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Summer 201
Blastocystis Friend of
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By Dr Paul Froomes

What is Blastocystosis?
or animals. You can become and being exposed to the infected after accidentally parasite as described in the sis-TOS-is) is an illness caused by swallowing the parasite; you Essendon
a microscopic parasite, cannot become infected through What are the symptoms
Blastocystis ‘hominis' (also contact with blood. Blastocystis of Blastocystosis?
known as Blastocystis ‘hominis' ‘hominis' can be spread by: Blastocystis ‘hominis' hominis). Once a person or - Accidentally swallowing infection can cause a variety of animal has been infected with Blastocystis ‘hominis' picked up intestinal signs or symptoms, Essendon Private
Blastocystis ‘hominis', the from surfaces (such as bathroom which include John Fawkner
parasite lives in the intestine and fixtures, changing tables, diaper - Abdominal pain Austin Hospital

is passed in feces. Because the pails, or toys) contaminated with parasite is protected by an outer feces from an infected person or Tel: 9331 3122
shell, it can survive outside the - Gas or flatulence Consulting
body and in the environment for - Drinking water or using - Greasy stools that tend to Gastroscopy
long periods in some cases. ice made from contaminated Colonoscopy
During the past 2 decades, sources (e.g., lakes, streams, - Upset stomach or nausea PillCam

Blastocystis ‘hominis' infection shallow [less than 50 feet] or Patients also report fatigue, Endoscopic U/S
has become recognized as a poorly monitored or maintained skin rashes, and joint pain.  common cause of waterborne Some people with Blastocystis Dilatation

disease in humans in the United - Swallowing recreational ‘hominis'infection have severe States. Blastocystis ‘hominis' can water contaminated with symptoms, while others have no be found worldwide and within Blastocystis ‘hominis'. symptoms at all.  In this class of Breath Testing
every state of Australia. Recreational water includes disease, researchers have found How do you get
water in swimming pools, water that people with more severe Blastocystosis and how is it parks, hot tubs or spas,
symptoms may be infected with fountains, lakes, rivers, springs, more virulent types of microbes, The Blastocystis ‘hominis' ponds, or streams that can be and also may have a genetic parasite lives in the intestine of contaminated with feces or infected humans or animals (e.g., sewage from humans or animals. cats, dogs, pigs, horses, cattle). - Eating uncooked food Millions of germs can be contaminated with Blastocystis released in a bowel movement of ‘hominis'. an infected human or animal. - Having contact with Blastocystis ‘hominis' is found on someone who is ill with Dr Paul Froomes
Dr Stephen Casey

surfaces or in soil, food, or water Blastocystosis. Rn Danielle Pacini
that has been contaminated with - Traveling to countries Mr Nick Dunn
the feces from infected humans where Blastocystosis is common Who is at risk?
Despite this, Blastocystis infection is Who is most likely to get Blastocystosis? commonly treated in all countries by Anyone can get Blastocystosis. many physicians.  However, medical Persons more likely to become infected culture varies, and in some parts of the How is a Blastocystis ‘hominis'
world it can be frustrating and difficult infection diagnosed?
- International travelers. to find a physician to treat the Summer 201
infection.  This is especially true in Your health care provider will likely
- Close contacts (such as those in ask you to submit stool samples to
the same family or in the same Australia, Canada, the Northeast states check for the parasite.
household or child care setting) or in the United States, and the United BecauseBlastocystis ‘hominis' can
caregivers of infected people. Kingdom.  Additionally, if first-line be difficult to diagnose, your
- People who drink water or use ice treatment fails, some doctors may be provider might ask you to submit
multiple stool specimens collected

made from contaminated sources (e.g., reluctant to prescribe other drugs to over a few days.  Even in that case,
lakes, streams, shallow or poorly treat the infection. the diagnostics may fail to detect
monitored or maintained wells). Dr Froomes has years of the infection.  Researchers have
Contaminated water may include water experience treating difficult and developed more reliable
that has not been boiled, filtered, or resistant cases of blastocystis infection, diagnostics, but those are not
widely available to patients.  BRF is

disinfected with chemicals. and can guide you through all the working to make more reliable
- Children in child care settings, different options available. In addition, diagnostics available to patients.
including diaper-aged children. you do not have to waste time and - Backpackers, hikers, and campers money on multiple consultations to Lab Testing
who drink untreated or insufficiently discuss the general issue of where or Pathology companies provide a
treated water or who do not practice not blastocystis causes illness or not. Dr stool PCR test on a fresh wear
good hygiene (e.g., proper hand Froomes is well versed in the current specimen of faeces. This test is the
medical literature that confirms it does most sensitive and specific
- People who swallow contaminated and can assist you in getting on with diagnostic test available and has a
24hr turn round. It is also bulk

water while swimming, especially in treatment from the very first lakes, rivers, springs, ponds, and streams. Several community-wide At the Essendon Endoscopy and To ensure successful treatment of
outbreaks of Blastocystosis have been Gastroenterology Clinic, we have three B. hominis it is important that the
patient complete the entire 10 day

linked to drinking water contaminated levels of treatment to eradicate medication schedule.
with Blastocystis ‘hominis'. - People exposed to human feces Beginning with first line oral through sexual contact. therapy, we use a combination of oral anti-parasite drugs in either double or What is the treatment for
triple therapy formats. These treatments go for ten days. These Chronic Blastocystis infections have treatments have a success rate of been found to be unresponsive to 50-70% and are associated with various conventional antibiotics like levels of side effects, which include metronidazole and tinidazole, and, as nausea, headache, malaise, diarrheoa, yet there has been no real consensus on bloating and rash. These treatments treatment. The many asymptomatic cannot be used with alcohol. We use a carriers, the lack of understanding of specific probitiotic with anti-parasite Blastocytis's complexities, life cycle and properties together with the drugs. immune resistance to common Second line treatment is quadruple treatments, have all contributed to c oral drug therapy, which involves taking There is no FDA approved four different strong anti-parasite drugs. treatment for Blastocystis ‘hominis' These medications should also be taken infection.  Physicians have reported with food and preferably taken at the success in some patients with several  same time every day. prescription drugs, but the success rates Finally, for resistant infections we for treatment of Blastocystis ‘hominis' use a third-line approach, which are much lower than for other diseases.  involves colonoscopy and single infusion Many patients remain symptomatic of three high-dose liquid anti-parasite after treatment. drugs directly into the colon. Dr Paul Froomes
The next wave of anti-obesity
therapy looks set to involve
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changing the gut micro biome with
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Tel: 03 9331 3122
faecal microbial transplant.


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Process Biochemistry 41 (2006) 930–934 Short communication Effect of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin gene (vgb) and metabolic inhibitors on cadmium uptake by the heterologous host Enterobacter aerogenes Khaled M. Khleifat Muayad M. Abboud, Ahmed H. Al-Mustafa Mutah University, Department of Biology, P.O. Box (7) Karak, Mutah 61710, Jordan Received 18 May 2005; received in revised form 29 September 2005; accepted 6 October 2005