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The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy In This Issue: • A Pure Journey
• Scoliosis: Part 2
• The Humble Case Study
• Teaching Essential Oil Chemistry
• Aromatherapy in Hospice
• The Aromatherapy Business.
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Professional Aromatherapy Volume 2
In This Issue:

4 Aromatherapy in Hospice.Lisa M. Browder ICA, CR
8 Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications for the Practice of Aromatherapy.
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist

18 Teaching the Chemistry of Essential Oil: Why Bother?.Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
22 The Humble Case Study: Gold Dust at Your Fingers!.Jane Buckle, Ph.D., MA, RN
26 A Pure Journey.Dr. Rev. St. James Burton, GRMT, LMBT
31 The Aromatherapy Business Offers Practitioners Many Opportunities.Rose Chard, LMT
37 Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2.
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT

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Aromatherapy in Hospice:
Clinical Challenges Beyond Essential Oil Blending
Lisa M. Browder ICA, CR
Hospices are well-suited how the pharmaceuticals had not provided the for clinical aromatherapy expected relief. When I suggested adding a blend of programs but they face essential oils to the treatment, she responded, "If our their own unique chall- stuff hasn't worked, yours isn't likely to."enges: investment costs, skeptical clinicians, and That negativity can be pervasive so I would suggest the fear of possible that a good way to squash doubts is to start with staff lawsuits. complaints and offer to treat their headaches, backaches, stuffy noses, etc. Nothing is more The costs associated with convincing than a successful resolution and you will investing in an aroma- need staff support to work effectively.
therapy program can be significant so it's imper- Another thing that will give your program credence is ative to set specific guide- to learn to speak their language. You'll never assuage lines for what you hope to cynicism by speaking about concepts clinicians view achieve. Perhaps your goal as New Age fluff – auras, chakras and crystals. You'll is to have the most comprehensive program in town find that many will profess to believe in "those in order to offer something your competitors might things," just not for use with their patients. I would not provide. If so, then you'll want to establish as advise saving those discussions for a time when many innovative uses of the essential oils as possible. you've firmly established yourself and then they That will necessarily raise costs since you'll need a might begin to listen and to take them seriously. higher number of potentially expensive essential oils and a wide variety of supplies – carrier oils, lotions or Learning their language means knowing common creams, spray bottles and jars, inhalers, nebulizers hospice diagnoses, the associated symptoms and and/or diffusers, mixing utensils and bowls, and whether essential oils might be likely to help. Keep in labels.
mind that therapeutic essential oils are not appropriate for every symptom; you must know the For me, the major obstacle to overcome was the need diagnosis to determine the feasibility of treatment. to "prove" the program's worth to staff skeptics. If For instance, hearing "constipation" is not enough that is so for you, you'll want to start in a small and information. If the diagnosis is colon cancer with a focused way to keep expenses reasonable and complete bowel obstruction, a constipation lotion outcomes measurable. In a society where every would be contraindicated. grocery store item with a smell, whether called "ocean breeze" or "sunny day," is labeled Likewise, if a patient is complaining of a constant ‘aromatherapy' why would they simply believe you headache, check the diagnosis. If you hear when you tell them essential oils have physiological "glioblastoma," you might want to hold your effects on the body? vasodilators and instead opt for something to help him relax. Increased circulation to the brain would A nurse at my facility loved to tell patients and not be helpful for a growing tumor.
families (but only if I happened to be present) what a wonderful thing it was to have aromatherapy. Another effective communication tool is being able Shortly thereafter, in one of our interdisciplinary to provide double-blind/placebo or case studies. group meetings attended by representatives from Keep several handy that you can cite or hand out nursing, pharmacy, physicians, social work, volunteer because if you can't hold your own with services, spiritual care and complementary therapies, science-based clinicians, your program will quickly be the discussion focused on a patient's symptoms and seen as nice but unnecessary. Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved

Aromatherapy in Hospice:
Clinical Challenges Beyond Essential Oil Blending
Lisa M. Browder ICA, CR
essential oils and that's great for those of us in hospice. One such case study by Irene Gilliland, RN, One such double-blind/placebo study was doc- CNS, ACHPN, recently published in the umented in the 2003 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry on September/October 2009 Journal of Hospice and the effects of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) on the Palliative Nursing is titled, "Use of Essential oils to management of agitation in severe dementia. The Treat Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in results showed that Melissa is an effective treatment End of Life: A Case Study." Methicillin-resistant and that an added benefit was that quality of life Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a particularly indices also improved significantly. I cite this study virulent bug, can quickly overwhelm a weakened frequently with clinicians who are skeptical of the immune system and is easily transmitted. In this benefits of our Agitation/Anxiety blend and it has study, Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) was used in made a difference in their acceptance.
a saline eye wash for a 102-year-old nursing home patient who had been isolated for three years due to More and more studies are also being done on the MRSA in the eyes. She had been treated with antiviral, antifungal, antiinfectious properties of everything from Oxacillin, Imipenem and Join us at the NAHA Blog
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Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Aromatherapy in Hospice:
Clinical Challenges Beyond Essential Oil Blending
Lisa M. Browder ICA, CR
Massage Therapists' Most Popular
Moxifloxacin, to Mupirocin and Vancomycin. Essential Oil Creams:
Nothing had worked. Someone suggested essential oils and the pharmacy mixed 15 drops of Lavender in Dry/Itchy Skin Cream
500ml of saline. They soaked a cotton ball in the Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) solution twice a day and swiped it across the patient's eyelid. One month later, the patient was retested Geranium (Pelargoneum graveolens) and there was no sign of MRSA present. I love to quote that one because as our staff gets comfortable Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) with the use of essential oils for things like constipation, edema, agitation/anxiety, depression, Muscular Aches & Pains
dry/itchy skin, respiratory issues and nausea, my Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) attention is being drawn to more specific things like the treatment of MRSA, thrush, C-Diff (Clostridium Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) difficele), flu and a host of others.
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Clearly, the practice of aromatherapy in hospice Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) requires a knowledgeable, intrepid aromatherapist who can pick her way through the minefield but it's Juniper (Juniperis communis) well worth the effort. The Director of Research at the Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) said there are no available statistics on the number of hospices with an aromatherapy program. I suspect this may be because many have fledgling, Nurses' Most Requested Essential Oils:
ineffectual programs, primarily using Lavender (and nothing more) and often only as a room freshener. The possibilities for aromatherapy in hospice are Agitation/Anxiety Blend for Nebulizers
therefore endless at this point.
Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) Melissa (Melissa officinalis) Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Lemon (Citrus limon) Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Aromatherapy in Hospice:
Clinical Challenges Beyond Essential Oil Blending
Lisa M. Browder ICA, CR
Although not offered with a claim that they will Ballard, CG, O'Brien, JT, Reichelt K., Perry, EK (2003). prevent or cure disease, essential oils' known Aromatherapy as a safe and effective treatment for the historical properties, coupled with an array of recent management of agitation in severe dementia: the results reputable studies, show them to be highly effective in of a double-blind, placebo-controlled trail with Melissa. hospice, with the added benefit of having few (if any) Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Jul; 63(7):553-8.
contraindications (unlike pharmaceuticals). Because of this, it's a pet peeve of mine to have clinicians Gilliland, Irene, RN, CNS, ACHPN (2009). Use of Essential suggest it would be unwise to use essential oils in Oils to Treat Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus hospice because they can cause allergic reactions. in End of Life: A Case Study. Journal of Hospice and We routinely use pharmaceuticals that come with a Palliative Nursing, Vol. 11, No. 5, September/October.
laundry list of contraindications (many of them potentially lethal) and yet we never question their National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (phone use. Likewise, we keep Material Safety Data Sheets on the chemical components of all the synthetic materials in shampoos, soaps, body lotions, laundry Lisa Browder manages the complementary therapies detergents, cleaning products and disinfectants. Yet program at a hospice in Nevada and will be speaking at we use them regularly and without hesitation. the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization's September conference in Atlanta on "Aromatherapy I am lucky to be in a hospice that champions the use for Symptom Management in the IPU." She is the of essential oils for their therapeutic value. I Nevada Director for NAHA and sells therapeutic continually search for the studies and information essential oil products to hospices through her company, that help bolster the case for their safe and effective use. My goal is nothing less than an aromatherapy program in as many hospices nationwide as possible.
Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist
"When the mind mune system. PNI studies the connections or links
thinks, the body between our "state" of mind and our "state" of health.
Interest in the relationship between psychiatric syn- dromes or symptoms and immune function has been a consistent theme since the beginning of modern medicine. Walter Cannon, a professor of physiology at Harvard University, looked at the need for mental and physical balance throughout the organism and created the term, ‘homeostasis' in his book, The Wisdom of the Body, published in 1932. Dr. Cannon observed that any change of emotional state in his lab animal, such as anxiety, stress, distress, or rage, was accompanied by total cessation of stomach movement. These studies into the relationship between the Psychoneuroimmunology is a large word that sug- effects of emotions and perceptions on the gests an even larger impact on our future medical autonomic nervous system, namely the sympathetic choices of wellness and healing. The practice of and parasympathetic responses initiated the Holistic Aromatherapy, the use of Essential Oils to recognition of the "freeze fight or flight" response. support and strengthen the immune function, will Picking up on Cannon's work, Hans Selye formed the offer the possibility of improving health through empiric foundation of the ability for an animal to direct effects on the mind/body connection. A adapt, heal, and recover from adverse mental and relationship that defines and supports the concepts physical conditions. Selye's work was summarized in of aromatherapy has been recently enjoying a new the concept of the General Adaptation Syndrome acceptance in western medicine due to the successful (GAS). This syndrome consists of an enlargement of research in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology.
the adrenal gland, atrophy of the thymus, spleen, and Psychoneuroimmunology, (PNI) is the branch of other lymphoid tissue, and gastric ulcerations due to biomedical science that explores the relationships an environment of prolonged and/or chronic stress between the nervous system, emotions, and the im- and the body's reaction to the presence of stress related stimuli.
Selye describes three stages of adaptation, the initial brief alarm reaction, followed by a prolonged period of resistance and a terminal stage of exhaustion and death. This monumental work led to mid-20th century studies that reported that psychiatric patients experienced immune alterations including a decreased number of lymphocytes and a poor response to pertussis vaccination when compared to non-psychiatric control subjects. In 1964, George F. Solomon, et al. coined the term "psych- oimmunology" and published his landmark paper: "Emotions, Immunity, and Disease: a speculative theoretical integration", Archives of General Psychiatry 1964; 11:657-74.
Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist
The two major pathway systems are involved in this cross-communication are the Hypothalamic - pitui- In 1975 Robert Ader and Nicholas Cohen at the tary - adrenal axis (HPA axis) and the sympathetic University of Rochester advanced PNI research with nervous system (SNS). The body's primary stress their demonstration of classic conditioning of the management system is the HPA axis. The HPA axis immune function. The previous term of responds to physical and mental challenge to "psychoimmunology" was updated to "psycho- maintain homeostasis by controlling the body's neuroimmunology". Through his highly controlled cortisol level. The two major pathway systems that research with laboratory rats, he determined that are involved in this cross-communication are the there was a scientific connection between stress Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA axis) and stimulation and immunosuppression. This was one the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). The body's of the first reproducible scientific studies that proved primary stress management system is the HPA axis. the nervous system can affect the immune system. The HPA axis responds to physical and mental Up until this point, immunologists believed that the challenges to maintain homeostasis (the body's immune system was an autonomous system and balance or internal environment) by adjusting and functioned independently from other body systems: controlling the body's hormonal level of cortisol. R. Ader and N. Cohen, "Behaviorally Conditioned Dysregulation or disruption of the function of the Immunosuppression", Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol. HPA axis is implicated in numerous stress-related 37, Issue 4:333-340.
Contemporary advances in psychiatry, immunology, neurology, and other integrated disciplines of 10 medicine have fostered enormous growth for PNI. In 1985, research by Candace Pert revealed that The International Federation
neuropeptide-specific receptors are present on the of Professional Aromatherapists
cell walls of both the brain and the immune system. The discovery that neuropeptides and neuro- transmitters act directly upon the immune system shows their close association with emotions and suggests mechanisms through which emotions and invites enquiries from aromatherapists regarding: immunology are deeply interdependent. Showing that the immune system and the endocrine system In Essence
are modulated not only by the brain but by the our quarterly professional aromatherapy journal – central nervous system itself has a huge impact on a dynamic and versatile forum for contributors of international standing how we understand emotions and disease.
Annual Weekend Conference
PNI research is looking for the exact mechanisms by held in the U K – an opportunity to which specific brain-immunity effects are achieved. be informed and inspired! Evidence for nervous system - immune system inter- IFPA Practitioner Membership
actions exists at several biological levels. The im- join the UK's leading aromatherapy professional mune system and the brain communicate to each association – run by practitioners for practitioners other though signaling pathways. The brain and the immune system are the two major adaptive systems IFPA, 82 Ashby Road, Hinckley, Leics LE10 1SN
of the body. During an immune response the brain Tel: +44 (0)1455 637987
and the immune system "talk" to each other and this Registered Charity No. 1091325 process is essential for maintaining homeostasis.
Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist
and bi-polar disease, in addition to autoimmune hypersensitivity and chronic infections.
The HPA axis activity and cytokines (cell-messenger, hormone-like proteins that are produced in the Chronic secretion of stress hormones, glucocortaids hypothalamus) mediate and control the body's initial (CGs) catechcholamines(CAs), as a result of disease, inflammatory and adaptive responses that are may reduce the effect of neurotransmitters, including necessary to maintain homeostasis or internal serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine or other balance. Like the stress response, the inflammatory receptors in the brain leading to dysfunction of reaction is crucial for survival. neuro-hormones. The abnormalities and the failure of the adaptive systems to resolve inflammation Like the stress response, the inflammatory reaction is affect the well-being of the individual, including crucial for survival. Systemic inflammatory response behavioral parameters, quality of life and sleep. results in stimulation of four major programs that are Systemic anti-inflammatory feedback and/or mediated by the HPA axis and SNS: hyperactivity may be key factors in some metabolic • the acute phase reaction and cardiovascular disorders and health. This same systemic neuro-inflammation and neuro-immune • sickness behavior activation have been shown to play a role in the etiology of several neurodegenerative disorders such • the pain program as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, pain, and AIDS-associated dementia. • the stress response Never before has the phrase, "Stress will kill you!" Common human diseases such as allergies, meant more to today's individual.
autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and sepsis There is now sufficient data to conclude that immune are all characterized by dysregulation of the modulation by psychosocial stressors and/or pro-inflammatory verses anti-inflammatory sit- interventions can lead to actual health changes. uation. Recent studies show pro-inflammatory cyt- Although changes related to infectious disease and okine processes take place during depression, manic wound healing have provided the strongest evidence to date, the clinical importance of immunological disruption is highlighted by increased risks across many medical conditions and diseases.
Stress is thought to affect immune function through emotional and behavioral manifestations, such as fear, anger, sadness, and tension and physiological changes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating. Researchers have suggested that these changes are beneficial if they are limited in duration, however, when stress becomes chronic, the body is unable to maintain homeostasis or equilibrium. T.B. Herbert and S. Cohen examined 38 studies of stressful events and the immune function of healthy adults and published their results in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine in 1993. They found con- sistent stress-related increases in increased numbers 11 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 10 • Increases apoptosis (necessary death of cells) of white blood cells as well as decreased numbers of Corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) The helper T cells, suppressor T cells, and cytotoxic release of corticotrophin-releasing hormone from T cells, B cells, and Natural killer cells (NK). the Hypothalamus is influenced by stress.
E.P. Zorilla, et al published their findings and • CRH is a major regulator of the HPA axis/stress axiscorrelations of brain behavior and immunity in 2001. The communication and interactions of systems were • CRH regulates secretion of Adrenocorticotropic Communication between the brain and immune system • Stimulation of the brain sites alters immunity (stressed animals have altered immune systems) • Immune cells produce cytokines that act on the Central Nervous System (CNS) • Immune cells respond to signals from the CNS Communication between neuro-endocrine and immune system • CRH is widely distributed in the brain and peripheral • Glucocorticoids and catechcholamines influence • CRH also regulates the actions of the Autonomic • Endorphins from pituitary and adrenal medulla act Nervous system and immune system on the immune system Stressors that enhance the release of CRH suppress • Activity of the immune system is correlated with the function of the immune system and conversely, neurochemical/neuro-endocrine activity of brain cells stressors that depress CRH release potentiate immunity.
Connection between glucocorticoids and immune system What does all of this valuable research mean to the potential conventional medicine patient? It means • Anti-inflammatory hormones enhances an or- that they may be treated with a new array of ganism's response to a stressor "Pharmaceutical advances" for all of our Psych- • Prevents the over-reaction of the body's own oneuroimmunological disorders/conditions. defense system We now may correlate the medically monitored use • Regulates the immune system of; Glutamate agonists, cytokine inhibitors, vanilloid-receptor agonists, catechcholamine • Affects cell growth, proliferation and differentiation modulators. ion-channel blockers, anticonvulsants, GABA agonists (including opioids and cannabinoids), • Causes immunosuppression COX (Cyclooxygenase, a form of non-steroidal • Suppresses cell adhesion, antigen presentation, anti-inflammatory) inhibitors, acetylcholine mod- chemotaxis and cytotoxicity ulators, melatonin analogs, adenosine receptor 12 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 11 of information about heart rhythm (QT prolongation) effects. Please note that we haven't reviewed the antagonists and the list of other treatment drugs Side Effect list.
goes on. The list of medications and drugs are impressive, however, the list of contraindications and The Side effects listed for Risperidone are: dizziness, side effects are lengthy and concerning. (Herbert TB, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, fainting, unusual muscle Cohen S. Stress and immunity in humans: a movement, constipation, runny nose, increased meta-analytical review. Psychsom Med 1993 appetite, weight gain, nervousness, acne, dry skin, 55:364-379.) difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, and these are not listed in the "Serious Side Effects" section. Let's review the Precaution List taken from the printed and distributed by "Publix Pharmacy" from a Serious side effects (please inform your doctor or national data base known as "Prescription Facts". report your side effects to the FDA, Federal Drug This is a printed form that accompanies the purchase Agency at 1.800.FDA.1088), include: severe of the lowest dose of an anti-psychotic drug, dizziness, fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat, mental/ Risperidone that has been used for years to "restore mood changes, fever, sweating, drooling, difficulty the balance of certain natural substances in the brain" swallowing, seizures, numbness, sudden vision (neurotransmitters). The precautions warn that you changes, slurred speech, chest pain, confusion, should tell your doctor if you have: allergies, liver breast lumps and a slightly increased risk of disease, kidney disease, low blood pressure, seizures, developing heart disease or experiencing a stroke. Parkinson's disease, dehydration, breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high With all due respect for modern medical drug cholesterol and triglyceride levels, dementia, and therapy, it is apparent that there is a distinct obesity. The warning also includes a detailed amount possibility that the prescribed medication may be more detrimental to the individual than the original symptom(s) that are being treated.
There are available choices for alternative, complementary, more natural therapy or treatment that returns the body/mind to a state of improved unity without compromising an individual's state of wellness. Precise statements about the specific interaction between essential oils and the various functions of the immune system are not as comprehensive as the PNI research that we have listed. However, there are many other interventions that have been found to boost the immune system and counteract the effect of stress on individuals without damaging side effects. Some of these interventions and lifestyle changes include progressive relaxation, mental imagery, breath work, proper diet and exercise, biofeedback, massage therapy, expressive therapy, energy work, counseling, aromatherapy and many more health and wellness treatment options. 13 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 12 The complete history of the use of aromatherapy One of the most promising findings in PNI is the substances, from ancient ritual and medicinal exciting implications for the practice of arom- application to today's research, is evidence that atherapy, which offers the possibility of improving essential oils have served as natural support and relief health through direct effects on immune function, as for many disease related symptoms for centuries. well as through the mind/body connection. The natural chemical complexity of essential oils Aromatherapy has been in use since early civilization. derived from plants makes them an ideal form of The first drug directory that we know as "Pen Tsao" natural pharmacological therapy. The synergies of was written by herbalist Shen Nung in the year 2,800 essential oil constituents in their natural state are BC. Ancient civilizations of Egyptians, Greeks and easily adapted to human physiology and when safely Romans all referred to herbal remedies for symptoms and well-prescribed are free from undesirable side of disease. Ali-Ibn Sina, known as Avicenna the Arab, wrote books on the properties of over 800 plants and their effects on the human body in the years of 980-1037AD. During the plague in Europe (1300s), aromatic wood was burned in the streets. Exper- imentation and documented findings continued throughout the 1800s with the discovery of terpene molecules. Charles Cumberland published a report that studied the effects of diffused essential oils of cinnamon, geranium, oregano and angelica on the inhibition of Staphylococcus, Meningococcal and Salmonella typhi. Work in the aromatherapy field continued into the 1900s with further proof of the efficacy of microbes becoming unable to reproduce (Cavell). Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, PhD, dedicated much of his work to help identify the healing/antiseptic components of essential oils. His book "Aromatherapie" was published in 1937. This book set the chemical and scientific basis for the utilization of therapeutic essential oils. Marguerite Maury introduced the idea of combining essential oils with massage. Inspired by the methods used in traditional Tibetan medicine, she developed Essential oils are highly volatile, meaning that they the individual prescription. Essential oils were readily evaporate, transforming from liquid to vapor. selected according to the physical and emotional They occur widely in the plant kingdom, not only in needs of her clients. As the mental and physical the flowers, leaves and fruits but also in the root patterns altered, she modified the aromatherapy system and various parts of green plants. Each plant treatment. She noticed beneficial side effects and species has characteristic glands or cells that store was amazed to see improved skin conditions, relief essential oils. Research shows that these essential from arthritic pain, heightened sexual pleasure, oils play an important part in mediating the insomnia relief and a generally improved mental interaction of the plant with their environment, such 14 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 13 (Helichrysum italicum), myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), as protection against insect, bacterial, and viral rose (Rosa damascena) and others) invasion. There is evidence that essential oils work synergistically to therapeutically enhance metabolic • Antibacterial and antifungal effect (eucalyptus processes of the human body. (Battaglia, Salvatore, (Eucalyptus globulus), ravensara (Ravensara arom- The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy: The Perfect atica), niaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora), marjoram Potion (Australia) Pty Ltd.,1995 90-98.) (Origanum marjorana), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), peppermint (Mentha piperita), geranium Essential oils have properties that include: (Pelargonium graveolens), cypress (Cupressus sem- • Alterative effect- remedies that cleanse and pervirens) and others)detoxify the blood (angelica root (Angelica • Astringent effects-that have a firming and healing archangelica), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), action on irritated membranes or exposed tissues/ fennel (Foeniculum vulgaris), grapefruit (Citrus wounds (grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), chamomile paradisi), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), juniper (Chamaemelum nobile), geranium (Pelargonium (Juniperus communis), lemon (Citrus limonum), orange graveolens), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), (Citrus sinensis), peppermint (Mentha piperita), cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), rose (Rosa dam- rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and others) ascena), galbanum, (Ferula galbaniflua) and many • Anti-inflammatory effect (chamomile (Cham- aemelum nobile), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), • Antibacterial or antifungal effects (tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), angelica root (Angelica archangelica), lime (Citrus limetta), niaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora), bergamot (Citrus aurantium), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), and many more) A gathering place for those on the
empowering and challenging journey
• Carminative effect-relief of intestinal pain, gas and distention (basil (Ocimum basilicum), mandarin (Citrus of Self Discovery.
reticulata), caraway (Cananga odorata var. macr- Nature inspired skin care
ophylla), cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), fennel (Foeniculum vulgaris), melissa (Melissa officinalis), peppermint (Mentha piperita) and more) • Diuretic effect-stimulates increased kidney production (basil (Ocimum basilicum), tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), juniper (Juniperus communis), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and others) • Expectorant effect-promotes the discharge of phlegm or mucous from the lung membranes (eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua), orange (Citrus sinensis), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), benzoin (Styrax benzion) and others) Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved 15 Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 14 Aromas and scent do effect emotions by the direct contact with the brain/limbic system. The limbic • Nervine and sedative effect - strengthens the system is the "oldest" part of the brain. It is where nervous system to reduce the tension and stress thinking and analytical development occurs. The associated with over activity of a body system limbic system tells your body how to react to a (mandarin, (Citrus reticulata) sweet orange (Citrus situation or stimulus, the "fight or flight" reaction sinensis), petitgrain (Citrus aurantium var. amara), previously discussed in PNI research. Essential oils bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia), clary sage "hit" the limbic system in less than 1 second via (Salvia sclarea), grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), lemon inhalation and within 1-3 seconds with skin (Citrus limonum), lime (Citrus medica), basil (Ocimum application. There is no need to have the body basilicum), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and the process essential oils by the digestive system or list goes on and on) blood stream which is the common mode of The research and subsequent findings in absorption in other medication/remedies.
psychoneuroimmunology have exciting implications Essential oils can support and strengthen the for the practice of aromatherapy which offers the immune response in two ways: possibility of improving health through direct effects on the immune function as well as through the i. by directly opposing the threatening micro- mind/body connection. But, how does it work? organism with antibacterial and antiviral properties The olfactory system is responsible for our sense of ii. by stimulating and increasing the activity of the smell. Smelling begins by inhaling through the nose. cells involved by hormonal organ interaction Our nose is a direct protrusion of the brain. The aroma vapors travel to the olfactory epithelium The use of essential oils via inhalation therapy is (special mucous membrane at the roof of the nasal effective in treating the responses to inflammation cavity). The odor penetrates and dissolves into the that present in adverse immune reactions like asthma mucous membrane and the cilia (hair-like structures and autoimmune disorders. This area of research has that are the tips of the olfactory nerves) relay been explored by Michael Alexander who states, "The information through the olfactory bulb deep into the desired effect is immunosuppression. Immuno- brain/limbic system. Our sense of smell is the one suppression is a term used to describe therapeutic place where the nervous system is in direct contact intervention which attempts to suppress immune with the external environment.
responses that are overactive, persistent, and cause harm to the body." (Alexander, Michael, The Sinus sphenoicalis Prophylactic Use of Essential Oil Inhalation Therapy and its Mechanisms of Action in the Treatment of Bulbous olfactorius Respiratory Hyper-sensitivity Reaction, Aroma- therapy Journal, 2002.11(3&4), pg.19.) In this article, Alexander goes on to discuss essential oils which inhibit the inflammatory process which include lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and blue chamomile. In addition to acting directly on immune system function, aromatherapy has the potential to strengthen and normalize the immune system and improve health and individual wellness through the mind/body connection by reducing stress and nasalis media Neurosensorius promoting relaxation. 16 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Psychoneuroimmunology and the Implications
for the Practice of Aromatherapy
Elaine Dohms, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist 15 The selection of essential oils that have a calming and Essential oils are truly made from nature and they restorative effect on the mind/body are impressive possess great beauty and healing potential. and numerous. The contraindications and warnings Aromatherapy based on such oils is in sharp contrast are limited to photosensivity, pregnancy and select to the conventional medicine paradigm. Aroma- medical conditions and medications and therapy presents a rare and valid alternative to homeopathy treatments. The potential for relief of mainstream medical consumerism. (Schnaubelt, stress related symptoms is promising and extensive. Kurt; Medical Aromatherapy: Healing with Essential The future of health and healing supports amazing Oils (Frog LTD., 1999) 262.) opportunities and indications for the ancient healing practice of aromatherapy. Balance and good health is a personal choice. Com- bining aspects of beneficial exercise, proper nutrition, I am a new face on the Aromatherapy scene. I recently stress management and lifestyle is a commitment received my Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist each person must make. Aromatherapy has the designation, in addition to my Reiki Master/Teacher potential of contributing to the overall benefit of the credentials. A personal, incredible aromatherapy choice of mind/body balance and wellness. healing experience launched me down the educational pathway of essential oils and therapeutic In the future, aromatherapy and other alternative aromatherapy. This knowledge has created the methods which rely on natural substances to unite possibility of healing and individual choice in my life the psychological and physical healing will become without compromising my health. I have become increasingly more important. Exciting new research captivated by the potential healing and wellness that in the field of psychoneuroimmunology reveals a aromatherapy holds for the community of new close relationship between emotional and nervous medicine. processes and the human immune system. This proves scientifically the fact that many have known I share my life with seven children, three dogs, four for a long time: the psychological constitution of the cats, numerous rehabilitated squirrels and a very individual is of the utmost importance in the healing patient husband. [email protected] Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved NAHA 2011 E-Journals • Call for Articles
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Submission Deadline: November 1, 2010 The Mother's Issue: Aromatherapy for pregnancy, childbirth, infant and child care
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Submission Deadline: June 1, 2011 As always, well researched, anecdotal articles on specific essential oils are appreciated as are current event news-making items.
NAHA Aromatherapy E-Journal Topics/Themes are scheduled to change based on content received. We are open to ideas and suggestions for future e-journal publications.
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Teaching the Chemistry of Essential Oils: Why Bother?
Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
My self-taught perspective has given me tools I need to teach chemistry to total beginners. I'd like to share some of my teaching methods to hopefully inspire a better understanding of essential oil chemistry.
Let's look at the context first.
1. Why do we want to talk about Carbon, Oxygen and
2. Do we really need to understand GC/MS (Gas
Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) reporting?
What do you think is more fun, teaching students to 3. What is the big deal about chemotypes?
make body butters or teaching them chemistry? Is it 4. What about the Chemical Family theory?
easier for you to talk about lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) than chemotypes? Some people are afraid that knowledge of essential oil chemistry will demystify aromatherapy and The chemistry of essential oils is often presented as reduce it to a cold and clinical science — taking away an advanced, complex subject. Many consider it from the magical, intuitive and energetic aspects of difficult to teach. Seriously? It's not that hard! I never this healing art. This has not been my experience. I took chemistry in high school or college — that is have found that increasing my knowledge and another story. I've taught myself essential oil understanding of essential oil chemistry has only chemistry over the years.
heightened my respect for these remarkable gifts of nature. Understanding both the art and science of aromatherapy gives us a balanced perspective that enhances our therapeutic uses of the oils.
How do I teach this material?
1. The building blocks: Carbon, oxygen and

Introduce the basics of chemistry by discussing shelf life, a very practical issue for all aromatherapists. In order to understand the approximate shelf life of an oil, we need to understand carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and oxidation. To understand oxidation, we need to introduce the factors that influence oxidation — such as the vulnerability of carbon double bonds to oxygen, molecular size, and how heat and light can rearrange molecules.
Context helps students understand why we areasking them to learn chemistry in the first place. I write these bullet points on the board and discuss them with my students. 19 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Teaching the Chemistry of Essential Oils: Why Bother?
Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist 18 3. Chemotypes, when a tiny difference can be a big
• Understand oxidation to understand shelf life • Appreciate why certain oils have a particular therapeutic activity Introduce this concept by explaining that being able • Select essential oils for therapeutic effect to identify the specific chemotype of an essential oil • Understand safety issues concerning certain oils can easily be done through studying a GC/MS report. • Relate to journal articles, keep up with current In class, we discuss the idea that some plants have the essential oil research and comprehend professional genetic ability to produce different chemical lectures at conferences constituents based on the environment in which they are growing. 2. GC/MS, the standard in quality assurance.
Why is GC/MS important? The precise breakdown ofthe chemical components in individual oils (listed on a GC/MS report) is important because the therapeutic benefits of essential oils can often be determined by their chemical components. The safety issues of essential oils are determined largely by the components of the oil, as well as by the dose and application. In order to introduce this material in a practicalsetting, I have students format a GC/MS report. I recently spoke with a student who is taking our Aromahead Institute online Aromatherapy Certification Program. She was working on this activity. The activity instructs the student to take a Use a case study to demonstrate. We use the typical GC/MS report (long list of chemical examples of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and components with percentages) and categorize the thyme (Thymus vulgaris). We explain that depending components into their correct chemical families. on the country of origin and the growing conditions, both of these oils can produce very different essential Before she could do the activity she needed to clarify oils. "Chemotype" literally means a different chemical the difference between a component and a chemical type. The oil components can vary so dramatically family. Next, she needed to identify to which chemical that the oil can even change primary chemical family the component belonged. In order to do this, she needed to look at the component's molecular structure, define the backbone (10 carbons, 15 How does this relate to practical aromatherapy? carbons, benzene ring etc.) and then figure out which Aromatherapists use the chemotypes of oils for functional group, if any, was attached to it. Once this different medicinal purposes and must be aware that was clear, the family (or families) the component they may have different safety concerns.
belonged to became obvious and she was able to categorize the component correctly.
It is helpful to have the various chemotypes you are discussing available for the students to smell. The This kind of activity helps the student feel more impact of smelling Thyme ct thymol versus Thyme ct comfortable with the GC/MS reports, the component linalool helps hammer in the concept of chemotypes names and the chemical families. and the importance of the issue. 20 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Teaching the Chemistry of Essential Oils: Why Bother?
Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist 19 and so on. I tell them that these are called chemical families and that a chemical family is a grouping of chemical components based on specific similarities in their molecular structure (also called their functional group). • For example, all Monoterpenols have a functional group, called a hydroxyl group, attached to a 10-carbon backbone. Depending on the structure of molecules the essential oil contains, it is classified into a specific chemical family or several chemical families. Some oils are made up of primarily one 4. Putting it all together: Chemical family theory.
chemical family (like lemon which contains 90-95% Monoterpenes), while others are made up of two or A solid background in the chemistry of essential oils more significant chemical families (lavender). will add new dimensions to the student's blending abilities. • Each chemical family is associated with certain generalized therapeutic properties. For some of the Share the following concepts with students: families we can make broad generalizations about • Essential oils are composed of natural plant the therapeutic properties. For others we cannot. We chemical components (also called constituents). begin by generalizing to start the learning process These components are physical substances that can and introduce an understanding of essential oils from have some measurable therapeutic activity, a chemical family perspective. This way, the student sometimes validated through research.
develops a system for blending more effectively for specific health issues. Of course, there are many • A GC/MS analysis of an essential oil gives us a list of limitations to the chemical family theory and we components that are present in that oil, along with discuss those at length as well.
the exact percentages of each component present. Essential oils can have very few or more than 200 • Along with the chemical families, some of the individual components have been researched and have been found to have specific therapeutic activity • I give the students a list of chemical families and associated with them. I give them a list of all the common components found in each family. Every components with known, researched therapeutic component on the list belongs to one specific chemical family (with a few exceptions like eugenol which belongs to both the Phenols and Ether • Classifying essential oils according to their chemical chemical families). I explain that they are going to be families can help us understand the activity of an studying ten chemical families, each of which has its essential oil. This classification also helps us to own list of components. understand why several oils can have the same basic properties. If three oils all possess the same chemical • Under each chemical family there are many family and many of the same constituents, we can chemical names; these are the chemical guess that some of their therapeutic activities might components. I ask them to look on the list and find a be similar. This goes a long way in providing us with chemical component, such as a-pinene.
good choices for combining essential oils to make a potent and effective blend.
• I point out that on their handout they see ten headings in bold. Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, 21 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Teaching the Chemistry of Essential Oils: Why Bother?
Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist 20 Working knowledge of essential oil chemistry can facilitate the student's ability to follow up-to-date oil • Another advantage to understanding the chemical research, which can be a very useful way to keep families and the individual components is safety. aromatherapy education fresh and current.
Most of the safety concerns of essential oils are based in chemistry, dose and usage. As you understand the An understanding of chemistry empowers the chemistry of essential oils, the safety concerns student and provides an effective way to develop a become increasingly clear and easy to understand.
deeper relationship with essential oils. I encourage you to share essential oil chemistry with your • As you study an oil, it is always helpful to look at its students through creative, hands-on teaching GC/MS in order to see which chemical families and components are present in significant percentages. This will help you understand some of the behavior of Andrea Butje has been teaching courses in the therapeutic uses of essential oils since 1995. After • Shelf Life: Monoterpenes oxidize more rapidly so co-founding the successful Finger Lakes School of oils high in monoterpenes, like expressed Citrus oils Massage in Ithaca NY, Andrea developed Aromahead and Pine, have shorter shelf life.
Institute and the scientifically-based 200-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program approved by the • Getting to know the qualities of a chemical family is National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and like getting to know a new friend. We can make the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. She also generalizations about their personality that usually designed the exclusive Aromahead Institutes Scholars hold true, and there are always quite a few interesting Program, a 400-hour Aromatherapy Certification exceptions. We discuss all the exceptions we are Program. By working directly with distillers around the aware of, and how the generalizations about world and participating in research and teaching, chemical families can also be limiting. We use these Andrea remains on top of current issues and trends in generalizations as a starting point in our learning, and the growing practice of Aromatherapy. Aromahead modify our understanding as we go along.
Institute classes are held in Sarasota, Florida, Ithaca NY and online. She also offers business classes, teacher trainings, advanced blending programs and website templates Teaching basic essential oil chemistry helps the for healthcare professionals. student understand the following:• shelf life Aromahead Institute: • molecular structure• the chemical family theory International Directory of Essential Oil Distillers: • GC/MS• some therapeutic properties of essential oils Website templates: • most safety issues Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Humble Case Study: Gold Dust at your Fingers!
Jane Buckle, Ph.D., MA, RN
One of the main treatment or the analysis of the outcome. This is to criticisms about ensure that you can't be accused of bias. Finally the complementary clinical trial – sometimes called a pilot study, leads to medicine is there the randomised, placebo-controlled trial that has a lot is not enough re- of rules and regulations. I can write about that in search. I agree, another article if anyone is interested. The thing to but I think one remember is that it all begins with the humble small word needs there is a lack of published research. However, there is a wealth of clinical observation that goes unrecognised because no one documents it in a way that conventional medicine would accept. However, that could change.
The humble case-study, that is what we take every time we see a client, is the basis for a case-series. The case-series is the basis for a clinical trial. A clinical trial is the basis for the randomised, placebo-controlled trial that conventional medicine loves so much. So, how does this work? Well, you may begin with just a hunch and you try it on yourself. It works! Then you try it on a friend or one of your family members. It works! Now you are ready to try it on a client (with their consent). This study needs to be carefully observed and documented. More case-studies follow. Then, when you are absolutely sure of the exact essential oil/s you want to use (and the percentage) The single case-study is important enough for the US for the outcome you want to achieve, you are ready government (who give out hundreds of millions of for a case-series. During this study, every person dollars each year for research into CAM) to ask the receives exactly the same treatment. The case-series Office of Cancer: Complementary and Alternative may only have 6-10 people in it, but it becomes the Medicine to put a sample case-study on their website evidence base for a clinical trial. A clinical trial is because they have been actively recruiting for best where someone other than you does either the case-studies for funding! Imagine if all aromatherapists agreed on a set format for a case-study database. Imagine if that set format was set up in a software program - something like Filemaker - so the details of each case-study could be entered into that database. Imagine if the database was coded into headaches, skin complaints, sleep disorders, menstrual problems and so on. Imagine that each condition was rated on a visual analogue 23 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Humble Case Study: Gold Dust at your Fingers!
Jane Buckle, Ph.D., MA, RN 22 documented diagnosis from a certified health care practitioner. There should also be a documented from 0-10 (where 0 is no complaint and 10 is the history of the disease that will include: worst possible) before and after the treatment. Now
imagine that anyone who has a recognised Conventional Treatment or other CAM
aromatherapy certification could enter his/her own
case-studies and anyone could search this resource. I
History of disease/symptoms plus dates hope you are getting excited about the potential we Exact treatments tried (drug, dosage, time have if we combined our efforts. United we stand, frame), success or failure divided we fall.
Current status in as much detail as possible – blood pressure, pulse, temp, any medical results, So that leads me on to the ‘perfect case-study' format WBCC, ESR (blood tests where relevant) that could form the basis of those going to be entered No concurrent (including other CAM into a database. treatment) that could confound (confuse) the outcome* Detailed outline of current regime: drugs, diet, You need to be focused, precise and objective. It is Subject needs to give informed consent like writing a recipe. Someone else needs to be able to do exactly what you did. There should be a confirmed Date of commencement of aromatherapy treatment8. What essential oil used and why**, what percentage and why, when and how9. Follow up in hour, day, week or month depending on your expected outcome 10. Results11. The report should be very succinct – just a few Most importantly, be objective, not subjective Bear in mind that the above case-study is for cancer patients.
* If you use a mixture of treatments, you won't know what has been successful. This has been one of the criticisms about aromatherapy as often massage is also used. Is the effect caused by the massage, the oils being absorbed through the skin, inhaling the essential oils, or all of the above? If you use a mixture of essential oils, you will not know if all, some or the combination has produced the effect. Music can also confound the outcome, as can scented candles, so avoid those. 24 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Humble Case Study: Gold Dust at your Fingers!
Jane Buckle, Ph.D., MA, RN 23 I hope that this article will inspire more people to ** Pubmed is a good place to start or Scholargoogle. If conduct case studies and that this will also spur the you are not sure how to do this, write NAHA with your development of a recognized, common database.
questions and I will write another article to help you.
Jane Buckle PhD. MA, RN is the author of Clinical IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice, now on its 8thAromatherapists; UK) gives out an annual prize to the reprint. She is an NIH grant reviewer and has taught best case history. The prize was recently awarded to over 1,500 nurses and helped integrate aromatherapy an excellent study from a student at Napier into many hospitals across the USA. She won an University, Scotland. NAHA is now considering NIH-funded post-doctoral research scholarship to awarding an annual prize for the best case-study, too. attend the University of Pennsylvania and then moved to the UK to be a full time academic in London. She Case-studies play a vital role in the two courses RJ retired from university life last month to concentrate Buckle Associates provides: on her USA business RJ Buckle Associates LLC – an educational consultancy in clinical aromatherapy and 1) Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals – a the M Technique. She is based in London but travels taught, clinically based, research backed program that across the pond frequently! requires 66 case-studies and a small research project. Students present their case-studies in each of the four For more information please see: modules. Graduates can put CCAP after their name (Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner).
2) Foundations in Clinical Aromatherapy: Distance learning. 6 case-studies required. Both courses are only open to licensed health professionals.
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A Pure Journey
Dr. Rev. St. James Burton, GRMT, LMBT
I came into aroma- and she gave me information about Company 2. She therapy class thinking, had explained to me that the founder of Company 2 "Oh well. This will be a acquires oils from someone in Europe, another fun little course. No famous aromatherapist. She also gave me some inter-hard work!" Boy was I esting information about a different well known com- wrong. I started the pany (Company 3) owner that had apparently at one Professional Level I point acquired his oils from Company 2. Upon hearing class at Greenville this, I attempted to contact the European company Technical College in owner and confirm these findings about both Com-Greer, SC under the pany 2 and the owner of Company 3 resourcing their instructor Barbara oils through him. Unfortunately he would not give me the information saying that it was "unethical to (Shellie) Enteen, South Carolina Director and Vice disclose the details (regarding their) customers or President of the National Association for Holistic make comments regarding other companies." (Ed., Aromatherapy (NAHA). As soon as the class started we began to discuss the topic of quality and purity of essential oils. For some reason I was entranced and However, understanding ethics from being a massage fascinated by how delicate and thorough the process therapist, I respected his response and moved down of obtaining true essential oils is and should be. one link on the chain to approach both of these com-panies directly. I contacted the founder of Company Our class had a student kit with oils from what I will 2's granddaughter who is also a sales representative call Company 1. Our instructor had a larger, more for the company. She confirmed all of the information expensive kit with oils from this company and another I had previously received and also assured me that new one that would be providing the oils in the future, their essential oils were tested by an independent lab Company 2. Wondering how pure the oils from Com- and that I could get results for specific oils, but said pany 1 and Company 2 were, I decided to do some she would not divulge the name of the lab. The fact that she was so honest and open with me about answering my questions made me feel very secure about the purity of my current Company 2 oils. Now, I attempted to contact the famous Company 3 owner. I was informed that there was no way for me to contact the company owner directly and that for prod-uct questions I must e-mail Product Services. Ques-tions for the company owner were to be sent to Customer Service at which time they would forward the e-mail to his personal assistant. My first e-mail went to Product Services with the following ques-tions: The first thing that stuck out about Company 1's oils was the prices. For an ounce of essential oils, the price 1. How many different types of testing do your essen- was below the majority of the other companies I tial oils undergo and what are the tests? viewed online. That was the red flag for me. Company 2. How many different independent testing sites do 2 was my next hurdle. you send your oils to and what are the names of the Prior to this investigation, I had spoken with another prestigious aromatherapist in the southeast region 27 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved A Pure Journey
Dr. Rev. St. James Burton, GRMT, LMBT 26 they would also reveal their secret process to competitors. My problem though is that, as a 1. Can I request the testing results for the individual prospective customer, if I can't read the results, how oils I buy from each of the testing facilities? do I know they are what they say they are? I was also told that all testing is done "in-house"! Well isn't that 2. How do I know from what countries these essential comforting?! Not really. Yes it's cheaper for the company but the results can also be easily 3. How do I know if the essential oils were manipulated. Oh, and the other problem with this is wild-crafted or organically cultivated? that this company has representatives that claim the oils are tested by AFNOR and ISO. However, the 4. Is there anything you could send or tell me now company when questioned said all their oils meet that would further convince me that your oils are the AFNOR and ISO Standards. According to the company they also own or supervise all the farms from which they attain their oils. In answering my organic and wild-crafted question, I was told "The reason why our oils are not 100% certified organic is due to the fact that we occasionally import some oils from different countries. As most of these countries do not have organic standards set or organic standards that match the US standards, we are unable to certify them organic." My question is, if they supervise all of the farms, how is it that they themselves cannot certify whether or not the oils are organic due to their own growing methods? Regardless of whether or not the country has organic standards, they are importing them to the USA and they are supervised by their own US company. Finally, at the bottom of the e-mail I was assured their essential oils are "therapeutic-grade". (This is a terminology which is not accepted as legitimate by the aromatherapy industry.) Apparently what makes their oils "therapeutic-grade" is: After receiving a reply and reading through it, I was very disappointed. I was told they do very extensive 1. "Exceptional soil" - Whoa. What? They mean to tell testing which includes: Physical Density, Optical me there are giant trucks importing and exporting this Rotation and Refractive Index, and Chemical GC/MS "exceptional soil" to all these countries where they Testing. Wonderful, right? Wrong. The reason being grow all these plants for their oils? I had an interesting because I was informed that I could not receive these moment imagining these caravans of dirt, ceaselessly test results because they are "unique in how [they] on the move.
distill their oils" and this information would appear on the testing results so they can't reveal the results or Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved A Pure Journey
Dr. Rev. St. James Burton, GRMT, LMBT 27 Knowing I am buying top quality, pure essential oils enhances the good feeling I have when working with 1. "[They] make every effort to preserve "nature's them for myself and for others.
living energy" in a manner as close to its natural state as possible." - Ok, then why is Oregano the only Dr. Rev. St. James Burton, GRMT, LMBT is a Holistic wild-crafted oil they offer? I would have to say that Health Care Professional in South Carolina. He is a wild-crafted would be as "close to its natural state" as licensed massage and bodywork therapist, you can get, right? aromatherapist, grand reiki master/teacher, psychic, 2. "Unadulterated, uncut and totally free of reverend, honorary saint and doctor of divinity, and chemicals, pesticides and metals." - Well if that's the registered prayer partner. When he was 9 he realized case why can these oils not be certified organic? Isn't that the rose-colored glasses everyone was seeing that what organic means? through were not for him. He questioned everything and accepted those things that resonated strongly Things get interesting when the buyer is educated and with him to create his own spiritual path. He feels it is can think for themselves. All in all, the buyer must his duty is to show people how to find their own path make the final decision. If you are interested in obtaining pure, quality essential oils, take what I have just as he has. said here and use it to pose questions to your current supplier and make sure YOU are satisfied. Don't go by
what anyone else tells you. You are the (NOTE: Both NAHA and the author agreed not to disclose
aromatherapist, so it is up to you to do the work to the names of the companies and persons interviewed so
protect yourself, your clients and ultimately our as not to endorse or condemn any company or person or
otherwise prejudice the reader.)
Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers
by Jade Shutes, B.A., Diploma AT and Christina Weaver, LMT, NCBTMB
Copyright 2008, Pearson Education Inc. (Pearson Prentice Hall) Book Review by Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMT
Since I have been an LMT for everywhere will realize that their students need more over 25 years and an than a two or three hour class on working with Aromatherapist for over 20 essential oils and will adopt a qualified program and (and now an RA) who has use a text such as this one, as a way for their students also been a teacher in the to get the vital preparation they need to work with massage program at a local aromatherapy safely and effectively.
community college and also wrote and taught a "Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers" is a wonderful professional and an intro- showcase for all the extensive aromatherapy duction to Aromatherapy information and knowledge Jade Shutes has collected course there for the past over her many years in the field. There is no one who three years, it was with could fail to appreciate and acknowledge the range of great interest that I read the her education and experience and those she new textbook by Jade Shutes and Christina Weaver acknowledges as her teachers and mentors. In writing that was created to cover both of these bases. a book that focuses on bodyworkers, she has engaged Aromatherapy is a natural adjunct to massage and the input of Christina Weaver, who seems to have a some say massage is the best way to deliver an lot of good credentials and experience in the holistic essential oil session. I have seen amazing things health field. Consequently, there is a lot about this happen through aromatherapy massage and book to like.
bodywork and I do hope that massage schools 29 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers
by Jade Shutes, B.A., Diploma AT and Christina Weaver, LMT, NCBTMB
Copyright 2008, Pearson Education Inc. (Pearson Prentice Hall) Book Review by Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMT 28 were in the ‘short version' category while others (black pepper, fennel, patchouli) get the longer In the history section, I truly enjoyed the in depth version and the way these sections follow each other treatment of the famous Gattefosse, which makes in the same chapter is a little confusing if one is him much more dimensional than the usual view as looking an essence up alphabetically. I also wondered providential creator of a lab accident. I also liked the why I missed seeing certain familiar safety data for recognition of both Dr. Jean Valnet and Marguerite Maury. (I am a big advocate of the Individual Prescription that was her strong belief.) Chapters 2 Which brings me to the one thing regarding content through 4 do a wonderful job explaining essential oils, that, as a Professional Member who is on the Board of methods of extraction, ways to judge quality through NAHA and as such, following NAHA safety education various pieces of important information such as: the guidelines, I do need to question. In one chapter, latin binomial, country of origin, part of plant used, undiluted use of essences on the skin is described as chemotypes and so on; a particularly clear chapter on unsafe practice but Chapter 8 contains a list of oils basic chemistry, olfactory experience, safety issues. It that are said to be safe to use undiluted and an insert would be easy for an instructor to make this which discusses the controversy among aroma- complicated and detailed information available to therapists over dilution which engages the reader not students in a way they can understand without the to ‘live in fear' but to "work toward gaining a greater kind of confusion that certain areas (like chemistry) understanding of the potential benefits" of undiluted use. Where I can see how this kind of discussion could be appropriate in a professional journal article or a There are also chapters that make this a wonderful presentation at a conference, I question if en- book for those who focus on the spa industry. There is couraging a beginner to make this kind of judgment an illustrated example of an aromatherapy face and to experiment without a greater foundation and massage treatment and a chapter on how to go about experience with essential oils truly supports the setting up a practice. Truly all bases are covered in a purpose of the text. This expression of a personal very clear way, including the way to break down costs point of view is not in keeping with the scholarly, (often not discussed in basic aromatherapy classes) researched tone of the rest of the book.
and with the inclusion of ‘new terminology' lists, worksheets and chapter tests that make homework The inclusion of endangered oils such as sandalwood assignments an easy task.
and frankincense might be understood by the 2008 copyright. One would expect to see an explanation of If I would change anything about the book's format it endangered oils in a revised version. is the location of the information on the specific essences themselves and the idea of treating some in Having said this, all in all, "Aromatherapy for depth and others in a shortened version. This Bodyworkers" is a book that both Jade Shutes and information is in the last chapter and the essences Christina Weaver can be very proud of authoring and themselves have been named many times earlier in one which, in the hands of a qualified instructor, the book in lists for various reasons (from blending would be extremely useful. tips to addressing certain client complaints). As a teacher of Aromatherapy, I would like to see the (Note: Re: appearance of Sandalwood on ‘safe to use' list, student engaged in getting a good understanding of there are reports* that sandalwood (Santalum album) has the essences themselves before they start doing caused dermatitis and allergic reactions in hypersensitive blends and bodywork. And it isn't clear why certain individuals. *Sylla Sheppard Hanger, Aromatherapy essences (bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, lemongrass) Practitioner Manual, Vol II.) Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
The Aromatherapy Business Offers Practitioners Many Opportunities
Rose Chard, LMT
This is an exciting public would welcome and embrace this knowledge if time to be invol- the proper principles were shown to them. Unless we ved in the aroma- do our part in correcting the common misperceptions therapy industry. of aromatherapy, we cannot end the confusion that More people are surrounds our industry. This is why our dedication to choosing a simpli- supporting our clients with true aromatherapy educa- fied lifestyle, and tion is so essential to the growth and credibility of the they are looking to aromatherapy industry. the natural health industry for sup- As an aromatherapist, you are more of an expert than port and guidance. you think (given that you follow the ethical guide- The aromatherapy industry holds a tremendous lines), and the education you have is very valuable, growth opportunity when we consider all the areas in possibly even essential, to the interested consumer. which this discipline is beneficial. As aromatherapists, The knowledge you hold may seem basic and obvious we have the opportunity to grow along with the to you but it is a treasure to a great many that are industry. To do this, it is important that you establish beginning their aromatherapy journey. Learn to trust your own business model which includes understand- that the knowledge you have is valuable to people. ing the aromatherapy community as a whole and Before you can build your business model, the first what your specific contribution will be. Your attitude thing to recognize is that you are a representative of and the ways in which you deliver information have a the greater industry as a whole. Cherish this knowl- profound impact on the aromatherapy community as edge and strive to make the industry proud. As you a whole. To maximize your success, it is essential that flourish, there will be a multitude of grateful people you understand these concepts, the bigger picture, that are able to have better lifestyles. and create your personal business model with them in Once you embrace your responsibility and dedication to the greater aromatherapy community and accept The aromatherapy industry has a lot of work to do to that the knowledge you have is of substance, you do fight the myths regarding aromatherapy and the need to think about how you will deliver your mes-plethora of inferior products sold every day to sage. There is a myriad of ways to use essentialconsumers by larger companies interested in capitaliz- 32 ing on the term "aromatherapy" without actually producing a true aromatherapy product. Consumers are unknowingly purchasing inferior products which cannot provide the therapeutic property intended. In turn they pass off aromatherapy as ineffective and the aromatherapy industry loses credibility. Becoming an aromatherapist indicates that someone has naturally been drawn to the botanical world, understood its value and decided to get educated. As aromatherapists, it is our responsibility to inform customers or clients about the true discipline of aromatherapy. Unfortunately, many aromatherapists I've met don't fully understand the power in the wealth of knowledge at their disposal and so hesitate to educate the public. However, many in the general Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Aromatherapy Business Offers Practitioners Many Opportunities
Rose Chard, LMT 31 The massage therapist might want to begin with creating a selection of pre-made blends that clients oils and aromatherapy as a lifestyle. There are many can choose from, such as a muscle blend for those essential oils out there and at least twelve different who complain about fatigued muscles, a relaxation ways of applying them such as in carriers, a bath, in blend for those who need to unwind and so forth. diffusers. Similarly, essential oils can be used for skin Take the time to consider your choice of blends and and beauty, fragrance or well-being. Then consider then add them to a cold pressed carrier oil – and other aspects of aromatherapy such as safety, profiles consider avoiding the use of any carrier oil which may of individual oils, methods of absorption, therapeutic cause a reaction for clients who have peanut allergies.
properties, deciphering pure oils from synthetics, dealing with inaccurate information and dubious products with aromatherapy labeling and so forth. Even these aromatherapy basics are an incredible amount of information to absorb. Make no mistake – aromatherapy is a discipline, but it is a worthy one.
Newcomers will not immediately be able to grasp the full concept of aromatherapy and you will be unable to communicate this information without a good business model. First, decide what your area of focus will be and then build a strong base around that. You may decide you want to focus on a small aspect of the aromatherapy industry or encompass multiple aspects. For example, aromatherapy education, retail, consulting, manufacturing your own products, or using the principles of aromatherapy to increase the quality and the value of the services you provide in conjunction with another related discipline such as massage therapy. Many massage therapists don't think twice about the massage lotion or oil they use on their clients and look for the cheapest or the most comfortable to apply. It may not occur to them that most of the standard massage oils and lotions on the market are packed with preservatives and artificial fragrances. (Interestingly, they are doing the most damage to themselves as their skin is absorbing the Once you have your blends, you can promote them on lotion every day with every massage.) a laminated sheet presented to clients before the treatment. Indicate that an extra charge will be added And some massage therapists are using quality for the blends. If a client asks what the benefit of products including pure essential oils but not taking aromatherapy is you have the opportunity to educate the opportunity to promote this fact and the extra them. For example, "Our muscle rub is made of care they are giving their clients. A massage therapist ginger, black pepper, clove etc. This blend will help with aromatherapy training should make it very clear warm the area and bring blood to your sore muscles to clients that their service has that additional value. more quickly… essential oils, which should not be Unless it is for promotional reasons, a massage confused with fragrance oils, have known therapeutic therapist should not offer aromatherapy for free as it properties …" Or perhaps your client wants to relax, in removes the value that true aromatherapy has to which case you might say, "Would you like to try the offer as an industry. There is a great opportunity for lavender blend? Lavender does a wonderful job of massage therapists to educate the public and reclaim relaxing your nervous system and has a very the perception of aromatherapy as well as derive comforting affect." direct compensation for the body work. 33 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Aromatherapy Business Offers Practitioners Many Opportunities
Rose Chard, LMT 32 Even if your client declines the blend you've still educated them a bit and they will know that you follow true aromatherapy principles. Those clients that do add the aromatherapy option, will notice how much the aromatherapy enhanced their massage and appreciate that you took the time to discuss your aromatherapy expertise with them.
Your clients will also appreciate knowing that you are using quality essential oils and quality carrier oils. If you are providing your clients these services without promoting it, then you are missing a terrific opportunity to set yourself apart from other businesses. Worse still, your clients will not know the important added benefits you offer. Whether you are a massage therapist, cosmetologist or are involved in another aspect of the industry, it is a good idea to take time to think about where you want to focus your efforts. Do not be overwhelmed with having to incorporate everything if there are areas that are not relevant to you. Some companies have built their entire business based on one essential oil - an impressive feat! inferior products to save a buck will not make you successful. Quality products and services will speak for themselves. Keeping costs down with quality stock is harder so consider starting out with a smaller stock of well chosen quality products. A less obvious benefit of this approach is that because there are more people using inferior quality products there is a lot of competition among those who work with inferior products. Happily, when you maintain a high standard of quality in your products, you will find yourself facing less competition.
We mentioned earlier that there are many misconceptions regarding aromatherapy. One is that aromatherapy is "fluff" and is all about fragrance only or relates to ambiguous, foolish new age jargon like "unleash your inner goddess." I am sure you have Whatever area of aromatherapy interests you, always heard a response like the following when discussing keep in mind that the focus should not be quantity aromatherapy: "Oh, I am not into smells", or "I have a over quality. If you are going to do something, do it friend that is into new age stuff but that's not my correctly. This will serve you well in differentiating thing." I can tell you, I have encountered many people what you offer from other services and products out like this my career – both male and female. In most there. If you are offering quality aromatherapy cases, when I explained aromatherapy in more products or services, then stick to that commitment. accurate and realistic terms, many of these same It is important to be discerning in your own people ended up becoming the biggest users of purchasing because you need to keep an eye on the finances in your business. However, purchasing 34 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved The Aromatherapy Business Offers Practitioners Many Opportunities
Rose Chard, LMT 33 Rose Chard is the owner of Your Body Needs.a massage and aromatherapy studio providing products Before you can begin successfully selling your service or product, you need to understand what aspect of and services in Crofton, Maryland and online at the aromatherapy business you are marketing to and who populates that market. Ask questions such as: Where do I practice? What is my typical Rose gained her Certificate in Aromatherapy from the demographic? How many people do I want to appeal American College of Health Sciences in Portland, to? For example my company, Your Body Needs, is located just outside Washington DC. Most of the Oregon; a leader in natural health education. Rose's clientele in this area work long hours, are middle to dedication to the field earned her a nomination as upper income and are generally not considered ‘laid outstanding Graduate of the Year in 2004. Rose has back' types. We have had great success explaining the incorporated essential oils in her personal life for more basics of aromatherapy from a simple academic than twenty years and now her company has its own approach rather than a more ethereal one. We may growing line of quality aromatherapy products and say something like, "the essential oil of ginger and essential oils. Your Body Needs helps people discover black pepper in our muscle rub encourages better circulation and brings blood to an area more quickly." the everyday benefits of aromatherapy and also offers Most of our clients would not relate to a sentence like popular aromatherapy workshops. Rose is an adjunct "ginger oil will stimulate the yang energy of the staff member at Anne Arundel Community College kidneys." We have made firm decisions about what is teaching the principles of Aromatherapy to other important to us as a company and how we want to health care professionals. She is a licensed massage represent the business of aromatherapy. We made therapist and Professional Member of the National these decisions based on who we are, what we offer Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, the and who our target audience is. This will be a very Aromatherapy Registration Council and the National helpful approach for you to consider when beginning a business. Even though it is important to have your Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and business reflect you, it is equally as important to Bodywork. assess what your clients or customers really need or want and find how to integrate both.
Rose is a NAHA Regional Director for Maryland. It is an exciting time to be in this wonderful industry. There is tremendous potential to succeed if you are respectful of the discipline as a whole, accept that the knowledge you have is valuable and that people will benefit from it, have clarity on how you will communicate your message and execute your services or products in a focused and professional way. NAHA Journal Issue: 2010 • 4
Sacred Scents: Practicing the Ancient Arts of Ceremony, Ritual and Anointing
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Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT
her feet as much as possible. She brought her chiropractic x-rays that showed a narrowing of the disc space in the lumbar region with some arthritic spurring already developing, a scoliotic curvature of her entire spine and significant rotation of her iliums, one anterior, one posterior resulting in a tipped sacrum. It was obvious that Shirley could not stop lifting her children, but she needed relief from her back pain as soon as possible.
Rehabilitation of Scoliosis Conditions
This is the second installment of our article on Scoliosis
inspired in response to a mother seeking help for her 7
year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with
mild scoliosis. She wished to check on the safety,
validity, and efficacy of using large doses of undiluted
essential oils on the spine to correct scoliosis due to it
being caused by a "virus harboring in the spine" (a.k.a.
Rain Drop Technique, or Therapy, RDT). Part 1
attempted to cover what scoliosis is based on current
medical community definitions regarding currently
known causes, and possible cures; and it addressed
why a massive dose of essential oils may not be the
best treatment. We introduced Structural Energetic
Therapy® (SET), founded by Don McCann, which
defines and treats scoliosis based on a structural core

distortion of the pelvis and spine that forms as the fetus develops. (See Note 1). Four case studies Jason, a 49-year-old accountant, had been rear-ended previously published by Don McCann were presented as well including one dealing with a child. in an auto accident two years ago while sitting at a stop light. He had been receiving chiropractic care In this installment Sylla shares the benefits of having ever since the accident until his insurance was had the therapy herself, and will show how adding depleted. His diagnosis was a flexion/extension injury Structural Energetic Therapy® to her aromatherapy of the cervical spine with a slight herniation between massage practice has refined her skills so she can C3-C4 and a bulging disc between C7-T1. In addition, address acute and chronic pain. In addition Don will his x-rays showed a significant degree of scoliosis of also describe how the Structural Energetic Therapy® his entire spine with the rotation of the iliums and techniques will effectively resolve scoliosis problems tippage of the sacrum. The chiropractic notes for each of the cases that were described in the first indicated treatment of the flexion/extension injuries installment. Let us review our scoliosis cases from the last issue. of the neck only, and no mention or diagnosis of the scoliosis in the thoracic and lumbar spine. The discs Shirley, a 35-year-old mother of three children, was that were injured were at the greatest degree of the referred to me for low back pain that developed after scoliotic curvature. Jason came to me because a the delivery of her third child. She reported that she friend of his had insisted that Don could help him, and had been doing a lot of lifting of all three of her since his PIP had run out insurance no longer covered children ages 5 years, 3 years, and 6 months, and that chiropractic care. The sad part is that, even though he her back was getting worse. In addition, she had had two years of treatment, he only had minimal complications during the last month of her pregnancy, improvement and was now also experiencing severe so the doctor had insisted that she stay in bed and off headaches. He needed some effective therapy. 37 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT 36 was irreversible, and that chiropractic manipulations might cause fractures of her weakening spine. They Carol, aged 13, was brought to me by her mother after also told her that she would have to quit doing she had been picked out of a school scoliosis massage because the scoliotic collapse and fractures screening and was referred to a neurosurgeon for of the spine would worsen almost immediately. possible surgical intervention. The parents were Having been a massage therapist for 20 years, Anita scared when they saw that Harrington rods were part had heard of the soft tissue work that Don does and of the surgical intervention suggested for their wanted to know if the scoliotic curvature of her spine daughter's scoliosis. The x-rays and MRI's that could be rehabilitated so she could continue doing the confirmed the scoliosis showed a more than 40 massage she loved. degree scoliotic curvature. The neurosurgeon had told them that since she was in a growth spurt this Now let's look at the way that Structural Energetic would probably progress to somewhere around 50-60 Therapy® techniques effectively address the degrees by the end of her normal growth and would rehabilitation of each of these cases. leave her incapable of bearing children. Carol was reasonably athletic and really wanted to join the high Shirley had lost a great deal of the tonus in her school girls' volleyball team as she was already 5'10" intrinsic muscles that had previously counter and played very well. She only occasionally balanced her scoliosis after having a month's bed rest. complained of back pain or any discomfort. However, In addition, the spreading of her pelvis during the she shared her parent's concern about the prognosis birth process had further rotated the iliums and of dire pain, disc degeneration and inability to carry a weakened the ilium/sacrum relationship causing her child due to the scoliosis. left ilium to move even further into anterior rotation and the tippage of the sacrum to increase. The Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques, which included the Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases and the pelvic balancing protocol, were applied. These techniques addressed the anterior/posterior rotation of the iliums and the tippage of the sacrum that were exaggerated during pregnancy and birth, along with the musculature of her hips, legs and abdomen. This unwound and released some of the lumbar curvature of the scoliosis resulting in a significant decrease in the scoliotic curvature and low back pain. Jason was experiencing most of his pain in his neck and shoulders due to his auto accident that had increased his scoliosis putting pressure on his cervical and lumbar discs. Structural evaluation revealed an acute head forward posture, head tipped to the right, right shoulder medially rotated and dropped, left shoulder higher at the superior angle of the scapula, and a shortening of the back of his neck. This time the Anita, a 63- year-old massage therapist who had been Structural Energetic Therapy® Cranial/Structural Core practicing for 20 years, came for sessions because of a Distortion techniques were applied integrated with sizeable dowagers hump and inability to stand up the soft tissue Head, Neck and Shoulders protocol to straight. After a bone density test she was told by her address the neck and shoulder pain. The pectoralis doctor that she had osteoporosis and was collapsing muscles and the anterior neck muscles were treated into a scoliotic curvature of her spine. Other than first to move the head and shoulders back out of the reinforcing her bone mass with medication and head forward collapse. This was followed by treating exercises, there was little else she could do. In addition, they informed her that the scoliotic collapse 38 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT 37 extremely pleased. Due to the fact that she was in a growth spurt, and actively jumping and jamming the the shoulders and sacrum, the treatment continued on a monthly basis for the next five years. Her scoliotic curvature After several sess- remained stable and she was able to have a college ions the scoliosis in career in volleyball. the rest of his spine became the limiting Anita was aggravating her scoliotic condition by doing factor and needed massage. Her structural evaluation showed her head to be addressed by was far in front of her shoulders and the back of her balancing his pelvis neck had become very shortened. She had a very with the pelvic exaggerated dowager's hump from using her arms balancing protocol and locking her shoulders down while doing massage. as in Shirley's case. This area was also where she experienced the most Following that same pain and difficulty while doing massage. Therefore, sequence the ant- initial treatments focused on releasing her internally rotated shoulders and anterior neck allowing her rotation of the head to move back, then releasing the tops of her iliums and tippage shoulders and back of the neck allowing her to of the sacrum were straighten up and her shoulders to drop using the addressed along with head, neck and shoulder protocol after the initial the hips, legs and abdomen which took the pressure application of the Cranial/Structural Core Distortion off the curvatures in the spine and allowed his lumbar Releases. This also had a dramatic effect on reducing the size of her dowager's hump. It was then necessary to build support in her low back by Carol, the 13-year-old, was in excellent shape being balancing the iliums and reducing the tippage of her an athlete, but was facing a growth spurt that could sacrum using the same sequences within the pelvic increase the developing scoliosis. She also had a balancing protocol as in the other three cases. major anterior/posterior ilium rotation with a Another important detail for Anita was to change the substantial tippage in her sacrum, and her head was height of her massage table so that her shoulders significantly in front of her shoulders resulting in a were not hiked up and her head was not thrust shortening of the back of her neck. Since Carol was forward when she was doing her massages. Once this constantly jumping up and down playing volleyball, was accomplished she was able to maintain correct balancing the iliums to support a balanced sacrum posture, and continued working even though the was the focus of the initial treatments. Without this osteoporosis was still in a degenerative state and she support the curvature in her spine would have rapidly was losing bone mass. With the scoliotic curvature increased. As in the previous cases, Cranial/Structural greatly reduced, the pressure was now distributed Core Distortion techniques and pelvic balancing evenly across the vertebral surfaces and no longer on protocol of Structural Energetic Therapy® were the edges of her vertebrae which prevented the applied to release the anterior/posterior rotation of compression fractures. She was now able to enjoy the iliums and tippage of the sacrum, and to treat the giving massages again. hips, legs and abdomen. After several sessions, the ilium rotation was decreased, her sacrum was leveling When working with all four of these clients, the most out, and the curvature of her lumbar and thoracic effective method of working with the soft tissue was spine was rapidly improving. It was now time to treat the three-step approach which is the basis of all the the neck and shoulders using the Structural Energetic soft tissue protocols of Structural Energetic Therapy®. Therapy® head, neck and shoulder protocol to move This involves 1) releasing the fluids and toxins to her head and shoulders back and into balance with reduce inflammation and clear the trigger points, 2) the pelvis. For the next four weeks the treatment applying directed myofascial unwinding strokes to alternated between the neck and shoulders and the release the myofascial holding patterns within the low back. When Carol was re-evaluated, her scoliosis was in the 20 degree range and her parents were 39 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT 38 Specific blends can be used either to address immediate pain or swelling along with the bodywork, fascia that held the distortion of the structure, and 3) or just for a pleasant scent while working. Sometimes releasing individual fibers, scar tissue and adhesions. clients will come in wishing to work on an issue such This approach enabled each of the clients to be as clarity or compassion. Together we can choose the treated within their pain thresholds, in spite of the oil that speaks to them and use that in the session to acuteness of the condition, and to have deep facilitate the work on those issues. The blend or oil structural balancing work that might have been can be sent home with the client for later use, impossible without working slowly into the tissue in including sore areas of the body where the SET this manner.
therapist worked, or anywhere there may still be some pain. Essential oils I have found useful for pain How can we add aromatherapy to this approach? are: helichrysum and lavender, lavandin, rosemary There are several ways in which aromatherapy can be camphor, peppermint. For inflammation a used in these treatments. Aromatherapy has the combination of blue tansy and helichrysum work ability to help clear toxins and trigger points. The wonders along with German Chamomile, yarrow and essential oils can also be used on the pain, soreness, others. Anti spasm oils like Roman chamomile, and swelling that occurs for the cases previously petitgrain, sweet marjoram, and lemon eucalyptus mentioned. Since these are resolved cases, it is would be good on any acute spasm. All of these would obvious that Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) be properly diluted of course! (10% or less is sufficient stands alone just fine on its own. So, adding if working a small area).
aromatherapy is an extra bonus. Having a pleasant smelling office and therapy room can put people at The muscle testing or kinesiology is part of the twelve ease and make a good first impression as well as class program of the SET training. This is how we keeping the air clean and fresh. This is most easily confirm what we see structurally in the body in the accomplished with an ultrasonic diffuser that adds a initial body reading. This single tool has taken the mist to the air, rather than a heated or air dispersal guesswork out of my treatments. This was not new to machine. Essential oils diffused in the air can also help me as I learned Touch for Health in the 1980's. I have clear any energy that may be released during a had it used on me during chiropractic treatments in session since the body work can release deep the past, and more recently I re-learned it in Robbie emotional energies that have been stored in the body. Zeck's awesome Aromatic Kinesiology class several years ago. This changed the way I decide what With some clients I can muscle test them using Robbi essential oils to use on people- (barring an emergency Zeck‘s Blossoming Heart book and chart for the of course, or when treating a physical illness, acute essential oil they need. This is a simple method pain, wound, etc.) After that class I am now able to discussed later on in this paper, to identify what use the chart in the book to muscle test and ask the someone may need, using the body and applied body to determine which category: Emotional, kinesiology. Once I get their particular oil and give Mental, Spiritual, or Physical, and then to narrow them a sniff on a tissue I read out loud to them about down to one oil. I then use an Energetic Oil kit Marge the oil, and what it could mean for them. I may also Clark ( put together to give a sample intuit what it may mean and share if appropriate. of the diluted oil on a tissue while we read what the Perhaps I may use that essential oil in their blend oil is saying to them. They always say it is right on! below as well, or give them some to work with later. That method really cut my work in half. It also showed me that what I may think they need is one During the actual SET therapy we use a thicker cream thing and what their body tests for is something else! or butter to prevent sliding on the tissue as the This simple method works very well at health fairs and movements are very slow and deep. I previously used trade shows to give someone a quick reading on an fractionated coconut oil for typical massage, but now essential oil they may need and an insight on a I prefer organic shea butter for this bodywork. personal issue. Sometimes I will warm it up, or mix in coconut (raw) oil to make a thinner butter- either way it melts at Personally, having experienced Structural Energetic body temperature and absorbs quickly into the body. Therapy® and then learning the techniques has Since I use a separate container for each treatment, I transformed my life in several ways. Since I was about can easily add an essential oil or blend to use during 14 I have suffered on and off with low back pain, and the treatment, just as in any massage session. If there is any left, I give it to the client to use at home. 40 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT 39 was diagnosed early on with a birth defect that allowed my vertebrae to shift, especially when lying down. During my work as massage therapist and aroma therapist I tried every therapy (chiropractic, neuromuscular, Rolfing, etc) and every essential oil to no avail. I was still in some pain most of the time. In 2005 I finally heard my daughter Nyssa's voice saying I needed to try the SET therapy (she had seen it at massage school), but it was when I read a case study that could have been my story in one of Don McCann's articles that I called to set an appointment. Thus began my un-winding from my own Core Distortion, old patterns, thoughts and beliefs, and stuffed emotions that I have held onto all these years. After a year of receiving the therapy and realizing the potential to be pain free, I asked my daughter to take the training figuring she could take care of me. During her first year I realized I was referring my clients to her because I could not get them out of pain and she could. Thus, I signed up for the program to learn myself what I needed to progress, and to finish the bodywork I needed to be pain free! I also realized that sometimes it is not good for a family member to work In the next installment and we will go more in depth on another, so I needed others to work on me. Now into other areas of combining essential oils and have a network of SET therapists who will trade with Structural Energetic therapy® such as the autism work I have already begun, and how SET works to facilitate the feeling of well being on other levels with It took some time for my body to respond, but today I emotional energy release.
can easily move, dance, and exercise without fear of NOTE 1: Structural Energetic Therapy® or SET something pulling and, more importantly, without pain!! I am the most balanced I have ever been in all developed over 30 years by Don McCann and is areas because when you balance the structure, constantly in a state of evolution. SET is a rehabilitative everything moves more readily into place. I'm no therapy which integrates Cranial/Structural Core longer slightly irritated with a nagging ache. I can sit Distortion Releases with specific deep soft tissue and meditate for an hour without pain. I am still in protocols designed to address and release the soft tissue amazement that I can live the rest of my life with no holding patterns of the core distortion and structural discomfort, having previously thought I would always sub-patterns that cause painful conditions and be in pain due to buying into the beliefs about being dysfunction. These soft tissue protocols include postural older and having arthritis, etc.
analysis, directed myofascial unwinding and individual fiber strokes, scar tissue and adhesion release, along Going back to school at 58 years old was not easy, but with other Cranial/Structural releases specific to each I was committed. I am fascinated with this therapy structural pattern distortion. Emotional energy releases and want to make it part of my work along with the are also used to release the tensions within the body essential oils. I continually learn about myself as I go holding the distortions. The SET Therapist first addresses through these classes, and feel I have a higher level of the primary area of discomfort using these protocols, professionalism, much more self-confidence and and then releases any restrictions causing imbalances in finally the ability to help others out of acute and the other areas of the body so the improved alignment is chronic pain. SET has transformed my business as supported. When this is accomplished, the whole well, gaining more clients because I can do more than structure supports balance and function, and maximum just a relaxing aromatherapy massage now. I already rehabilitation is achieved. SET compliments standard have some good success cases of getting people out of medical treatments and chiropractic, both as a primary pain quickly that refer me more business. therapy and an adjunct therapy. 41 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
Scoliosis: Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment Part 2
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT and Don McCann MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT 40 Don McCann, MA, LMHC, LMT, CSETT developed
Structural Energetic Therapy® over 30 years, and is a
Structural Energetic Therapist, Certified Postural Integrator, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Sylla Sheppard-Hanger has thirty years experience
(MH0705), Licensed Massage Therapist with bodywork as a Natural Health Care Practitioner, (MA0003267), past FSMTA Executive President, licensed massage therapist, Aroma therapist, and Certified Reichian Release Therapist, has expertise in licensed cosmetologist and most recently a Structural N.I.C.S. Craniosacral Therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy, Energetic Therapy® Practitioner. She is the Founder Rebirthing, Gestalt Therapy, and Hypnosis. He has and Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy lectured and instructed at Universities, National and (Tampa, Florida) and author of the Aromatic Spa Book State Conventions, and Health Shows, teaches an (2007), The Aromatic Mind Book (2008), The intensive training in Structural Energetic Therapy® Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual (1995), (SET), twelve workshops, produced three video tapes, and The Aromatherapy Practitioner Correspondence authored A Treatment Manual for Structural Massage Course. Sylla teaches aromatherapy - please visit the Therapy, Relief From Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain - site: Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy Quick Release Technique, Relief From, Neck, and Shoulder Pain, Relief from Carpal Tunnel Pain and directs the volunteer team for the United Other Nerve Entrapment Syndromes, Relief from Back Aromatherapy Effort, Inc, a non-profit corporation Pain & Associated Conditions of the Lower that collects and disseminates aromatherapy along Extremities. He is a past staff therapist for Tampa Bay with chair massage to emergency relief workers after NAHA Bookstore New Offerings
The Aromatic Mind Book;
Chemistry of Essential
Natural Aromatherapy
Oils Flipbook by Sylla
with Essential Oils for
Mental Health Profes-
A complete guide to classi- by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger fication of organic mol- ecules(size: laminated, 4 by 5.5 inches, ringbound, 55 pgs) The Aromatic Spa Book;
Natural Treatments using

Essential Oils and the
plants and Essential Oils
Cancer Miasm
for Skin Care and Body
by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky Work Professionals
by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger $49.00 Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
NAHA Bookstore
Essential Oil Safety
By Robert Tisserand and Tony Balacs
by Suzanne Catty
by Jan Kusmirek
The Next Aromatherapy
Vegetable Oils for Aromatherapy
The Practice of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Scent and Psyche
by Jean Valnet, MD
Secretory Structures of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
by Peter & Kate Damian
by Katerina P. Svoboda & Tomas G. Svoboda
The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy
by Jade Shutes
The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual
by Chrissie Wildwood
by Sylla Sheppard- Hanger
2 Volume Manual Set
Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
NAHA Bookstore
The Art of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit
by Marcel Lavabre
by Robert B. Tisserand
by Gabriel Mojay
by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.
Clinical Aromatherapy, 2nd Edition
By Jane Buckle, Ph.D., RN
by Kathi Keville & Mindy Green
Essential Oils in Practice
The Magic of Ayurveda Aromatherapy
Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy
By Farida Irani
Sue Clarke
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Aromatherapy Recipe Guide
Aromatherapy Pet Guide
Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, 3rd Edition
By Len Price, MIT, FISPA, FIAM and
Shirley Price, Cert. Ed., FISPA, FIAM
Understanding Hydrolats:
Clinical Aromatherapy for
The Specific Hydrosols for Aromatherapy -
Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2nd Edition
A Guide for Health Professionals
By Denise Tiran, RGN, RM,
Len Price, MIT, FIFPA, LIAM and Shirley Price, FIFPA, LIAM
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2010 Calendar of Events
August 11 Through September 19, 2010
August 27 through August 29, 2010
Event Title: 10 Day Advanced Graduate Program
Event Title: MCMC2010 Montreal Complementary
Educator: Andrea Butje
Medicine Conference Facility: Aromahead Institute, Ithaca NY
Educators: Mindy Green, Jennifer Jefferies
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Facility: Le Nouvel Hotel
Address: 1740 René-Lévesque West
City: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Contact: Sheryl Beller-Kenner
Phone: 1-514-487-4401
August 12 through August 15 2010
Event Title: Aromatherapy intensive.
Educator: Mindy Green
Address: Rochester, MN. Mid-West Herb
August 28, 2010
Event Title: Instructor Course: Touch With Oils Hand
Educator: Candace Newman MAT LMT
August 14, 2010
Facility: Mercy Regional Medical Center
Event Title: Touch With Oils Hand Massage
Address: 1010 Three Springs Blvd, Durango, CO
Educator: Candace Newman MAT LMT
Contact: Candace Newman 866.304.3451
Facility: Pagosa Mountain Hospital
Address: 95 S. Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO
Contact: Candace Newman 866.304.3451
Sept 4-11, 2010
Event Title: Bali Women's Retreat
Facilitator: Robbi Zeck
Location: Ubud Bali Indonesia
August 14, 2010
Event Title: Self Care with Aromatherapy
Educator: Candace Newman MAT LMT
Facility: Pagosa Mountain Hospital
September 11-12, 2010
Address: 95 S. Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO
Event Title: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils in
Contact: Candace Newman 866.304.3451
Educator: Joie Powers Ph. D.
Facility: The Aromatherapy School
Address: Southern Appalachians, GA/NC
August 20, 2010
Contact: Joie Powers Ph. D.
Event Title: Integrate Aromatherapy into Your
Educator: Candace Newman MAT LMT
Facility: Pagosa Mountain Hospital
September 16, 2010
Address: 95 S. Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO
Event Title: Female Health: Essential Oils for
Contact: Candace Newman 866.304.3451
Maintaining Hormone Balance Part 2 Educator: Dr. Vivian Lunny MD, RA, MDMA, FIFA
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (via your
August 27 through August 28, 2010
Event Title: Essential Oils in a Complementary Care
Contact: Register via the NAHA Online Feedback
Educator: Mindy Green
Address: Quebec, Montreal Complementary
Medicine Conference
September 20, 2010 – January 17, 2011
Event Title: Aroma 303: Aromatherapy II Online
Educator: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Facility: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Contact: 800-487-8839
Copyright 2010 NAHA • All rights reserved
2010 Calendar of Events
September 20, 2010 – January 17, 2011
October 18, 2010 – February 21, 2011
Event Title: Aroma 304: Aromatherapy III Online
Event Title: Aroma 101: Introduction to
Educator: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Aromatherapy Online Facility: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Educator: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Facility: American College of Healthcare Sciences
September 20, 2010 – January 17, 2011
Event Title:
Aroma 203: Aromatherapy I Online
November 2 - December 7, 2010
Educator: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Event Title: Animal Aromatherapy 100
Facility: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Instructor: Kelly Holland Azzaro, RA, CCAP, LMT
Facility: Online course via computer (CE's available)
September 21 - October 26, 2010
Event Title:
Bach Flowers for Animals 100
November 11, 2010
Instructor: Kelly Holland Azzaro, RA, CCAP, LMT
Event Title: NAHA Tele-class; Create Simple and
Facility: Online course via computer (CE's available)
Effective Bases for your Aromatic Blends Educator: Kayla Fioravanti RA
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your
October 2,3 (7 month Program) 2010
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Event Title: Advanced Aromatherapy
Contact Name: Register via NAHA Online Feeback
Apprenticeship Program Educator: Jade Shutes
Address: EWSHAS Snohomish, WA
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
December 6, 2010- Through December 10, 2010
Event Title: "C.A. Certified Aromatherapist" Program
Educator: Marlene Mitchell.
Facility: International Certified Aromatherapy Institute
Address: 3909 Cty. R. 7, Chesterville, ON, Canada
October 11, 2010 Through November 26, 2010
Contact Name: Marlene Mitchell 613-448-2965
Event Title: "C.C.A. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist"
Educator: Marlene Mitchell.
Facility: International Certified Aromatherapy Institute
December 16, 2010
Address: 3909 Cty. R. 7, Chesterville, ON,Canada
Event Title: Exciting New Hydrosols for 2011
Contact Name: Marlene Mitchell 613-448-2965
Educator: Ann Harman
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
October 14, 2010
Contact Name: Register via NAHA Online Feeback
Event Title: NAHA Tele-class; Making and Marketing
Aromatherapy Jewelry Educator: Cathy Gins
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your
January 4 - March 8, 2011
Event Title: Animal Aromatherapy 101
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Instructor: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA, CCAP, LMT
Contact Name: Register via NAHA Online Feeback
Facility: Online course via computer (CE's available)
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Improve your skills and advance the Aro- Aromatherapy Today Journal
matherapy Profession by completing Aroma- head's Scholar's Program, a 400 hour certification Crop Watch
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therapeutic blending, business skills, teacher training and incorporating a wider range of essen- International Federation of Professional
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recognized worldwide as a reliable reference for aromatherapy, and a publication that brought the distilling, trade, sell and distribution of essential oils to the forefront. 323-938-9849 Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy: The
Certificate Program in Integrative Aromatherapy is a comprehensive correspondence course for health professionals and non-professionals. You AROMATHERAPY NON-PROFIT SERVICE
will be personally mentored by author and Holistic Nurse Aromatherapist, Valerie Cooksley. The Professional Aromatherapists who devote a large certification is fully endorsed by the American amount of time to non-member, non-profit organi-Holistic Nurses Association, The National Certifi- zations that support true Aromatherapy and cation Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body- humanity rely on contributions to continue their work and NAHA (Level I and II). 325 CEU's for nurses and massage therapists.
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can Holistic Nurses Association. Accredited by (NCBTMB) The National Certification Board for United Aromatherapy Effort
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and NAHA (Level I and II). 250 CEs. 27 certified instructors. 2) Home study. Accredited by (NCBTMB) and NAHA (Level I). 45 CEs. THE ´M´ TECHNIQUE® A registered method of structured touch suitable for the critically ill. Used in hospitals and hos-pices. Live classes. Accredited by NCBTMB and To Advertise in the
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I agree that I do not apply or promote any techniques considered to be unsafe use of essential oils which includes; RDT and other
undiluted 'oil drop' techniques, internal use or anything out of my scope of practice.

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    Memorias del Judicialización de casos y reparación a mujeres víctimas de delitos de violencia sexual en el marco del conflicto armado Bogotá, 4 y 5 de febrero de 2009 Documento realizado en el marco del Proyecto Estrategia Integral de Incidencia a Favor de las Mujeres

    table of contents clean energy trends 2014. 2 A Record Year for Solar Deployment. 2 VC, Overall Investment Falls. 6 EVs, Hybrids, & Green Buildings on the Rise. 7 Looking Ahead. 9 five trends to watch. 10 1. Enlightened Utilities Begin to Embrace