packages.
*MUSIC WITH JOY- 6 months to 3 years and Camp Director
FAMILY EDUCATION PROGRAMS continued from page 7 SYNERGY SHABBAT – March 9 & 10. Watch for
programs for families of all ages.
Throughout the year our rabbis will visit Michigan universities to connect with your college student and bring them "a taste from home." If you would like your
Debi Banooni, Jewish Family Educator
son or daughter to be invited to a free dinner with the rabbis, please mail or
For more information or to reserve your place,
email [email protected] your college student's contact information:
call or email: Jewish Family Educator Debi
Name, Name of College, College address, College Phone, email address and
Banooni at 248-626-2153,
8 Home Phone.
Programs will continue in February with
Tu B'Shevat - January 18 & Purim - February 28 "VIENNA: IN THE SHADOW
In this "adult only" class, you'll learn Why do we celebrate? (the
Sunday, February 11, 7 p.m. at Adat Shalom
real scoop); How do we celebrate? (why we do what we do); How
a presentation by Professor Howard Lupovitch can we make it work better?
(recipes, games and ideas to
Future cultural programs are set explore). Learn with our Rabbis and educators. Four 15-minute,
for March 25 and April 29.
fast-paced segments. Includes snacks and a celebration binder.
Future sessions: April 17 and May 17. $18/series; $5 per session.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
RSVP to Elissa Berg, [email protected] or 248-626-2153.
Do you know someone who can't afford health care? Our Detroit
Jewish Community has developed Project Chessed, which brings big
UNE 11 - 21
hearts, resources and professional talent to the assistance of growing numbers of Jewish adults who find themselves in a tough life situation.
When individuals can't make ends meet, they definitely cannot afford health insurance. Five to 10 percent of Jewish households in metro Detroit contain adults without health insurance.
Through Project Chessed, uninsured Jews are connected to health Tuesday, January 23, 7:30 p.m.
care resources, a remarkable network of caring coordinated by Jewish at the home of Nancy Welber Barr & Richard Barr
Family Service and supported by The Jewish Fund and The Sinai Guild.
If someone you know needs this type of assistance, please pick up Labor attorney Donald Scharg will present a the phone and call 248-592-2321. discussion on "The Ethics of Hiring and Firing." Mr.
Scharg is a principal with The Fishman Group and has received recognition as both a speaker and an author. He was a member of the Governor's Coalition ROAD RALLY WINNERS!
on Workplace Drug Abuse and has conducted Congratulations to Pam & Bill Marcus and Monica & John Moray, numerous seminars for management on a variety of winners of this year's Men's Club Road Rally on November 11. A grand workplace issues.
time was had by all. Yasher koach to coordinators Alissa & Bryan For Adat Shalom attorneys and law students.
Anstandig and Jennifer & Stuart Freedland.
(continued from page 3) Wednesday, March 7, 7:30 p.m. at Adat Shalom
Those who journey to Prague this Health care specialists are invited to a program June 11-23 with our "A Tale of Three with Dr. Steven Karageanes, an expert in sports Cities" Adat Shalom tour will see a medicine, and Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz.
giant statue of Rabbi Loew. We see ALL JOURNEY GROUP RESPONSES:
him depicted like that now. People EBRUARY 3
who were his contemporaries saw him Please contact Charlotte Fiszbein, 248-851-5100,
like that on every Shabbat.
or email [email protected].
Every one of us can be tall as we LED BY RABBI SHERE
observe the centenary of Rabbi PAID INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE
Heschel's birth on January 11 and the …for those who are
Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration on Applications are being accepted from looking for something
January 16. Rabbi Heschel teaches undergraduate and graduate students interested in us that "the seventh day is a reminder the Jeanette & Oscar Cook Jewish Occupational that God is our father, that time is life Intern (JOIN) program next summer.
and the spirit our mate" (p.76). He Eight-week paid summer internships at Jewish must have stood tall when he wrote communal service agencies are available to full-time those words. When we live these Jewish college students who are residents of metro words, we will stand very tall, too. For an application, call 248-233-4233. JANUARY BIRTHDAYS
1 –
Elaine Rosenblatt Jean Klaristenfeld 28 – Joan Fischer 29 – Mildred Berg 11 – Beverly Liss JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES
3 –
Leslie & Paul Magy 8 – Golda & Harry Weber 16 – Beverly & Arthur Liss 31 – Sharon & Thomas Lebovic Beverly & Randy Phillips 10 – Lisa & Gary Shiffman 17 – Hilda & Ben Benjamin Renee & Morris Rochlin Miriam & Saul Rose Anne & Theodore Talon 19 – Beverly & Robert Dock Michele & Louis Elkus 11 – Brenda & Mark Pensler 21 – Helen & Irving Bernstein Ronna & Myles Hoffert 13 – Rhonda & Paul Krupkin 22 – Mollie & Lew Nucian Patricia & Irving Shanbom 15 – Barbara & Larry Weiss 29 – Linda & Michael Schulman FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS
1 –
17 – Beverly Wine 23 – Loree Gordon James Brian Potter 13 – Harvey Aidem 19 – Thelma Goldstein 24 – Maureen Kornwise 26 – Nancy Kaplan-Rubin 21 – Phillip Greenblatt 15 – Abram Epstein 22 – Michael Anstandig Each month we list birthdays & anniversaries
Julie & Marty Wiener 12 – Susan & Jack Bindes of those congregants who have given us the dates
Eleanor & Phillip Selvan Ruby & Richard Kushner of their "special occasions."
11 – Rachel & Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz 27 – Joyce & Abram Epstein If you would like to be listed in this column,
please call the Synagogue office.
JEREMY KAHN has been named "Mentor of the Year" by Jewish
Family Service. Jeremy will be honored on January 25, when 15
Birth of Joshua Levi Greenblatt, son of
mentoring organizations in the metro Detroit area honor exceptional Susan & Phillip Greenblatt and grandson of Elaine & mentors who have gone the extra mile to help children and young Harvey Aidem.
adults reach their full potential.
Birth of Talya Sarah Rotberg, daughter of Leemor &
FLORINE MARK was featured in the December 4 issue of Crain's Jeffrey Rotberg, granddaughter of Pnina & Elie Basse and
Detroit Business.
Marty & Simon Rotberg, granddaughter of Nechama Siegel and Faye Rotberg.
STEVE ROTENBERG was awarded the Label A. Katz Young
Leadership award from the B'nai B'rith International Board of
Birth of Shana Cassidy Wasser, daughter of Sara & Marc
Governors. He was presented with the award at the annual B'nai Wasser, granddaughter of Varda & Paul Wasser and B'rith Policy Conference held in New Orleans.
Samuel Dubin & the late Shana Dubin.
ELAINE SERLING was featured in the Free Press last month. The Marriage of Jaime Weiss, daughter of Barbara
musician and songwriter is the author of a children's book, "Bubbie's
& Larry Weiss and Bryan Cherkasky, son of
Janice & Richard Cherkasky.
Social Action in Action YAD EZRA VOLUNTEERS…
On November 5, several Adat On Wednesday, February 28, Paul Rusesabagina, author of An
Shalom families helped deliver food to Ordinary Man and inspiration behind the movie Hotel Rwanda, will be home bound Yad Ezra clients. Thank speaking at Adat Shalom at 7:30 p.m. This event is sponsored by North you to Lillian & Lee Schostak, Esther Farmington High School in conjunction with the school's curriculum on & Neal Zalenko, Debbie & Howard genocide. We are fortunate to be able to host this event, and our Silverman, Celia & Michael Lubetsky, and Shari members are welcome to attend. Adult admission is $10.
Goldstein and her son. If you would like to participate in this wonderful mitzvah, our next
scheduled delivery is February 4. Please email
■ Marvelous Mondays at the Friendship Micki Grossman
Michael Schulman at [email protected] for at 248-851-5666 for more information. more information.
■ Afghan Project.Drop off scraps of yarn or 7 x 9 inch knit "squares"
for Claire Richmond, who will assist in assembling the afghans.
■ Mitzvah Crib.Drop off gently used baby items in the crib located on
On November 12, Adat Shalom
the lower level.
members made approximately 300 ■ Literacy Tutoring.Be a mentor. Call Rachel Maisel at 248-851-5449
bag lunches which were delivered to Debby Portney, Social Action Chairperson
Central Methodist Church and distributed to homeless people on the streets. Debi Lapin and family delivered them, and Sheryl Stollman helped out by making stickers and encouraging participation from the Religious School.
Special thanks to the family who made 100 lunches! The next bag lunch program is January 14. If you ANNETTE DOVITZ, mother of Cliff (Sheryl) and Doug (Sally) Dovitz,
would like to participate, email Debi Lapin at grandmother of Erica, Jason and Zack Dovitz.
[email protected]. We need people to make the lunches, as well as to deliver them.
PHILLIP EDELHEIT, father of Janis (Sam) Holcman and Laurie (Howard)
Weinberger, grandfather of Brad and Dana Holcman and Chelsea and
Cody Weinberger.
Networking Workshops continue on Tuesday
nights each month with Mildred HENRY GINSBURG, husband of Bernice Ginsburg, father of David
Pivoz, a Licensed Professional Ginsburg, Elaine (Howard) Smith and Barbara Bronitsky, grandfather of Counselor, who graciously Samantha Ginsburg, Cameron Smith, Jennifer (David Waxburg) Smith volunteers her time to assist Adat and Jonathan Bronitsky.
Shalom members with their career searches. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn how to network, write husband of Helen Sherman, father of Ronald (Candyce) Sherman, Pam a resume, and develop other such skills. Upcoming (Gene) Lumberg and Donna (Randall) Sims, brother of Edward (Helen) workshops: Tuesdays, January 19 and February 13 BLANCHE WALTERS, mother of Bradford (Carol) Walters, Jan (Michael)
Faultersack, Walters Dena (Bud) Blanchard, and Amy Jo Walters, On November 22, Adat Shalom participated in the
grandmother of Erica, Emily, Rachel, Molly, Adelle and Emma, sister of Interfaith Service, held this year at the North Eli (Joanna) Berger and Stanley (Phyllis) Berger.
Congregational Church in Farmington Hills. Dan Shere sang a very moving song, and both Rabbis LOUIS WEINSTEIN, father of Suzanne (Frank Werblin) Pregerson, Jeffrey
Yoskowitz and Rabbi Nevins addressed the (Ginger Parnes) Weinstein, and Elizabeth (Jay) Zerwekh, grandfather of congregation. The interfaith choir was wonderful Jonah (Louisa) Pregerson, Rachel and Matthew Zerwekh, and L yla and included several singers from Adat Shalom.
Special thanks to Janis Braun Levine. There were many Adat Shalom members in attendance, and it LEE WOODS, father of Vicki (Bruce) Liebowitz, grandfather of Nicholas,
was a lovely service for all who participated. I Chelsea and Jeffrey Liebowitz.
personally found it a meaningful way to usher in the Adat Shalom Memorial Park
Adat Shalom Synagogue was
A t Six Mile and Middlebelt Roads, Adat Shalom Memorial Park spans recognized this year as an some 40 acres. Its graceful, winding roads and handsome landscaping outstanding Blood Drive Sponsor ensure the beauty and peaceful solitude we seek for a final resting place.
and received the Bronze Certificate of For information about the purchase of cemetery property, please call Achievement from the American Red Cross. Our
Steven Goldsmith, 248-798-9995, or Carol Tarica, 248-851-5100.
next blood drive is March 18 – Please save the
We record with sincere appreciation the Special birthday of Asher Tilchin THE BETTY KAHN MEMORIAL
following generous contributions designed to by The Dorman family RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND
Anniversary of Arlene & Asher Tilchin maintain the programs of Adat Shalom: IN MEMORY OF:
by Marilynn & Steven Robinson Ruth Elson Berkley by Beth & David SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Contorer and family IN MEMORY OF:
Ethel Goldenberg by Eda Reed Sidney Cohen, Mollie Stern by Inez Cane Joseph Barenholtz by Ceil Babcock Jack Thav by Andi & Larry Wolfe Dennis Beneson by Judy Stumacher Yahrzeits of Sam Diem; Sadie Katz Jeffrey Cohen by Tammy Ciliberti, DR. FRED BENDEROFF
by Roslyn Katzman Jodi Kasmin and Stacy Cohen MEMORIAL HEALING FUND
Special birthday of Inez Cane by Marilynn & Steven Robinson Harry L. Nelson by Ann Benderoff by Susie & Harry Katkowsky Jack Thav by Sharon & Martin Hart; IN HONOR OF:
Recent marriage of Amye Charfoos & Beverly & Arthur Liss Special birthday of Sy Israel Louis Goldhaber by Andi & Larry Wolfe Louis Weinstein by Beverly & Ralph Woronoff by Ann Benderoff SPEEDY RECOVERY OF:
Yahrzeits of Simon, Ethel & Alter Berman Birth of Jordyn Sage Yoskowitz Bob Rubin by Andy & Larry Wolfe by Sarah & David Waldshan and family by Ann Benderoff Fred Ducatman by Amy & Steven Dunn Ida & Morris Epstein; Fannie & Charles HENRY C. & ROSE BENSON KEYWELL &
Epstein by Anna & Paul Epstein BOY SCOUT FUND TROOP #364
Imre Fleischer by Marta Fleischer IN MEMORY OF:
Leo Hirschhorn by Bill Hirschhorn Yahrzeit of Lillian Kimmel by Morris Kimmel Joan Kalt by Shirley & Kopel Kahn; Mary Schlosberg by Jacqueline Cohen Susan & Robert Sovel Bernice Singer by Carol Singer MARILYN & MATTHEW DROZ
Ida Steffin by Mary Steffin ROBERT IAN KORNWISE FUND
Esther Dunsky Willis by Deanna Weisman IN MEMORY OF:
Tillie Wolok by Rose & Morrie Wolok IN HONOR OF:
Robbie Kornwise by Betsy & Jerry Loomus IN HONOR OF:
40th anniversary of Anne & Allen Lippitt by Shelley & Alan Droz Lee Fritts, Beatrice Trotsky by Maureen & Donation by Eugene Greenstein Special birthday of Steve Young Sandy Kornwise; Betsy & Jerry Loomus Aliyah by Judy & David Goldis by Shelley & Alan Droz IN HONOR OF:
Aliyah of our daughter, Rabbi Laurie Phillips Bat Mitzvah of Noga Barpal by Judith & Dennis Phillips SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise Honors received by Leonard G. Siegal Susie Rabinovitz by Shelley & Alan Droz B'nai Mitzvah: Isaac Aronson; Andrew Donation by Jason Weiner Gordner by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise High Holiday Aliyah THE CHARLOTTE & PHILLIP EDELHEIT
Special birthdays of Judy Fineman, Betsy by Harriett & Sy Lusky Loomus, Rho Blanchard, Mandy Mills, High Holiday Honor & Shabbat Aliyah Barbara Wayne, Sheila Eisenberg by Leon Warner SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise High Holiday honors Ronald Block by Debbi & Harvey Stybel Anniversaries of Nancy & Larry Kornwise, by Rena & Jerry Tepman Betsy & Jerry Loomus Special birthday of Shirley Drube DR. MANUEL FELDMAN
by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise by Adele Gudes BETH ACHIM RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
Birthday of Sandy Kornwise Special birthday of Thomas Fox by Betsy & Jerry Loomus by Sarah & David Waldshan IN MEMORY OF:
Birth of Cole Semel by Betsy & Jerry Loomus Bar Mitzvah of Michael Lipsky Leroy Woods by Rena & Jerry Tepman SPEEDY RECOVERY OF:
by Barbara & Irwin Alpern IN HONOR OF:
Melvin Kalt by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise B'not Mitzvah of Allison & Megan Margolis Adele Staller receiving "Woman of Valor" by Great Oaks Landscape; Sharon & award by Shelley & Ed Kohl Martin Hart; Cindy Nagel and family HILLEL ISAAC MAISEL FUND
Birth of Jordyn Sage Yoskowitz In Appreciation of Rabbi Nevins by Tobi & Larry Fox IN MEMORY OF:
by Janis Braun-Levine & Fred Levine Alfred Burnstein by Anne & Ted Talon Engagement of Sarina Fogel The wedding of Amy Jeross & Brian Heyman & Robert Gerson by Shelley & Ed Kohl by The Jeross & Heyman Families Theodore Rotblatt by The Rotblatt family SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Special birthdays of Sylvia & Abe Pearlman Tillie Smolinsky by Frieda Leemon Ed Kohl by Tobi & Larry Fox; Shelly & Gene by Morris Moel Helen & Marty Tischler Perlman; Rena & Jerry Tepman Our special birthdays and all who helped by Rae & Harry Maisel Leon Warner by Rena & Jerry Tepman us celebrate by Sylvia & Abe Pearlman Mary Weizen by The Rotblatt family Belated birthdays of Claire & Gene Richmond IN HONOR OF:
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Engagement of Sarina Fogel & Linda Schafer TRAVEL & EDUCATION FUND
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Carol & Jeffrey Maisels' honor by Nancy & Howard Luckoff Birthdays of Paul Been, Gary Graff, Richard by Rachel & Harry Maisel Birthday of Elise Schostak Kushner Claire Richmond, Gene Birthday of Harry Maisel by Marilynn & Steven Robinson; Richmond by Susie & Bill Graham by Carol & Jeffrey Maisels Linda Schafer Anniversary of Marthan & Steven Birth of Jordyn Sage Yoskowitz Adele Staller receiving "Woman of Valor" Zinderman by Susie & Bill Graham by Carol & Jeffrey Maisels award by Marilynn & Steven Robinson; SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Linda Schafer Bob Rubin by Carol & Jeffrey Maisels Brooke Taylor's engagement by Sandra & Larry Schiff by The Tuesday Night Group Rena & Jerry Tepman by Ida Schwartz 90th birthdays of Sylvia & Abe Pearlman STARMAN FAMILY MEMORIAL FUND
by Sylvia Baker IN MEMORY OF:
Special birthday of Asher Tilchin Minnie Spinner by Evelyn & Cindy Starman; Sylvia Bernstein by Sheryl & Cliff Dovitz; by Hildy Randolph Carol & Ronnie De Roven Idelle Neuvirth Minnie Spinner by Idelle Neuvirth MAURICE RAZNICK MEMORIAL FUND
Hope Lifton by Carol & Sidney Lifton Leonard Fink by Susan & Kenneth Raznick Albert Weber by Helen & Bernie Weisberg; Anna Mason by Marsha & Marvin Trimas Eva Garelik by Sara Garelik; Onnie & Jack Bernstein; Olga & Irv Elaine & Mel Raznick Dworkin; Sylvia & Leonard Haking by Nancy & Howard Goldfaden Charlotte Levitan by Sara Garelik IN HONOR OF:
Marriage of Amye Charfoos and Louis Recent marriage of Lisa Kushner Goldhaber by Rochelle & Joel Lieberman by Elaine & Mel Raznick ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
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Warner; Micki Grossman; Sue & Alan Bar Mitzvah of Jake Bross Birth of Jordyn Sage Yoskowitz Kaufman and family; Judith & Dennis by Adat Shalom Nursery School Staff by Joyce, Jeffrey, Emily & Elliot Weingarten Phillips; Harriet Friedman and Jody Sack; Bar Mitzvah of Michael Lipsky Lois Shiffman by the Adat Shalom Nursery School Staff SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Birthday of Charlotte Danto by Phyllis Kohn RABBI JACOB E. SEGAL FUND
by Judith & Dennis Phillips Donna Barnett by Phyllis Kohn Blanche Walters by Arlene & Asher Tilchin Ed Kohl by Judy & David Goldis Beverly Woronoff by Debbie & Skip Warner by Adat Shalom Nursery School Staff Pearl Brodsky by Bernard Brodsky Harold Margolis by Norma & Sandy Lesnick Michael S. Newman by Stephanie Newman BREAKFAST & SEUDAH SHELISHIT
and family IN HONOR OF:
Alan Yost by Stephanie Newman
Birth of Bobbie & Don Blitz's grandsons OF THE NURSERY SCHOOL
by Adele Gudes In memory of Ida & Louis Markle IN MEMORY OF:
by Charles Markle and Marlene Kraft Frances Lorfel by Adele Gudes In memory of Fanny Clinton by Melissa, Aaron & Alexa Shephard by Frances Holtzman CANTOR MAX SHIMANSKY
In honor of Bat Mitzvah of Nicole Davidson THE EILEEN WEINER MEMORIAL FUND
by Marla & Richard Davidson IN MEMORY OF:
In memory of Kenneth Belen Sidney Cohen by Marci, Steve, Max Eric Meyer by Linda & Michael Schulman by Jack Belen & Sydni Rotenberg Frank Isack by Esther Rosenblum In memory of Milton Hubert IN HONOR OF:
by Les Hubert Lindsay & Ryan Dembs and a wonderful In honor of Bat Mitzvah of Jessica Silber Thanksgiving by The Fine family SISTERHOOD BRAILLE FUND
by Michelle & Brad Silber Bar Mitzvah of Blake Robbins IN HONOR OF:
In honor of babynaming of Ella Grace Riback by The Berlin family Bar Mitzvah of Matthew Birndorf by Cheryl & Ronald Riback Steve Rotenberg receiving the B'nai Brith by Sheila & Ron Schechter; In memory of Kenneth Fischer Youth Leadership award Roslyn Katzman and family by Marilynn & Steven Robinson; by Marci, Max & Sydni Rotenberg SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Linda Schafer Estelle Hyman by Ruth Gould RONNIE POSEN YOUTH FUND
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In honor of Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Gordner Bar Mitzvah of Max Himelhoch by Rochelle & Aaron Lupovitch by Wendy Sadoff & Michael Gordner by Helen Bayles Birth of Jack Rosenfeld's twin grandsons Donation by Eugene Greenstein SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
by Harriet Friedman and Jody Sack In memory of Clarence Guttentag Marjorie Saulson by Helen Bayles by Elyse & Jerome Schostak In memory Ethel Leah Phillips PRAYER BOOK FUND
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In memory of Minnie & Aaron Tilchin Rose G. Berman by Leslie & Leon Fox Adele Staller receiving the "Woman of Valor" Seymour Tilchin, Marian Knoppow and IN HONOR OF:
award by Micki Grossman Sadie Sandweiss by Arlene & Asher Tilchin 95th birthday of Sam Cascade by Phyllis & Martin Abel CANDLE LIGHTING SHABBAT ENDS
Jan. 5. 4:57 p.m.
Jan. 6. 5:57 p.m.
12. 5:05 p.m.
13. 6:05 p.m.
19. 5:13 p.m.
20. 6:13 p.m.
26. 5:22 p.m.
27. 6:22 p.m.
MARCH 9 & 10
Feb. 2 . 5:31 p.m.
Feb. 3 . 6:31 p.m.
9 . 5:40 p.m.
10. 6:40 p.m.
16. 5:49 p.m.
17. 6:49 p.m.
23. 5:58 p.m.
24. 6:58 p.m.
Passover Landscapes: Illuminations on the Exodus
Adat Shalom accepts
FROM RABBI NEVINS (continued from page 3)
Minimum charge payment $50
and external, for this change. The Reform and Orthodox movements were revitalized as each tapped into a broader current in the popular culture.
Orthodoxy paralleled the growth of evangelical Christianity—unapologetic, unreformed, and unimpeded by liberal insecurities. Reform paralleled the secular American embrace of radical autonomy---the individual got to choose what was meaningful and, ultimately, what was good. Conservative Judaism seemed "pareve"—conservative with a small c, worried about change, but also too timid to assert its own core values to an increasingly assimilated community. In place of ideology we offered peoplehood—the opportunity to tap into the sounds and experiences that awakened nostalgia, rather than those that ignited passion. We have suffered for our stodginess.
But this is beginning to change. Across the country, and even the world, our mix of modernity and tradition retains a resilient hold. You can see that mix infiltrating both the Reform and the Orthodox movements. The former are upgrading their ritual offerings; the latter are experimenting with more inclusive practices for women. Within our own congregations, there is a sense of revitalization as new daavening styles are paired with exciting programs such as our own SYNergy.
On the national level, Chancellor-elect Arnie Eisen of JTS is energizing audiences of American Jews to think more deeply and boldly about what we have to offer the nation and the world. Adat Shalom is an important player in this dynamic. Innovative programming paired with talented lay and professional leadership is providing a vital center for our Jewish community. The recent decision of the Law Committee to include gay and lesbian Jews in our movement with full dignity demonstrates our vibrant mixture of tradition and change. Obviously there are some on the left and some on the right who are unhappy with this decision. However, the center of our movement will emerge stronger and more capable of reclaiming a leading role in American religion.
With confidence, intelligence and faith, we will find ways to strengthen the Torah and inspire a new generation. We will bring dignity to all people, and give glory to God. COMMUNITY FORUM AT ADAT SHALOM
Rabbi Daniel Nevins will speak to the community at 7:30
p.m. on Thursday, January 18 at Adat Shalom.
In a community forum sponsored by the Rabbinical
Assembly of Michigan, Rabbi Nevins will discuss Homosexuality
and Jewish Law. As a member of the Rabbinical Assembly's
Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, he will describe the
process and substance of the most recent Law Committee vote on
the issue of homosexuality. There is no charge.


IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, VOL. 8, NO. 8, AUGUST 2004 Distributed Joint Rate and Power Control Game-Theoretic Algorithms for Wireless Data M. Hayajneh, Student Member, IEEE, and C. T. Abdallah, Senior Member, IEEE Abstract—In this letter, we consider two distributed game the- the path gain from the th transmitter to the th receiver. This

Evolutionarily conserved gene family importantfor fat storageBert Kadereit*, Pradeep Kumar*, Wen-Jun Wang*, Diego Miranda*, Erik L. Snapp†, Nadia Severina‡, Ingrid Torregroza‡,Todd Evans‡, and David L. Silver*§ *Department of Biochemistry and the Marion Bessin Liver Research Center and Departments of ‡Developmental and Molecular Biology and †Anatomyand Structural Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461