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Temperature datalogger
Measure up to 2 parameters LCD display With or without external input Fast data download (1,000 values/second) Upt to 12,000 measurement points 2 configurable setpoint alarms Small dimensions Magnetic mounting With or without IP 67 or IP 40 housing and Elastomer protection pads Units displayed.°C, °F, mV, V, mA, A .1mV, 0.001V, 0.001mA, 0.1A External inputs.1 Jack connector (2.5 stereo) Setpoint alarms.2 setpoint alarms on each channel Frequency of measurement. from 1s to 24h Working temperature.from –40 to +70°C Features of housing
Storage temperature. from –40 to +85°C Battery life.5 years* Dimensions.91 x 65 x 33 mm (*) on the basis of 1 mesurement each 15 minutes at 20°C Display.1-line LCD Type of sensor.NTC .Dimensions of screen : 45 x 17 mm Measuring range. -40 to +70°C (internal sensor) Control.2 keys (« SELECT » and « OK ») .-40 to +120°C (remote probe / optional) Material.Compatible with food industry environment Accuracy*.internal sensor .Housing made of Polycarbonate .Sides and caps made of Elastomer Protection. IP 67 or IP 40 PC communication. 1 input for Jack connector (male 3.5) .Lacquer protected circuit board See technical datasheet « Measuring probe and cables for Class 100/200 KISTOCK dataloggers ». .Meets RoHS standards Current input cable (optional)
Voltage input cable (optional)
Bat ery power supply.Lithium 3.6V 1/2 AA Measuring range.0/4-20mA Measuring range. 0-2.5V Visual alarm.2 electroluminescent diodes (green, red) Environment.Air and neutral gases Measuring range. 0-10V Ammeter clamp (optional)
Measuring range.0-600A Accuracy. ±1 to 2.5% of the value displayed .(according to measuring range) External inputs KT 100 A PC connection input
*All accuracies indicated in this document were stated in laboratory conditions and can be guaranteed for measurements carried out in the same conditions, or carried out with calibration compensation. Jack connectors (2.5) Probes inputs - NTC temperature - current input cable - voltage input cable Jack connector (3.5) - ammeter clamp Input for KISTOCK-PC software Data set is finished Refresh of displayed measurements One value is being recorded Display of measurement and Flashing: data set has not started yet LOG Constant : data set is in progress
Status of battery life: 5 levels (4 blocks + empty battery) Slow Flashing: data set is taking 80- Flashes when only one block is °C.Temperature in degrees Celsius
90% of storage capacity Fast Flashing: data set is taking 90- The values displayed correspond °F. Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
100% of storage capacity to maximum and minimum values V or mV. Voltage expressed in V or mV
Constant: storage capacity filled up of the channels A or mA.Current expressed in A or mA
Channel no. which is measuring Alarm action type: rising or falling flashing on the screen + flashing of LEDs : mean that battery must be changed + flashing of the green LED : detection of communication error Press « Select » and « OK » keys to reset the instrument.
+ flashing of the red LED : detection measurement error Press « Select » and « OK » keys to reset the instrument.
5 recording modes
KISTOCK can record in 5 different ways : « Immediate» mode => to record values according to a predefined interval « Minimum », « Maximum » and « Average »=> to record automatically the calculation of minimum, maximum or average of values measured during an interval « Monitoring »=> to get an accurate history report during error events to help troubleshooting, without stopping the measurement logging. To proceed this way, you just have to define: - a record interval to be used whilst the readings are beyond the setpoints - a record interval for the values measured during each reading beyond the setpoints Furthermore, you can also let your KISTOCK record non-stop (« loop » recording option).
4 types of data set start
Once your recording mode has been set, you can launch your data set : with a delayed start (with predefined date and time) with the software with push-button with « Online » option. In this case, your data sets are directly sent, saved and displayed on your PC in real time.
6 types of data set stop
You can stop your data set : according to a date and time (if it was started the same way) according to a period according to a predefined number of recording points once the storage capacity is full with « Stop » option of the software by holding « OK » key for at least 5s, if this function has been previously activated by the software.

Measuring probes and cables
Large choice of NTC temperature probes: general use, penetration, ambient, wire, Velcro, with handle.
Current and voltage input cables See technical datasheet « Measuring probes and cables for Class 100/200 KISTOCK dataloggers») Configuration and data processing software
KILOG CFR software
KILOG enables you to configure, save and process your data KILOG CFR software is the key tool for users who in a very simple way. require traceability, in accordance with 21CFR- Software .Ref. KILOG Part11 standards. Security and integrity of data USB interface.Ref. I-KIC2 are guaranteed: it is not possible to modify or Complete set: .Ref. KIC2 tamper with the data.
including KILOG software + 1 USB interface Interface.Ref. I-KIC2 KISTOCK-PC interface
This USB cable enables you to connect your Complete set : KILOG CFR software + 1 interface. Ref. KIC2 CFR KISTOCK to your PC.
Ref. I-KIC2 KISTOCK can be mounted in dif erent ways; you can also move it or KNT data collector
install it very easily.
KNT data collector allows you to collect measurements Magnetic mounting or wallmounting (see photo) from one or several KISTOCK directly on-site (500,000 Secured mounting (optional, see accessories) values stored). Data can be displayed and printed from the KNT or downloaded to your PC.
Ref. KNT 300 Wallmount system and lace eyelet Magnetic mounting Printer for KNT 300 data collector
Secured wall-mounting bracket
KIMO has designed a new proprietary anti-theft system with no padlock. Your system cannot be unlocked or How to change the battery
damaged: your installation is fully secured.
With 5-year battery life (*), KISTOCK guarantee long-term measurements. To change the battery.
Remove the screw located at the back, with a screw driver Remove the front part, along with the old battery.
Insert the new battery observing the proper polarity.
Replace the front. Tighten the screw.
Once your KISTOCK is set To unlock: insert the Remove the key to Press « Select » and « OK » keys for 2 seconds to
on the mounting plate, insert key inside the metallic release the metallic refresh battery level.
the key to lock the mounting axis, and make ¼ turn. axis. Your KISTOCK (*) on the basis of 1 measurement each 15 minutes at 20°C is now unlocked. Wire extension for NTC temperature probe
KISTOCK dataloggers can be supplied with calibration certificate Made of PVC HT, 5m long, with Jack connectors (male and female) as an option.
Ref. KRC 5 Note: you can connect several extensions together (maximum length KISTOCK dataloggers have 1-year guarantee for any Lace. Ref. KDC
manufacturing defect (return to our After-Sales Service Lithium ½ AA battery . Ref. KBL
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