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Chaos and terror

Manufactured by Psychiatry Report and recommendations on the role of psychiatry in international terrorism Citizens Commission on Human Rights Established in 1969 For the Reader
The psychiatric profession purports to be know the causes or cures for any mental disorder the sole arbiter on the subject of mental or what their "treatments" specifically do to the health and "diseases" of the mind. The patient. They have only theories and conflicting facts, however, demonstrate otherwise: opinions about their diagnoses and methods, andare lacking any scientific basis for these. As a past 1. PSYCHIATRIC "DISORDERS" ARE NOT MEDICAL
president of the World Psychiatric Association DISEASES. In medicine, strict criteria exist for
stated, "The time when psychiatrists considered calling a condition a disease: a predictable group that they could cure the mentally ill is gone. In of symptoms and the cause of the symptoms or the future, the mentally ill have to learn to live an understanding of their physiology (function) with their illness." must be proven and established. Chills and feverare symptoms. Malaria and typhoid are diseases.
Diseases are proven to exist by objective evidence DERIVE FROM A "CHEMICAL IMBALANCE" IN
and physical tests. Yet, no mental "diseases" have THE BRAIN IS UNPROVEN OPINION, NOT FACT.
ever been proven to medically exist.
One prevailing psychiatric theory (key to psychotropic drug sales) is that mental disorders 2. PSYCHIATRISTS DEAL EXCLUSIVELY WITH
result from a chemical imbalance in the brain. MENTAL "DISORDERS," NOT PROVEN DISEASES.
As with its other theories, there is no biological While mainstream physical medicine treats or other evidence to prove this. Representative diseases, psychiatry can only deal with of a large group of medical and biochemistry "disorders." In the absence of a known cause or experts, Elliot Valenstein, Ph.D., author of physiology, a group of symptoms seen in many Blaming the Brain says: "[T]here are no tests different patients is called a disorder or syndrome. available for assessing the chemical status of Harvard Medical School's Joseph Glenmullen, a living person's brain." M.D., says that in psychiatry, "all of its diagnosesare merely syndromes [or disorders], clusters of 5. THE BRAIN IS NOT THE REAL CAUSE
symptoms presumed to be related, not diseases." OF LIFE'S PROBLEMS. People do experience
As Dr. Thomas Szasz, professor of psychiatry problems and upsets in life that may result in emeritus, observes, "There is no blood or other mental troubles, sometimes very serious. But biological test to ascertain the presence or to represent that these troubles are caused by absence of a mental illness, as there is for most incurable "brain diseases" that can only be bodily diseases." alleviated with dangerous pills is dishonest,harmful and often deadly. Such drugs are 3. PSYCHIATRY HAS NEVER ESTABLISHED THE
often more potent than a narcotic and capable CAUSE OF ANY "MENTAL DISORDERS." Leading
of driving one to violence or suicide. They mask psychiatric agencies such as the World Psychiatric the real cause of problems in life and debilitate Association and the U.S. National Institute of the individual, so denying him or her the oppor- Mental Health admit that psychiatrists do not tunity for real recovery and hope for the future.

MANUFACTURED BY PSYCHIATRY CONTENTSIntroduction: Manufacturing Murderers .2 Chapter One:The ‘Doctors' of Death .5 Chapter Two: Psychiatrists Applaud Madmen .15 Chapter Three: Ideology Spawns Racial Hatred .19 Chapter Four: Targeting the Victims .23 Chapter Five: The Road to Recovery .27 Recommendations .28 Citizens Commission on Human Rights International .29 The terrorist attacks on the twin towers of human nature. Suicide bombers are made, New York's World Trade Center and the not born. Ultimately, terrorism is the result of Pentagon in Washington, D.C. on madmen bent on destruction, and these madmen September 11, 2001, will never be forgot- are typically the result of psychiatric or psycho- ten: the airplanes exploding into flame logical techniques aimed at mind and behavioral as they hit buildings; people leaping from the burn- control. Suicide bombers are not rational—they ing wreckage to certain death; firemen rushing into are weak and pliant individuals psychologically the crumbling towers indoctrinated to mur- only to become victims der innocent people themselves; large swaths without compassion, of lower Manhattan with no concern for the "Terrorism is created, not reduced to smoking rub- value of their own lives.
ble. A stunned world human nature. Suicide bombers They are manufactured watched the news footage are made, not born. Ultimately, over and over, trying to Part of that process come to grips with the terrorism is the product of involves the use of criminal mind that could mind-altering psychi- madmen bent on destruction, conceive of such a plan, atric drugs. Consider much less execute it.
and these madmen are typically the roots of the word "assassin." In the year the result of psychiatric or lent acts like this shock 1090, Hasan ibn al- us all. What kind of psychological techniques aimed Sabbah founded a ter- person could be so rorist group called the at mind and behavioral control." cold-hearted and destruc- Ismaili Order in a tive—and be willing to mountain fortress south give up his own life in of the Caspian Sea. To the process? What kind train followers as of mindset methodical- killers, they were first ly plans and executes mass murder—with utter drugged unconscious, then taken to a beautiful disregard for humanity? Yet some "experts" garden filled with luxuries and women. They claim that today's terror merchants are no more were woken to enjoy the "delights" and then irrational than you or I—that we all have drugged again and returned to the "Grand "demons" within. Master" overseeing their training. He would Beware these experts, because their claims are assure them they had never left his side but had blatant falsehoods. Terrorism is created; it is not merely experienced a taste of the paradise that

awaited them if they successfully carried out akilling assignment.1 Because of the heavy use ofhashish to accomplish the intoxication, the killersbecame known as "Hashishiyn" (from Arabic,"user of hashish"), and later "Assassins."2 The Japanese "kamikaze" pilots who launched suicide attacks against allied shippingduring World War II used amphetamines to over-ride their natural impulse to survive.3Amphetamine side effects include psychosis,euphoria and combativeness.4 Beverly Eakman, author and educator says, "Unspeakable acts of terror, torture, and massmurder are not so much the results of individualswho have lost their minds as they are of individ-uals who have lost their conscience. The heinoussuicide attacks on the World Trade Center and thePentagon are traced to Osama bin Laden and …bin Laden's chief mentor is a former psychiatrist… It would not be the first time psychiatrists hadserved as the manipulators behind charismatic,but essentially weak and flawed, human beings— gists. Publicly exposing this destructive source systematically feeding their hatreds [and] behind terrorism provides insight and solutions stroking their egos—until eventually even the to an otherwise incomprehensible and devastat- most barbaric act may appear plausible and rational in the name of some twisted cause." From Hitler's "Final Solution" in Germany 70 years ago and the unthinkable "ethnic cleans-ing" and terrorist purges in Bosnia and Kosovo inthe 1990s, to today's suicide bombers, the worldhas suffered greatly at the hands of programmedassassins and genocidal maniacs. This publication reveals the hidden key players in the alarming and explosive upsurge President, Citizens Commission in terrorism today—psychiatrists and psycholo- on Human Rights International

While 9/11 media concentrated on Osama bin Laden, very 1 few knew the role played by Egyptian psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's right-hand man. The March 11, 2004, train bombings in Madrid were 2 reportedly masterminded by Moroccan psychiatrist Abu Hafiza.
Psychiatric drugs have been used to brainwash young men, 3 in Iraq and elsewhere, into becoming suicide bombers.
Terrorists are also created by psychological methods that destroy 4 individualism, moral judgment and Mind controllers combine pain, psychiatric drugs and hypnosis to 5 turn individuals, including children, into remorseless killing machines.
On March 11, 2004, at the height of the morning rush hour, ten simultaneous blasts ripped through trains in three bustling Madrid train stations. This tragic and deadly terrorist attack, like the September 11th and other attacks, had a common thread—the involvement of members of the psychiatric profession linked to the inner circle of al-Qaeda.
hile 9/11 media concentrated Madrid, Spain, leaving in their wake 191 dead on Osama bin Laden, his and 1,900 injured.
The reported mastermind, Moroccan Wgroup al-Qaeda and the 19 psychiatrist Abu Hafiza, crafted a plan that airline hijackers with links to employed six or more operatives to plant bombs the network, very few knew the role played by timed for simultaneous detonation, a tactic Egyptian psychiatrist Ayman al-Zawahiri.
aimed at amplifying the violence for greater Vincent Cannistraro, formerly a high-ranking psychological impact.7 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counter-terrorism The meticulous planning began at least 10 official, places Zawahiri months earlier, when at the heart of the Hafiza gathered a matter: "Zawahiri is the number of al-Qaeda guy—he's the opera- Former psychiatrist Ayman agents from Saudi tional commander … Arabia and took them al-Zawahiri "is the guy—he's number one, on the right- to Fallujah, Iraq. Over hand side of Osama … the operational commander … the next few months, He believes that violence posing as a teacher number one, on the right-hand is purifying … He kills from a religious school, innocent people."5 side of Osama [bin Laden] … Hafiza roamed Iraq to This deadly terrorist gather intelligence — He believes that violence is has been called "bin on behalf of Ayman al- Laden's brain" by Muntasir al-Zayat, an — Vincent Cannistraro, former counter-terrorism Egyptian lawyer who official, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ings were the latest spent three years in in a lethal terrorist political prison with al- career extending back to the mid-1990s, when Hafiza entered al- The September 11 attacks were neither the Qaeda's inner circle. first nor the last time al-Zawahiri and al-Qaedaworked together.
Creating Brainwashed Terrorists
In March 2004, The Times of London revealed Tragedy in Madrid
that al-Qaeda used drugs to brainwash young At the height of the morning rush hour on men in Iraq to create suicide bombers. The process Thursday, March 11, 2004, 10 explosions ripped involves the use of pain and drugs through trains in three bustling stations in in combination with hypnosis.

Kenya: U.S. embassy bombing, 1998 Beirut: U.S. Marine barracks bombing, 1983 Karbala, Iraq: terrorist bombing, 2004 According to Colonel of information, social Karim Sultan, police Research into terrorist relationships and sup- employed by those chief of Karbala, Iraq, kingpins—the engineers of port structures, and forming terrorist corps "It's a long process to then humiliates the terror attacks—shows a dominance involve the use of drugs brainwash them. They individual so that he and psychological of psychiatric or psychological perceives himself as conditioning, together money, then start to practitioners, but more observable are unworthy, supposedly with ideological use drugs on them the tools of their trade: drugs and motivating him to until they are half-con- these methods enable coercive methods integral to the "Changing" directs terrorists to perpetrate such atrocities as the creation of a worldwide terror corps. the person towards suicide bombing of attacks from nine sui- learning new attitudes, Marine barracks in cide bombers in a three- quite often through Beirut (1983), the U.S.
week period in March 2004. The violence would coercion. "Refreezing" involves ". the integration embassies in Kenya and have been worse, had Colonel Sultan's officers not of the changed attitudes into the rest of the Tanzania (1998), and in captured 12 men in outlying villages—a number of personality. …"10 Iraq's holy city of Karbala, them reportedly drugged and "ready to act."9 Also called "sensitivity training," this process where suicide bombers Other psychological "brainwashing" methods was "developed to study how people could be killed 112 people on employed by terrorist groups include a socially and psychologically manipulated to give March 2, 2004.
three-stage process involving "unfreezing," up their souls. …"11 The end result: the destruction "changing" and "refreezing." "Unfreezing" physi- of individualism, moral judgment and personal cally removes the person from his routines, sources Psychiatrists and psychologists have long tranquilizer known as the "fear reducer," a drug boasted that they are able to program individuals that enabled them to commit extremely violent into assassins by use of these methods. Long before crimes without regret. Abusers showed no guilt anyone heard of a "Manchurian Candidate"—a about their violent offenses. "I didn't feel any emo- person unwittingly programmed to kill by means tion when I stabbed him five times," one teenager of drugs and hypnosis—George Estabrooks, a psy- chologist and former professor at Colgate It is estimated that 250,000 children are forced University in New York, reported the creation of to engage in armed combat at the behest of revolu- operational Manchurian Candidates on the Allied tionaries and terrorists around the world.16 side during World War II. "The key to creating an According to a United Nations report, many of effective spy or assassin," he said, "rests in splitting these children are drugged with amphetamines a man's personality, or creating multi-personality, and tranquilizers to enable them to "go on murder- with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fic- ous binges for days."17 tion. This has and is being done. I have done it."12 Corinne Dufka from Human Rights Watch, Numerous studies have verified that psy- stated, "It seemed to be a very organized strategy of chotropic drugs can "take over the human mind getting the kids, drugging them up, breaking down against the will of the individual."13 their defense and memory, and turning them the use of drugs," into fighting machines wrote Walter Bowart in that didn't have a sense Operation Mind Control, of empathy and feeling "the skilled mind con- for the civilian popula- troller could first induce a hypnotic trance. Then, Colin Ross, M.D., one of several behavior author of Bluebird: modification techniques Deliberate Creation of could be employed Multiple Personality by with amplified success.
In themselves, without authority on coercive directed suggestions, psychiatric methods, drugs affect the mind revealed that a variety of in random ways. But techniques could be when drugs are com- exploited by a skilled bined with hypnosis, psychiatric technician to an individual can be program an individual molded and manipulat- to commit violent acts.
ed beyond his own Hypnosis exerts a more It is estimated that 250,000 children powerful influence are forced to engage in armed combat at It is well known that when combined with psychiatric drugs induce the behest of revolutionaries and terrorists drugs and pain.
violent behavior. A 2000 around the world. According to a United Ross suspects the Swedish study of juve- Nations report, many of these children are number of suicide nile delinquents found drugged with amphetamines and bombers who are pro- that 40% were acute grammed with drugs is tranquilizers to enable them to "go abusers of a psychiatric "close to 100 percent." on murderous binges for days." Over the last decade an explosion of gratuitous violence has terrorized the world scene.
Examination of these destructive phenomena reveals the influence of psychiatric treatment behindvirtually all acts of terrorism. Ayman al-Zawahiri As Gordon Thomas, veteran foreign affairs corre- spondent and author of Journey into Madness, wrote University. According to Islamic lawyer, Muntasir al- in 1989: "While political terrorism has been capturing Zayat, al-Zawahiri is to bin Laden "what the brain is to widespread attention for some time, almost nothing the body … able to reshape bin Laden's thinking and has been made public of how doctors today use their mentality and turn him from merely a supporter of knowledge and skills in its support. … Nothing I had the Afghan Jihad to a believer in, and exporter of, the researched before could have prepared me for the dark Jihad's ideology."21 Interpol issued an arrest warrant reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy for al-Zawahiri relating to his role in the terrorist minds and bodies they were trained to heal."19 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.22 A few examples chillingly prove the premise that Cofer Black, a former CIA terrorism expert now with psychiatric or psychological influences are at the heart the U.S. State Department, said al-Zawahiri "repre- of international terrorism: sents more of a threat" than bin Laden.23 Ayman al-Zawahiri: The second most wanted man
Abu Hafiza: Moroccan psychiatrist, senior al-Qaeda
in the world, he is Osama bin Laden's chief advisor leader and reputed mastermind of the March 11, 2004, and a psychiatrist and surgeon who was convicted of Madrid train bombings, he reportedly led the opera- terrorism in Egypt and sentenced to death in absen- tives who furnished logistical support to 9/11 ring- tia.20 Al-Zawahiri studied behavior, psychology and leader Mohammed Atta and the other terrorists pharmacology as part of his medical degree at Cairo involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He was also implicated in the April 11,2002, suicide bombing that killed 21 people, mainlytourists, on the Tunisian resort island of Djerba. And,he is linked to a series of car bombings and otherexplosions in Casablanca, Morocco on May 16, 2003,where 43 died, including 12 suicide bombers. Morethan 100 were injured. Carlos the Jackal Carlos's hostage taking of oil executives, Vienna 1975 Masamitsu Susaki, President of Aum Supreme
Truth, Japan
: On March 20, 1995, a lethal nerve gas
Aziz al-Abub (a.k.a: Ibrahim al-Nadhir): The psychi-
Left: "Carlos the Jackal" attack on Tokyo's subway left 12 dead and more than atrist behind the torture and interrogation of hostages (Illich Ramirez Sanchez) 5,500 ill.24 The nerve gas used was Sarin, a chemical kidnapped by terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon, al-Abub was a graduate of developed for the Nazis during WWII.25 While the studied political persuasion, "brainwashing" and other attack was ordered by the Aum leader, Shoko Asahara, psychological methods at the Patrice Lumumba campus Lumumba Universitywhere he learned it was Susaki, Aum's president and a psychiatrist, who in Moscow in the 1980s. He familiarized himself with the psychological terrorism introduced psychotropic, stimulant and hallucinogenic latest Soviet pharmacological techniques for "keeping a and "brainwashing" drugs to the group with the stated purpose of erasing person passive over a lengthy period and reducing the techniques and brought the feeling a person had for the opposite sex. Evidence will to resist." He provided "pep pills" for suicide bombers his lessons into ruthless given in the Aum trials in February, 1996 revealed that and implanted them with the idea of the glory of sacri- reality with numerous Susaki had turned Asahara into an LSD addict who fice and dying. But his greater target is the minds of the skyjackings, hostage then indulged in "abnormal sex." Another Aum physi- people, which he attacks using the tension and fear in takings (above) and cian, Ikuo Hayashi, testified that he used the barbitu- the aftermath of acts of terrorism. Today, al-Abub report- rate, sodium thiopental—a drug known to cause edly works in the Iranian prison system, where he is in thepsychosis—and electroshock treatment to "remove perfect position to create scores of criminal suicide [the] memory" of Aum adherents.26 Dozens of mem- bombers using drugs and other psychiatric techniques.31 bers died from sodium thiopental.27 More than 2,600people were given LSD during Aum's initiation rites.28 Frantz Fanon: The rhetoric of today's terrorist can be
traced to Fanon, who trained in France to become
"Carlos the Jackal" (Illich Ramirez Sanchez):
a psychiatrist. He joined the Algerian War for Originally from Venezuela, Carlos was one of the mostrenowned "revolutionary terrorists" in the history of modern insurgency movements. A 1969 graduateof Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University, where hetrained in psychological terrorism and "brainwashing,""The Jackal" reportedly worked for Mohamar Qaddaffi of Libya andSaddam Hussein of Iraq.29Responsible for numer-ous skyjackings andbombings, he wasdescribed as "a ruthlessterrorist who operateswith cold-blooded, surgi-cal precision."30 Although the deadly 1995 nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway (right) was ordered by Shoko Asahara, Aum Supreme Truth's leader, it was psychiatrist Masamitsu Susaki, that set the Aum on its destructive course by hooking its leader and members on powerful and debilitating mind-altering drugs, including LSD.
to his arrest, it was revealed that between 1959 and 1962,Kaczynski had been the subject of a disturbing mind control experiment aimed at measuringhow people reacted under stress.
Harvard psychologists conductedthe experiment. The chief researcherwas identified as psychiatrist HenryMurray, a lieutenant colonel inWorld War II, who had worked forthe CIA's predecessor organization,the Office of Strategic Services(OSS). Murray became preoccupied French troops in Algeria, 1956 by psychoanalysis in the1920s and developed a "personality theory," galvanized by the "Violence is a purifying force. applying his theories to It frees the native from his inferiority the selection of OSS Independence (above) agents and also presum- in 1954, utilized his complex and from despair and ably for interrogation.
training as a psychiatrist inaction. It makes him fearless and Murray's mind control to espouse terrorism experiment at Harvard as a noble endeavor, restores his self-respect." was under the control preaching that violence — Frantz Fanon, psychiatrist and terrorist, of Sidney Gottlieb, a was necessary to author of The Wretched of the Earth psychiatrist and head achieving freedom and of the CIA's technical mental health.
Independence in 1954. Blaming the West for dehu- According to Kaczynski, what he experienced at the manizing local cultures, he preached that achieving hands of Murray was "vehement, sweeping and freedom and mental health required acts of violence.
personally abusive" and attacked his most cherished It didn't matter if the violence was successful, only that ideals and beliefs. Afterward, he started to have the cause was celebrated and publicized. Terrorism ideas about the "evils of society" and an "anti-tech- involves death, he asserted, but also has positive goals nology ideology of revolution."34 and liberating effects. In his book, The Wretched ofthe Earth, Fanon wrote, "Violence is a purifying force.
It frees the native from his inferiority complex and fromdespair and inaction. It makes him fearless andrestores his self-respect."32 In the United States, Ted Kaczynski delivered 16 package bombs to scien-tists, academicians and others over 17 years, killing three people and injuring 23. Subsequent Life changed for Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, after mind-control experiments he participated in from 1959 to 1962 as part of a research project run by psychiatrist Henry Murray at Harvard. The Oklahoma
City Bomber:
The bombing of the Alfred
P. Murrah Federal Building
in Oklahoma City was, at
the time, the worst act of
terrorist violence ever com-
mitted in the United States.
In his book Others
, Stephen Jones,
chief defense counsel in
U.S. v. McVeigh stated,
"The real story of the
b o m b i n g … s t r e t c h e s
weblike, from America's
heartland to the nation's
capital, the Far East,
Europe, and the Middle
East, and much remains a
mystery."35 According to
David Hoffman in The
Oklahoma City Bombing
and the Politics of Terror
Timothy McVeigh: During Desert Storm, 1991 Timothy McVeigh hadbeen a sergeant in the army and done courses in Psy-Ops* (psychological operations) at Fort Riley.
Richard Baumhammers:
On April 28, 2000, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
Baumhammers shot six people, killing five and paralyz-
ing the sixth. The victims included two Indians, two
Asians, an African American and a Jewish woman who
lived next door to his parents. Desiring the same noto-
riety as Hitler and the Oklahoma City bomber,
Baumhammers had frequented white supremacist
web sites and tried to form a Free Market political party
opposing non-white, non-European immigration. He
then chose his victims accordingly. Prior to the killing
spree, he had been under treatment by 12 different
psychologists and psychiatrists and had taken up to 17
different psychiatric drugs.36
*Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) is the study of psychology for military purposes with the primary purpose "to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives."Psy-Ops can be used to "influence the emotions, motives, objectivereasoning or behavior of a targeted public." Responsible for 168 deaths , Timothy McVeigh (above) had earlier received training in "Psychological Operations" in the army, which involvedmind-bending techniques that many have been adversely affected by.
The War Against the Mind
Ivan Pavlov in his laboratory.
"conditioning" research on dogs to assert that man was merely a In 1955, a Soviet manual entitled Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook onPsychopolitics was translated and distributed as a public warning by a New York professor.* The programmable animal, manual was based on the methods of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian psychiatrists Russian psychiatrist who developed "conditioned incarcerated Soviet response" theories through experiments on dogs in dissidents in gulags the early 1900s. Pavlov's work laid the groundwork for a funda- drugged, and reduced to mental psychiatric misconception that remains to this manageable zombies. day: that, like dogs, men are basically programmableanimals, influenced only by fear and reward. Pavlov'sexperiments established the foundation for much ofthe inhuman brainwashing techniques used by theSoviet Union and China in the mid-twentieth century. New prisoners arrive at a Siberian gulag.
The manual revealed, "The early Russian psychiatrists, pioneering this science of psychiatry, "By perverting the institutions of a nation," it understood thoroughly that hypnosis is induced by continued, "and bringing about a general degradation acute fear. They discovered it could also be induced to the degree that privation and depression come by shock of an emotional nature, and also by extreme about, only minor shocks will be necessary to produce, privation, as well as by blows and drugs."37 on the populace as a whole, an obedient reaction or hysteria." The manual instructed that the mere threat *Psychopolitics was described by the Soviets as the "art and science ofasserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of of war or bombings can create this hysteria.38 individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the These are the methods that terrorist psychiatrists conquest of enemy nations through ‘mental healing.'" like Aziz al-Abub learned from KGB (Soviet secretservice) psychiatrists at the Patrice Lumumba cam-pus in the USSR. During the Soviet era, PatriceLumumba and the Lenin Institute trained studentsin social psychology, unarmed combat and guerril-la warfare. Between 1968 and 1975, an estimated2,500 terrorists and guerillas were trained there.39 "The curriculum at Patrice Lumumba covered all aspects of the techniques of persuasion," includ-ing the means to "manipulate and, when needsbe, coerce without resorting to physical force,"wrote Gordon Thomas, author of Journey intoMadness, Medical Torture and the MindControllers.40 Soviet psychiatrists, who saw them-selves "as not so much acting on orders from theKGB as performing the normal functions of a doc-tor," advised terrorists on how to gain cooperationfrom a captive with the use of drugs.41 Such drugscould reduce a person to "near imbecility, orcaused joints to become inflamed or shrink fromthe bones, created temporary blindness, impairedspeech, produced incontinence, resulted in loss of hair and led to frightening rises in body temperatures," of those who now controlled his every action." Other "psychopolitics" centers include Tavistock The classic Search for Thomas noted that seminars were also devoted Institute in Britain and The Frankfurt School the Manchurian to "the deliberate and active steps required to strip an Candidate novel and individual of his selfhood, and how to build up some- Techniques were developed to "crush the human film tell of a major, who, thing new from the bare psychic foundation which psyche to the point that it would admit anything," growing suspicious about remained. In this assault upon identity, a key factor stated CIA mind-control psychiatrist Sidney Gottlieb.
his experiences in the was to create a state of infantile dependency, so that British psychiatrist William Sargant, Gottlieb's peer, Korean War, unravels a person became disoriented, until finally . he ‘dies to advised the use of drugs on "resistant sources," noting how he and others were the world.' Only at that stage, lectured the KGB psy- that the drugs' "function is to cause capitulation, to chiatrists, was the victim ready to receive the ‘salvation' aid in the shift from resistance to cooperation."43 "brainwashed." A principlecharacter was "SergeantShaw," shown above THE MEETING OF THE strangling a comrade at thehypnotic command of his These forefathers of modern-day terror—and counter-terror—orchestrated infamous Cold Warmind-control projects.
❚ Sidney Gottlieb, the U.S. intelligence commu- nity's "Black Sorcerer," developed "techniques" thatwould "crush the human psyche to the point that it George Estabrooks would admit anything." ❚ Colgate University professor and psychologist St. Thomas's Hospital in George Estabrooks gleefully described hypnotizing London, where he set up and programming Allied soldiers, during World War II, shop for mind-control exper- to execute tasks without their knowledge or consent.
iments in the basement.
According to Estabrooks, creating assassins depend- Translations of excerpts of ed upon "splitting" the subject's personality or mak- Sargant's Battle for the Mind ing a "multiple personality" through hypnotism. have reportedly been found ❚ William Sargant was a founder and director in al-Qaeda training camps in of the department of psychological medicine at Afghanistan.44 In 1942, British Prime Minister WinstonChurchill declared psychologists and 1psychiatrists "capable of doing an immense amount of harm" and thatthey should be restricted from involvement with armed forces. Some psychiatrists glorify and justifythe vicious, criminal acts of terrorists 2on the basis of the terrorist's mental, biological or cultural circumstances. In 2002, Adel Sadeq, Chairman of the 3Arab Psychiatrists' Association called suicide bombers martyrs and their actscommitted as self-sacrifice and honor.
Psychiatric personnel provided violence-inducing antidepressants to 4the military servicemen and women who staffed the Iraqi prison whereprisoners were tortured and abused. Military sources state that pilots are put on a regimen that includes 5 psychiatric stimulants to fight fatigue.
Side effects of these drugs includedepression and feelings of aggression and paranoia. Investigations of the terrorist phenomenon have found the influence of psychiatrists, psychologists and their methods in terrorist groups to be strong and pervasive. Chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists' Association and head of the psychiatry department at Cairo's Ain Shams University, Adel Sadeq (inset), goaded TV viewers to become suicide bombers, calling the moment of self-detonation one of "bliss." Psychiatrists Applaud
President George Bush described the ments, the death toll in the Middle East due to kamikaze operations on the World suicide bombings more than doubled over the Trade Center as "acts of madmen." previous 24 months, rising from 201 to 499.
And most everyone agreed. However, Jerrold M. Post, a psychiatrist, a political psy- the mental health "experts" who advise chology "expert" and former CIA analyst, who the world's intelligence communities on the ter- teaches at George Washington University, also rorist state of mind argue that the madmen were says that terrorists are not psychopaths "but use perfectly sane.
psychological strategy for political change."47 Adel Sadeq, Chairman of the Arab Post testified on behalf of Khalfan Khamis Psychiatrists' Association, and head of Mohamed, the terrorist responsible for the deathsthe Department of of 10 innocent people Psychiatry at Cairo's and the injuring of 74 Ain Shams University, others in the 1998 explains it this way: "… As a professional psychiatrist, I say bombing of the Ameri- can Embassy in Tan- that the height of bliss comes with [counts down and] zania. Post met with reaches ‘one,' and then the end of the countdown: ten, nine, Mohamed four times ‘boom,' he explodes, and found him to be a eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and senses himself fly- "remarkably unques- ing, because he knows one. And then, you press the button tioning person."48 for certain that he is not to blow yourself up."46 Regarding Aziz al- dead . it is a transition — Adel Sadeq, Chairman, Abub, the psychiatrist to another, more beauti- Arab Psychiatrists' Association, ful, world. None in the speaking about suicide bombers, 2002 drugged hostages in [Western] world sacri- Beirut, Lebanon in the fices his life for his 1980s, Post spuriously claims he may have possessed a "genetic predis- He stated further: "…The psychological position to become both a terrorist and a medical structure [of the perpetrator of a suicide attack] is torturer through what they describe as an abnor- that of an individual who loves life. This may mal amount of genes favoring spite."49 [Emphasis seem strange to people [who] are incapable of understanding [the suicide attack] because their According to Post, Saddam Hussein is not cultural structure has no concepts such as self- "irrational," "impulsive" or suffering from a sacrifice and honor." psychotic disorder. Yet this is the man who In the 24 months following Sadeq's state- waged a savage war on Iran between 1980 and In a conflict where its 1988, imprisoned and enemies are poised to strike at has provided the then executed 8,000 Armed Forces
psychiatric profession any time and from any location, it In a conflict where with a lucrative new Kurdish resistance and is inconceivable that military its enemies are poised used chemical weapons personnel are given mind-numbing to strike at any time their "treatments" against Kurdish vil- and from any location, psychiatric drugs to "calm lages in his own it is inconceivable that country that killed 5,000 military personnel are and left 45,000 injured.
given mind-numbing Post claims that Hussein psychiatric drugs to merely has a "paranoid outlook" and that "calm them down." his troubles "can really be traced back to Terrorism and the war in Iraq have been a cash cow for psychiatrists in the United States.
From glorifying the blatantly criminal acts of In January 2003, members of the U.S. media suicide bombers to reducing the hideous acts of a reported that two U.S. pilots were taking amphet- maniacal murderer to psychological or biological amines at the time they accidentally dropped a bad luck, psychiatrists on both sides of the ter- bomb in southern Afghanistan, killing four rorist conflict share the same twisted perspective Canadians.51 According to military sources, the on the criminal mind. This perspective protects use of such drugs (commonly Dexedrine, a stimu- and denies the dangerousness of the criminal at lant psychiatric drug) is part of a regimen that the expense of honest citizens. includes amphetamines to fight fatigue and then sedatives to induce individuals to control "I am sure it would be sleep between mis- their aggression and sensible to restrict as much as sions. Pilots call them anger, there is little evi- "go pills" and "no-go possible the work of these dence that it works and pills." Possible side gentlemen [psychologists and effects of ampheta- behavior. In one class psychiatrists], who are capable of mines include eupho- in the United States, a ria, depression, hyper- doing an immense amount of boy beat up another tension and addiction.
boy so badly that six harm with what may very easily There's also the possi- days later the victim degenerate into charlatanry. The bility of "idiosyncratic was still hospitalized.53 reactions" (ampheta- tightest hand should be kept over Soldiers have been mines can be associat- handed antidepres- them, and they should not be ed with feelings of sants, the same drugs allowed to quarter themselves in aggression and para- that were the subject of noia) as well as the risk large numbers among the Fighting a 2004 Food and Drug of becoming addicted Administration (FDA) Services at the public expense."58 to the "cyclic use of a investigation into their — Winston Churchill, violence- and suicide- British Prime Minister, 1942 inducing properties.54 In March 2003, The They can also cause New York Times report- anxiety, agitation, in- ed: "Military psychiatrists, psychologists, somnia, bizarre dreams, confusion, and akathisia (an social workers and other mental health workers inability to keep still) that can lead to violent behav- are present [in Iraq] to offer treatment on the for- ior. Physical dependence is also a problem. ward lines." People magazine also reported this in On April 30, 2004, television stations around March 2004, adding that some soldiers are given the world broadcast graphic pictures of Iraqi pris- classes in psychological "anger management." oners being tortured and abused by U.S. soldiers While "anger management" is claimed to teach in the Abu Ghraib prison outside of Baghdad,Iraq.55 However, what wasn't known then was that psychiatrists had been dispensing psychoac-tive drugs to servicemen and women in theprison. Specialist David Bischel reported that"Combat Stress Management was handing outProzac and Paxil like crazy" to those who staffedthe prison, "trying to get a handle on the frustra-tion and depression."56 Time magazine reported in the wake of 9/11 that no one should be "wandering off into [anantidepressant]-induced forgetfulness."57 Passingout known, violence-inducing antidepressants to soldiers who are responsible for keeping the peace is, at best, ill-advised; at worst, criminal abuse. Jerrold Post, a psychiatrist and "political psychology expert" who teaches at George Washington University, has stated widely that inhis professional opinion as a former CIA analyst, terrorists who kill are not psychopaths, "but use psychological strategy for political change." The prior influence of psychiatry is apparent in 1 the racist views and radical religious fundamentalism of most terrorist groups. As early as 1916, German psychiatrists waged a 2campaign to "purify the race" by the sterilization and castration of "unfit stock."Eventually, those "selected" were gassed in concentrationcamps.
The "ethnic cleansing" of Bosnia-Herzegovina and 3 Kosovo was based on the same psychiatric theories of "racial hygiene" and racial superiority/inferiority that led to the Nazi Holocaust.
Psychiatrists and psychologists developed the eugenics ideology of racial purity used by Hitler and German psychiatry, led by Ernst Rüdin (above left). Eugenics paved the way for the Nazi euthanasia program, the Holocaust and later, lead directly to other atrocities, such as ethnic cleansing in the Balkans during the 1990s.
Ideology Spawns
Most terrorist groups today was the primary author of the 1933 Sterilization embrace extremist political Laws of Nazi Germany. He urged that psychiatry views and hold racist positions take a major role in purifying the race, that range from "white which, he said, involved ensuring that supremacism" and anti-Semitism genetically "defective" persons "shall not be able to radical religious fundamentalism and to propagate."60anti-Westernism.
Blinded by a poisonous gas attack in History consistently shows that these charac- World War I, Hitler was admitted in 1918 to a teristics are proof of the early influence of psychi- military hospital where psychiatrist Edmund atry upon the group Forster hypnotized or its principals before him. After putting the terrorist group Hitler in a trance, "Psychiatrists must be Forster implanted him regarded … as providers and to believe that Germany needed him to recover refiners of the ideological and his sight in order to intellectual foundations for race In 1895, almost 40 serve the cause of years before the Nazi theory and medical killing…." national resurrection.61 party came to power, Psychiatrist Alfred Swiss-German psychi- — Ernest Hunter, psychiatrist and author Hoche's 1920 book, atrist Alfred Ploetz, a of Dimensions of Medical and Psychiatric The Sanctioning of Responsibility in the Third Reich, 1993 the Destruction of Lives eugenics movement, Unworthy to be published a host of Lived, demanded that materialistic theories about racial inferiority in The euthanasia be conducted on "mental defectives." Fitness of Our Race and the Protection of the Weak. He By 1932, psychiatry's racial hygiene ideas had propagated the concept of destroying unworthy become scientific orthodoxy. It was taught in 26 life as "purely a healing treatment," and coined separate courses in the medical faculties of most the word Rassenhygiene (racial hygiene). German universities—all before Hitler came to In 1905, Ploetz co-founded the Society for power in 1933.
Racial Hygiene. The Nazi regime later credited The first step in psychiatry's eugenics master Ploetz and his cohorts with having helped provide plan was the sterilization and castration of those the "biological foundations" for the Nazi deemed "biologically unsound," such as the men-racial state.59 tally ill, intellectually handicapped, homosexuals Another co-founder, psychiatrist Ernst Rüdin, and "colored" people. Between 1934 and 1945, up to 350,000 people were sterilized. By 1940, "killing"centers using gas to exterminate mental patientswere operating in German asylums. A year later,this euthanasia program was expanded into theconcentration camps. "The killing in the concen-tration camps went along the same lines and withthe same registration forms as in the insane asy-lums," noted one proud German psychiatrist.
Incredibly, only four out of dozens of guilty Nazi psychiatrists were prosecuted at the 1946Nuremberg trials. Most escaped justice, and manyreturned to psychiatric practice after the war. Someeven occupied government positions again.
Not until 1999 did German psychiatrists fully admit publicly that psychiatry had spawned "eugenics" and the racial "inferiority/superiority"ideology that had been poisoning the minds of theGerman people for almost three decades before Setting the Stage
the Nazis took power. for Genocide
Ethnic Cleansing: The Balkans
Racial hygiene and eugenics still have the potential to wreak havoc: the 10-year Bosnia and In the early 1920s, rising politi- cian Adolf Hitler read and was profoundly influenced by Kosovo conflicts in the 1990s, which left tens of German eugenicists. Two books thousands dead, had the same psychiatric theo- written by psychiatrists Alfred Ploetz ries at their roots. and Alfred Hoche, respectively, The Serbian psychiatrist, Jovan Raskovic, in 1986, Fitness of Our Race and the co-authored the infamous Memorandum of the Protection of the Weak (1905) and Serbian Academy of Sciences, which advocated the The Sanctioning of the Destruction creation of a "Greater Serbia," claiming the Serbs of Lives Unworthy to be Lived needed to rise above the Croat and Muslim (1920) helped Hitler finalize the minorities because of psychological superiority.
theories he articulated in Mein He also founded the Serbian Democratic Party Kampf (My Struggle), written in (SDS), through which he promoted his ideas of 1924, the book that set the stage Serbian domination of all Yugoslav people. Not for the murder of millions. As Hitler unlike Adolf Hitler, who had accused the Jews of stated, "The right of personal depriving Germans of their livelihood, Raskovic freedom recedes before one's duty stirred up prejudice and hatred against Croats to preserve the race." and the Bosnian Muslims by blaming them for German psychiatrist Ernst Rudin Serbia's economic problems.
was the top Nazi ideologist and During the 1980s, Raskovic repeatedly chief architect of the Nazi's racial denigrated the Bosnian Muslims—with Freudian hygiene program. He also influ- terminology—calling them "anal phase" person- enced Hitler, establishing the bogus alities and labeling the Croats "lower-level castra- science of "psychiatric eugenics" in1926 whereby the concept of sur- vival of the fittest could be extendedto include the mentally and morallyweak, sending hundreds of thou-sands of mental patients for steriliza-tion and ultimately, death. Hemoved his well-laid plans of racialhygiene into actuality with Nazisupport and funding.
tion" types. Because of bered 50,000, and these traits, he con- German observers of Racial hygiene and cluded, Serbs—who the conflict noted that manifested an "Oedipal eugenics still have the "these rapes are a tactic of war rather potential to wreak havoc: stood authority and than simple amuse- leadership and should The 10-year Bosnia ment for the soldiers; reign over the peoples and Kosovo conflicts in the of Yugoslavia. [Oedipal: troops take a village, a disgraced Freudian 1990s, which left tens of full-scale rape begins, notion in which the and continues in male child fantasizes thousands dead, had subsequent prisoner about assuming lead- camps." These reports the same Nazi psychiatrist ership over the family by killing his father, theories at their roots. of similar atrocities have been confirmed Radovan Karadzic, a psychiatrist, student and loyal friend of Raskovic, was chosen to head before the U.N. Tribunal and testified against the SDS party. He, too, became a main instigator, their former tormentors.
and then leader, of Serbia's war against theCroats and Bosnians. In July 1995, he wascharged with genocide and crimes againsthumanity by the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal. Hewent into hiding and to this day is on theWanted List to be tried for his crimes. Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia's strongman president during the Balkan war, was a 25-year patient of Karadzic. After Raskovic died andKaradzic went underground, he kept the con-flict against ethnic minorities going until Serbiahad to give up. He was arrested and put on trialby the War Crimes Tribunal for his role in thegenocidal wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. Together, these men orchestrated a war that resulted in more than 100,000 dead and 1.5million being driven from their homes. But thevictims were not only the dead and displacedcivilians.
In 1992, the world learned of "rape camps" in Bosnia where Serbs were systematically raping captured females. Whenvictims became pregnant, they were held sothey could not have an abortion. The Bosniangovernment reported that those raped num- PERPETRATORS OF THE BALKAN CONFLICT: Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic inspired racial and religious genocide in Bosnia. He and another psychiatrist by the name of Radovan Karadzic, allowed the mass torture, rape and murder of the innocent. Former Prime Minister Slobodan Milosevic, a former Karadzic patient, then perpetrated and financed ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.
Prisoners at a Serbian concentration camp An alarming report that 71% ofAmericans suffered from depres- 1 sion following the 9/11 attack was based on a psychiatric survey ofonly 1,200 people within severaldays of the attack. In this way, apredictable human reaction to ahorrendous tragedy was immediately turned into a "mental disorder." Opportunist psychiatrists predicted "post-traumatic stress 2disorder" (PTSD) in a large percentage of New Yorkers following the attacks, requesting$3 billion to "treat" it. Three psychiatrists first invented the term "PTSD" to describe 3 difficulties suffered by Vietnam War veterans. While the effects of warare devastating, psychiatrists usepeople's logical reactions to it tomake money at the expense of their vulnerability.
Experts hold that the "psychologicaltrauma counseling" often provided 4 to victims of terrorism or tragedies "at best is useless. …"; recipients have done "worse than those whoreceived nothing at all." Much data exists validating man's resilience following tragedy 5 and the value of talking to an understanding friend, familymember or member of the clergyat such times.
CASHING IN ON TRAUMA: The psychiatric industry launched into frenzied action following 9/11, seizing the opportunity to declare the aftermath of the tragedy a "mental health crisis," a ploy that resulted in millions of dollars being poured into psychiatric coffers and skyrocketing drug sales. Targeting the
We've been led to assume, by six days immediately following the 9/11 terror- the psychiatric ‘crisis teams' ist attack, when Americans were still in a state of sent almost immediately to shock and suffering predictable reactions to the any disaster scene, that peo- horrific occurrences. The survey sampled 1,200 ple suffer severe psychic people, which, by some quantum semantic leap, wounds from experiencing such traumas—or concluded that an alarming 71% of Americans even from being in the general vicinity when had been harmed.
they occur," says Dr. Sydney Walker III, neurol- Within days of the 9/11 attacks, psychia- ogist and author of A Dose of Sanity. trists were predicting that as many as 30% of "DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual people affected by the recent attacks wouldof Mental Disorders, develop post-traumat- Edition IV) categorizes ic stress disorder the symptoms most Within days of the survivors experience lion dollars were des- following a disaster as 9/11 attacks, psychiatrists perately needed, they ‘acute stress disor- were predicting that as many claimed, for treating der,'" he continues, the mental health as 30% of people affected by "suggesting that they problems in New York are pathological and the recent attacks would require treatment. But In 2002, however, develop post-traumatic are these people really The New York Times suffering from a ‘dis- stress disorder (PTSD) and reported that only order' requiring psy- 120,000 (out of eight demanded $3 billion. chotherapy and the million) residents of use of potentially New York City—that addictive medications? Are they really at great is 1.5 percent—actually sought assistance in the risk of suffering long-term consequences from eight months following 9/11. A 2003 study their trauma? The answers, surprisingly, are published in The American Journal of Psychiatry ‘No,' and ‘No.'" also found the use of mental health services in In September 2001, a U.S. Senate hearing on New York and Washington, the cities most "Psychological Trauma and Terrorism" was directly affected by the attacks, did not increase.
told, "Seventy-one percent of Americans said The researchers said the study "provides the that they have felt depressed by the [9/11] first information to suggest that the events of attacks."62 An alarming statistic, until one real- Sept. 11, at least in the first six months, had little izes that the survey was conducted during the impact on actual use of mental health services fatigue, or in other words, exhaustion, not"mental illness."66 Dr. Thomas Dorman, a member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom andCanada, stated, "In short, the whole business ofcreating psychiatric categories of ‘disease,' for-malizing them with consensus, and subsequentlyascribing diagnostic codes to them, which in turnleads to their use for insurance billing, is nothingbut an extended racket furnishing psychiatry apseudo-scientific aura. The perpetrators are, ofcourse, feeding at the public trough."67 By "formalizing consensus," Dr. Dorman refers to the process where "disorders" are literally votedinto existence by a show of APA committee hands.
Testifying before the U.S. Congress in 1992, psychiatrist Walter Afield said, "Psychiatry is notan exact science. It generates enormous fear onthe part of everybody, and the insurance compa-nies are petrified. … You can't create a brokenhip. However, we can create mental illness withselective and careful advertising."68 Today, post traumatic stress disorder has become "stretched and blurred," says Tana The "post-traumatic by a population with ready access and Dineen, Ph.D., author of Manufacturing Victims.69 stress disorder" (PTSD) There are some 175 combinations of symptoms was invented in response by which PTSD can be diagnosed.70 "The appli- to the aftermath of the The History of a Bogus ‘Disease'
cation of PTSD has resulted in everything being Vietnam War, when So-called post-traumatic stress disorder pathologized until the only way to be is to be returning veterans (PTSD) emerged in the aftermath of the Vietnam ‘abnormal,'" Dr. Dineen said.71 experienced difficulties War, when veterans were having difficulties over- Kutchins and Kirk further stated that PTSD "has readjusting to life at coming the brutal events they had witnessed. become the label for identifying the impact of adverse home, following the Three American psychiatrists coined the term events on ordinary people. This means that normal brutal events they had PTSD and lobbied for its inclusion in the 1980 edi- responses to catastrophic events have often been participated in. The tion of the American Psychiatric Association's interpreted as mental disorders."72 They further stat- (APA) "billing bible," the Diagnostic and Statistical ed, "The APA and its minions will not even acknowl- mushroomed into one Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).65 edge that they are creating public policy. As they of psychiatry's most Professors Herb Kutchins and Stuart A. explain it, they are simply making diagnoses (and in Kirk, authors of Making Us Crazy, say that the process making many more of us crazy)."73 lucrative scams.
most of the soldiers suffered the effects of With PTSD "authenticated" through its participating in "atrocities, seeing grotesquely inclusion in the DSM, psychiatrists paved the mutilated bodies, or going on particularly way for millions of dollars in funding to train dangerous missions." Those who suffered the "disaster workers" in psychological counseling. mental effects of this were experiencing battle How effective has it been? Professor Yvonne McEwan from Scotland, Shipwreck survivors reported strong posi- who advised the U.S. government after the tive changes in their outlook on life, greater self- Oklahoma bombing, said that psychological esteem and most importantly, lower scores on trauma counseling at best is useless, and at worst measures of post-traumatic stress.78 highly destructive to victims seeking help. "By Dr. Alex Hossach, Consultant Clinical medicalizing what is a non-medical condition and Psychologist with St. Helen's Trust in the United introducing a therapy subject matter that is vastly Kingdom, stated, "Sometimes, a caring family under-researched, over-used and vastly abused, member can help the individual by simply lis- medicine is propping up a lot of dwindling tening to their problems."79 careers," she says.
Dr. Sally Satel of New York says: "Are our A 1996 psychiatric study conducted on 110 burn priests and rabbis not up to the task? Are victims revealed that those who received psychiatric our families' instincts to comfort not trauma counseling were three times more likely to suf- keen enough?"80 She warned against "sensation- fer long-term problems. Lead researcher, Dr. Jonathan alizing mental health professionals" spreading Bisson, said: "… those that received the debrief- about the American ings fared worse than people's alleged lack those who received noth- PTSD "has become the label for of resilience, stating, "What we need—and identifying the impact of adverse Professor Richard thankfully seem t o McNally of Harvard events on ordinary people. This have—is a morally University warns: "In- means that normal responses to galvanized and fo- formed consent comes in cused citizenry, not catastrophic events have often been here. You have to tell a population turned your employees that you interpreted as mental disorders.
inward on its alleged are making a therapy …The APA and its minions will not available that, based on the best information in even acknowledge that they are the scientific literature, creating public policy." will likely do nothing to — Professors Herb Kutchins and Stuart A. Kirk, help and might actually authors of Making Us Crazy make matters worse—do you still want it?"75 Resilience in the Face of Disaster
More than two-thirds of trauma victims studied said that they had actually benefitedfrom the trauma in some way, Richard Tedeschi,a clinical psychologist from the University ofNorth Carolina stated.76 In a study of Vietnam-era prisoners of war, nearly two-thirds said they were more content,stronger and wiser than they were before their captivity.77 Horrified New Yorkers watch as the World Trade Center towers burn.
Citizens groups and government officials 1 should work together to ensure governments firstexpose, and then work toabolish, psychiatry's hidden manipulation of society.
Legal and policy protectionsare needed to prohibit 2 psychiatry's disregard for every individual's right to betreated with humanity andrespect, and to be protectedfrom economic, sexual andother forms of exploitation,physical or other abuse and degrading treatment.
Any legitimacy given to psychiatry as a "science" 3 should be removed because that is patently and demonstrably untrue.
Only in the absence of psy- 4 chiatry and psychology will man's humanity to manbegin to flourish.
Respect for human rights is the cornerstone of civilized nations and the base upon which men of goodwill can resolve any differences. Above: Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk shake hands over the end of apartheid and the new future of South Africa.
The Road to
Psychiatry represents a destructive It is essentially the reverse of the path that instrument of social control. Whether brought us into this madness.
through racial ideologies responsible for If we care anything at all about the quality of life the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing, or for ourselves, our children, and the future, we must through tactics used to manufacture ter- consider this. This is not a nightmare we will wake rorists, methods of psychiatric and psychological from until change takes place.
mind and behavior control continue to wreak Let's be honest.
misery on an interna- Psychiatry is at best tional scale.
a spurious philosophy, Its pernicious influ- cloaked in the trappings ence is especially evi- If we are to end of "scientific fact." dent in the military, the man's inhumanity to man we intelligence community, given to it as a prisons, hospitals and must realize that the real "science" should be removed because that enemies are psychiatrists and Citizens groups and is patently and demon- responsible government psychologists who are skilled strably untrue.
officials should work Like the delinquent in and driven by the together to first expose youth who has aban- and then abolish psychi- manufacture of death, doned his upbringing atry's hidden manipula- and taken up bad destruction and chaos.
tion of society.
company, we must ask Concerned citizens ourselves whether we and groups should want to keep hanging advocate for legal and policy protections that with a crowd that has no future—with "profession- prohibit psychiatry's violations of the individual als" who will likely destroy us.
right to be treated with humanity, respect and Or have we had enough? dignity. Those protections should include measures If we are to bring man's inhumanity to man to to prevent economic, sexual and other forms of an end, it must be realized that the real enemy is psy- exploitation, physical or other abuse and degrading chiatrists and psychologists skilled in and driven by the manufacture of death, destruction and chaos. It should also be understood that, as bad as Only in the absence of psychiatry and psycholo- society may seem with rising violence, crime, gy will man's oppressed humanity to man become insanity and the inhumanity of war and terror, there is a road out.
This is the road to recovery.
Psychiatric abuse is the lethal weapon that has sparked the explosion of internationalterrorism. Mind and behavior control must be exposed, outlawed and banned in 1 every country in the world.
Individuals who employ pernicious psychiatric methods to manufacture terroristsmust be identified and placed at the forefront of the Most Wanted List of International 2 Terrorists. The only way to win the War on Terrorism is to render inoperative the psychiatrists behind the manufacture of murderers.
The United Nations, NGOs, human rights groups and concerned citizens must work 3 together to create a new international human rights covenant that member states sign and ratify to protect the right of all individuals to be safe from mind control andpsychiatric abuse and that affirmatively requires governments to uncover and stop all such abuse.
No person should ever be forced to undergo electric shock treatment, psychosurgery, 4 coercive psychiatric treatment, or the enforced administration of mind-altering drugs.
Governments should outlaw such abuses.
Legal protections should be put in place to ensure that psychiatrists and psychologistsare prohibited from violating the right of every person to exercise all civil, political, 5 economic, social and cultural rights as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in otherrelevant instruments, such as Body of Principles for the Protection of All Personsunder Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment.
Taxpayers' money must not be used to fund psychiatry's unworkable methods and"treatment" for "diseases" that cannot be scientifically verified. Post Traumatic Stress 6 Disorder (PTSD) is not a "disease"—it is a normal reaction to a traumatic situation.
Citizens Commission
on Human Rights International
he Citizens Commission on Human CCHR's work aligns with the UN Universal Rights (CCHR) was established in Declaration of Human Rights, in particular the 1969 by the Church of Scientology to following precepts, which psychiatrists violate on investigate and expose psychiatric Tviolations of human rights, and to Article 3: Everyone has the right to life,
clean up the field of mental healing.
liberty and security of person.
Today, it has more than 130 chapters in over 31 countries. Its board of advisors, called Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture
Commissioners, includes doctors, lawyers, educa- or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or tors, artists, business professionals, and civil and human rights representatives.
Article 7: All are equal before the law and
While it doesn't provide medical or are entitled without any discrimination to equal legal advice, it works closely with and supports protection of the law.
medical doctors and medical practice. A key CCHR Through psychiatrists' false diagnoses, stigma- focus is psychiatry's fraudulent use of subjective tizing labels, easy-seizure commitment laws, brutal, "diagnoses" that lack any scientific or medical depersonalizing "treatments," thousands of indi- merit, but which are used to reap financial benefits viduals are harmed and denied their inherent in the billions, mostly from the taxpayers or human rights.
insurance carriers. Based on these false diagnoses, CCHR has inspired and caused many hun- psychiatrists justify and prescribe life-damaging dreds of reforms by testifying before legislative treatments, including mind-altering drugs, which hearings and conducting public hearings into psy- mask a person's underlying difficulties and chiatric abuse, as well as working with media, law prevent his or her recovery. enforcement and public officials the world over. MISSION STATEMENT THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS
investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights. It works shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded groups and individuals who share a common purpose to clean up the field of mental health. We shall continue to do so until psychiatry's abusive and coercive practices cease and human rights and dignity are returned to all.
Chris Brightmore,
Bijedic Mustafa, Ambassador
Former Detective
Permanent Mission of the Republic of
Chief Superintendent,
Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN:
Metropolitan Police,
"The only weapon we have in this war is truth, and you [CCHR] have helped us a "In the aftermath of September 11th, lot by digging up evidence and spreading it was CCHR whose painstaking information on what's happening in Bosnia research exposed the involvement of and Herzegovina on all possible lines psychiatry in those tragic events and the role of Ayman al-Zawahiri. Al-Zawahiriwas reported in the press to be the chief Simon Wiesenthal, Internationally
aide to Osama bin Laden but he is now revealed to be the sinister psychiatric "I appreciate from the bottom of my mastermind behind the terror campaign.
heart your project which is actively and … I am acutely aware of the evil that publicly decrying the abuses of psychiatry. … malicious, or even misguided, Even in our time, people considered misfits psychiatrists are capable of if their [have been] taken away and buried alive; it is activities are not carefully monitored. important that psychiatry's crimes are made This is the crucial role that CCHR so known and that everything possible is heroically performs." done to stop them." For further information: CCHR International 6616 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90028 Telephone: (323) 467-4242 • (800) 869-2247 • Fax: (323) 467-3720 • e-mail: [email protected] CCHR National Offices Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on Human Rights Australia Human Rights France Human Rights Japan Human Rights Russia (Commission des Citoyens pour 2-11-7-7F Kitaotsuka Broadway, New South Wales les Droits de l'Homme—CCDH) 117588 Moscow, Russia Phone: 7095 518 1100 Phone: 612-9211-4787 75561 Paris Cedex 12 , France Phone/Fax: 81 3 3576 1741 Fax: 612-9211-5543 Phone: 33 1 40 01 0970 CCHR South Africa Fax: 33 1 40 01 0520 CCHR Lausanne, Switzerland Citizens Commission on E-mail: [email protected] Citizens Commission Human Rights South Africa on Human Rights Lausanne Citizens Commission on (Commission des Citoyens pour Johannesburg 2000 Human Rights Austria Citizens Commission on les droits de l'Homme— CCDH) Republic of South Africa (Bürgerkommission für Human Rights Germany— Case postale 5773 Phone: 27 11 622 2908 Menschenrechte Österreich) 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland (Kommission für Verstöße der Phone: 41 21 646 6226 A-1072 Wien, Austria Psychiatrie gegen Citizens Commission on Phone: 43-1-877-02-23 Menschenrechte e.V.—KVPM) Human Rights Spain E-mail: [email protected] Amalienstraße 49a (Comisión de Ciudadanos por los 80799 München, Germany Citizens Commission Derechos Humanos—CCDH) Phone: 49 89 273 0354 on Human Rights Mexico Apdo. de Correos 18054 Citizens Commission on Fax: 49 89 28 98 6704 (Comisión de Ciudadanos por 28080 Madrid, Spain E-mail: [email protected] los Derechos Humanos—CCDH) Tuxpan 68, Colonia Roma 2800 Mechelen 2, CP 06700, México DF Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on Human Rights Sweden Phone: 324-777-12494 (Kommittén för Mänskliga 65, Panepistimiou Str.
Rättigheter—KMR) 105 64 Athens, Greece CCHR Monterrey, Mexico Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on 124 21 Stockholm, Sweden Human Rights Toronto Human Rights Monterrey, Phone/Fax: 46 8 83 8518 27 Carlton St., Suite 304 Citizens Commission on Toronto, Ontario Human Rights Holland (Comisión de Ciudadanos por los Derechos Humanos —CCDH) Phone: 1-416-971-8555 1020 MA, Amsterdam Avda. Madero 1955 Poniente Citizens Commission on Esq. Venustiano Carranza Phone/Fax: 3120-4942510 Edif. Santos, Oficina 735 Taichung P.O. Box 36-127 E-mail: [email protected] Monterrey, NL México Taiwan, R.O.C.
CCHR Czech Republic Phone: 51 81 83480329 Obcanská komise za Fax: 51 81 86758689 Citizens Commission on E-mail: [email protected] CCHR Ticino, Switzerland Václavské námestí 17 Human Rights Hungary Citizens Commission on 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic Human Rights Ticino Phone/Fax: 420-224-009-156 1461 Budapest, Hungary (Comitato dei cittadini per E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 36 1 342 6355 Baneshwor Kathmandu, Nepal i diritti dell'uomo) Fax: 36 1 344 4724 Casella postale 613 E-mail: [email protected] 6512 Giubiasco, Switzerland Citizens Commission on E-mail: [email protected] Human Rights Denmark Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission Human Rights New Zealand CCHR United Kingdom on Human Rights Israel Citizens Commission on Wellesley Street Human Rights United Kingdom 61369 Tel Aviv, Israel Auckland 1, New Zealand 2700 Brønshøj, Denmark Phone: 972 3 5660699 Phone/Fax: 649 580 0060 East Grinstead, West Sussex Phone: 45 39 62 9039 Fax: 972 3 5663750 E-mail: [email protected] RH19 4RB, United Kingdom Phone: 44 1342 31 3926 Fax: 44 1342 32 5559 Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission on Citizens Commission Human Rights Norway Human Rights Finland on Human Rights Italy CCHR Zurich, Switzerland (Comitato dei Cittadini per i Citizens Commission on 00511 Helsinki, Finland Diritti Umani—CCDU) Human Rights Switzerland Postboks 8902 Youngstorget 20125 Milano, Italy 0028 Oslo, Norway E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] 8026 Zürich, SwitzerlandPhone: 41 1 242 7790 E-mail: [email protected] 1. Nesta Webster—"Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" Boswell 39. Op. cit., The Heritage Foundation Reports. Publishing Co., Ltd.,London, 1924 from OMNI Publications—Section on The 40. Op. cit., Gordon Thomas, Journey into Madness, p. 112.
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