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If you are in a part of the world where
A WORD ABOUT FLYING AND BLOOD malaria or West Nile Virus are known to
If you are concerned about your health exist and are carried by mosquitoes:
With more and more people using air travel, a and how it relates to your travel plans, speak with your doctor about prevention and risk greater number of people have reported a condition factors. You can also trust the pharmacist Avoid low-lying and swampy areas.
known as "venous thromboembolism," which is affi liated with Accès pharma chez Walmart essentially a blockage of blood in a vein, in this to provide you with helpful advice on common Bring mosquito repellent that contains DEET conditions and products that can help treat (for young children between the ages of six case caused by sitting in the same cramped them. There are a number of information months and two years, DEET-containing position for a long period of time.
sources that may be helpful: products are generally not recommended). If This condition has received a lot of attention, it is considered essential to use this on young but it is not yet perfectly understood. Some children between the ages of two and 12 years, people who are already at a higher risk of circula- ensure that the DEET concentration is no more tory problems (e.g., people who have already had a stroke or who have existing blood circulation problems) might face an increased risk of this Public Health Agency of Canada
Mosquito netting might also be appropriate, especially where you are sleeping. Some of the condition, particularly if they are fl ying for a long symptoms of mosquito-carried illnesses are distance, although this is not certain.
quite similar to the fl u, so if you were bitten by There are a few general rules that may help a mosquito and you begin to develop any of minimize circulation problems while you fly: World Health Organization
the following symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to have Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
these symptoms checked by a doctor: Don't drink too much alcohol.
Walk up and down the aisle from time-to-time, taking care to stretch your legs and arms.
This information should not be used as a substitute for If you have any circulatory problems the medical care and advice of your doctor. There may • Nausea or vomiting.
be variations in treatment that your physician may (particularly in your legs), you may benefi t recommend based on individual facts and circumstances. If you have questions about your symptoms, ask the Be aware that certain illnesses and bacterial from a support stocking that fi ts snugly over pharmacist affi liated with Accès pharma chez Walmart for more information, and/or contact your doctor.
infections can be acquired through infected your lower leg. Ask the pharmacist affi liated water or food. Water treatment and sanitary with Accès pharma chez Walmart for conditions in some countries might not reliably assistance in selecting a product.
provide a safe source of tap water, so it is best If you are concerned about your health and to stick to bottled water and/or canned bevera- how it relates to your travel plans, speak with ges. Unless you are confident with the water your doctor about prevention and risk factors. supply at your destination, always avoid drinking You can also trust the pharmacist affiliated tap water and the ice cubes that are made from it.
with Accès pharma chez Walmart to provide you with helpful advice on common conditions and products that can help treat them.
Only pharmacists are responsible for pharmacy practice. They only provide related services acting under a pharmacist owner's name and use different tools including Health Access tools.
The basics
Before you book that trip Medication
Each person's need for vaccination might be to paradise, you might The following checklist covers off some essentials different, depending on the length of stay, your when it comes to traveling away from home: existing health, and the nature of your travel want to pay attention to (e.g., if you are going into the backcountry on a a few important areas of Your travel documents wilderness adventure, you might have a greater (passport and a visa, if required).
need for a vaccination than a person who is your health while you're Vaccination record (sometimes required).
going to be at the beach). Ask your doctor or the away from home. You may need to receive additional vaccina- pharmacist affiliated with Accès pharma chez tions to the ones you probably had as a child. Walmart for more information.
It is a good idea to attend a travel medicine clinic before you leave.
OTHER THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND Copies and/or cards outlining your health Depending on which part of the world you're traveling to, you may need to be aware of the You'll want to be healthy during your insurance information (and a thorough environment. Mosquitoes and other insects can understanding of what services are covered trip and if you take the time to prepare, be carriers of certain illnesses and you are in case you require medical attention in a you can reduce the chances of any encouraged to take the necessary precautions different country).
to avoid being stung and/or infected.
health-related problems while you're Have a back-up prescription for medication on vacation.
you take, in case your medication is lost, stolen, Consider these tips as a useful starting Always keep any medication(s) you take in point for staying on top of your health the original prescription bottle with labels.
when you travel.
Have a note from your doctor indicating why you require the medication.
Insect repellant and/or mosquito netting, if Medication
you are going to a country with mosquitoes (especially if there is an indication that insects are carrying disease, such as malaria).
Sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 (an SPF of 30-50 is ideal).
Over-the-counter health care products may be recommended by your doctor and/or pharmacist for common health conditions, depending on your current health status and any medications you may be taking:



Laser Treatment of Cutaneous Vascular Lesions Mitchel P. Goldman Laser treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions began with keep the laser energy within the thermal relaxation time Dr Leon Goldman in 1963 at the Children's Hospital of the blood vessel. Research Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the treat- The latest advance was the development of the intense

Efns guidelines on the clinical management of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (mals) revised report of an efns task force

European Journal of Neurology 2012, 19: 360–375 EFNS guidelines on the Clinical Management of AmyotrophicLateral Sclerosis (MALS) – revised report of an EFNS task force The EFNS Task Force on Diagnosis and Management of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Peter M.Andersena, Sharon Abrahamsb, Gian D. Borasioc, Mamede de Carvalhod, Adriano Chioe, PhilipVan Dammef, Orla Hardimang, Katja Kolleweh, Karen E. Morrisoni, Susanne Petrih,Pierre-Francois Pradatj, Vincenzo Silanik, Barbara Tomikl, Maria Wasnerm and Markus WebernaUmea˚ University, Umea˚, Sweden; bUniversity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; cCentre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, University of