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Category: Renewable Energy
Sub Category: Solar Thermal
Company profile
AORA (formerly EDIG Solar) has developed an advanced solar-hybrid gas-turbine engine (IP protected). Our
system is the world's first commercial application of such technology, capable of producing power and heat energy around the clock, on demand 24/7.
Year of establishment: 2005
No. of employees: 12
Background of the company
Following a successful pilot installation in 2006 in Nanjing, China proving the technological concept of being
able to solarize a gas-turbine engine, the company is set to erect its first commercial unit, near Eilat by March 2009.
Based on currently available data, the AORA system will use less land to generate considerably more usable power and energy, and significantly more revenue at lower installed cost than any near-term solution to solar energy generation available in the world.
Technologies & products
The system offers a unique modular solution to solar power generation, comprising very small base units
(100kWe / 170kW heat) which are linked together like Lego-like pieces into a centrally controlled power plant, tailored to the customers' needs. When the available sunlight is not sufficient (during cloud cover or at night), the system operates on any alternative fuel sources, thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply, 24hr/day.
Objectives / Target companies
Seeking strategic partners for Joint Ventures in Israel and around the world.
Category: Renewable Energy
Sub Category: Solar Energy
Company profile
Brenmiller Energy is an innovative thermo-solar company, providing modular solar steam generation products –
the bCell™ System - for power & steam applications. Led by a team comprising of the world's top-leading experts in renewable thermo-solar energy, the company's knowledge and expertise are based on years of field experience in building and operating over 500MW of thermo-solar power plants in the US and in Spain.
Year of establishment: 2012
No. of employees: 100+
Background of the company
Founded in 2012, by Avi Brenmiller, a prominent figure in the Solar Thermal world and former CEO of Siemens
CSP and Solel. Our R&D team possesses extensive knowledge and a proven track record in developing ground- breaking solar technologies. The company is innovation-oriented with over 100 people employed, in sub- contracting, in research and development.
Examples of projects
Our team led and was actively involved in planning, designing, building and operating thermo solar power
plants in Spain and in the U.S. supplying over 500MW of electricity.
Technologies & products
General description:
The bCell™ is a continuous solar steam boiler producing 24/7 (upon demand) regulated and controlled steam,
at standard turbines conditions (500°c 100 bars). Its main building block is the Energy Center, with a unique heat storage, which acts also as a buffer, to allow both real dispatchability and stable steam regardless of solar irradiation variations. One bCell™ can produce about 1.5 MWe equivalent of steam (depending onsite irradiation and operation strategy), which is produced from the solar field. The solar field, based on an enhanced collector trough system, and the Energy Center are combined together to create the bCell™.
Function of the products:
The bCell™ System, which is comprised of bCell™ modules (the core of the system), produces stabilized
steam, directly to the turbine inlet, at a steady rate throughout the day, all yearlong. The product is designed for high efficiency, high availability and easy maintenance. It is modular and scalable and can provide specific solutions to various energy demands and different operation strategies, whether peak, intermediate or base- load demands.
Objectives / Target companies
The Company would like to be introduced to potential developers, local partners, investors and customers.
Category: Solar power
Sub Category: solar thermal power plants
Company profile
BrightSource Industries (Israel) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BrightSource Energy Inc. The Company, located
in Jerusalem, is responsible for the development of solar thermal technology, plant engineering, and the design, engineering and supply of the solar field for all of the BrightSource plants.
Year of establishment: 2006
No. of employees: 115
Background of the company
BrightSource Industries (Israel) was founded by the veterans of Luz International Ltd., the company that during
the 1980's designed, developed, built, financed, and operated nine Solar Electricity Generating Stations (SEGS) in California's Mojave Desert with a total generating capacity of 354 MW, still the largest operating solar power plants to day.
Examples of projects
BrightSource Energy's first project is the Ivanpah Solar Power Energy Generating System, Located in Ivanpah,
California. The 4, 000 acre site will produce 392MW of clean renewable energy. The projects will provide power under 2.6 gigawatts contracts of power, including the two largest solar power agreements ever- 1, 300 megawatts with Southern California Edison and 1, 310 megawatts with Pacific Gas & Electric Company for which BrightSource shall supply the solar technology and solar fields.
Solar Energy Development Centre (SEDC) Located at the Negev Desert, at the Rotem Industrial park is a solar thermal demonstration power plant; this station serves BrightSource to demonstrate a cutting edge technology in the field of solar energy. The SEDC has been constructed for performance measurement and technology demonstration. Operating over the past year, the SEDC is producing the world's highest temperature turbine quality steam from solar energy.
Technologies & products
LUZ Power Tower technology:
BrightSource's proprietary Luz Power Tower (LPT) 550 energy system is built
on proven power tower technology. The system uses thousands of small mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a boiler atop a tower to produce high temperature steam. The superheated steam is then piped to a conventional turbine, which generates electricity. This fully integrated energy system is designed to offer the highest operating efficiencies and lowest capital costs in the industry. Its low-impact design also ensures that the technology has a minimal impact on the natural environment. The result is a large-scale solar system that delivers clean, reliable energy at a cost competitive with fossil fuels.
Function of the product(s): Utility scale solar power plants, steam production.
Objectives / Target companies
To learn more about the electricity sector and assess the potential for the development of solar power plants.
Wave Energy Company
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: Wave
Company activity in a nutshell
Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices, developed for
extracting energy from ocean and sea waves and converting it into effective, sustainable, practical, feasible and affordable 100% emissions free electricity.
Examples of Projects
Eco Wave Power currently has an operational power station in Jaffa Port, Israel. In addition, the company is holding a 79MW
projects pipe-line. EWP will start executing the first 5MW Power Purchase Agreement in Gibraltar during this year.
Technologies & products
The EWP converters, draw energy from wave power, throughout uniquely shaped floaters The Wave Clapper "and the
"Power Wing" that rise and fall with the up and down motion ,lifting force ,change of water level, hydraulic air lock ,and incident flux of waves.
Objectives / Target companies
EWP collaborates with different energy companies, electric utilities and ministries, marines and ports, project developers,

institutes, manufacturers, engineering companies, private and public funds and investors. Eco Wave Power is able to support
different project structures (such as BOO, BOT, BOOT, BLT and BLOT) and collaborate through JV companies, Technology
exclusive and non-exclusive licensing agreements, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Operation and Maintenance
Increased Output, Lower O&M Costs
In Large Scale Solar Plants
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: PV
Company activity in a nutshell
Ecoppia offers an effective, cost effective and failsafe solution to minimize energy production loss caused due to soiling, estimated
to reach up to 35% in arid regions.
Examples of projects
Keutra Sun 5 MW solar plant jointly owned by Siemens and Arava Power have nearly 100 operating units, performing daily cleaning
across its 18,500 solar panels, only 5 km from Jordan and some 80 km from the major S. Arabian dust storms. Ecoppia is now deploying its solution over additional 5 plants, totalling 35 MW, all located in the Arava and Negev deserts in Israel, additional 40 MW are secured for Q2 2015 - totalling 80 MW portfolio by H1 2015
Technologies & products
Ecoppia E4 is a fully commercial product providing water-free automated cleaning of panels in large scale solar plants, removing
99% of dust on a daily basis. The solution has been certified by the leading panel manufacturers and independently verified by PI- Berlin institute that declared no power degradation nor micro cracks caused after 20 years of daily operation of the robotic system.
Objectives / Target companies
Large scale solar plants owners, large scale solar plants developers, EPC's

Category: Thermal Solar Power
Sub Category: Renewable Energy
Company profile
Ener-t International is an experienced and qualified technology provider and Engineering Procurement and
Construction Management (EPC/ EPCM) of solar thermal power plants.
Ener-t offers a complete technology service package for solar electric systems with parabolic trough technology optimized for all kinds of local conditions. We cover all aspects of the thermal solar technology - including the complete solar field with all of its key components and technology and the integration of the solar field with the power block to create the high reliable and efficient solar power stations, aiming to promote the use of clean, renewable energy power plants.
Examples of projects
354MW SEGS project in California, 60MW project in India.
Technologies & products
Ener-t International is a qualified technology provider based on our team vast experience spanning decades in
the design, development, construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of the SEGS solar thermal power plants located in California.
Those nine parabolic trough power plants have set the current technology standard and have a total capacity of 354 MW generating electricity continuously since 1984 to supply reliable power to more than 200,000 homes.
As such, we are not just an engineering company, but a technology provider with intimate understanding of the capabilities of parabolic trough technology and overall solar thermal system engineering. Our technology background is reflected in our process design: we optimize system performance reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of the various plant subsystems - solar field, HTF system, TES, power block and ancillary systems - and how these subsystems can be successfully integrated.
Objectives / Target companies
Ener-t provide long-term competitive solar solutions through evolutionary development of the technology and
aggressive cost reduction programs.
our goal is producing more efficient and environmental friendly renewable energy power plants.
Category: CSP
Sub Category: Solar Thermal solutionsg
Company profile
Year of establishment:
No. of employees: 25
Background of the company
Established in 2007, HelioFocus is a solar thermal company. The company develops large dish to generate
high temperature air that can be used for thermal applications: power generation, process and heat delivery to consumers.
Our core technologies are Dish - to optically concentrate light, Receiver - to transform Sunlight to heat and Piping system to transfer the heat. Receiver first generation in 2007 was exclusively licensed from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company sells installed systems in a form of integrated solar fields. These fields are either providing steam to existing power plants (1st product) or generating electricity using a steam turbine (2nd product). targeting 1st product commercialization by Dec' 2013 & offer to our customers (power plants owners or utilities) to boost their plants with our solar field and improve efficiency, increase electricity output and combine a renewable solution to their portfolio.
The company prime market and first to focus is China. 2nd market is SW US and on later stage sun belt countries like Australia, India etc'. The company act in Israel for technology qualification and have alliance with Israel Electric corporation for power plant connected demo project.
Examples of projects
HelioFocus have a system operating in Rotem industries as a demo and qualification test site.
The company signed an agreement in Inner Mongolia for a solar field, 1st phase is 8 dishes solar field as the
next phases will be 100 and 500 dishes projects.
The company also signed an agreement with IEC for Boosting project in Ramat Hovav, and another Boosting project in Israel (10MW) Technologies & products
Our core technologies are Dish - to optically concentrate light, Receiver - to transform Sunlight to heat
and Piping system to transfer the heat. Receiver first generation in 2007 was exclusively licensed from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company won the CSPtoday new comer of the year award 2011, and Israel Asia award for business Objectives / Target companies
HelioFocus is 18 months away from commercialization (Gate 5, Dec' 2013) which includes technology
completion and laying mass production infrastructures to support project volumes and performance. This requires a 4th and last round.
Category: Renewable energy
Sub Category: Consulting and Engineering services;
Back up Power, Mobile Power Company profile
Year of establishment:
No. of employees: 15
Background of the company
Interdan, LTD, is a distributor and integrator of Photovoltaic independent, hybrid(solar/wind/fuel generator) and
grid-connected electric power systems.
As distributor, Interdan supplies all solar and wind system components as well as kits for mounting by users and their contractors. Uses of systems include home and community electrification, power back up to poor utility lines, grid connection with feed-in tariffs, power for telecom, computerized irrigation control, electric fencing and alarm, security and traffic lighting, water flow control and pumpingInterdan also supplies project management services such as: Feasibility studies, Site Analysis and selection, Systems design, Installation Project management, power field monitoring, protection and servicing.
Examples of projects
• Grid-connected solar systems, uncluding tracking, starting in 1987 with the first demo system in the country,with a wide variety of private and commercial rooftop systems.
• Solar electric power for villages in The Galilee and The Negev, Israel.
• Security lighting through 700 Kms along borders.
• Solar and solar/generator hybrid power for telecom/radio system in the Sinai.
• Power System design for telecom installations, 2.2 megawatt grid-tie solar field.
• Surveys of solar systems performance for the Ministry of Energy.
• Water flow control systems for the Mekorot water supply Co. and floating solar system for water quality monitoring on the Lake of Tiberias.
• National network of public cellular phones for the Israel Bezeq Telephone Company
Technologies & products
Photovoltaic Panels, Controllers, Batteries, Inverters(static and grid-tie), Inverter-Chargers(back up continuous
power), DC Converters, Wind Turbines.
Objectives / Target companies
• Importers/Installers of photovoltaic systems, • Institutional and Commercial companies, agrarian and construction developers, defence/security government and private bodies needing solar power for projects.
• Electric Contractors able to sell line back up equipment and solar systems.
Category: Renewable energy
Sub Category: Wind Remote Sensing.
• Pentalum operates in the wind energy market - large, growing market.
• The profitability of this market depends on accurate wind measurements.
• Current wind measurement technologies are too expensive and limited in performance.
• Pentalum developed a revolutionary wind measurement technology (LiDAR) both for wind prospecting and wind turbine control that solves the main problems: Year of establishment: 2009
No. of employees: 30
Background of the company
Founded 2009Staf 30Facilities The SpiDAR™ (ground based, nacelle mounted) 2 Pending, submitted in all relevant countries $13M, in 2 rounds Cedar, Evergreen, DFJ, ABB Key customers/ Partners Iberdrola, Enxco, GE, 3Tier, Infigen (Beta phase sales, 1-2 per customer/partner) Examples of projects
Ground Based LiDAR for wind resource assessment, power curve measurements and up to day-ahead forecasting
Nacelle mounted LiDAR Lidar for wind turbine control to reduce loads and energy optimisation
Technologies & products
General description:
Pentalum's SpiDAR is a wind LiDAR system that is revolutionizing wind measurement and significantly
improving the profitability of wind farms.
The SpiDAR is an innovative, cost effective, and patent pending pulse wind LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system, for remote sensing of wind. Developed by professionals in the areas of Optics, Fluid mechanics Atmospheric remote sensing and Meteorology, the SpiDAR's unique architecture enables the use of common, reliable components, allowing Pentalum to maintain lower production costs - a saving that is passed onto the customer - and making the SpiDAR the most cost effective LiDAR available and enable wind farms developers and operators to deploy multiple units in a single site; providing better, more precise wind measurements.
Function of the product(s):
• Assessment of the wind quality in new potential wind farms sites.
• Alignment of the turbines to the wind • Monitor of the wind turbines performance • Enable accurate up to day ahead wind forecasting
Objectives / Target companies
Wind farm developers and operators, Wind turbine manufactures, suppliers of weather and wind data.
Category: Renewable Energy
Company profile
Qnergy is focused on the development and manufacturing of advanced Stirling engines, which convert
Thermal Energy into Electrical Energy with very high efficiency, remarkable reliability and attractive cost per Watt generated. Qnergy's products are suitable for various applications, such as micro-combined heat and power (CHP), GenSets for the Oil and Gas industry, solar power generation and solar CHP, liquefied natural gas, and more.
No. of employees: 45
Background of the company
Qnergy was established in 2009 by Ricor Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems (Israel), a world leader in Stirling
devices. Ricor's proven technology has more than 30% of the global market share for space and defense applications. Ricor manufactures 10,000 Stirling devices annuallyOn December 2013, Qnergy has acquired the assets of Stirling developer Infinia Corporation Inc. (US), including assembly plant with 18,000 engines/year capacity.
Examples of past projects
Qnergy partners with one of the world's largest manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating
equipment and boilers for market introduction of a very efficient and cost effective micro-CHP system.
During 2013, 1.5MW Utility-scale Solar Stirling Dish field was successfully installed in Tooele Army Depot, Utah, USA. Currently the company is working to commercialize its product in the O&G space together with a service provider company.
Technologies & products
Free Piston Stirling technology offers the perfect solution for the energy market's needs utilizing a distributed
generation technology enabling electricity production that captures heat generated from combustion of a fuel source and using it for electricity generation and local heating purposes, e.g. hot water.
Since an external burner drives the engine, it can operate using virtually any fuel source (e.g. oil, gas, solar, wood, natural waste). Stirling engines have a regenerative heat exchanger that allows them to re-use their heat, making the Stirling cycle so efficient. Another key attribute is the fact that the engine has ZERO maintenance and life
expectancy of more than 60,000 running hours with no need for maintenance or repair.
Objectives / Target companies
Qnergy is implementing its innovative technology solutions within various applications, such as: Oil & Gas
generators, multifamily and small commercial micro CHP and off-grid generators. Qnergy is penetrating the market using an OEM model, working with strategic partners such as Oil and Gas service providers, Boiler manufacturers, and Energy utilities as well as development partners. The company is looking into a model where its partners are providing the branding, marketing, sales and distribution of the complete solution.
Qnergy is looking for investors and strategic partners in order to boost the execution of its strategy plan.
Sol Chip is an Internet of Things (IoT) systems
and Energy Harvesting solutions provider
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy,
Energy Storage, Green building
Sub Category: Energy Management, Smart Metering, Grid, PV, Primary
Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Super Capacitors
Company activity in a nutshell
Sol Chip has completed development of its product at Frahunhofer Inst. (Germany) and started pilot production. Passed technology
qualification in a certified external lab. Samples were delivered to over 40 customers and some of them passed beta testing and production is expected at Q4/2014. Sol Chip was nominated by EETimes as one of "60 HOT Startups to watch" since 2012 and by NoCamels as one of "10 Israeli Technologies that are Changing The World". Sol Chip received the ‘'Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting award 2013'' and the "Outstanding Israeli Incubator Company award for 2012" Sol Chip's business partners: Israel Electric Company, Nethafim, TI, SAFT (Tadiran Batteries), Linear Technology, Swatch Group, Herd management company and more.
Technologies & products
Sol Chip's innovative IP offers a new way to use solar energy captured by the solar (Photo-Voltaic (PV) cells to power the
semiconductor electronic devices, thus increasing power efficiency and system reliability, decreasing system design complexity, and reducing cost. Sol Chip developed the first ever technology that enables integration of any semiconductor low power design (sensors, wireless communication between devices) with its own power source into the same silicon (SoC). Solar Cells wafer + Semiconductor wafer = Everlasting Solar Battery.
Objectives / Target companies
The ESB energy harvester has been engineered to provide a superior indoor performance compared to crystalline silicon

solar cells. It reduces system cost of ownership, decreases design complexity and improves overall system efficiency. All is
delivered in a standard semiconductor package for easy handling and assembly. Typical Applications: Agriculture & Farming,
Security & Safety, Asset & Personnel Tracking, Smart Buildings / Cities, Transportation, Environment and Structural Health,
IoT (Internet of Things) & M2M communication.
Develops and Manufactures
Protection Product for Solar Panels
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: PV, protection from theft and wind damage for solar panels
Company activity in a nutshell
The company develops and manufactures protection product for solar panels against theft and wind damage. The product is
patented in Israel, Europe and the United States, and under PCT in number of other countries. The product has passed crash tests and hacking and all the tests are going to test at the highest levels. The product is unique and consists of 6 different materials and is required to protect by insurance companies.
Examples of projects
About 85% of the projects in Israel, a number of projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.
Technologies & products
Akraboot is mechanical protection product that can be customized in any electronic system. Is simple, easy and fast for assembly.
There is no limit production capacity.
Objectives / Target companies
Company objectives are to get to market the product worldwide through security companies, EPC companies, insurance

companies and owners of systems. First target countries are the United States, Europe, Africa.
Innovative Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: PV
Company activity in a nutshell
Sun Effect has developed robotic system that cleans automatically the solar panels (written patent) under the name CLEAR, by
frequent cleaning the solar system utilization is improving by 7% to 15%.
Examples of projects
The Israely desert is a great place for solar power plants but it is a dusty area. Many companies decided to build power plant in the
desert and they are looking for creative solutions to clean the solar panels on a daily bases CLEAR robotic system is the answer. by installing the robotic system, the power plant has the advantages of the desert and the power plant is clean all year long.
Technologies & products
Sun Effect main product is robotic system that automatically cleans the solar panels, the cleaning method is both brushing and
sparing soft water on the panels on a daily or weekly bases.
Objectives / Target companies
PV power plants owners, Solar panels manufacturers, relevant EPC's.

Low Cost Distributed Solar Thermal for Industrial
Processes, Steam Generation and Cooling Applications
Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
Sub Category: HVAC, Thermal Energy
Company activity in a nutshell
Tamuz Energy is developing a revolutionary low cost distributed solar technology for generating high value heat for industrial
processes, steam generation, and cooling applications. Tamuz Energy's industrial process heat solution provides cost effective renewable energy without the need for government incentives. Moreover, Tamuz Energy's ahead-of-the-pack collector with integrated storage has no competitors in today market. This innovative product opens up new possibilities, new markets, and new customer profiles.
Technologies & products
Tamuz Energy's proprietary system is:  Modular, scalable  Fit for rooftop or ground mounting  Monolithic  Delivers high
temperatures, up to 300°C  Includes an integral thermal energy buffer storage  Integrated solution – design to operate in combination with conventional process heat generators (e.g. steam generating system) as a hybrid solution ("plug-in")  Offers energy at a substantially lower price than natural gas in most countries without incentives  Manufactured using mature technologies in an existing global manufacturing base.
A New Dimension in Wind Technology
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: Wind Energy
Company activity in a nutshell
Winflex is a company in the renewable energy field that has developed a new Patent-pending rotor and unique wind turbine design
that dramatically impacts the economic viability of wind energy projects. By implementing the Winflex wind turbine system the initial capital costs can be reduced by up to 50% and grid parity achieved even in mid-size wind turbines projects. The net result is a 50% improvement in a project's ROI.
Examples of projects
Winflex has set up a prototype turbine in Kibbutz Moran as part of its development program. Winlfex is presently implementing a
second turbine in cooperation with GE-GR under a BIRD Energy Grant.
Technologies & products
Our innovation is a new inflatable rotor made out of flexible composites and unique wind turbine design resulting in a dramatic
reduction in weight of the rotor. The positive impact of this development can be realized in terms of technological, logistic and project parameters.
Objectives / Target companies
In cooperation with GE, Winflex will complete a commercial ready prototype of its wind turbine; following which Winflex will

be seeking to partner with wind farm operators, system integrator, and local communities to deploy its wind turbine.
Utilities Asset Optimization & Integration
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Environment
Sub Category: Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring & Control, Energy
Management, Grid, Air Quality Monitoring, Water Management Systems, Distributed Control Networking, Asset Optimization
Company activity in a nutshell
AGM is offering its knowledge and solutions in communications and control, and 33 years of experience in economical asset
optimization, retrofit and upgrading projects for SCADA/DCS networks for Water /Wastewater, Energy, Oil & Gas, Environmental telemetry, Power stations and Mining. Using Commercial Off The Shelf products and retaining existing investment in equipment and worker training enables AGM to offer smart, economical upgrade and optimization solutions in line with evolving technologies and changing business requirements.
Examples of projects
 Oil and water pumping stations' automation  Pipeline monitoring and control and low-cost cathodic protection monitoring over
main pipelines  Asset optimization and integrity management of water/oil distributed controll systems (DCS)  Integrated Preventive Maintenance application as stand-alone or integrated solution.
Technologies & products
AGM has developed an original product, called R-Win, enables smart, gradual and economical SCADA/DCS network optimization
and upgrading. This product, installed at the remote field stations between the PLC/RTU and the wireless transceiver, makes each station smarter, having the dramatic impact the PC revolution had on the "dumb terminals".
Objectives / Target companies
We are seeking business partners abroad and, are looking for Solution Providers & SCADA Integrators, utility companies and

service providers ready to add AGM knowledge to their solutions and projects. Our previous international experience has
shown us that distance is not an obstacle.
Innovative Anti-Fouling and Energy Efficiency
Solutions that Keep Industrial Systems Clean
HVAC Cooling towers water & energy saving in industry and
commercial, Renewable energy, Energy efficient
Company activity in a nutshell
CQM a Cleantech Company develops and markets innovative anti-fouling and energy efficiency solutions that keep industrial
systems clean and continuously efficient. Its anti-fouling systems allow customers to achieve increased operational outputs, reduced O&M costs, maximum efficiency and overall performance.
CQM has developed a breakthrough product for the CLEANTECH sector by promoting energy efficiency and environmentally sound solutions to fouling, one of industry's oldest and most pervasive problems. Since 1996, CQM has been selling its patented Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems (ATCS) for heat exchangers and condensers providing:
 more efficient operation  substantial energy savings  reduced shutdowns and maintenance costs  minimal need for chemicals
The market for our products is vast, with our targets including:  Facilities  Power Plants  Industry
Technologies & products
• ATCS- Patented Heat Exchanger Automatic Tube Cleaning System.
• SRCL- chlorination on site by electrolysis for remote drinking water site and sanitation of hot water systems in hospitals.
• SRS- Chemical Free Water Treatment System for industrial close and open water cycles: cooling towers, cooling and heating loops, etc.
Objectives / Target companies
Energy efficiency solutions, water treatment, power plant.

Category: Energy Management, Smart Grid
Company profile
Year of establishment
: 2007
No. of employees: 19
Background of the company
Private company: Originated as Target High Tech in 1989. Re-structured into CES in 2007.
Business Sectors: Building Energy Management, Electrical Vehicle Charging, Low-cost Home automation
Channels: Distributors and business partners.
Primary Investor: AquaAgro Fund (Israel)
Applications: Peak-Load reduction, Sub-metering, EV charging, Alternative source Integration,
Load management.
Examples of projects
• Demand Side Management for Israeli Electricity Company (100 apartments & homes) • Electricity distribution management for 4-floor office building (in South Africa) • Sub metering and load management for an apartment building (48 flats in Russia) • Home energy management system for a Smart-Grid neighborhood (50 homes in Austin Texas, USA) • Home energy management system (50 homes in the Toronto area, Canada) Technologies & products
General description:
CES is the developer and manufacturer of a computerized electricity distribution panels that enable users to
optimize energy use and save substantial capital and operating expenses. CES panels replace the conventional A/C panels and provide built-in metering, control, safety and automation capabilities.
Function of the product(s):
• Smart Switching: Monitor and connect/disconnect circuits based on business logic or management commands. Automation. Remote control from Web or from external management system. Real time alerts. remot maintenance. Detailed history enabling detection of waste and functional problems.
• Sub-metering by individual circuit. • Reduce operational cost by shifting low priority consumption to low-cost hours. Take advantage of Utility- offered incentives for off-peak consumption.
• Integrate your renewable energy source, either for selling energy to the Utility, or for utilizing that energy on-site. The Smart Panel will enable automatic shifting of loads from one energy source to another based on price and availability. • Reduce the size of your backup generator and its integration cost, eliminating altogether the need for special circuitry and contactors.
• Automatic Phase balancing - improving utilization of existing Grid connection.
Objectives / Target companies
• Distributors of electrical equipment and control systems • Utility companies in context of Smart Grid & Peak Demand Management • Electrical Vehicle Charging infrastructure providers Category: Analyzers & Control Systems,
Elspec is a leading global technology provider of electrical power quality analyzers, real time power factor correction systems, and energy saving solutions. The company's ongoing efforts include successful implementation of innovative and comprehensive power quality analyis and power quality factor correction technologies as well as Power Quality Solutions that span the industrial, commercial, and utility sectors worldwide.
Year of establishment: 1988 (public IPO in 2004)
No. of employees: 114
Background of the company
In 1988, Elspec Engineering Ltd. was founded as a private venture. Commercial sales and manufacturing activities were launched in 1993. Within 10 years, ELSPEC had developed and established sales networks in nearly 50 countries throughout the world. In May 2004, the company had its IPO and became a publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: Elspec). The company has established two foreign subsidiaries, one in Europe (Portugal) and one in the United States. Currently, the company markets its Power Quality Solutions and Power Quality Analysis products worldwide through a network of Authorized Agents and Representatives.
Examples of projects
Utility: DFR & PQ for Distribution & Transmission, Water Management, Power Generation (Traditional & Renewable)
Industrial: Automotive, Metals, Timber, Plastics, Mining, Material Handling, Chemical Processing.
Commercial: Hospitals, Data Centers, Educational Institutions, Recreational Facilities, High-Rise Office
Power Quality & Fault Monitoring Systems: • The 4400 Series BLACKBOX: The revolutionary ELSPEC G4000 Series BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers. The G4K provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring. In addition to real-time monitoring with PQZIP, a patented data compression algorithm, the BLACKBOX stores all waveforms of every network cycle for up to a year at up to 1, 024 samples per cycle resolution, eliminating the need for thresholds, triggers, or parameter setting for logging.
• The Portable 4500 BLACKBOX: Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX 4400 Series, the Elspec G4500 Portable Digital Power Meter is the most advanced recorder on the market. The G4500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality issues, so plug it in and never miss another event.
• Power Quality Enhancement Systems: • The EQUALIZER & ACTIVAR: The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, harmonic filtration, and more, for a variety of dynamic loads. The ACTIVAR is a cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks, offering fast compensation, an unlimited number of transient free operations and unique self-testing and comprehensive reporting features.
• The EQUALIZER-RT: The -RT is designed to deliver substantial reactive power for voltage drop situations even during very deep voltage sags, delivering an economical ride-through solution for energy production facilities and utilities.
• The EQUALIZER-ST: The -ST compensates medium and low voltage motor startups by utilizing a proven industrial technology to provide the ultimate motor protection control solution for the challenges related to large motor startups.
Objectives / Target companies
1) Discover new selling partners (agents) 2) Introduce our metering and measurement technologies to electrical utilities 3) Establish relationships with new customers that have a need for power quality solutions and monitoring systems.
Design, Manufacture and Marketing
of High-End Solutions for the Lighting Industry
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid,
Sub Category: Lighting, Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring &
Control, Energy Management, Grid, Lighting industry
Company activity in a nutshell
Eltam is an international developer and manufacturer of lighting technologies. Eltam offers a comprehensive solution for
controlling and monitoring indoor and outdoor lighting. Eltam's products are designed to reduce customer's Lighting expenditures in both energy savings (up to 50% savings) and maintenance (up to 30% savings). Eltam complies with many international standards and is also approved by the VDE (German Association) Safety and Performance strict examinations process.
Examples of projects
Highways A27 and A28 – Auto-Estradas Norte Litoral
- Location: north of Porto-Portugal. Size of project: 7,500 light poles and
4,000 points in tunnels.
Technologies & products
Web based Management System for controlling and monitoring street lighting applications, Lighting controllers, Controllable
electronic LED DRIVERS and Ballasts for HID lamps with various digital communication protocols (DALI, PLC, RF), Ballasts for Fluorescent lamps, Ballasts for HID lamps, Igniters, Control-gears etc.
Objectives / Target companies
Potential distributers for Eltam's products will be:

Companies that serves municipalities or road authorities, ESCO companies and maintenance companies.
Providing the Tools for Handling Resources and
for a More Cost-Effective Energy Consumption
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: HVAC, Analyzing & Control systems, Energy Management,
Company activity in a nutshell
GPM was founded in 2008 in order to address the needs for missing tools for handling resources while providing the groundwork for
more cost-effective energy consumption.
GPM was founded with clear mission of researching and developing a unique strategy that achieves reducing peak demand and saving money on electrical bills.
Examples of projects
Acompany installed GREENOS in her warehouse. As a result the electrisity bill has been reduced in 33%. Other costomer can
monitor his consumption in as a result of our system an be aware of unexpected problems in his warehossave money.
Technologies & products
GreenOS™ is a Smart Grid HVAC operating system that saves money on energy bills. GreenOS™ studies the thermal behavior
of buildings and automatically builds optimized operating profiles for efficient operation. GreenOS™ can be easily installed over any infrastructure. The GreenRC™ is a revolutionary air conditioner remote control with long range communication capabilities. It enables residential customers to participate in demand side management programs and save money on electric bills.
Company profile.
enVerid Systems introduces a new energy saving offering for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
systems, based on breakthrough air treatment technology. The HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) module, the flagship product of enVerid has successfully shown energy savings of 40% in demo installations in the US and Israel. enVerid operates in US, Singapore and Israel and has partnerships with major companies in the HVAC industry and the green building arena.
Year of establishment: 2010
No. of employees: 6
Background of the company
It is widely known that outside air ventilation accounts for a major part of an HVAC system's overall energy
consumption. This ventilation is necessary in order to counter the buildup of indoor air contaminants like CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Reducing the amount of outside air, if possible, would result in a substantial reduction of energy consumption. The idea behind enVerid is simple but powerful: eliminate the unwanted contaminants instead of replacing the air, and achieve two objectives: significant savings and better air quality.
Examples of projects
A prototype HLR module was installed at Elbit Systems in Haifa in 2012 demonstrating substantial energy
savings and a commercial HLR demo module was installed in San Antonio, Texas in 2013. Data from those installations have shown energy savings of 40% during the summer
Technologies & products
General description:
enVerid Systems offers a new air treatment and energy saving technology for HVAC in commercial buildings.
The key idea is to reduce the intake of outside air by the HVAC system. Outside air is used in order to maintain good air quality inside the building but since it is hot and humid significant amount of energy it required in order to cool it. The reduction in outside air is achieved by a number new material technologies developed in the last decade at leading US universities and government labs, and is enhanced with novel mechanical designs and sophisticated software that optimizes the energy performance and creates a holistic solution for air recycling. There is a considerable reduction in the intake of fresh air and hence a significant amount of energy is saved.
Function of the product(s):
The HLR module enables a very large reduction of outside air without compromising indoor air quality, providing
substantial energy savings. The HLR is designed as an add-on for retrofits to existing HVAC systems, allowing simple and low cost installation without replacement of pre-existing infrastructure. In development, as the next-generation offerings, are integrated products for new installations and a solution for smaller, distributed HVAC systems. Energy savings can vary from 20% to 50% depending on a number of factors like climate and building occupancy. All products have in common the use of periodically replaceable cartridges with the sorbent materials, which will be controlled and distributed solely by enVerid systems.
Objectives / Target companies
The company's objective is to establish channels to commercial real estate customers, including HVAC
engineering and contracting companies, real estate developers and management companies, utilities and regulatory agencies, and large owner-occupied businesses in retail, offices and public buildings.
Category: Smart Grid, Demand Response
Sub Category: Demand Response, Energy Management,
Energy Efficiency, Customer Engagement
Company profile
Greenlet offers utilities and consumers with a Centralized Demand Response solution for pluggable
appliances (A/Cs, dryers, washers, dehumidifiers).
Our patented system allows electric companies to quickly connect millions of pluggable appliances in homes
and commercial buildings to a control center, through central software, combined with Plug & Play kits that
are mailed to customers. While utilities control appliances remotely and avoid excessive generation costs in peaks, customers are paid for reduction, and also save money through appliance control and monitoring.
Greenlet's centralized DR solution has been sold to leading electric companies and ESCOs in the US and Europe.
Year of establishment: 2008
No. of employees: 7
Background of the company
Greenlet was formed by Avner Cohen and Nir Marom. Avner took leading positions in 3 startups (Chromatis,
iamba, Native) that were acquired by Lucent, Marvell and Alcatel-Lucent for $5 Billions, $10 Millions and $55 Millions, respectively. He also worked for an investment firm in the energy sector (Precede). Nir Marom worked for McKinsey and Precede and founded 4 Cleantech companies.
While we raised only $1.3m, our revenues and projects were larger than $1.3m – mainly in the US and Europe. We're expecting for large POs in 2015 and look for $5m in 1-2 tranches to get ready for mass deployment.
Examples of projects
DR and EE projects in residential and commercial sectors in the US and Europe, including: CUB (Chicago IL),
Dominion (Virginia), Pepco (DC), WPD (UK), PJM (PA), Israel municipality, Israel Electric.
Technologies & products
General description:
Greenlet's solution includes [1] Energy Management Software for control centers, [2] Customer Engagement
software - web portal, proactive mobile app and smart emails, through which consumers control and monitor the appliances, [3] kit for consumers ("the easiest to install", per ConEd), including GreenletTM smart plugs, serving utility-grade meters and controllers.
Our central software manages the energy used by pluggable appliances - it automatically recognized appliances, measures power, forecasts usage, notifies consumers, controls appliances remotely, reduces many megawatts and calculates reduction for billing.
Leveraging our two Appliance Detection & Recognition algorithms (US patent 8290635) – the management software automatically recognizes appliances through their electrical signatures and control each differentially. The algorithms are further used for disaggregation implementation.
We also offer a software-based (hardware-free) central DR, in which the management system manages consumers' usage via a proactive mobile app.
Function of the product(s):
Demand Response, Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Customer Engagement, appliance detection &
recognition algorithms, disaggregation.
Objectives / Target companies
Investors, Strategic partners – mainly companies selling to utilities, Clients – electric utilities and energy service companies Innovative LED and IoT Solutions
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: Lighting,Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring & Control,
Demand Response, Smart Metering ,Energy Management, Grid, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, LED, eHID
Company activity in a nutshell
Metrolight provides proven, Internet controlled eHID and LED solutions for high-power lighting. Metrolight's solutions for the
Smart Cities offer a platform for the Internet of Things and are used in retail, commercial and municipal applications. The company's install base includes more than 1,000,000 installed light points, out of which 300,000 are Internet connected, and offer up to 70% energy savings.
Technologies & products
Metrolight provides energy-efficient eHID ballasts, LED drivers and managed lighting solutions for high-power lighting. We offer IP,
power technology that is micro-processor based and offers the operation of light sources more efficiently and management through digital control over the Internet via wires, wireless and PLC options.
Objectives / Target companies
Metrolight is looking for partners worldwide as follows: OEMs, Distributors, ESCOs & contractors and technology partners.

All business partners are of interest.
Dealing in Smart Grid & AMI
(Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: Lighting, HVAC, Energy Management, Demand Response,
Company activity in a nutshell
Nortex is a leader for Smart Grid and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), which is the key of intelligent energy, gas and water
infrastructure management. The AMI is a revolution for utilities in remote meter reading with errorless data, theft loss reduction, multi-tariff structure and DR (Demand Response) management, billing efficiency, and high level of consumer service support with real time data. This technology is used also for Smart City infrastructure and streetlight project.
Examples of projects
Spot™ is a mature technology running successfully on site installations, in countries as: Argentina, China, Israel, Turkey, UK and
Belgium on harsh power grid infrastructures for the last decade, with more than 50,000 meter projects. The company is certified for ISO 9001 and holding a system CE approval.
Technologies & products
Nortex's Spot™ is highlighted by a combination of bi-directional mesh powerline and GPRS communication medias and a modern
MDM centre platform, with flexible data exchange according to IEC-61968 Std. Spot™ supports power quality analyzing and metering on site modification technology with saving benefits of remetering installation process.
Objectives / Target companies
Nortex is looking to cooperate with strategic partners as power distribution integrators, consultant engineering and firms

involved in Smart Grid, Smart City and environmental projects.
Category: Analyzers and control systems
Sub Category: Power meters and energy
Company profile
Year of establishment:
No. of employees: 100 - 200
Background of the company
Solutions-oriented global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management,
billing and Power Quality systems for utilities, industrial and commercial users.
Examples of projects
Electric Utility:
Public Service Electric & Gas, San Diego Gas & Electric, Power South South Carolina Gas
& Electric, Santee Cooper, Ameren, Detroit Energy, Allegheny Power, First Energy, Puget Sound Energy, Baltimore Gas & Electric, City of Azusa, Con Edison NY, Israel Electric Corporation, Southern Company.
Industrial: Iscar, De Beers, Anglo Coal, General Electric, Adif, Areva T&D, Intel, Exxon Mobile, Carlsberg
brewery, Plastiv, Siemens, Haifa Chemicals, Plasson, ABB, Delek group, Unitronics, Gaash lighting, Polysac, Tower semi-conductor, Kimberly-Clark, Woodbridge, Dead-Sea works.
Commercial: Israel airport Authority, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Wal-Mart Mexico,
Supersal supermarkets, Sun-City hotels, Dan hotels, HP, Cinema City, Shopping Centers, Med1 Datacenter, Soroka hospital, Nokia arena, Tel-Aviv university, Monash university, Gold Coast university hospital.
Technologies & products
General description:
SATEC has been a proven solutions-oriented global leader in the research, development
and manufacturing of energy management and Power Quality systems since 1987. With two decades of rich experience in the energy management arena, SATEC provides optimal Powerful Solutions for utility, industrial and commercial applications, worldwide. Our greatest strength lies in our extensive field experience and our ability to be flexible in order to find the optimal solution to each problem.
Our products include: digital energy and power meters; power quality measurement instruments in compliance with international standards such as EN50160 and IEEE1159; and advanced energy management systems.
Function of the product(s): Utilities - empowering the smart grid from generation, substation automation,
transmission and revenue metering, as well as demand side management.
Industrial - energy management and power quality analysis, including hardware (meters and analyzers) and comprehensive control software.
Commercial - energy management and billing for sub-tenants allows our customers to profit from effective management and markup of between medium and low voltage service.
Objectives / Target companies
Looking for end users, agents and OEM partners throughout the world
Industrial Molecular Level Analysis
Energy Efficiency, Environment
Sub Category: Monitoring & Control, Energy Management,
Demand Response, Air quality monitoring
Company activity in a nutshell
optiQGain Ltd. introduces an affordable, real-time, lightweight & on-site system for high resolution molecular level analysis.
A unique solution based on an innovative, SRS (Stimulated Raman Scattering) spectrophotometer, generating a high resolution (PPM) Raman spectrum in real-time ( 0.1 second). By direct laser illumination of samples and analyzing the emitted laser radiation– it provides real-time detection and concentration of proposed target molecules; the system supports sampling multiple targets simultaneously.
Examples of projects
Gas turbines are sensitive to variations in natural gas composition. Variations (beyond turbines spec limits) can result in turbine
damage and reduced reliability/availability. traqNRG is a real-time high resolution molecular level monitor, analyzing the combustion input materials (natural gas, input air). Real-time results ( 0.1 sec.) enable on-line calibration and optimizations of the turbine combustion to accommodate changes in gas composition, thus preventing turbine damage and improve electricity generation efficiency.
Technologies & products
optiQGain introduces an innovative, small size, low cost SRS spectrophotometer (patent pending) This is achieved by a new
approach to SRS implementation - a system based on re-configuration of off-the-shelf electro-optic components, while compensating for components impairments by applying DSP algorithms to the received signals.
Objectives / Target companies
The objective is to provide a cost-effective, real-time, direct molecular level monitoring (composition & concentration) system

of crucial steps in industrial processes
Category: Renewable energy, R&D
Company profile
Augwind develops a novel solar boosted compressed air energy storage system (CAES) to support power
dispatchability for the wind industry. We have developed (pending IP) a key component which help reducing the cost of the stored element to a minimum. This combination of cheap stored element and a solar booster help us achieve of significantly low cost for energy storage on a $/KWhr basis.
Year of establishment: 2012
No. of employees: 2
Background of the company
AugWind is an Israeli startup company which was founded by Dr. Or Yogev. The company has been established
in 2012 aiming to provide cost effective storage solution for the wind power industry. AugWind received initial funding from the incubator group of Capital nature and Office of Chief Scientist in Israel. AugWind is about to complete its first major milestone this year in devel.
Technologies & products
General description:
We offer two type of products; Low cost, scalable, compressed air storage tank capable of sustaining high air
pressure. A complete compressed air energy with a solar boosting system which gets integrated to an existing wind turbine. The system is design to provide a continuous stable and dispatchable power generation from the two systems; solar and wind Objectives / Target companies
Our objective for this year is to complete the testing phase of the solar booster system. The system is currently tested at the Weizmann institute of science. A small scale test for our compressed air storage system has already been conducted. Our goal is to seek out an additional funding to support a full scale testing either for storage system alone or for the entire system. We are looking for strategic companies that develops compressed air energy storage systems on their own (such GE, dresser rand etc.) to help us develop and commercialized our storage solution.
Category: Renewable energy
Sub Category: Fuel Cells
Company profile
CellEra is developing and bringing to market a new Platinum-Free Membrane fuel cell technology, with the
objective of dramatically reducing costs, and allowing fuel cells to finally achieve their market potential.
Year of establishment: 2007
No. of employees: 17
Background of the company
CellEra's goal is to deliver a clean, efficient, and highly-affordable energy storage & conversion technology,
replacing lead-acid batteries, diesel generators, and internal combustion engines in 1 kW - 100 kW applications. The company's disruptive technology is Platinum-Free Membrane Fuel Cell (PFM-FC) for which CellEra is a first commercial mover. PFM-FC will allow CellEra to achieve price parity with incumbent battery and ICE based solutions.
Examples of projects
• Secured Vodafone as a strategic investor • Secured USD multi-Billion telecom solution provider as launch partner • Secured joint development with global auto OEM.
• Secured joint development partnerships with USD multi-billion polymer firm • World's first and only PFM fuel cell engine working prototype at the kW scale • Selected as recipient for prestigious US - Israel Bi-national Industrial R & D Funding ( ) • Twice named a Global Cleantech 100 (Y2010 & Y2012) Technologies & products
General description:
CellEra is the first commercial mover with solid IP in disruptive Platinum Free Membrane based fuel cells,
enabling a 50% and above reduction in materials and manufacturing costs. Since inception, the company has developed this from technology concept through to kW-scale working prototype system. CellEra has filed to date for 7 patent families, the first 2 of which have already been granted.
Function of the product(s):
CellEra's primary product is targeted at the USD 3 billion telecommunications backup market utilizing widely-
available ammonia, as well as compressed hydrogen as a fuel. Follow-on mass market application is in portable and distributed power generation and storage. In the automotive sector, CellEra has launched a collaborative R&D program with one of the world's leading automotive companies towards the development of a PFM-FC based EV range extender.
Objectives / Target companies
The company will be headed into field trials within the coming months, and following will be raising its next
tranche of financing geared towards: • Productization and fabrication of critical power product.
• Develop and bring to market distributed / portable power generation product, utilizing ammonia as the fuel source.
• Develop combined Non-Pt energy storage and power generation solution • Lead PFM-FC automotive R&D consortium including tier 1 automotive company.
The company's current investors include top-tier VC's Vodafone Ventures, Carmel Ventures and Israel Cleatench Ventures.
Unlimited Smart Green Energy Storage
Category: Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy, Energy
Storage, Green building
Sub Category: Lighting, Monitoring & Control,Energy Management,
Demand Response, Energy Management, PV, Wind Energy, Off Grid, Solar Lighting, Rechargeable Batteries, Storage for the Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
Chakratec is developing an energy storage system with unlimited charge / discharge cycles, totally green and easily deployable.
At the heart of the system is an array of innovative flywheel storage units. This array is managed by our smart management system allowing the customer to maximize his benefits by dynamically allocating storage resources for the main energy storage uses like Energy Time Shift, UPS, Regulation and others.
Examples of projects
Typical projects are commercial and industrial sites with needs for renewable integration. The projects may range even from small
residential systems of 2 x 1.5 kWh up to 1,000 kWh in dedicated energy containers. Such projects will be deployed as turnkey projects where Chakratec's flywheel energy storage may replace existing batteries and integrate to existing solar inverters or as another option is to be deployed as part of an EPC turnkey project.
Technologies & products
Chakratec is taking a fresh view on market needs, incorporating patent pending innovations in flywheel structure, materials and
system architecture into energy storage design that optimizes storage resources allocation. This storage system has unprecedented economic benefits specifically in small to medium size applications from 5 kWh to 1 MWh systems.
Objectives / Target companies
The target of the company is to develop a scalable system from single 3kWh units up to a full 40 container of about 500 kWh or

a multiple of containers for larger systems. The immediate target is to deploy a 10kWh to 20kWh system in the first half of 2015.
Cost Effective Bulk Energy Storage
Energy Storage
Sub Category: Primary Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Fuel cells,
Storage for the Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
EnStorage developed the most cost effective flow battery for gird scale energy storage. A self-contained system with over 10,000
cycles, it can serve as a grid asset for 20 years. The technology has 9 patents covering base materials, system & controls and a proprietary low cost membrane and catalyst. 2 beta systems will be deployed in 2015, each sized at 150KW/900KWH which would be based on our grid connected technology demonstrator.
The company is developing a containerized energy storage system with power ratings varying from 75KW-225KW and an energy rating of 900KWH. Multiple systems connect to create a larger storage facility. The solution does not require fueling, is self- contained with no by products and over 10,000 cycles at full DOD.
Technologies & products
The company is developing a containerized energy storage system with power ratings varying from 75KW-225KW and an energy
rating of 900KWH. Multiple systems connect to create a larger storage facility. The solution does not require fueling, is self- contained with no by products and over 10,000 cycles at full DOD.
Objectives / Target companies
EnStorage aims to deploy large scale energy storage projects worldwide and seeking to partner with: large manufacturing

and engineering firms to build its balance of plant; utilities and renewable energy developers; EPC contractors, micro-grid
developers; and large industrial energy users.
Reliable Power Backup for Critical Points
Power Backup
Sub Category: Fuel cells
Company activity in a nutshell
GenCell re-arranges power backup infrastructures in order to ensure business continuity through backing-up customers' critical
points, while maintaining superior quality of service. It is for this exact reason that GenCell is now offering its uniquely designed, inherently reliable power backup platform, along with its professional teams' vast knowhow and expertise, especially suited for today's smart businesses and organizations that are looking to prepare themselves, and at an affordable price.
Examples of projects
GenCell has performed extremely successfully in installations for various power backup applications, including BTS antennas,
battery rooms, hospital control rooms and traffic control stations.
Technologies & products
GenCell's next-gen generators are the latest invention in a long line of power backup generators, only extremely reliable and clean,
with no CO2, noise or vibrations and almost no moving parts. Based on proven AFC technology, its sophisticated yet uncomplicated design promises low maintenance and allows controlling and monitoring from afar.
Objectives / Target companies
GenCell is aiming to create partnerships with strategic partners, potential leading customers, system interrogators or

distributors in target markets.
Smart Grid
The world's leading licensor
of DSP IP platform solutions
Smart Grid, Electric vehicle and Smart Transportation
Sub Category: Smart Metering, Energy Management, Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
With more than 200 licensees and 300 licensing agreements signed to date, CEVA is the world's leading licensor of silicon
intellectual property platform solutions and DSP cores for the mobile, portable, consumer and automotive markets.
Technologies & products
CEVA's IP portfolio includes comprehensive technology offerings for communications (2G/3G/LTE/LTE-A/802.11ac), image
enhancement & computer vision (dynamic range compression, high dynamic range, video stabilizer, gesture recognition, face detection), advanced audio & voice processing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA.
Big Data Revenue Analytics
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring & Control,
Smart Metering, Non-Technical Loss Detection
Company activity in a nutshell
Market leader in Big Data Revenue Analytics, allowing electric utilities to maximize efficiency of their field inspection crews by
leveraging cVidya's non-technical loss detection platform, and to maximize benefits of the Smart Metering program by avoiding ‘bill shocks' and revenue leakage in large and complex billing transformation projects.
Examples of projects
cVidya's Revenue Assurance/Fraud Management platforms and Risk Assessment services have been deployed across over 150
Telecom operators including AT&T, Bell Canada, Telefonica, Vodafone and Telecom. The platform and services have been tuned to meet Utility requirements seeking to optimize their revenue assurance and non-technical loss detection operations.
Technologies & products
Revenue Assurance -
Big Data Analytics platform providing end-to-end Meter-to-Cache revenue leakage and non-technical
loss detection through analysis and reconciliation of multiple data sources (Smart Meters, MDM, CRM, Billing, Logistics ERP, Accounting systems) and leverage of industry best practice use cases and methodologies.
Revenue Assurance Maturity & Risk Assessment – Innovative service based on TMF standards and methodologies helping
utilities to identify their RA maturity and high leakage areas.
Rating and Billing Assurance - Verifies the rating and billing of all TOU rates and interval usage data, avoiding ‘bill shocks' and
Smart Meter pushback.
Objectives / Target companies
Maximize revenue and margins for utility companies by leveraging cVidya's market leading Revenue Assurance platform and

services. Minimize non-technical losses by maximizing efficiency of field inspection crews in identifying electricity theft.
Targeting Tier-1 utility customers and Smart Meter and Billing/MDM vendors to provide optimized Meter-to-Cache processes.

Category: Energy
Sub Category: Electrical Network, Fault Current
Limiting, Alternative Energy Infrastructure
Smart Grids, High Voltage Equipment
GridON sets the new standard for electrical grid reliability, safety, performance and efficiency. GridON's Fault Current Limiter (FCL) is transforming the electrical grid landscape. The system planner can now design a network without overrating and compensating for faults, and the system operator can safely interconnect sub- grids. The wind farm does not burden the network with its intermittent generation. The substation equipment is protected from devastating, wildly propagating, fault currents. The FCL suppresses prospective fault currents on distribution and transmission grids, provides unique and unmatched control over disruptions and power outages. Consequently, it contributes to power quality and reliability improvements, the extension of capital equipment useful life and dramatic savings in capital expenditure.
In bringing this groundbreaking technology to market, GridON entered a strategic partnership with long- established Wilson Transformer Company of Australia (, a leading transformer manufacturer. The industry has recognized GridON's innovative solution. GridON was the recipient of a coveted innovation award from GE‘s Ecomagination - Powering the Grid Challenge, and was awarded the Smart Grid Award in the annual European ACES Academic Enterprise Awards.
Year of establishment: 2009
No. of employees: Under 10
Background of the company
Faults within electrical power systems are inevitable and can cause stresses on the network equipment. Existing techniques to manage these fault currents are costly and may negatively impact power quality, stability, reliability and security of supply. Fault current levels are therefore becoming a significant barrier to the installation of low-carbon and other generation facilities.
The roots of GridON's technology are in the research and development conducted for the past eight years by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with grounding in electrical engineering, mathematics, magnetism and superconductivity from Bar-Ilan University and Ricor. In bringing this groundbreaking, patent-pending technology to market, GridON entered a strategic partnership with long-established Wilson Examples of projects
GridON's FCL was selected by The Energy Technologies Institute to be tested in a £4m project on a live power network at UK Power Networks.
Technologies & products
A novel, saturated-core Fault Current Limiter (FCL), which is based on standard transformer manufacturing technology. GridON offers a portfolio of single-phase and 3-phase solutions for distribution and transmission networks, supporting a full range of mid to high voltage ratings. The device instantaneously turns itself into a very high impedance system upon current surges, and limits the current for as long as required to clear the fault. It recovers immediately thereafter and thus can protect from multiple faults occurring in quick succession. In addition to the device fault currents suppression ability, it facilitates current regulation and reactive power balancing.
Objectives / Target companies
GridON offers FCL solutions for utility companies, power generation companies (including renewable energy
generation), as well as for industrial plants with high power consumption.
Category: Smart Grid
Sub Category: Analyzers and control systems,
Next Generation of distribution and Transmission power grids, Smart Grid Sensors for high voltage power grids, Wireless low power networks, Internet of things for power utility
Company profile
Metrycom brings the smartness of Internet of Things to utilities that want to gain continuous visibility over
their high voltage transmission and distribution lines, reduce maintenance cost and increase reliability
and safety.
Metrycom develops innovative low-cost smart-grid sensor solutions for high-voltage power grids. The system
is comprised of unique sensors that can be easily spread over hundreds of km, operate for up to 20 years without maintenance and enable power utility companies to improve power quality and safety, and reduce operation costs.
Year of establishment: 2008
No. of employees: 13
Examples of projects
• Israel Electric cooperation (IEC) – commercially deploying the MetrySese4000 for on-line prediction of flash- over over transmission line insulator strings.
• Russia – MetrySense 4000 Commercial pilot • Brazil – MetrySense 500 pilot
Technologies & products
MetrySense – 4000 - a smart senor solution for prediction of flashover over transmission lines' insulator
strings. The solution is comprised of integrated advanced sensor and communication (6LoWPAN) and helps power utility companies to significantly reduce power interruptions and washing operation costs, through smart preventive maintenance routines. The product is protected by patents whose applications were submitted in 2012.
MetrySense – 5000 - is a Medium Voltage (MV) smart grid Sensor solution that provides faults location
data and other vital operational information through an integrated advance RF mesh communication system. MetrySense 5000 sensors are easy to install directly onto overhead conductors with a hot stick and are inductively powered from as low as 1 Ampere. This is the leading sensor solution which is available today, which clearly outperform competitive solutions, especially for large rural distribution grids. The system supports different grounding methods, including solidly earthed systems and high impedance grounding. The product was tested in the field and a commercial release is planned to Q2 2014. The product is protected by patents whose applications were submitted in 2013.
Objectives / Target companies
• Power Utility Companies – for sales and pilots of new products • System Integrators/VARs – which can team up for joint projects at their existing customers Category: Smart Grid
Sub Category: Smart Grid Data Analytics
Company profile
NRG-Pro provides state of the art Smart Grid Predictive Analytics solutions for the rising challenges in the
Energy & Utilities Industry. Our solutions enable all parties participating in the Energy supply chain to analyse the massive amount of sub-hourly data collected from millions of smart meters, in order to maximize the efficiency of Energy operations and control.
Year of establishment: 2012
Background on the company
NRG-Pro's technology is a result of extensive research and development done by Machine-Learning PhDs and
top experts. The accuracy of its predictions was benchmarked against world's leading platforms, and NRG-Pro outperformed in almost every measure.
Examples of projects
NRG-Pro has successfully implemented pilots in Israeli privately owned power stations.
Technologies & products
The NRG-Pro solutions are based on cutting edge Machine-Learning Big-Data algorithms, guaranteeing real time
accurate and reliable energy forecasting, in a fully automated, plug-and-play manner. The NRG-Pro engine monitors each meter separately, learns its underlying correlations, then uses unique information-theory based algorithms in order to decompose each meter's behaviour into sub-series, which are then automatically modelled.
The data and predictions are presented with advanced visual tools, enabling the end user to self-explore, gain insights and comprehend the data, run simulations and impact analysis, view correlations, create ‘what if' scenarios and more, without requiring any technical or statistical background. The NRG-Pro solutions also include a monitoring module, which monitors each meter separately, and uses distinctive anomaly detection algorithms in order to detect early warnings of irregularities, and identify the irregularities' signature.
The NRG-Pro portfolio consists of products for load research and forecasting, electricity price forecasting, revenue protection, meter operational monitoring, consumption behavior analysis for pricing and energy efficiency programs, as well as visual big-data exploration, impact analysis and simulation tools.
Objectives / Target companies
NRG-Pro solutions are aimed at all parties which participate in the energy supply chain: utilities, traders,
distributers, grid operators, retailers, renewable energy power stations and energy consumers.
Category: Energy consumption optimization,
Optimized Water delivery management software, Water resources management, SCADA systems
Contact: Uzy Rozenthal [email protected]
Company profile
Peak-Dynamics provides to Water Utilities smart water network management solutions with an objective of
cutting their energy costs.
Year of establishment: 2010
No. of employees: 10
Background of the company
Peak-Dynamics is a privately owned Israeli company. The company has expertise in optimization Algorithms
and Data Analytics in WatergyTM systems. The company offers its customers advanced technology for Energy Cost Management in Large Scale Water Delivery Systems in a smart grid environment.
The solution enables Peak-Dynamics customers efficient electricity management, cost savings and improved profitability, intelligent energy portfolio procurement, operational and financial risk assessment, peak-demand shifting and carbon footprint reduction.
Examples of projects
Mekorot - Israel National Water Company
Project for least cost operations management with multiple electricity suppliers
Technologies & products
General description:
PeakWater provides real-time automated network control decisions aimed at minimizing the combined cost of
energy and water (watergy) while fully satisfying all other operational requirements. PeakWater integrates with in-place supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and is implemented as a software package with an easy to use graphic user interface.
Function of the product(s):
PeakWater generates ahead-of-time detailed schedule for operating the pump stations across the water
delivery network, while keeping the watergy costs at minimum. The schedule is updated in real-time in response to ad-hoc changes in the operating conditions of the water network elements and deviations from the forecasted water demand.
PeakWater is also unique in it's ability to consider multiple energy contracts, including dynamic pricing, and finding their best seasonal portfolio mix for a given water delivery network operation. Dynamic utilization of water sources with different water prices is considered part of the problem and is embedded in the overall least-cost solution.
In addition to the on-line real-time mode, PeakWater software can be used in an off-line mode to simulate and analyse the cost-impact of various water network operating conditions and scenarios.
Objectives / Target companies
The Company's major customers are water utilities (municipal, regional and national). In addition, we are
looking for collaboration with strategic investors, and large SCADA providers.
Advanced Niche Electronic device Distribution,
communication and MEMS solutions
We have solutions for all application that requires wired and wireless
communication and MEMS sensors
Company activity in a nutshell
We have wide understanding and accumulated experience of more than 50 years in electronic designs, from a chip to system level.
We are familiar with the Israeli electronic industries, dealing with the high demand, high tech, price driven Israeli market. We are involved in distribution and demand creation in all design's stages. We promote off-the-shelf products, designed by our suppliers, along with design consulting and tailor made solution to our customers.
Technologies & products
Complete advanced communication solution. Wired solutions - Serial, USB, Ethernet, Fiber-optic, and more Wireless solution - WLAN,
Blue-tooth, Cellular, RFiD, ISM band solutions, and more MEMS – off-the shelf and tailor made sensors and MEMS solutions.
Objectives / Target companies
Our mission: is to create a triangle partnership with our customers and suppliers, in the advanced electronic design market,

by providing an exemplary standard of quality service through superior innovative product marketing, remarkable technical
support, and professional reliable commercial procedures. Thus, we assure a triple win situation.
Continuous On-Line Monitoring & Analysis Of
High Voltage Equipment In Electrical Substations
Category: Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: Analyzing & Control systems, Grid, Smart Grid remote
sensing, Actionable big data, Internet of things Company activity in a nutshell
Developing a system that will dramatically improve the monitoring and analysis of High Voltage equipment status in transmission
and distribution substations. The system will supply valuable on-line actionable data to the facilities operators, to allow moving more and more towards Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) as opposed to the more commonly used today Periodic / Preventive strategies in this market. The obvious result should be increased reliability of the substations and reduced maintenance expenses.
Technologies & products
The system will comprise of set of remote sensors that will collect relevant electromagnetic information at the substation facility,
and on line analyse it to indicate for developing faults in the high voltage elements. The system will be configurable to monitor a single element, a whole substation or any number of substations in the grid. It is based on smart remote sensing and sophisticated signal processing algorithms.
Objectives / Target companies
The target market for PDP Technologies are the owners and operators of the electrical substations, or whoever is responsible

for optimising the cost performance of the operation and maintenance of those facilities.
Smart Steps to Smart Grid
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid
Sub Category: Monitoring & Control, Energy Management, Demand
Response, Smart Metering, Energy Management, Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
PowerCom is a leading provider of Smart Grid "end to end" solutions for electricity, water, and gas utilities; developing,
manufacturing, and marketing a complete AMI portfolio of innovative products. PowerCom was established in 2006, and is supported by a strong design group based in Israel, joint ventures/subsidiaries in South Africa, India, and Hong Kong, as well as partnerships with leading integrators and a worldwide network of representatives, and distributors.
Technologies & products
Products include smart meters, communications infrastructure, demand response, smart home appliances, and MDM software,
utilizing all available open protocol communication such as RF, GPRS, and Ethernet. PowerCom offers applications including: outage management; GIS Scada systems; load management; energy forecasting; dynamic pricing; distribution automation; and real-time losses detection.
Objectives / Target companies
PowerCom wants to establish themselves in the smart meter and smart grid industry through the distribution of their state-

of-the-art advanced meters accompanied by their groundbreaking "PLC" technology and Meter Data Management. The world
is in the midst of a rapid transformation to modern smart grid technology and PowerCom's objective is to take full advantage
of this opportunity.
A Global Supplier of Power & Electrical Cables
Sub Category: Power & Electrical cables
Company activity in a nutshell
Established in 1934, offer a complete spectrum of cables, for power and control applications, from Low to High voltage power
cables up to 161 kV; control, airfield lighting, EMC and industrial cables. Essentially assures each customer a tailor made solution, combined with logistical expertise worldwide. Top quality, reliable service, technical expertise and short delivery time. Has a chain of distributors and customers, over 40 countries, as well as subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Brazil.
Examples of projects
Sheringham wind farm project Tzafit Gas Fired power plant Dorad Power Plant Dead sea Power Plant Wind farms projects Solar
projects 2 year contract for MV cables for wind farms in the US.
Technologies & products
Offer a complete spectrum of products for power and control applications, ranging from low (LV), medium (MV) and high voltage
(HV) power cables up to 161 kV; control, airfield lighting, EMC and industrial cables.
Objectives / Target companies
Electric Companies EPC Contractors Commercial companies Distributors.

Development and Production
of Advanced Energy Systems
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy,
Energy Storage, Green building
Sub Category: Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring & Control,
Energy Management, PV, Wind Energy, Off Grid, Solar lighting, Primary Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Super Capacitors, Storage for the Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
Tamuz offers a variety of advanced solutions which meet the ascending demand in alternative and green energy. The company stand
for new energy technology and develop systems by means of which the customer could rely solely on renewable energy. The innovative energy systems, which assure the customer energy supplies and living standard. The company develop tailored and integrated solutions for any application which requires sustainable energy that supplies constant and nonstop power throughout many years.
Examples of projects
Outdoors communication device which require a Battery backup unit. The BBU will provide 24/7/365 a reliable power of 2 separate DC
outputs with few days autonomy. The Battery type: Li-FePO4 - 6.4V/40AH battery designed for 1800 cycles / 5 years. The battery will run 1 cycle per day. The BBU consisting of AC/DC charger, battery pack, Multi-Function Control Unit with smart DC/DC converter and software.
Technologies & products
Most efficient state of the art BBU which design with Li-FePO4, Li-Ion and special chemistries controlled by smart electronics and
embedded software to best fit the Extreme Outdoor Applications. The BBU reduces the total operation and Ownership cost and power an electronic devices of Public Utilities, Railway signalling, ATMS, AMR, CCTV, Renewable energy controllers, UPS and Communications.
Objectives / Target companies
Tamuz targeted companies in sectors of Defense and Security, Medical, Agriculture and Water technologies, Telecom, Start-up and

Universities. The company supports Smart Metering developers, Integrators of utility systems, Renewable systems Integrators, Smart
Cities Solution providers, customers and producers of Meter Data Management systems, AMI/AMR designers, Water Metering OEM.
Global Provider of Networking Infrastructure
Equipment, Solutions and Services
Cyber Security, System Integrators, Communication Infrastructure
Company activity in a nutshell
ECI Telecom delivers Next Generation Packet Optical and Carrier Ethernet solutions to service providers and customers with a need
for mission critical networks worldwide. ECI provides efficient platforms and solutions that enable customers to rapidly deploy cost- effective, revenue-generating services. Our market leading LightSoft® network management suite enables customers to smoothly manage multilayer services and provides the foundation for SDN and Cyber security solutions.
ECI's Application Aware Transport solutions offer a unique value proposition for utility telecom networks. Our vast experience in packet, optical and security technologies, and distinctive advantages provided by each product family, yield significant CAPEX and OPEX savings as well as a holistic approach for Cyber Protection.
Examples of Projects
ECI Telecom has won numerous reference projects, including: Alliander - Optical network for internal communication Amprion -
Packet transport network Tennet - Transport network for internal communication ENEL - Optical network for internal communication IEC - Data Center Connectivity RTE - Packet transport network.
Technologies & products
ECI offers a broad portfolio of products to support networks of all sizes and has vast experience in building mission critical telecom
infrastructures around the world. ECI is a one-stop-shop for planning and consultancy services, network infrastructure, program management, integration, and managed services.
Intelligent Cyber Security
for Industrial Control Systems
Cyber Security
Sub Category: Monitoring & Control, Anomaly detection, Cyber Security, IDS
Company activity in a nutshell
ICS² - Spinoff from BrightSource Energy ( The ICS² On-Guard system generates a
unique signature of the facility's physical process. Using this signature, ICS² On-Guard continuously monitors plant operation, and detects deviations caused by malicious attacks or erroneous operation. ICS² On-Guard is immunized against bogus data since it can detect deviant plant behavior even if the plant sensor readings are faked. ICS² Analyzer lets the asset manager analyze an asset's integrity and immunity in the past.
Examples of projects
Pilot with Tier 1 water company in progress. Additional projects are ongoing in the areas of Power, Oil & Gas and Industrial facilities
in Israel and U.S.
Technologies & products
The world's critical infrastructures are under cyber-attack today from intruders looking to wreak havoc by damaging critical system
components, stopping power production, or even causing serious damage to people and the environment by taking over process sensors and plant control systems. ICS² On-Guard Industrial Intrusion Detection System (IIDS) builds a unique signature for each plant, based on analysis of the plant operational data. Using this signature, ICS² On-Guard can detect anomalous behavior as soon an intrusion occurs but before damage is done, with a reach far beyond the capabilities of traditional IT security tools. The ICS² solution is designed to solve the cyber-threats that face critical infrastructure facilities, whose intricate plant control systems have a large and varied combination of servers, sensors, PLCs and data loggers.
Objectives / Target companies
6 segments: Power, Oil & Gas, Water, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Industrial.

Category: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Industrial
Cyber Security
Sub Category: Hardware-enforced perimeter security,
E&P, Pipelines, Refineries
Contact: Nolan Grice [email protected]
Company profile
Waterfall is the leading provider of strong network security products which protect the safety and the reliability
of control system networks. Waterfall Security Solutions mission is to replace firewalls in critical infrastructure control systems. The company develops products which provide stronger-than-firewall protections for industrial control networks, including all critical infrastructure verticals. Waterfall's products are deployed in utilities and critical national infrastructures throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Waterfall's innovative products dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with NERC-CIP, NRC, NIST, CFATS and other regulations, and include support for leading industrial applications, including the OSIsoft PI™ Historian, the GE Proficy™ iHistorian, Siemens SIMATIC™/Spectrum™ solutions and GE OSM™ remote monitoring platforms, as well as OPC, Modbus, DNP3, ICCP and other industrial protocols. Frost & Sullivan describe Waterfall's solutions as ensuring "optimum security for networks across user verticals" and awarded Waterfall the 2012 Network Security Award for Industrial Control Systems Entrepreneurial Company of the Year and the 2013 North America Award for Customer Value Enhancement.
Background of the company
Established in 2006, Waterfall Security Solutions is the leading provider of Unidirectional Gateways and
associated cybersecurity solutions for Industrial Control Systems. The company is based in Rosh Ha-Ayin, Israel, with offices around the world.
Examples of projects
• Waterfall Security and W-Industries Secure Offshore Platforms in Africa and Middle East • Waterfall Security Helps Detroit Water Secure Operations Networks • Waterfall Security secures nuclear and fossil power plants in the US and Canada
Technologies & products
General description:
Waterfall Security provides a spectrum of solutions aimed to protect the safe and reliable operation of Industrial
Control Systems. Among these products are the Unidirectional Gateway, the Waterfall FLIP, Waterfall for BES Control Systems, and the Waterfall Secure Bypass.
Function of the product(s):
The Waterfall Security Unidirectional Gateway solution provides absolute protection from online attacks
originating on external networks while enabling the integration of data from the control system to the corporate systems.
Objectives / Target companies
Waterfall Security Solutions' goal is to replace firewall technology at Industrial Control System cyber security
perimeters with stronger solutions. Waterfall's installations across all critical infrastructure verticals protect the safe and reliable operation of ICS from online cyber attack from external networks.
Secure Networking for Critical Infrastructure
Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy,
Energy Storage, Green building
Sub Category: Analyzing & Control systems, Monitoring & Control, Energy
Management, Demand Response, Smart Metering, Energy Management, Grid, PV, Wind Energy, Off Grid, Rechargeable Batteries, Super Capacitors, Storage for the Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
RADiFlow is providing secure communication solutions for critical distributed automation applications. Our security tool-set
includes SCADA IPS, Encryption and Identity management. This security tool-set is optimized for distributed automation deployments of utilities by using a service-aware security engine that is integrated into ruggedized communication platforms to be deployed in the edges of the operations network. Such a distributed network-based security deployment protects against an attacker that gained access to the internal operational network.
Examples of projects
Smart Grid over fiber and cellular in Scandinavia Sub-station automation in HV IEC61850 sub-stations in India SCADA access along
a Gas Pipeline in the US Surveillance and Paytoll automation along a Highway in central Europe Sub-station automation for legacy serial devices in MV sub-stations in Brasil.
Technologies & products
RADiFlow developed a SCADA deep-packet-inspection software engine that runs on a combination of distributed service-aware
site gateways and a central security server. Our SCADA IPS solution is using a combination of user-authentication and deep- packet-inspection to provide a strict role-based validation of the SCADA sessions at each access point ensuring that any abnormal activity in the internal SCADA network is detected and blocked.
Objectives / Target companies
Local distributor active in the sectors of industrial automation and/or utilities. System integrator for critical infrastructure

applications A vendor of automation solutions.
Manufacturer of Crane Scales and
Dynamometers for Over 30 Years
Renewable Energy
Sub Category: Wind Energy, Underground Garbage Bins Weighing
Company activity in a nutshell
In the wind power industry, Eilon Engineering dynamometers and crane scales are increasingly being used
in the construction, testing and maintenance of turbines:  Proof load of the turbine hoist as well as overload adjustment  Overload prevention  Controlled tensioning of the underwater power cables Installation  Dismantling and repair of units in inclement weather conditions  Weighing and balancing the blades before shipment from the manufacturing plant  Measuring the tension of the towers' guy wires (where employed)  Blade-bearing inspection
Examples of projects
We sell to Siemens, Vestas, GE Energy, Suzlon.
Technologies & products
Ron Crane Scales and Dynamometers for weighing during lifting as well as cable tension measurement.
Objectives / Target companies
Wind turbine farms and maintenance.

Company profile
Capital Nature is a leading investment firm focused on funding and accelerating early stage ventures, as well
as academic research in the emerging Renewable Energy in Israel. In addition to incubating early stage start-up companies, Capital Nature also funds applied academic research in the area of renewable energy, and operates a test and validation center in the Eilot region.
Capital Nature portfolio companies benefit from the ongoing support of the Capital Nature team as well as benefit from a unique opportunity to access the vast technological, financial and marketing capabilities of Capital Nature investors.
Year of establishment: 2011
No. of employees: 5
Background of the company
Capital Nature was established in 2011 and operates the Israeli National Renewable Energy Center in the Arava,
as part the initiatives of the State of Israel to promote development of Renewable Energy technologies.
Examples of projects
Solview provides installers and residential rooftop owners an accurate prediction of the energy potential of their roof tops remotely, and based on publicly available maps and images, thus dramatically reducing customer acquisition costs. • Solariphy
Solariphy offers an innovative technology that enables a more efficient conversion of the sunlight to electric energy by solar panels. Solariphy's patent pending solution, will enable PV solar panels to produce more energy than currently possible. • GEM Solar
GEM Solar develops a unique technology for kerf free slicing of silicon ingots into wafers used for photovoltaic (PV) cells thereby decreasing the cost of the silicon wafers dramatically.
AugWind offers a breakthrough technology that utilizes solar energy to augment the intermittent wind energy. Augwind offers a solar augmented device that gets integrated to an existing wind turbine while utilizing the wind turbine power generating system while incorporating a novel power dispatchability • Chakratec
Chakratec develops a patent protected flywheel concept that provides a stationary green energy storage solution with low capital cost and a disruptive low cost per cycle.
Objectives / Target companies
We seek entities that will join us in on-going investments in our portfolio companies as well as help those
companies find pilot opportunities and commercialize their technologies.
We seek outstanding entrepreneurs and innovations that have the potential to fundamentally impact the renewable energy market. We invest in technology startups that meet the following criteria: • Potential to develop a significant IP position, leading to substantial competitive advantage • Potential to become a market leader in its segment • Strong technical team, committed to its venture • Large target market Green Energy Investment Alliance
& Technological Incubator
Alternative Fuels, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid,
Renewable Energy, Energy Storage
Sub Category: Gasification, Algae, Lighting, HVAC, Monitoring & Control,
Energy Management, Smart Metering, Grid, PV, CSP, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Fuel cells, Super Capacitors, Storage for the Grid
Company activity in a nutshell
A seed investment alliance, formed by Alstom S.A, Rotem Industries and Gefen Biomed Investments, offering an exclusive
platform for seed and early-stage Green Energy ventures, in need for initial funding, technological and business support and industrial guidance.
Examples of current projects
 EVR Motors ltd. - Novel direct drive, efficient and Light Weight generators.  ELENCON ltd. - Advanced energy management
system for large AC systems in commercial buildings.  SunBoost Ltd. - Novel optical collectors for PV installations, intended for
conventional PV installations.  THERMASPHERA - Advanced Energy Storage Solution based on novel PCM materials.
 GENERA - Hydrogen based energy storage technology.  SOLIGHT - Solar lighting for commercial and residential applications.
 SSG - Synchronverters for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Grid Synchronization.  PDP - Novel Technology for High Voltage
Substation Condition Based Maintenance.  SI GA - Novel Approach for Cyber Security of SCADA systems.
 OptiQGain - Innovative Gas Analyzer Technology.
Objectives / Target companies
We look for unmet need and strong impact, novel proprietary technology, and extraordinary entrepreneurs

who have the ability to build great companies.
We seek as well strategic partners and co-investors for joint investment initiatives and other strategic programs.


WC-OSH 209 Alcohol and Other Drugs Custodian Snr OSH Consultant Workers Compensation & Health Version Date Accountabilities Framework Level 1 – Manage Occupational Safety & Health Level 2 – Manage Hazards & OSH Incidents Next Review Date 30 Jul 2017 This Procedure provides information on the processes for testing and managing Alcohol and Other Drugs. This Procedure and these processes are applicable to all Water Corporation operational sites and business units.

Prohibited substances rules

PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES RULES P.1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. In these rules: a) prohibited substance means any substance (or any isomer, metabolite and/or analogue produced from the substance) that is a stimulant, depressant, tranquiliser, local anaesthetic, psychotropic (mood and/or behaviour altering) substance, or any other substance which might affect the performance of a horse and/or which might interfere with or mask any prohibited substance testing;