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Mon., May 30 . . . Memorial Day-No School Thurs., June 2 . . . C.E.C. Graduation 7:00 Fri., June 3 . . . . High School Graduation 7:00 Fri., June 10 . . . . Half Day Mon., June 13 . . . Last Day of School, Half Day South Walnut Elementary
Bangor Middle School
Bangor High School
Dear Bangor Families, Fourth Grade Transitions to Middle School
The 2016 Heroes in Education
By Dennis Paquette, Superintendent Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope ev- eryone feels rejuvenated and ready for the home I'm not very musical y inclined. I cannot play tracurricular ac- The move to middle school is exciting and rewarding! This tran- stretch of the 2015-2016 school year. Last week Amber Mortensen & Lucas Smith any musical instruments and I cannot sing tivities, student sition can be easier if you start to prepare now. At South Walnut the middle school kicked off the M-Step test as very wel . The extent of my musical participa- government, re- we will start talking about this big move and get our students previously mentioned in the last Viking Press. tion ends with me listening to Bruce Spring- duces behavior prepared. Some things that can be done at home to support The 2016 Valued Viking Award Winners
The 8th graders began the testing sessions on steen on the radio. That said, I have come to problems, and your child's progress and independence: Tuesday, April 12th. The 5th graders will be appreciate our middle school and high school increase the odds 1. Learn everything you can about the middle school. Read the testing next beginning Thursday, April 21st. bands programs. Our band, under the direc- that students will website, visit and ask for a tour.
The 6th and 7th graders will be tested in May. tion of Mrs. Tianna Doe, recently performed go on to gradu- 2. Build School spirit! Learn about clubs, teams, classes, and I can say that it was a great start. Attendance at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. ate from both wear your school colors.
rates were high and students seemed very con- This could be a once in a lifetime event for high school and a four-year college. In short, fident heading into the first two sessions. The many of our students. music helps improve the overall quality of a 3. Encourage important habits. Stick to a daily homework rou- high school and middle school welcomed the The band program provides many opportuni- young person's life.
tine and stay organized! Flying Aces professional Frisbee team to help ties for our students to learn and grow. Our Music education will help with memory. Even 4. Ask for advice. Summer programs or reading programs may motivate students to be successful. Thank you students who are involved with the band pro- when performing with sheet music, music be a great question.
to Brian Hayes and his team for such a magnifi- gram learn about the arts, and performing as students are constantly using their memory artists. Music is an essential part of a well- to perform. The skill of memorization can 5. Keep communicating. Talk to your child about concerns and rounded and complete education. The music serve students well in education and beyond. hopes. Solve problems together. Keep in touch with your teach- program allows our students explore realities, Music students learn to improve their work. relationships and ideas that cannot be con- Learning music promotes craftsmanship, and veyed simply in words or numbers. Also, the students learn to want to create good work music program allows for innovative problem instead of mediocre work. This desire can be solving that students can apply to other aca- applied to all subjects of study. Music students Students of the Month
Front Row: Juanita Oviedo, Stephanie Alkemade, Elida Segura, Amber Mortensen, Lucas Smith, demic disciplines at the same time. stay engaged in school. An enjoyable subject Kindergarten: Geovanni Luna,
Ryan Vree, Jennifer Zordan. Second Row: Tina Loomis, Elva Segura, Karla Vassar, Jason May- Researchers have studied the benefits of mu- like music can keep kids interested and partic- Cielo Maldonado, Andrea nard, Deb Pobuda and Dan Thorbjornsen. Third Row: Joanna LIveratos, Bangor Police Chief sic education for decades, consistently find- ipating in school. Student musicians are likely Barajas, Isabell Macedo. First
Tommy Simpson and B.A.A. Fire Chief Derek Babcock ing strong correlations between music and to stay in school to achieve in other subjects. Grade: Rodrigo Munoz, Bren-
Our Valued Viking Award winners are…
academic achievement. For example, positive Music students have greater levels of self-con- da Martinez-Jimenez, Hay- fidence. With encouragement from teachers ley Cummins, Keily Soriano- The 5th graders in Mrs. Reming- Last year we started a new tradition. We hon- South Walnut Elementary School: Stephanie results have been noted in standardized tests. and parents, students playing a musical in- Ramirez. Second Grade: Jose
ton's class are working on  Proj- ored our first ever Valued Viking Award win- Alkemade & Karla Vassar. Middle School: Ja- According to one study that tracked more strument can build pride and confidence. Mu- Gonzalez, Victoria Quinones, ect Based Learning, by creating ners. Building administrators, and directors, son Maynard. High School: Ryan Vree. CEC than 25,000 middle and high school students, sical education is also likely to develop better Briana Pop. Third Grade: Asia
a  presentation  citing reasons chose two individuals who have been going Building: Juanita Oviedo & Joanna Liviera- music-making students get higher marks on communication for students. Cruea, Colyn Strampel, Ga- above and beyond in their work efforts for tos. District winners are: Sherry Schultz, Deb standardized tests than those who have little that the  American Colonies are briel a Quiroz. Fourth Grade:
students and activities within the buildings. Pobuda, Elva Barajas, Elida Segura & Dan or no music involvement. Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by Yrral Campbel , Ethan Woger- These recipients were given a Valued Viking Thorbjornsen. Community honorees are: after the American Revolution. Not all benefits derived from a music educa- listening to it, singing, or playing an instru- paper weight. This is just a small way for the Tina Loomis, Jen Zordan, Bangor Chief of Burrows, Katlin Anderson Students are creating posters, tion are academic. Many studies have found ment. The band program is doing great things administration to say thank you to our staff Police Tommy Simpson & B.A.A. Fire Chief videos, slide shows, Kahoots, that involvement in music programs leads to for our kids… and maybe, just maybe one of members for the hard work they do for the Derek Babcock and  any other format that their positive personal, social and motivational ef- our students will end up as a member of Bruce students and families within our district. So Hero in Education Award. The purpose of
group selects  and then these fects. Studies have demonstrated that the arts Springsteen's E Street Band.
will be presented to the class.   significantly boost student involvement in ex- Bangor Middle School
this year we presented the 2nd Annual Val- the Educational Hero Award is to honor and ued Viking Awards. recognize people who make a positive impact We also announced the winners of the 2016 on the educational setting as a K-12 educa- Bangor Middle School Honor Roll
Hero in Education Awards. The Hero in tor or community member. The awards will Education Award is presented at a banquet be presented to our recipients at a banquet 3rd Marking Period
in Lawrence at the ISD Conference Center in in June. This year's winners for Bangor are: South Walnut Elementary
5th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
June. The award was started six years ago as Amber Mortensen, South Walnut Elemen- Maya Rodriguez Reyes a way to honor employees who make a differ- tary School teacher & Lucas Smith, Bangor *Briseida Sanchez ence in the lives of children from the eleven Middle School teacher.
NED Assembly
Lilliana Alcauter school districts in Van Buren County. I would It is our privilege to honor these exceptional A huge thank you to our School Counselor, Sandra Barajas-Gutierrez *Tyler Westbrooks *Samuel Glidden Fry *Andrew Cervantes like our staff to know that we recognize and people who have demonstrated their skil , Mrs. Smal , for scheduling the NED assembly value their efforts as we make Bangor Public commitment, passion and professionalism Michael Hardester here at South Walnut! NED is a school wide Schools a great place to educate children. throughout our district. Through tireless tri- character education program that centers on 6th Grade
We separated the recipients of these awards als and commitment to the improvement of a lovable cartoon character whose name is an Adan Carrillo-Hernandez into six categories: South Walnut Elementary the safety, education, and quality of life for School, Middle School, High School, the children of Bangor Public Schools. We Juancarlos Garcia In Ms. Squire's class, students were learning about blood typing. 7th grade students are required CEC Building, The District level and The thank you all.
Hannah Householder to understand that cel s are the basic units to all living organisms, their composition (similari- Alejandra Gutierrez ties/differences of animal and plant), and in multicel ular organisms cel s comprise subsystems. Amara Littlefield Ke'arius Jennings One component is talking about specialized cel s.  Blood cel s were used as one example. For more than 10 years, Mrs. Vadonna Jackson from the American Red Cross has come in and Bangor Band Goes to Disney
Elizabeth Lopez Cruz Jacqueline Mandujano performed blood typing for the students who wanted to participate.  Each participant was able Over 45 Bangor High School band students professional Disney musician.   While work- to see how their blood type is determined and received their results within a couple of minutes.  had the life changing experience of travel- ing with these musician, the students learned cellence at school. *Hannah Mellinger Students were then given a sticker to wear with their blood type.  While the blood typing was ing to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Flor- what it is like to be a professional musician, Students real y en- Jacqueline Medrano going on, another representative from the ARC did a presentation on blood cel s. Upon comple- ida.   Accompanied by 14 chaperones and what kind of opportunities a performer has, joyed the assembly Congratulations to our SUPER accelerated tion of the blood typing, we gathered data and graphed their director, these students had a variety of and the tips and techniques for how to ap- and are still buzzing *Nicholas Markovich readers during March is Reading Month! the different blood types to be displayed for the students. unique experiences that only the band and proach the music like a professional would.  At Jennifer Quinones Each student was the top reader in their Ariannabella Russell Walt Disney World could offer. The trip began the end of the workshop, the students record- Jefferson Saucedo This not only gave students a first-hand look at a special- grade level. Cielo Maldonado, Araceli Ra- on April 1st, and concluded on April 6th.
ed a Disney song, and had film edited to fit ized cel s, but allowed the students to get information on a mos, Madison Lennox, Trinity Davis and career in nursing/health care, etc. While in Walt Disney World, the band expe- their recording.
Elizabeth Ogrodny!! rienced City Walk, Hard Rock Cafe, The Blue On Monday, April 4th, the band had the Alexzandra Strampel Man Group, Disney's Magic Kingdom, Dis- chance to march in the "Pre-Parade" that took On behalf of our staff, I want to thank you for your ney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hol ywood place through the heart of the Magic King- continued support. We look forward to working Like Us On
Studios, and Disney's Epcot Center.   The dom.  The band paraded from Frontierland, together as a team to provide your child with the best group had the "ful " Disney Experience, and to Cinderel a's Castle, down Main Street, and Facebook and
Samuel Villasenor educational experience that strives to meet the district's enjoyed every park, attraction, and show the out the front door.  The band was exposed to mission – Providing Educational Excellence as a Christopher Walker Pathway to Success.
facilities had to offer.
the entire crowd at Disney's Magic Kingdom During the trip, the band participated in the on that day.  They represented Bangor Public Bangor Public Schools "You're Instrumental" workshop.   This is an Schools very wel , and we are so proud of each * Denotes All A's opportunity for the students to work with a and every one.


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NHS STOP SMOKING SERVICES: Service and m NHS STOP SMOKING Service and monitoring guidance 2010/11 DH INFORMATION READER BOX Social Care/Partnership Working Best Practice Guidance NHS Stop Smoking Services: service and monitoring guidance 2010/11 Commissioners and provider leads of NHS Stop Smoking Services PCT CEs, SHA CEs, Directors of PH, Stop Smoking service commissioner and provider leads, Tobacco Control Alliance leads

GAME OVER – COMPUTERSPIELE Alles nur ein Spiel?Gewalt in Computer- und Videospielen und ihre Wirkung. Von Melanie Verhovnik Abstract Computer- und Videospiele sind Teil der modernen Me-dienwelt, aber auch immer wieder Anlass zu emotionalen öffentlichen Diskussionen – vor allem zu Wahlkampfzeiten und vor allem dann, wenn Ereignisse wie School Shootings die Berichterstattung prägen. Obwohl Computer- und Videospiele, wie z. B. der als prototypisches Gewaltspiel geltende Ego-Shooter „Counterstrike", massenhaft von Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen gespielt werden, wird nur ein kleiner Teil von ihnen gewalttätig. Dennoch bietet beispielsweise die Ähnlichkeit von realen Ereignissen im Vergleich zu den Spielgeschich-ten oft Anlass zur Spekulation, an einen Zusammenhang zwischen fiktiver und realer Gewalt zu glauben. Dieses Forschungsfeld ist gut untersucht, wobei die zahlreichen Einzelstudien zur Wirkung von Mediengewalt nicht gerade zur Übersichtlichkeit beitragen. Der vorlie-gende Beitrag fasst den derzeitigen Forschungsstand zusammen und liefert einen Überblick über Computer- und Videospielinhalte, deren Nutzung und ökonomische Bedeutung, und stellt darüber hinaus Theo-rien zur Wirkung von Mediengewalt und empirische Ergebnisse vor.Computer- und Videospiele werden nicht nur als „Kunst-