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Malcolm Gooding,
now in his 60s, has
recently embarked on
three new careers – those
of property developer,
olive farmer, and
guesthouse owner.
Forget retirement
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help us provide real solutions to real situations for you whatever sense you choose to use, there's an event that will satisfy it 6 style and substance these pages are about feeling good, looking good and Keeps you moving.
being on top of your world 8 let's talk money Nedbank advice and products that help you make informed decisions about fi nancial matters 14 let's talk life as our interviews show, there are many ways to invest; they're not always fi nancial, but they're always Simple application and rapid absorption make Voltaren Emulgel ideal for specialised relief of muscle and joint pain. Whether the pain is caused by strenuous physical activity, sport or everyday exertion, Voltaren Emulgel 24 let's talk tech provides concentrated healing where you need it most.
google, fl ickr, zoopy and youtube - alien names that have a surprisingly personal touch S1 Voltaren Emulgel. Diclofenac diethylammonium 1.16 g  1 g diclofenac sodium/100 g Reg. No. U/3.1/77. Presentation: Packs of 20 g, 50 g and 100 g Aluminium laminated tubes with white polypropylene caps. Indications: For the symptomatic
relief of localized traumatic infl ammation and pain. Dosage: Voltaren Emulgel is applied locally to the skin 3 or 4 times daily and rubbed in gently. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to diclofenac or to any of the excipients. Known hypersensitivity
to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) or to other non-steroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs. Precautions/Warnings: Do not apply to diseased skin, open wounds or injuries. Avoid contact with the eyes and the mucous membranes. Do not take by mouth.
Systemic side effects cannot be excluded when the product is applied to large areas of skin for prolonged periods of time. Interactions: As experienced with systemically absorbed diclofenac sodium. Side effects: Skin: rash,eczema,erythema,
dermatitis (including dermatitis contact). Other: Very rare; Asthma, hypersensitivity. Note: Before prescribing, please read full prescribing information. Applicant: Novartis South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Company Reg. No. 1946/02067/1/07.
28 let's talk travel 72 Steel Road, Spartan, Kempton Park. Tel: +27 11 929 9111. Fax: +27 11 929 2063. Marketed by: Novartis Consumer Health S.A. A sector of Novartis South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
where on earth will you go next? 14065-3 Voltaren NedPrimeClub.indd 1 2/12/10 9:40:39 AM We want to give
you THE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS that let you enjoy this special time of your much my parents and in-laws mean for a successful retirement?' life. IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!'
Hanlie sees her most meaningful Hanlie Stoop, Senior Segment Manager
‘You are the heart of any family and contribution as one where she creates at Nedbank Personal Banking.
you play an important role in guiding an awareness within Nedbank of the family decisions. Research has shown importance of this ‘silver generation'. that one of the main reasons why young ‘Not only is this market very loyal, people would choose to bank with any but senior people also hold signifi cant bank is because it was their parents' or deposits with Nedbank,' she informs me. grandparents' bank.
‘With every fi nancial institution working that has a fi nancial questionmark behind ‘While some of you may feel it is within the constraints of a low interest it. ‘In short, we want to give you peace too late to change your own fi nancial rate environment, we have to come up circumstances now that you have retired, with an innovative service of ering that Worldwide focus on the Baby you can stil infl uence the people closest wil keep you banking with us.' Boomers – people born between 1946 to you and help them make more ‘We want to get closer to your and 1964 – and their lifestyle choices is informed decisions.' "silver generation" and learn what you certainly changing the way business is A magazine such as Dialogue is the need from a fi nancial perspective. Ideal y, viewing the senior market. ‘The concept right medium to create this awareness we want to help you determine your of retirement has been turned on its and advocacy, she feels. Hanlie refers fi nancial "bucket list". We want to give head,' says Hanlie. ‘For many people to an industry survey, which reveals you the fi nancial solutions that let you ending their formal working lives, it's the the shocking statistic that just 6% of enjoy this special time of your life.' This time to launch into a second career, or people will retire comfortably. ‘So, list may include wil s and estate planning, grab another chance to reinvigorate who better than you, with fi rst-hand funeral cover, advice on the right savings their lives. Not for nothing is this period knowledge of the discipline it takes to and investment for the short, medium known as "retyrement" – the time to commit to long-term saving, to help and long term, life insurance, transacting retread what you thought was worn out your children and grandchildren plan that is more af ordable and anything else and start a new life journey.' In this launch edition of Dialogue, THERE is no editor better suited to a magazine We would love to hear SEVEN WAYS WE HAVE MADE
U your thoughts on how
cal ed Dialogue than Hanlie Stoop. She just new Senior doesn't stop talking.
we can make investing ▼ We have highly competitive rates for seniors and these are reviewed regularly.
She apologises in advance – ‘just stop me if I talk too much' – but K with Nedbank a valuable 2
L experience for you.
▼ In January we ran a campaign with market-leading rates on the six-month OptimumPlus Fixed Deposit.
Segment Manager at Nedbank, once you get her going on the passion in her life, you willingly allow We offered a special rate to seniors in our Everyone Wins campaign that went out in February. This T Perhaps you have some
yourself to be swept away on the waves of her words.
3 ▼ campaign offered you the opportunity to ‘scratch and win' for a guaranteed bonus rate. You also stood invites you to join her a chance to double your interest.
ideas for articles in Her passion is people, especially those preparing to retire or who Dialogue, or suggestions In March/April we ran a special 12-month OptimumPlus Fixed Deposit campaign – ‘Nedbank gives you have retired. Anyone over 55. You, the recipient of this launch edition indicating how we ▼ more' – with market-leading rates and the chance to win shopping vouchers to the value of R12 000.
for a whole new conversation of Dialogue. It is a natural corollary, therefore, that she is the new communicate with 5 ▼ We sponsored the National Moths Bowls tournament in Durban in April and offered a special rate on Senior Segment Manager at Nedbank Personal Banking. our 12-month OptimumPlus Fixed Deposit.
about investing with you regarding your ‘I don't see you as a client, or a third party with whom I have no 6 ▼ Interest in Advance, an innovative option for our seniors market, was launched in September 2010. It offers fl exible options for receiving your interest so that you can do the things you want to do NOW. connection. I see you as my son's grandparents, special people who This magazine, which you're holding in your hands, will focus on the needs of our ‘silver can make an immense difference in your family's lives. I know how 7 ▼ generation'.
your sense of smell November The Festival of White Lights in Stellenbosch offers a spectacle
November The Yellow Arum Lily Festival is held in Roossenekal,
Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset
26 of light installations and artistic performances at Spier to celebrate the
Mpumalanga, which is the natural habitat of the much Concerts are a wonderful way to
essence of the festive season. Contact: Computicket sought after yel ow arum lily. This indigenous, endemic (only spend a Sunday evening in Cape December Stilbaai's Arts & Crafts Fair makes festive shopping a cinch by providing
found in Roossenekal) species is yel ow with a black-purple April
Town. All music lovers are catered 8 – 10 high-quality decor items including quilts, home furnishings, toys, home-made
inside bottom and features on the endangered Red Data for in the open-air amphitheatre – produce and indigenous plants. Contact: Penny on 028 754 2940 list. Contact: Christine Ackerman on 013 273 7123 or from rock and jazz to big band Swing. December The Cape Bonsai Kai Show at Kirstenbosch will feature over
082 550 6896 Contact: 021 799 8783/8620/8773 11 – 13 100 trees of the highest standard – with a focus on indigenous trees.
Fancy being a wine-maker? Then the Hands-on
Carols by Candlelight with the
There will also be demonstrations on how to design bonsai and how Harvest, held in the Robertson Wine Valley, will give the KZNPO has become an institution
to maintain and care for them. Contact: Tony Bent on 083 230 5348 or budding vintner in you a chance to experience the magic of in Durban. Contact: 031 309 1170 or Dorothy Franz on 021 797 8972 harvest for a day. Groups are small and intimate to ensure 031 202 5819 December The South Coast Christmas Market helps fi ll the pleasure seeker's
that you have the very best hands-on experience. Listen to classic English in a suitably
10 – 30 search for presents and pleasures with the exhibitors' creative and
Contact: Robertson Wine Valley on 023 626 3167 11 – English setting. Every year the open-air theatre
delightful products. Contact: Elmarie on 083 750 8447 The Gardenex Green Living Fair has extended its
February at Maynardville, Wynberg, Cape Town, hosts a
December Dullstroom Arts Festival features some of South Africa's greatest
green fi ngers beyond plants to include pets, patio decor, Shakespearean production in a green wooded 17 – 19 cultural talent. Contact: 013 254 0020
pools and outdoor leisure activities. The inspired line-up of park. Bring along your picnic basket and leave December The Mossel Bay Christmas Market offers a wonderful range of
events and outdoor leisure will delight and inform even the behind your prejudices to enjoy Shakespeare's 20 – 22 unique handmade and baked gifts, and fresh produce, which would all
most seasoned gardeners and pet lovers. delightfully misogynist play, the Taming of the make ideal presents. Contact: Cecile on 082 224 3865 Contact: 011 549 8300 Shrew. Tickets are available through Computicket December The Kurland International Polo Test is heading towards being rated
or from the box offi ce at Maynardville. 29 one of the top test matches in the polo world. Contact: Clive Peddle on
The Johannesburg International Mozart
044 534 8786 Festival in Parktown, Johannesburg, is in its
January The Classic Car and Bike Show features over 500 vehicles to include
23 – third year and in 2011 follows the theme:
22 – 23 vintage classics as well as modern and future classics.
2011 Contact: Jo on 021 797 2582
‘Exploring Musical Hemispheres'. 9, Contact: 011 447 9264
The Good Food & Wine Show in Durban brings gourmets, gourmands and good-life devotees
together for a sensational line-up of the fi nest international celebrity and local chefs.
Apricot Picking at De Krans in Calitzdorp lets you pick your own apricots
26 – Contact: Hannacke Fourie or
Helet Viljoen on 044 213 3314 Franschhoek's Cap Classique & Champagne Festival entices anyone
December who loves the good life and the ‘Magic of Bubbles'. Spend the champagne festival
World of Dogs, Cats and Pets in
weekend popping corks, fi l ing fl utes, sipping delicious bubbly and snacking on Johannesburg is South Africa's greatest delicacies prepared by some of the val ey's gourmet masterminds. pet lovers' exhibition.
Contact: 021 876 2861 Hobby-X Johannesburg with its exciting
categories and extensive options, makes you want to rush out and take up a hobby.
style and substance There are reasons other than An aspirin a day? scenery, siestas and salsas why we have such fond memories of our illions of people are taking an aspirin every day (or every other day) to holidays in the Mediterranean.
vent a heart attack or stroke. Everyone knows that aspirin protects your It appears that the typical heart by ‘keeping your blood fl owing freely'.
Mediterranean diet can reduce our But, if you are doing this on the basis of a friend's advice, or on the strength of an blood pressure and make us remember article you read, you should probably stop. things more clearly.
Mounting evidence, reported recently in a number of leading medical journals, According to a study by Dr Nicolaos suggests that taking an aspirin is a bad idea if you're healthy and not at signifi cant risk WAY!
Scarmeas, at Columbia University for a heart attack. Furthermore, these studies now show that the potential risk of Medical Center in New York, consuming cerebral haemorrhage, serious gastrointestinal bleeding, and ulcers anywhere from a Mediterranean diet may help lower your mouth to your anus outweighs any heart benefi ts an aspirin might provide.
the risk of developing Alzheimer's Only your doctor can advise you to take an aspirin to keep a heart attack or disease in addition to improving survival stroke at bay.
among Alzheimer's patients.
Drinking two cups of blueberry juice a day could keep memory loss at bay.
The diet typically consumed in the In an article published in January 2010 in the Journal T Mediterranean region provides high of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Robert Krikorian of amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, the University of Cincinnati, along with his colleagues from EA cereal, fi sh, and monounsaturated fats, the US and Canadian Departments of Agriculture, report low levels of saturated fats, red meat that consuming blueberry juice was associated with and poultry, and a moderate amount improvements in learning and memory in individuals with age-related memory decline.
For the current study, Dr Scarmeas' The ‘silver' market – that's anyone over The trial enrolled fi ve men and four women over team performed magnetic resonance the age of 50 – is turning perceptions the age of 70 who reported forgetfulness and memory imaging (MRI) scans on the brains of ageing on its head. Indeed, 2010 has lapses. They were given the equivalent of 2 – 2½ cups of of 712 New York residents who been dubbed the year of the Quintastics, blueberry juice daily for 12 weeks. participated in the Washington Heights- a reference to those women who have At the study's conclusion, learning and recall were Inwood Columbia Aging Project. discovered that ‘turning 50 brings with it a improved, and depressive symptoms and glucose levels ‘In this study, not eating a ferocious second wind'.
tended to be reduced. When subjects who received Mediterranean-like diet had about the These women include Oprah Winfrey blueberry juice were compared with a sample who same effect on the brain as having high (56), Helen Mirren (65), Meryl Streep (61), received a placebo beverage in a companion trial test, blood pressure,' Dr Scarmeas observed.
Sigourney Weaver (60), Condoleezza Rice scores for learning ability were signifi cantly better.
(55), Jerry Hal (54), Kim Cattral (54), Ines de ‘These preliminary memory fi ndings are encouraging la Fressange (53), Isabel e Adjani (55), Carole KEEP and suggest that consistent supplementation with Bouquet (53), Michel e Pfeif er and Sharon blueberries may offer an approach to forestall or mitigate Stone (both 52). And let's not forget perennial naughty girl Madonna (52). neurodegeneration,' the authors conclude.
These are women who ‘forgot to get old. Despite having more yesterdays than tomorrows, they're celebrating what Picasso cal ed "the autumn of a woman's life".' ‘We're welcoming an era in which 50 is the new 34,' says Emma Soames, editor-at- Editor's note: Blueberry juice is not yet available in South Africa.
large of Saga Magazine. ‘This new 2010 generation can look forward to another 30 years You'll have to liquidise at least three punnets of blueberries (available at of active life, while the generation born a hundred years ago were within a few years of greengrocers and certain supermarkets) to extract two cups of juice. the end of theirs at 50. They don't feel their age.' Get the BEST
Nedbank's EasyAccess Deposit account gives Mike Stedman,
Senior Product
you the high interest that comes with a deposit Manager for
Funding and
account and the easy access of a savings account. Now who said you can't have your cake and eat it? WHILE there is much lean periods when the going is good. The best way to do this is to grow your capital celebrating over the declining interest rates by reinvesting some of your interest income.
for those who are debt-ridden, for many of The second strategy is to peg your interest us every cut digs deeper into our reserves.
rate as high as possible instead of investing in a EASYACCESS DEPOSIT As most of our generation lives off the vehicle with a fl uctuating interest rate (such as interest we earn on our investments, every a Money Market account).
time Gill Marcus lowers the interest rate, With Nedbank's EasyAccess Deposit she is lowering our standard of living. Some Account you'll get some of the highest 1 You get some of the best rates of us might even be forced to dip into our interest rates available right now.* available (at the Big Four banks, for the applicable term).** capital to make ends meet. The Easy Access Deposit gives you a 2 You get peace of mind that you Mike Stedman, Senior Product Manager fi xed and guaranteed rate for the term ▼ can access 50% of the deposit for Funding and Savings at Nedbank, says it of the deposit (3, 6, 12 or 18 months). with just 24 hours' notice.
is important not be taken by surprise when At the same time it allows you to access 3 Your capital is secure.
interest rates fall. ‘The economy moves in 50% of your investment with just 24 hours' 4 You need only R2 000 to qualify cycles – bad times don't last, just as good notice (no questions asked – no penalties for these great benefi ts.
charged). It's like having a savings account at * 6,10% pa if you invest your money for 18 months.
The principle is to make provision for fi xed deposit rates! ** Rates are as at 1 November 2010, but are subject to change without notice.


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