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Hygiene meets convenience COMPANY PROFILE


Excloosive Ltd. is the pioneer sanitation services provider in Kenya that's has been engaged in
the provision of mobile sanitation facilities for events in remote locations, high human traffic
events and construction sites since 2004. In 2011Excloosive expanded its services to provide
waste water treatment & recycling solutions for the real estate development industry that has
grown extraordinarily in Kenya over the past ten years.
To provide, innovative, hygienic and environmentally responsible sanitation products and
services, through employment of sustainable technologies leading to increased consumer dignity
and a healthier community.

 We are passionate about delivering excellent service to our customers.
 We pride ourselves in maintaining productive and long lasting relationships with the stakeholders
 We work together in formidable manner to deliver great results.
 We care about the environment and strive to create a better world for future generations

Hygiene meets convenience

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Hygiene meets convenience
1. Classic Trailer Unit (CTU)
This facility has a modern and contemporary feel, with all practicalities of a self-contained luxury mobile toilet. (Exterior) (Interior)
 The unit has 3-4 cubicles and 2-4 urinals,
 Green/blue exterior, aluminum steps, solid oak wood interior, chrome taps, warm water,
single sheet towel dispenser, modern picture, automatic aerosol, full length mirrors, vanity areas, hand soap dispensers as well as hand sanitizers.  Eelectric powered hence very well lit at night. 2. Executive Trailer Unit (ETU)
These are luxurious self-contained mobile toilets with both the ladies and gents sides under one roof. The unit operates independently with no need for water, sewer or power supply Features
 Is the flagship unit of the Company
 Is accompanied by a trained Standby Excloosive Customer Service Attendant to every event
 Movement of this unit is eased as it is mounted on a dual-axle trailer for towing and placing
anywhere at site
 Each compartment has a hand wash sink, with soap, towels and a mirror
 ETU is self-powered and very well lit, making it appropriate for; both day and night hire
(Exterior) (Interior) Hygiene meets convenience
3. Deluxe Trailer Unit (DTU)
This is our top of the range mobile toilet facility designed with high level and luxury events in mind. Features
 The elegant interior design provides a regal ambiance and experience for the user.
 Multiple mirrors, soft lighting, an extended vanity surface, wall to wall red carpet and a lounging
area enhance the complete luxury of this unit.
 This unit is ideal for use by VIPs, beautiful brides on their special day and at any glamorous
4. Porta Loo (PL)
This is a plastic standalone single unit constructed out of lightweight molded plastic typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites or large gatherings because of their durability and convenience.
 Lockable doors, anti-slip floors, spacious interior and, translucent roof for better lighting.  U-shaped toilet seats with a cover and a spring mechanism that returns the seat to an upright  Large ventilation pipe for release of unpleasant smell Hygiene meets convenience
5. Handicap/family unit (HCU)
This is a plastic portable toilet suitable for family use or by persons with disabilities. Features
 Enclosed unit with a
ramped door that can be locked from the inside  Unit has grab bars and  Has an additional baby changing section

6. Hitec Unit
This is the luxury version of the Portaloo. (Exterior) (Interior)

Has a large hand wash basin accompanied by hand washing soap Can serve up to 150 people of the same gender per event Ideal for use at outdoor h igh traffic events and offices Hygiene meets convenience
7. Urinal Unit
Our portable urinals are an excellent space saving toilet solution. They do not require mains services and can be supplied with privacy screening if required. Features
 Four station male urinal - reduces the need for
individual units  No mains service required  Ideal for male use at pop concerts, festivals and sporting events with large crowds  Privacy screen available 8. Hand wash Unit
These are free standing portable hand washing sinks ideal for all your outdoor functions where a water source is not readily available. Features
 Each exterior provides 2 stations with soap and
 Unit has an internal tank to store water and is operated with a foot pump when in use for hygiene purposes  Serves formal and informal social gatherings, for both short and long term hire. Hygiene meets convenience

B. Wastewater Treatment & Recycling Solutions

1. Singulair Green®
Singulair green wastewater treatment system is suitable for residential properties located in areas not connected to centralized sewers. It flawlessly transforms domestic wastewater into clean, odorless effluent through an extended aeration process within a robust special design PVC tank. Waste water from kitchen, toilet, showers and sinks Treated water pumped to point of use e.g. irrigation, toilet flushing, dust suppression, e.t.c Features

Special UV treated PVC treatment tank Complete solids digestion No exhaustion needed Tank dimensions (LWD) 3m x2m x 1.5m Suitable for up to 15 users or 1 to 5 bedroomed house Treats up to 2,300 liters of sewage per day 2. Singulair®
The Singulair treatment system is a state-of-the-art alternative to the troublesome septic tank. It flawlessly transforms domestic wastewater into clean, odorless effluent through an extended aeration process in less than 24 hours within a pre-cast concrete tank. Waste water from kitchen, toilet, showers and sinks Treated water pumped to point of use e.g. irrigation, toilet flushing, dust Features
suppression, e.t.c  Special precast tank  Complete solids digestion  No exhaustion needed  Tank dimensions for the smallest unit (LWD) 3m x2m x 1.5m  Suitable for 12 to 37 users per day  It is designed to treat domestic wastewater flows ranging from 1,900 to 5,700 liters per day Hygiene meets convenience
3. Klaermax
The Klaermax Wastewater treatment plant is an activated sludge process designed to treat waste water from large scale developments such as, apartments, motels, hotels, office blocks, gated communities, remote sites e.t.c. in areas not connected to the central sewer lines. Was te water from kitchens, toilets, showers and sinks pumped to point of use e.g. irrigation, toilet flushing, dust Office blocks/ hospitals suppression, e.t.c /apartments /hotels /schools e.t.c
 Covered underground waterproofed concrete tank
 Complete solids digestion
 No exhaustion needed for a period of up to 5 years
 No odour hence nuisance from bad smell is eliminated
 Low energy requirement
 Small foot print since aeration and sludge settlement both occur in the same tank
 Suitable for 60 to 500 continuous users per day

4. Enviro Loo
The Enviro Loo is a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system. It does not use chemicals or power to function, but only requires radiant heat and wind. Features
 System does not require water or harmful chemicals  Uses only wind and sun for its operation  Closed Circuit - no plumbing required  Minimal operating and maintenance costs  No waste seepage into underground water table  100% Environmentally safe


Private experience and observational learning in pharmaceutical demand Tanja Saxell∗† This paper quanties the roles of the physician's own experience and the past choices ofother doctors in pharmaceutical demand. I develop a model of medical decision-makingunder uncertainty about the quality of the match between the patient and drug treatment.Unlike previous demand models, my approach takes into account both private and sociallearning, and allows heterogeneity in product quality across individuals. I test whetherinformation on the past choices of other doctors improves drug choices. Using rich datafrom the market for cholesterol drugs, I show that treatment patterns relying heavily onthe past choices of other doctors can lead to over-prescribing in terms of eciency. Myresults suggest that continuity of care, where a patient is repeatedly consulting the samedoctor, is an ecient policy to limit such behavior.

Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Vol. 2/2014/ pp. 133 to 140 ANTIDIABETIC AND ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF PADINA TETRASTROMATICA IN HIGH CALORIE FED/STREPTOZOTOCIN TREATED RATSDivya S. Mohan, Mini Saraswathy, Muraleedhara Kurup and Gopala Kurup* Department of Biochemistry, University of Kerala, Kariavattom Campus,