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September 14
The KnowledgeNet "In TheKnow" Awards Luncheon by Diane Johnson
New York, NYDetails at: ew evidence shows that doxazosin and terazosin (alpha-blockers), currently being used for the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and hypertension, may alsodecrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. In addition, they may prevent the September 20
progression to advanced prostate disease if the PSA begins to rise after initial treatment.
CancerCare Telephone WorkshopBetter Bone Health for Men The study was conducted at the University of Living with Prostate Cancer Kentucky Medical Center by a research team led by Register at:
Natasha Kyprianou, MD, PhD, Professor of Urologic Surgery and Director of UrologicResearch at the Markey Cancer Center. Dr.
September 24
Kyprianou and her colleagues presented the results APCaP Run-Walk New Jersey of this retrospective study at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association in Atlanta in May. Doxazosin (brand name: Cardura) andterazosin (brand name: Hytrin) are widely used for October 4 – 6
the treatment of the various obstructive symptoms Third Biennial Cancer of BPH (enlarged prostate, difficult or painful Survivorship Research urination, etc.). They work by relaxing the muscles of the bladder and prostate. Growing evidence suggests that these drugs have additional effects Details at:
such as targeting prostate growth by inducing cell death (apoptosis) and reducing tissue vascularity Natasha Kyprianou, MD, PhD (angiogenesis) in both the benign and the malignant October 14 – 16
1st Barbers InternationalConference The researchers analyzed the medical records of over 27,000 male patients from the Lexington Veterans Administration Medical Center in Kentucky who were treated with these blockers for either hypertension or BPH between 1998 and 2002. These data were then linked with prostate cancer diagnoses found in the Kentucky Cancer Registry, a National Cancer Institute's central cancer registry. Dr. Kyprianou and her colleagues
found that men who took the blockers had a 40% lower risk of developing prostate

October 27 – 30
cancer than men who did not receive those drugs.
Society of Urologic Nurses andAssociates Annual Conference Longer term, prospective, randomized trials Details at: or
are needed to test doxazosin and terazosin before they can be recommended for use as "However this is exciting
prostate cancer chemopreventive agents. Such epidemiological evidence linking for
February 22 – 24, 2007
studies might be aided by the fact that these The Prostate Cancer Symposium the first time the molecular effects of
drugs are FDA-approved, have an established safety profile (meaning they are generally alpha-blockers in inhibiting prostate
Details at:
well-tolerated), and are already being used by growth to a potentially significant role
a large number of men. "I recognize that this of these medications in preventing
August 27 – 31, 2008
initial retrospective study has certain UICC World Cancer Congress prostate cancer development and
limitations, such as our inability to adjust for Geneva, Switzerland progression to advanced disease."
age," Dr. Kyprianou says.

From The Heart
"In The Know" is a publication of
The Prostate Net, Inc.
After two years of an intense work schedule and family issues, I was finally able this past On-line version can be seen at: April to take a combination vacation, birthday and anniversary week in Europe. Naturally, in the spirit of "No good deed goes unpunished", I immediately came down with arespiratory infection as soon as I got off the plane, which threatened to compromise the P. O. Box 2192Secaucus, NJ 07096-2192 pleasure I was anticipating. phone: 201.342.3202email: [email protected] My wife suggested that I call back toNew York to get a prescription from my doctor; however, I then remembered thatthe system in Europe (and Mexico) is different from the U.S. – I didn't need a prescription to get the same antibiotic; I just had to go into the drugstore and ask the pharmacist for what I needed; and if I didn't know what to ask for, a Lynne Scott-Jackson conversation with the pharmacist would The experience caused me to reflect onthe process that would have been necessary back home: make an appointment with my doctor for an examination, get a Medical Advisory Board
prescription, take it to the drug store to be filled, hope that the prescription plan would be Lucile Adams-Campbell, PhD.
accepted by the pharmacy. At best, assuming that I had insurance with reasonable co-pays, Howard University I would be absorbing a cost that was comparable to the cost of dinner with wine that I had in Italy after paying for the antibiotic which cost less than the taxi fare to my doctor'soffice! Is our system based on meeting patient needs or are there other imperatives in Chung Lee, PhD.
Northwestern University
My thoughts then extended to the process of getting new drugs to treat advanced stage Ronald Morton, MD
disease and how our drug approval procedures often deny access to therapies that might be Cancer Institute of New Jersey of benefit to patients. We state that our process insures that those drugs that gain approvalhave the highest level of safety. I accept that, but are the Governments of Italy or Mexico Daniel Petrylak, MD
New York Presbyterian
and others less concerned about the welfare of their citizens; I doubt it. We have a system that demands a drug show benefit in patients at the most extreme stage of progression; yetit might show a greater benefit among patients at earlier disease states, however, as Nicholas Vogelzang, MD
patients, we don't get to make that choice.
Nevada Cancer Institute In an environment wherein the patient is encouraged to make "informed decisions" fromscreening to treatment, why can't a decision, based on personal risk assessment amidst Board of Directors
desire for survival and/or improved quality of life, be offered to the patient and their doctorat an earlier point in the disease management/drug approval process to make an informed choice for life. It's a question on the minds of many patients and a statement that we need to make a change.
Robert JeffersonLinda JohnsonCharles KirkpatrickRicardo Oquendo CORRECTIONS & CLARIFICATIONS
Billy James Parrott The following relate to the March 2006 issue: Janet PetersRaj Shah 1. Virus Found in Rare Form of Prostate Cancer
Dr. Robert Silverman of the Lerner Research Institute is a co-discoverer of the XMRV virus in partnership with Dr. Eric Klein of the Glickman Urologic Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. 2. Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)
--The bisphosphonate, Zometa, is approved for use with metastatic disease and is not currently approved for use before mets appear. --Dr. Michael Carducci was quoted on the current practice relating to ADT. In fact, 2006 The Prostate Net, Inc.
he was summarizing data from the CaPSURE Consortium.

By Robert McCoy
Medical News
as told to Julia McCoy FROM HOME
Amgen reported positive results
Here is my story.
for their drug, Denosumab, in
improving bone density in
oncological therapy situations.
I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. I am 25 They have opened up three Phase years old and have been married for 5 years. I III trials in Prostate Cancer, Breast worked for a grocery store warehouse for the last Cancer and Solid Tumors targeting two years before Hurricane Katrina. Early in 2005 skeletal-related events. I hit myself in the chest with a heavy box at work.
-Medical News Highlight That event brought to my attention a small lump inmy chest. However, at the time, I thought it was Results from the ASCENT (AIPC
just a bruise. I was assured by all of my Study of Calcitriol Enhancing co-workers, ages 18 to 80, that it was a normal, Taxotere) study at the Oregon work-related injury that they had all experienced Health & Science University before and that it would go away. A little drop of Cancer Institute showed that blood would come out of my nipple near the lump patients with advanced prostate every other day or so, but again, my co-workers cancer could be treated said this too was normal. So I really didn't worry successfully with intermittent about it. I was just waiting for it to go away.
chemotherapy. Current practicestandards require that patients take On August 28, 2005 my wife and I woke up to a mandatory evacuation for all of South Louisiana chemotherapy for a fixed period or including our beloved hometown of New Orleans. We threw a few necessities in the car and headed until the disease progresses or until for my wife's parents' house in North Texas. Because of the traffic, it took us 20 hours to drive what the side effects become intolerable.
would normally have been an 8 1/2 hour trek. To make matters worse, we started seeing Ku Klux Of the test group more than 75% Klan signs after dark. This would have been scary even if we, my wife and I, were not a mixed race responded positively to the couple. The fact that my wife is white and I am black caused me to press my foot on the accelerator chemotherapy after a "holiday" as far to the floor as possible. After finally making it to Fort Worth we checked into a hotel. Little from treatment.
did we know we would be living there for two months.
-Medical News Net Lilly Icos will be running trials of
A few days after settling in to the hotel, my wife decided I had better get this lump in my chest its impotence drug, Cialis, as a
checked out because we were losing our jobs and we would be losing our health insurance within a potential treatment for enlarged matter of months. I saw a primary care physician, then a radiologist, and then went to a surgeon for a prostate and hypertension; biopsy. Ten days after arriving in Ft. Worth I was diagnosed with male breast cancer, ductal preliminary results are expected carcinoma in situ. I had a left-side mastectomy on October 14, 2005. During the surgery, they took sometime later this year.
some of my lymph nodes and fortunately found out that the cancer had not spread beyond my breast. -Seattle Times Because my wife and I may one day have children, I underwent genetic testing and found out that Ido not have the BrCa1 or BrCa2 gene. When I went to an oncologist for follow-up treatment he gave GTx, according to an article in The
me a couple of treatment options. To prevent the cancer from coming back he said I could take Commercial Appeal, is banking Tamoxifen for 5 years, which would affect my sex drive and my ability to have children among heavily on several clinical trials other things. My second option was to have a right-side mastectomy. I chose the latter and had that currently on-going worldwide to surgery on December 21, 2005. Our health insurance ran out 10 days later so I have been going to give it some cash influx to enable public clinics for care ever since then. I am feeling better physically than I was right after the it to continue on the drug approval surgery, but I still have severe pain in my chest that comes from out of nowhere sometimes. I was process. Two Phase III trials of the recently diagnosed with hypertension, which the nurse at the clinic said was no surprise considering prostate cancer drug, Acapodene,
everything that I've been through.
are on-going: one involving 1400people in Argentina, Canada and I lived across the street from my parents and my little brother in New Orleans. During this whole the U.S. is determining if the drug ordeal I saw my mother only once. I did not see my dad or little brother at all until February 2006. I can prevent precancerous lesions have hardly seen any of my friends since the storm. Some people say that depression is not real, from developing into prostate and that we should all just get over Katrina and move on with our lives. But I have dreams every cancer; the second, made up of night about home and I wake up every morning very sad. About two weeks after my first surgery the 1400 patients in Mexico and the city government assisted us in finding an apartment in East Fort Worth. It's nice to be in a real home U.S., will determine if the drug can again. Even if it's not in my once-beautiful New Orleans, my wife and I do everything we can to reduce side effects associated with make wherever we are feel like home.
Researchers at UCLA's Jonsson My faith in my God Jehovah, the support of my strong and loving wife, and my refusal to feel sorry Cancer Center reported on a study for myself have helped me to get through this trying ordeal. In addition, I have been giving that showed that pomegranate juice interviews and trying to get the word out about breast cancer, especially among men, and that has slowed the PSA doubling time of helped me in the healing process as well. As you know, men DO get breast cancer, but it is never patients with recurring prostate YOUNG men. Also, I have no history of cancer in my family for over 3 generations. I would like to cancer after primary therapy get the word out that if there is something unusual going on with your body, you need to have it surgery or radiation. It's theorized checked out. No matter who says it is normal, if it is not normal for you, get it checked out.
that the antioxidative effect of
pomegranate juice acts on the
inflammation factors associated
with prostate cancer.

Medical News
By Diane Johnson
Traysol, (chemical name –
aprotinin) a drug used to reduce
blood loss in patients undergoing
heart-bypass surgery, has beenfound to cause serious side effects To most of us, the institutions of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institutes of as reported in an article in the New Health (NIH) seem massive and unapproachable. To begin to remedy that, the NCI hosted the first England Journal of Medicine. A summit for cancer advocates in Bethesda, MD in June. Listening and Learning Together: Building
study done by researchers at the a Bridge of Trust, brought together over 250 representatives of cancer advocacy organizations from
Multicenter Study of Perioperative all over the country and key representatives from the NCI and NIH to discuss issues and needs in the Ischemia Research Group and the cancer community, share resources and innovations from other advocacy organizations and the NCI, Ischemia Research and Education and, most importantly, to initiate dialogue. Foundation found increasedincidence of required kidney The summit was planned by the Director's Consumer Liaison Group (DCLG) of the NCI. The dialysis, myocardial infarction and DCLG was formed in 1997 as the first all-consumer advisory group at the NIH. Its mission is to heart failure among the patientpopulation analyzed. Details can be "establish and maintain strong collaborations between the NCI and the cancer advocacy community" in order to ensure that those who are affected by cancer have a voice in shaping policies and goals.
The panel is a diverse group of cancer advocates, survivors, family members, and health care professionals who make recommendations to the Director of the NCI. In another article from the New Acting Director, Dr. John E. Niederhuber opened the conference with England Journal of Medicine - a presentation titled "Frontiers in Cancer Science". He focused on three areas of future research and cancer biology: /short/354/4/333 - research showed
that African-American and Native
Tumor Microenvironment
Hawaiian smokers were morelikely to develop lung cancer than Cancer is a complex systemic "disease of the genome" caused by whites, Japanese-Americans and changes in cell DNA over time. Instead of independent cell masses, Latinos. While seemingly critical, tumors are now seen as "organs" with their own blood supply and dissenting editorial opinion biochemical support systems. The old approach of "search and suggested that "eliminating destroy" has been modified to "target and control". The goal is to smoking would largely reduce and pre-empt the developing cancer before it turns deadly and keep it equalize the rates of lung cancer" from progressing. across all groups.
Cancer Stem Cells
In a study at the University of Dr. John E. Niederhuber Chicago, it was found that the use The mutations that lead to cancer appear to occur only in cells that of a robotic system in prostate
can regenerate themselves. These stem cells also have the innate surgery enabled obese patients to
ability to travel to other tissues and some are resistant to achieve comparable post-surgical chemotherapy. Targeting stem cells for cancer research will provide valuable data on how cancers results to men who were grow and how to stop them. overweight or had normal bodymass indices. Their regain of Vaccine Therapy and Cancer Prevention
urinary continence and sexual Finding a vaccine for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), the cause of 99% of cervical cancer, is a function did not differ significantly stunning development. Prevention of cancer is, of course, still the ultimate goal. "Predictive from the other groups despite the medicine" could assess each person's potential risk of disease development and indicate which drugs fact the procedure on obesepatients took about an hour longer would interrupt the process. If necessary, treatments could be designed according to each and had a higher blood loss. The individual's genetic profile.
implication is positive for men whowere not usually considered Other topics covered at the conference were:
candidates for prostate surgery.
-Urology, April 2006 Survivorship
With over 1.3 million new cancers and more than one-half million deaths in 2005 alone, the war on
Obesity has been linked to the cancer that began in earnest in 1971 is clearly not over. But officials estimate that there are over 10 likelihood of treatment failure after million cancer survivors (3.6% of the population) in the U.S. today. (Three cancers, breast, prostate, radiation therapy as detailed in the and colorectal, account for about 50% of the survivors.) In 1971, less than 50% of people diagnosed journal Cancer reporting on a
study of 295 men at the M. D.
with cancer lived for five years. Now the majority do. Cancer has become a chronic disease like Anderson Cancer Center. diabetes or heart disease for many. Dr. Julia Rowland, from the Office of Cancer Survivorship, -Cancer, August 1 2006 noted that early detection, more effective treatments, and better care have contributed to thisremarkable progress. In fact, the odds of survival are so much greater now that the field of Cancer Isis Pharmaceuticals has started
Survivorship is growing exponentially. Long-term side effects of treatments, the psychological clinical trials with Eli Lilly of an
impact of the cancer process, and lifestyle changes to prevent relapse are just some of the critical anti-cancer drug called LY2275796 concerns of survivorship. that targets a protein called eIF-4Ethat is found in higher Clinical Trials
concentrations in breast, prostate, One area of consensus at the summit was that more emphasis and outreach for clinical trials is lung and other cancers.
-North County Times necessary. It is no coincidence that 70% of children who have cancer participate in clinical trials (continues on page 5)

Medical News
and the combined cure rate for childhood cancers is approximately 80%. Typically, only 3% of adults participate. Until recently, older cancer survivors were not even accepted in clinical trials, but nowthe barriers are more likely related to a lack of information or access. Many physicians are unaware Gleevec, a drug used to treat
of trials or how they work as well. There are many initiatives all over the country to demystify the chronic myelogenous leukemia and clinical trial process and encourage participants of all ages and ethnicities. Those attending the gastrointestinal stromal tumors, has summit agreed that we need to work together been found to be effective in to explain and promote clinical trial treating metastatic prostate cancer.
A study conducted by The University of Texas M.D. Anderson It is still a fact that minority and Cancer Center showed that rural/underserved populations are at more Gleevec, used in combination with risk of advanced cancer diagnosis and early Taxol, killed the blood vessels that mortality. Dr. Niederhuber said that research provide oxygen and nutrients for may yield results that cannot be communicated clearly yet. In addition, he - Medical Research News added, "Access may be a greater predictor ofmortality than tobacco." A distinguished The U.S. Food and Drug panel of doctors, lead by Dr. Mark Clanton, Administration voted to Deputy Director of Cancer Care Delivery recommend the return of the Systems for the NCI, presented a multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri, to
comprehensive overview of some successful market. Biogen Idec and Elan had model programs that are addressing previously voluntarily removed the healthcare treatment and research in minority drug after some studies showed a and underserved communities: link to a rare brain disorder.
University of Maryland--study of Details can be viewed at: clinical trial participation barriers and a statewide health network for community prevention and education. South Dakota--many programs including study of cancer and chronic disease risk factors and diabetes and tobacco education and prevention projects at the Black Hills Center for AmericanIndian Health. GTx reported that it has enrolled
over 1,300 patients in a Phase III
Cancer Preventorium in Washington, DC--a comprehensive program of information and trial of its drug Acapodene for the prevention for Latino families, with a strong media component that focuses on radio. treatment of side effects of Delaware Valley--Asian Community Cancer Coalition that uses community outreach, a media androgen deprivation therapy campaign, and culturally appropriate materials to educate and motivate Asian-Americans, whose (ADT). Additional drugs, Ostarine
leading cause of death is cancer and whose healthcare is complicated by language barriers. and Andarine are also in
development to address the effects The NCI website,, is an invaluable resource for cancer patients and their families,
of wasting resulting from advocates, healthcare workers, and anyone who needs a little or a lot of information about cancer.
The following is a partial list of what you can find on the site: Additional information can be seen Caregiver materials Decision-making aids Clinical trials information and search Dictionary of cancer terms NCI Cancer Bulletin (weekly online newsletter) Although the New Drug There is a wealth of publications, many in Spanish, available to anyone free of charge at Application (NDA) for Xinlay to (there is a small shipping and handling charge for bulk orders). All of
be used to treat men with the materials and resources are produced by the NCI with a commitment to scientific accuracy and understandability. For those who are looking for more scientific research data, prostate cancer was not approved is a free digital repository of life sciences journal articles compiled by the
by the FDA, Abbott continues to NIH. In addition, the National Library of Medicine is an amazing resource that includes access to study the drug's effectiveness via the world's largest collection of biomedical literature and access to an inter-library loan network.
an on-going Phase III study of men Access the library at and MEDLINE data, a collection of consumer health
with non-metastatic hormone- information in both English and Spanish, at
refractory prostate cancer.
Currently Xinlay can only be As Dr. Elmer Huerta of the Washington Cancer Institute says, those fighting the on-going war on obtained by individual patients cancer need to "focus on not only the tumor, but the person with the tumor." Those living with through a Single Patient cancer everyday and those who have dedicated their lives to fighting cancer everyday must share Investigational Drug (sIND) their resources and their passion to win this battle once and for all. program through a process initiatedby their physician. Details on the Lest We Forget……….
program can be obtained from Prostate Cancer Kills!! Although the mortality rate has been decreasing overall, it is still unacceptably high among minorities and the medically underserved. We see too much death everyday from those who have written or called for information, or whose families have tried to get the Researchers at Cleveland Clinic information needed to provide care. There are those who have crossed your path in life who have also and the University of California succumbed. Let's take a moment to remember some of the more notables who have passed this year: San Francisco have discovered a
new virus, XMRV, which is 25
Earl Woods – father of golfer Tiger Woods and a Vietnam Veteran
times more likely to be found in Chic Hecht – former Senator from the State of Nevada
prostate cancer patients with a Lew Anderson – was Clarabell the Clown on The Howdy Doody Show
specific genetic mutation than men Floyd Patterson – former heavyweight boxing champion
without the mutation. Additionalinformation can be seen at: Early detection can help to save lives; encourage your friends and relatives to become informed about the disease and to see their doctor or medical center to best assess their risk. More than 30,000 men will die this year from prostate cancer; that number can be reduced with all of us working

Medical News
Men undergoing radiation therapy for the treatment of prostatecancer are not at an increased risk The Prostate Net/Knowledge Net works to empower our audience through education to develop rectal cancer versusthose not receiving radiation that leads to informed action. Much of our strength comes from the committed Board therapy. A study at the Ottawa of Directors Members who guide our vision. The following is the third in a series Hospital Regional Cancer Centrein Ontario, Canada evaluated the of articles that focus on these individuals and the good that they do.
records of 237,773 patients withprostate cancer and found nosignificant increased risk of rectalcancer.
-Journal of Radiation Oncology- Since the inception of The Prostate Net, New data published in the British Bill Parrott has been the visionary, the Journal of Urology International
confirmed that bicalutamide
big-picture guy. In meetings, he is the (Casodex) improves the chance of one who pushes us to look beyond the survival by 35% in men withlocally advanced (spread outside ordinary, to set ambitious goals, to look of the capsule) prostate cancer at a problem in an unusual way. That's when given as adjuvant to the nature of a pioneer. They aren't radiation therapy compared toradiotherapy alone. Details of the afraid to forge into areas where others report can be seen at: haven't been before.
Bill Parrott's career has been marked byvision and firsts. Starting as a mail boy GVAX, the immunotherapy
at McCann Erickson, the second largest vaccine, has been shown to havepositive results in the treatment of advertising agency in the world at the time, he became an award-winning cancer. Data to date suggests amedian survival rate that will copywriter in his first year. Within five exceed the current approved Bill Parrott
years, he had moved to Benton & Bowles standard of Taxotere (docetaxel) agency as Creative Supervisor in charge plus prednisone. Two currentPhase III clinical trials are of accounts like Crest and Post Cereals. enrolling patients for furtherevaluation. Details can be seen at: In 1969, he created Parrott & People Communications, a film production company. He wrote and produced documentaries, music videos, commercials, and films. Two of his films were shown on PBS and his television movie based on the childhood of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "The Boy King", wonthe George Peabody Award for directing. He has worked with many celebrities including StevieWonder, Gladys Knight, Herbie Hancock and others. New Program
At the same time, Bill was pioneering in another industry: telecommunications. His company, Private Networks, Inc. (PNI), was instrumental in the development of both the cable and cellular Here are a few of the most recent industries. In 1986, his company built a cellular system in Roanoke, Virginia. Two years later, he participants in the program: purchased Coastal Communications, a water-based cellular system located in the Gulf of Mexico.
National Association of Barber
PNI's Satellite Mobile Telephone subsidiary became one of the eight founders of American Mobile Boards of America
Satellite Corporation (now called Motient). He was also a member of the Executive Committee that made the decision to form XM Satellite Radio.
In the non-profit arena, Bill has served on the board of the American Youth Hostels for ten years. Weat the Prostate Net are privileged to have him as a member of our board and Director of Programmatic Safe At Home Prostate
Strategy. We intend to take advantage of his pioneering and visionary skills at every opportunity! "In The Know" Multi-Copy Distribution
We have received several requests from patient support groups, community
service agencies, barbershops, medical centers and doctors' offices for
multiple copies of this newsletter to distribute to their clients or
The Thapelo Institute
If you need more than one copy of each edition of "In The Know",
UICC World Cancer Congress
please advise us and we will provide the quantity needed. Send your name,
organization name, postal address and email to: [email protected]
Getting the Drugs We Need
Did You Know.
Asthma kills more than 5,000
people each year, yet experts
The past three years have been full of contention amongst patient advocates, the Food and Drug believe that almost all of these Administration (FDA), Congress and pharmaceutical manufacturers over the issue of access to deaths are preventable by keeping developmental therapies for patients suffering with advanced stage disease. This is of particular the disease "under control." Theproblems arise because patients concern in the area of prostate cancer in that, while the overall death rate from prostate cancer has have inadequate access to care or declined, the death rate for advanced stage patients and for those men who receive an initial diagnosis don't get proper treatment. There at advanced stage has not seen comparable decline. are new guidelines for patients tobetter enable their management of Recent news stories have spotlighted the efforts of the Abigail Alliance (
the disease; details can be seen at: to change the FDA's policy of barring the sale of experimental drugs that have not passed the revised approval process, which adds a further level of clinical investigation. This policy, which has been The recent death of Dana Reeve
termed "Decelerated Approval Initiative", is being challenged in Federal court by the Abigail Alliance from lung cancer at the age of 44 on the basis that critically ill cancer patients should have the right to use drugs that have passed Phase brings into focus the need to I trials and shown positive benefit case histories in order to make a potentially life-saving personal recognize the impact that Lung decision. While not commenting on the specific merits of the lawsuit, many medical practitioners and Cancer has on our society and medical societies, have emphasized that quality cancer care ensures that patients have access to women in particular. Lung cancerkills more American men and effective therapies through a drug approval process that is safe and expedient.
women than colon, breast andprostate cancers combined. More Under the current regulations approval may be requested after completion of Phase II or Phase III critically, lung cancer is the studies. Limited approval may be granted if these trials have shown that the drug has had an impact number one cancer killer of women on an endpoint – survival, lowered toxicity, etc. - that is likely to have benefit for the patient.
and it has shown a four-fold However, approval under this section requires that further studies continue to determine clinical increase in women over the last 30years. Because of these facts, it is benefit. It is this extended review process that has become the stuff of controversy. recommended that smokers andformer smokers should be screened Should not a patient faced with the prospect of a life-ending disease eventuality be able to decide if for lung cancers in an effort to they want to use an experimental therapy that could have a positive benefit? When faced with a identify early stage disease, which certain and painful death, why shouldn't the possibility of hope be provided for an informed decision has the best chance for cure.
by the patient, his doctor and family caregivers. I think back on a movie titled "Whose Life Is It Information can be found at: Anyway"; most patients will vehemently assert, "It's Mine!!!" If we promote making informed decisions on whether or not to screen, whether surgery or radiation is better, then why not on whetheror not we want to take the risk to extend our lives. It is still our life and not the Government's! A recent study published in the
New England Journal of
shows that Americans,
regardless of race and/or socio-
economic status, got roughly equal
– MEDIOCRE – treatment. While
the study did support evidence thatminorities received worse care insome expensive treatmentprotocols and suffered more fromsome conditions than whites, datashowed that once they were intreatment, minority health careoverall was similar to whites. The To better serve our readers, we need to know what you think study was based on a survey ofapproximately 7,000 patients.
of this publication.
Details can be found at: and

Call our "Hotline" 1-888-477-6763 and give us answers to
the following questions:
The number of uninsured
over the age of 50
increased from 13% to nearly 15%
during the period of 1994 to 2004,
1- What do you like best about the newsletter? according to a study by the RobertWood Johnson Foundation. 57% ofuninsured adults don't have apersonal doctor compared to 16% 2- What would you want more coverage on? of those with insurance. 41% ofuninsured adults did not see adoctor because of cost versus the9% with insurance. West Virginia 3- Where do you get most of your healthcare info? had the highest percentage ofuninsured residents at 57%compared to North Dakota with thelowest at 24%.
Everyone responding will receive a Thank you gift! Did You Know.
Notes from ASCO 2006…
Researchers at Rutgers have found
that the spice, turmeric, when
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) held their Annual Meeting in June to present
combined with vegetables such as data on many new therapies that addressed the full spectrum of cancer care throughout the world. It is broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, extremely important that patients, survivors and caregivers make themselves aware of these new cauliflower, turnips that contain asubstance phenethyl isothiocyanate developments to provide a framework for discussion of their personal disease management concerns (PEITC) demonstrates significant with their healthcare professionals. You can access the presentations, meeting abstracts and other cancer preventive qualities in lab relevant information from the meeting by visiting: This Virtual Meeting site
mice. Additional studies in humans provides the most comprehensive collection of multi-media information needed.
still need to be done to assess theoverall efficacy and benefit in While there were no major humans. Further details can be groundbreaking developments presented, found at:
there were several significant advances in Studies done at the San Francisco disease management across the spectrum VA Medical Center and the of sites. The following is merely a University of California San random selection of those presentations Francisco have shown that Omega-
that were felt to be relevant by our 6 fatty acids, such as in corn oil,
editorial staff. You should review the full caused human prostate tumors to spectrum of presentations for discussion grow twice as fast as tumors with your doctor.
without the addition of Omega-6
fats. Additional information can be
seen at:

Cancer Education/Prevention:
There is a significant and widespread
Swedish scientists have shown that misunderstanding of prostate cancer foods high in content of
phytoestrogens, plant-produced
terms and functions among men of lower estrogens, may lower the risk of socio-economic status, as reported in a study among researchers at the University of North Carolina, contracting prostate cancer.
University of Virginia et al. The key conclusion suggests that increased emphasis be placed on health Researchers at the Karolinska literacy and baseline understanding of prostate cancer as well as anatomical function.
Institutet demonstrated that a dietrich in beans, soy products, linseed,sunflower seeds, berries andpeanuts lowered the risk of Dr. Jeanna Walsh from the Wilmot Cancer Center presented an important poster on improving developing prostate cancer by 26%.
Study details can be found at: clinical trial participation. Given that only 3% of adult cancer patients in the U.S. participate in clinical trials, there are obvious and perceived barriers to expansion. The key conclusions anddirections noted revolved around the concept of the participant as a "guinea pig" and that theparticipant was not assured of being given the tested drug or a placebo. Effective trial recruitment Vitamin D may be effective in
must clearly state all trial protocols, use of placebos, how Standard of Care will be included as part of controlling the growth of prostate the trial, and communicate in terms that can be understood by the lowest literacy level candidate.
cancer in patients with two specific More importantly, the education must extend beyond a targeted patient population and focus on the types of enzymes. The researchers general public's knowledge and perceptions of clinical trials.
at the University of RochesterMedical Center reported theirfindings in Carcinogenesis basedon in vitro studies using humanprostate cancer cells. Further work The effects of calcium and Vitamin D in preventing breast cancer have not yet been proven through needs to be done based on the randomized trials: though several previous observational trials have shown favorable impact. Dr.
toxicity shown from the high doses Rowan Chlebowski from UCLA presented his findings, which showed no difference in the number of of Vitamin D used; however, cases of breast cancer between the study and control groups; yet the group taking the supplements existing research shows increasing did show smaller tumors. Dr. Carol Fabian commenting on the study suggested that, though evidence that Vitamin D can inhibitthe progression of the disease.
controversial, a recommended intervention of 1,000mg – 1,200mg of calcium plus 1,000IU – Until definitive protocols are 2,000IU of vitamin D or 15-20 minutes of sun exposure daily could be viable.
determined, the best way to getVitamin D is to drink milk, getmoderate exposure to the sun andtake a vitamin supplement. Details The Research Advocacy Network presented a poster that emphasized the benefit of preparatory lectures or training for advocates (community workers, etc.) to maximize the understanding of research data so that the details can be better communicated to their constituencies in hopes ofgaining increased clinical trial participation.
Breast Cancer:
Initial results from the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (STAR) show that equal benefit can be
gained from either drug in preventing invasive breast cancer. Dr. Donald Wickerham reported on the
study, which also showed that Raloxifene was just as effective as tamoxifen in preventing primary
invasive breast cancer, but not as effective with non-invasive disease.
Notes from ASCO 2006…
Did You Know.
Healthgrades, a healthcare ratings
company, conducted a study that
measured the rates of mortality and Dr. Joel Nelson from the University of Pittsburgh presented results of a study that evaluated the incidence of complications across effect of atrasentan (Xinlay) on PSA Doubling Time among men with hormone-naïve prostate cancer 26 procedures and diagnoses in experiencing PSA rise after radical prostatectomy. The results showed that atrasentan had no effect on hospitals that ranked in the top 5% PSADT versus the placebo; however clearer results could not be made because the baseline PSAs in quality of care in the were imbalanced in the participant population, which inhibited the ability to measure the true Healthgrades ratings. The study treatment effect on PSA Doubling Time.
found that 152,966 lives couldhave been saved and 21,896instances of complications couldhave been avoided if the standard Several studies and posters highlighted the positive impact of zoledronic acid (Zoladex) in reducing
of care in all hospitals matched the risk of developing a skeletal related event (bone metastasis). Additional detail can be found in the that of the top 5%. Details on the Clinical Care Options Capsule Summaries noted below.
designated Distinguished Hospitals
for Clinical Excellence can be seen
In a study lead by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Toremifene Citrate was found to
increase Bone Mineral Density and thereby providing a reduction in fractures in men with prostate
Researchers at the University of cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. These preliminary results are scheduled to be tested Alabama at Birmingham in an on-going study.
reaffirmed the link between visionproblems and erectile dysfunctiondrugs. Men with histories of heart Key data on Prostate Cancer treatment can be seen in Capsule Summaries that can be viewed at:
trouble, who had taken eitherViagra or Cialis, were 10 times as likely to have optic nerve damage as those who had not.
- Business Week, February 13 2006 Quality of Life:
A new study published in the End-of-life interventions are becoming more important in the area of comprehensive cancer control Journal of the American Medical as reported by the Michigan Public Health Institute and Hospice of Michigan. Hospice and pain Association showed that older management protocols have increased, but vary according to racial/socio-economic perceptions.
Americans spend more than twice While 93.5% of patients were prescribed pain medication, over 30% did not take them because of as much as people in the United fear of addiction. Indicative of treatment practices and stage at end-of-life intervention, Blacks and Kingdom. However, the English Asian Americans tended to die in hospital, while Caucasians were more likely to die at home or a are far healthier with lower rates nursing facility and Latinos and Native Americans tended to die at home.
for heart disease, stroke, diabetesand cancer.
- AARP Bulletin / July-August 2006 The Charlotte Kimelman Cancer A Commitment to Advocacy….
Institute in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Cancer Survivorship is a most important issue because there are Islands opened the first state-of- more than 10,000,000 people living with cancer today and the
the-art radiation treatment center inthe Caribbean providing the ability number is expected to increase as the "Baby Boom" generation to treat cancer patients locally matures, experiences a diagnosis of cancer, confronts it and then without their having to travel to the proceeds to re-claim their lives after cancer.
U.S. The IMRT system coupledwith 3-D therapy planning enables The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has been in
doctors to create personalized the forefront of making survivorship an important part of the treatment plans for each patient.
clinical treatment protocol and in making advocacy a core - Caribbean Net News element of the organization's mission. Patient Advocates areinvited to become members of ASCO with access to the same Financial News
information available to healthcare professionals so that the advocates can present the information to their communities and constituencies. Additionally, ASCO spotlights the role of advocates by offering their organizations Abraxis BioScience represents a
the opportunity to exhibit at major ASCO events enabling them to convey their messages to the significant opportunity to invest in worldwide audience of healthcare and industry professionals.
the biotech sector, according toDavid Phillips on Seeking Alpha, For a review of the patient-centered information offered by ASCO, visit: to see a
based on their proprietarychemotherapy delivery system that comprehensive oncologist-approved dataset available by multiple disease sites.
uses albumin wrapping versus thecurrent solvents used in taxane Those advocates looking to take more proactive stances should explore the membership and based therapies. The result should advocate-specific programs available, which are coordinated by Jeannine Salamone (shown here).
be an increase in the amount of Her contact information is: drug delivered to the tumor targetwith a reduction in the toxicities seen in the solvent wrapped 1900 Duke St. – Suite 200 taxanes. The company currentlyhas five on-going trials in prostate Alexandria, VA 2231 4 cancer, six in ovarian cancer and Phone: 703.299.1014 twelve in non-small cell lung Email: [email protected] cancer. The company trades underthe symbol ABBI Financial News

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG –
Nasdaq) showed an 86% sales
increase, a 68% gain in gross
margin and net income increase of
301% on the strength of sales of
their DaVinci robotic surgical
systems. Despite a cost of
$1,000,000+ per system, the
demand for the product for prostate
surgery continues to be strong with
428 units already installed
worldwide and the potential for
expansion into other areas suggests
further increases.
-Motley Fool Novacea (NOVC – Nasdaq)
announced that the underwriters of
their initial public offering
exercised their over-allotment
option to purchase an additional
657,500 shares of the company.
Novacea is a biotech specializing
in the development of cancer
therapies. One of the key products
Calls For Nominations
is DN-101 currently in Phase IIItrial for the treatment of androgen- In 2005 The Prostate Net honored individuals and organizations that
independent prostate cancer.
had demonstrated leadership, implementation of novel strategies - Market Wire and/or commitment in time, energy and resources toward the GPC Biotech AG had major
elimination of health disparities.
revenue increases in the 1st Details can be seen at:
Quarter 2006 while decreasingtheir per share net losses. Thecompany specializes in developing new anti-cancer drugs. Their This year on September 14, 2006 we will recognize a new group of product – satraplatin – has an on- Award Honorees at a luncheon event in New York City.
going Phase III clinical trial as asecond-line chemotherapy Send Your Nominations to:
treatment for hormone refractory The Prostate Net,
prostate cancer, which has been P.O. Box 2192
granted fast track status by the U.S.
Secaucus, NJ 07096
Food and Drug Administration.
Or via Email to: [email protected]
The stock trades under the symbol Should you have any questions, contact us at 1.888.477.6763
GPCB on the Nasdaq.
American Medical Systems
has acquired Laserscope
in an effort to expand its offerings
of prostate treatments to urologists.
Talking With Your Doctor
Celera Genomics reported an
Know Your Options
informational brochure for improvement in 2nd Quarter results informational brochure on patients and physicians to and significant progress in theirresearch portfolio of proteomics understanding the process of encourage effective and genomics platforms. The Virgil's Prostate On-line
diagnosis and treatment - in communication between company stated that they have patient information site English and Spanish doctor and patient to achieve validated 38 cancer targets and best treatment protocols another 124 targets have been selected for validation studies. The Prostate Net Patient Hotline
targets include pancreatic, colon, 1.888.4ProsNet (477.6763) breast, lung, gastric and prostate 24/7 live operator (in English cancers. The stock trades on theNYSE under the symbol CRA.
and Spanish) intake forcounselor follow-up National Medical AssociationPhysician Locator Service KnowledgeNet BARBERSHOPS IN
Financial News

A unique partnership between The Prostate Net, the Hartford Hospital, and the Connecticut CancerPartnership launched the Barbershop Initiative: "Going to the Barbershop to Fight Prostate Cancer" Alkermes has been given an
into two neighborhood barbershops in Hartford in April. The Hartford Hospital already has a trained "outperform" rating by FBR group of people who are key to the success of this program: barbers. "For a black man the Equity Research based on its barbershop is the country club," says Virgil Simons, the founder of The Prostate Net and a prostate partnership with Johnson &Johnson and Cephalon in cancer survivor. And the barber is the director marketing several drugs for of this health education movement focusing on antipsychotic and diabetic African American men. Barber/owners like conditions. The stock trades on the Olphni Davis, of the Shallimar Unisex Salon, NASDAQ under the symbol ALKS knows local barbershops are importantgathering places in the community. He prefers Novartis reported gains in sales,
a casual approach to a sensitive subject. He operating income and market share might mention that he recently had a test for on the strength of their productportfolios in Cardiovascular and prostate cancer himself or ask the man in his Oncology Pharmaceuticals as well chair what he knows about the disease. This as Consumer Health and Sandoz.
conversation can lead to a referral to a local The company has increased the doctor or to the flat-screen monitor and proposed dividend for 2005 by computer in the shop. At this educational 10%. US shares of the company kiosk he can get detailed information about trade on the NYSE under the prostate cancer, from screening to prevention.
If he completes a brief survey, including items Sanofi-Aventis lost a case in U.S.
like his family medical history, the reward is a courts, along with their partner coupon for a free haircut Olphni Davis, Virgil Simons QLT of Canada, after being suedby TAP Pharmacueticals which This project has the potential for a statewide impact thanks to the participation of the Connecticut alleged that the drug Eligard Cancer Partnership, a consortium of over 150 public and private organizations, agencies, and infringed on one of the TAP institutions. This volunteer group of experts was organized in 2002 with the goal of developing a patents. Sanofi-Aventis is Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for a state that has one of the highest rates of invasive cancers in appealing the ruling; the the U.S. The aging of the state's population, risky lifestyle choices, and the disproportionate cancer company's stock was down slightlyon the news death rate among ethnic groups are areas of great concern. As in so many other places, black menare twice as likely as white men to die of prostate cancer. With all of this in mind, the Partnership Bear Stearns has maintained an applied for and won a $250,000 grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"underperform" rating on Along with other initiatives to reach underserved men, they will be expanding the Barbershop Schering-Plough based on a
program into the Bridgeport and New Haven areas later this year. Federal Court's decision not toblock a generic allergy drug that The barbershops participating in the Hartford area are: competes with Schering's drug Shallimar Unisex Salon--653 Blue Hills Avenue Nasonex. The analyst indicated thatthere was some "substitution risk" Supreme Clientele--92 Weston Street to GlaxoSmithKline's comparabledrug, Flonase. Prime competition For details on the Barbershop and KnowledgeNet Initiatives, go to:
will come from RoxaneLaboratories, Par Pharmaceuticalsand three new companiescontemplating applications: TevaPharmaceuticals, Dey and Hi-TechPharmacal.
-Reported by Did You Know.
Dendreon reported a fiscal 2005
net loss of $81.5 million vs. a net
loss of $75.2 million for the
previous year. Revenue declined to
Dr. Mack Roach III, chair of the Department
$0.21 million from $5 million inthe comparable period. Looking of Radiation Oncology at University of toward 2006, the company plans to California San Francisco, has been named one submit an application to the FDA
for the drug, Provenge, based on
of the 10 Most Influential African-Americans in expected clinical trial results the Bay Area for 2005. Dr. Roach, a foremost during the course of this year.
cancer researcher, is a specialist in the treatmentof prostate cancer and a contributor to theeducation efforts of The Prostate Net.
Information on Clinical Trials
The RENEW (Reach out to Enhance Wellness in
older survivors)
study at Duke University Medical
Center aims to improve the physical function of
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is long term cancer survivors through a home-based recruiting for a trial on a Targeted Therapy
diet and exercise intervention. The study is free and for Metastatic Prostate Cancer, which is a
can be done completely at home. Participants will Phase II study of Docetaxel, Bevacizumab, be 65 years of age or older, be survivors of Locating a Clinical Trial:
Thalidomide and Prednisone in Patients with colorectal, breast or prostate cancer that has not progressed and have had no second cancer Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate. Preliminary results have shown improved survival Details can be obtained by contacting: National Cancer Institute Details can be found at: American Cancer Society The NCI is seeking participants for a trial Clinical Trials Matching Service of an antiangiogenic agent and a novel immunotherapeutic agent targeting CTLA- 4 in the treatment of pancreatic ductal
The Wellness Community Details can be found by contacting: Richard E. Royal, MD, FACS Understanding Clinical Research
National Cancer Institute Clinical Research Institute10 Center Drive – Rm 4-5940 – MSC 1201Bethesda, MD 20892-1201Phone: 301.496.3098Email: [email protected] NON-PROFIT ORG.
U. S. Postage
Permit #83
Secaucus, NJ
The Prostate Net, Inc.
P. O. Box 2192, Secaucus, NJ 07096-2192 PRODUCED BYAN EDUCATIONAL GRANT FROM



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