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Specialist Eating Disorder Service Welcome Information Booklet

Rharian Fields staff would like to welcome you to our unit. We hope your stay here
is comfortable and helpful. Your consultant Psychiatrist is Dr Fadahunsi.
Your named workers are: We are a small unit with five beds for people who are suffering with an eating disorder. We are part of NAViGO and we provide a service for individuals from all over the UK.
We understand that leaving the comfort of your own home to come into a care unit can be frightening and stressful, especially if it is your first time here. We are all here to help you and will try to make your stay with us as stress free and as positive as possible.
If you have had to come here suddenly, there may be things that you need to sort out or people that you want to contact. We will ask you about this so that we can help you if you would like us to.
Rharian Fields Philosophy and Mission Statement • We will work with your aspirations with hope and optimism to promote your recovery and to enable you to work towards a valued lifestyle within and beyond the limits of your eating disorder. • We will promote safety and work positively with risk to empower you to exercise personal choice and responsibility for yourself. We will actively encourage you to be involved in your own risk assessments and risk management plans.
• As a team we recognise individuality and value and promote diversity at all levels. We will provide you with evidence-based, high quality, individualised, holistic care. At Rharian fields all our staff take the time to develop and build an empathic supportive and collaborative relationship with you based on compassion, professionalism and respect. We will promote your dignity at all times. • We are sensitive to your suffering and your fluctuating motivation to change. We will assist you through your journey here at Rharian Fields to promote your recovery.
• All staff will deliver a service that they would wish their own loved ones to receive.

Rharian Fields has a code of conduct for both staff and service users that was developed by staff and service users. These are located on the walls within the unit, please make your-self aware of them and try to adhere to them for the comfort of yourself and other service users on the unit. We expect at the least that all staff and service users will feel valued and Amanda Simpson—Senior Operational ManagerDr Akin Fadahusani-Consultant PsychiatristDr Victor Bodo-Speciality DoctorMandy Barker—Clinical Lead for OutpatientsNatalie Minard—Senior Nurse PractitionerHayley Batchelor—Senior Nurse PractitionerLaura Hammond—Senior Nurse PractitionerKerry Green—Senior Nurse PractitionerAlison McMullen—Nurse PractitionerSarah Heaton—Nurse PractitionerSusan Popoola—Nurse PractitionerJanette Hodgson—Nurse PractitionerEmma Nixon—Nurse PractitionerLiz Scott—Nursing AssistantJennie Hudson—Nursing AssistantLinda Harpham– Nursing AssistantDawn Harris—Nursing AssistantMellissa Robbins—Nursing AssistantCarrie Strant– Nursing AssistantHollie Ingoldby—Trainee Health PsychologistRebecca Kilby—DieticianVictoria Wolfe- Lead Administrator Genevieve Cummings– Team Secretary

What You Will Need to Bring With You • Day and night clothes• Outdoor clothing• Slippers• Toiletries• Anything you wish to personalise your room with such as photos. • A small amount of money When you are ready we will show you around the unit and introduce you to our staff and other service users. Unfortunately we will have to do quite a bit of admission paperwork but we will try to get through this quickly so that you can relax onto the unit. You will meet with a member of the Nursing Team who will be your point of contact for the day and the Unit Doctor. You can have a friend or relative accompany you at this meeting. The Nurse and Doctor will complete an assessment of your needs. This will allow us to get to know you a little and it will give you an opportunity to tell us your story and inform us of what you would like to change and work during your time at Rharian Fields. We will work with you to devise an initial plan of care. We will give you a copy of your care plan and with your permission we will share this with your family/nearest relative. We always share this information with Care Co-ordinator. You will also be assessed by our Dietitian who will devise a nutritional plan with you.
We will provide you with information on your rights as an informal or detained patient.
We will inform you who your named Nurse will be and introduce them to you as soon as they are on duty. Your named Nurse will co-ordinate your care while you are at Rharian Fields. You will meet with them each time they are on duty (at least twice weekly).
Your First 2 Weeks During your first 2 weeks at Rharian Fields our staff will be assessing your needs. This will include them talking with you regularly. Following assessment we will discuss our findings with you, your care c-ordinator and if you agree, your loved ones, and we will jointly develop a plan of care for your individual needs. Our staff will endeavour to keep you informed of any decisions made about your care and treatment and where possible you will be a part of the decision making. You will be given a copy of your care plan and the opportunity to sign this.
Multi-Disciplinary Reviews and Consultant Appointments You will be seen by the Consultant Psychiatrist or the Speciality Doctor shortly after your admission (within 24 hours) but if you are admitted over a weekend you will be seen the following Monday. You will then be seen by the Consultant each Monday. Other professionals involved in your care may be invited to this weekly Multi-Disciplinary Review and you will have the opportunity to invite your family/carer/friend/advocate should you wish to. If you would like a particular member of staff to support you in this review and they are on duty this will be facilitated. This meeting is an opportunity for you to talk to the team about your care and treatment. We know that this meeting can sometimes be intimidating and we are sensitive to this. Our staff will talk with you before the meeting to help you prepare and assist you in identifying your own objectives. At each meeting all attendees will be introduced to you and you will have an opportunity to only have certain people present. At all times your needs and views will be central to the process of planning your care and treatment.
Your individual treatment and care plan will be based on the outcome of your assessment.
While you are on the unit we will work with you to encourage you to adhere to your individual treatment plan, as this is the backbone to your recovery.
We believe that good mental health is helped by having a structure and purpose to your day. We also believe that you should be actively involved in your care and treatment. To help you take more control over your recovery we have a range of therapeutic and leisure activities that you will be encouraged to take part in during your stay here. You will be encouraged to attend 1:1's with an allocated Nurse daily and to attend the arranged group activity for the day. We believe that these activities will help in your recovery so even thought you may feel nervous about joining in we do encourage you to do so. We deliver a broad range of interventions which may include CBT-E, motivational enhancement work, cognitive remediation therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, emotional freedom technique, mindfulness, meditation, family interventions, art/drama therapy, nutritional interventions, supported mealtimes, reflection, physical monitoring, medication and holistic therapies including Indian head massage, reflexology and Reiki.
These activities form part of your recovery plan and will allow you to:• Have an improved understanding of your eating disorder• Learn coping strategies• Socialise and feel more comfortable around others• Increase your self esteem, self-confidence and motivation• Express yourself creatively• Gain improvement in your symptoms• Be able to nutritionally support yourself in the community• Gain a better quality of life.
You will be offered a 1:1 with a Nurse daily. Within this time you will work through the therapeutic pathways. You will be given homework tasks to complete for your next sessions. Your named worker will discuss with you the pathways you will be following, this will be based upon your assessment. If there is anything that you particularly want to work on you should let your named worker know so that we can incorporate this into the pathway.
Complimentary Therapies We offer a range of complimentary therapies including: reiki, reflexology, indian head massage and emotional freedom technique. Please ask us if you are interested in receiving any of the above.
Evening and Weekend Activities In the evening and at weekends we offer a range of social and recreational activities including: film night, cinema, bingo, pampering , trips out etc. We will produce the weeks plan of recreational and social activities in the Monday planning meeting.
While you are here with us we will encourage and support you in maintaining your independence. We will expect you to take care of your personal hygiene, dressing etc and to follow your agreed activity schedule. This is dependent upon your physical health but we will work towards your independence in the following: You will be expected to be responsible for tidying your bedroom. In order to help the Tukes cleaning staff we ask that you make your bed and clear the floor so that they can vacuum and mop the floor daily.
You will be expected to take care of your own laundry. A washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing board are available in the laundry room. If you are experiencing any problems in any of these areas, staff will be there to prompt, encourage and assist you. Please ask if you need help-staff are here to help you.
There is a timetable of group activities that is on the corridor white board.
1:1 timeslots will also be discussed with you daily and times will be on the white board in the corridor.
We have a planning meeting each morning at 9am where we plan the day, allocate staff to 1:1's, groups and we will plan leave etc.
Any medication, including those prescribed by your Doctor which you bring into hospital with you must be handed to a member of staff upon admission.
We willl discuss with you what medications you will be required to take while in hospital and we will provide you with an information leaflet for each of the medication.
Our Pharmacist attends the unit weekly on a Friday to provide a drop in service, should you have any questions for our Pharmacist please see her in this session, alternatively you can speak with our Medical Team in regard to thisWe have a clinic room where you will receive your medication in privacy.
We understand that mealtimes may be very stressful for you. You will be supported in developing your own meal plans with our Dietician based upon her assessment of your nutritional needs. This will be discussed with you and a plan agreed.
Any religious or ethical dietary requirements will be respected.
You will be expected to complete all meals and snacks allocated to you within the agreed times. Where you are unable to complete meals you will be required to take your prescribed meal supplement. You will be expected to attend all meals and snacks on time, these will be followed by a rest period where you will be supported by staff. We offer a variety of post-meal support which includes relaxation, reflection, distraction and mindfulness. Staff will support you at the table and always eat meals at the table with you. We ask that you always eat a healthy and balanced diet which includes protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Many of the staff will eat similar meals as to what you will recieve. Your opinion in regards to the quality and variety of food is very important to us and we will encourage you to provide feedback on this. We have specific forms where you can provide the kitchen with this feedback which are located in the kitchen. The head chef also attends the planning meeting each Tuesday where you can feedback directly. Community Meetings This meeting Wednesday 9pm and is an opportunity for you to meet with your peers and staff. You will be encouraged to voice any concerns in relation to the environment, structure and to make suggestions for improvements to our unit. We really do value your opinion and are constantly striving to make this a better service for all. Advocacy attend this meeting once per month. Social Networking We have advice on social networking and the problems that can sometimes be caused by this and in particular pro-anorexia websites. These are located on the wallls within the unit for your convenience.
Weekly Timetable for Day Patients and Inpatients Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Planning Meeting Planning Meeting Planning Meeting and Planning Meeting Planning Meeting and Meet with Ca- Community Meeting MDR with Dr Atkin Getting to Know Pamper Session Therapeutic art group Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Reflection/relaxation/ and Reflection/ Meal Planning with Life Skills group/ Education with ward Nutritional Group Body Image Anxiety and stress Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Mandatory Groups Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Breakfast, Rest and Planning Meeting Planning Meeting Planning Meeting and Planning Meeting Planning Meeting and Meet with Ca- Community Meeting MDR with Dr Atkin Getting to Know Pamper Session Therapeutic art group Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Lunch and rest and Reflection/relaxation/ and Reflection/ Meal Planning with Life Skills group/ Education with ward Nutritional Group Body Image Anxiety and stress Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Tea and Rest and Advance Directive An Advanced Directive is a statement written by you regarding your wishes of how you would like to be treated in the event of you becoming ill in the future.
If you already have an Advanced Directive or would like to discuss making this statement, please approach a member of the Nursing Staff.
Informal Admissions If you have been admitted to the unit informally (voluntarily) you are in hospital at the advice of your Doctor or on the advice of the people who look after you in the community. You have the same rights as any service user in an ordinary hospital.
You are an informal/voluntary service user, you are not being held against your will. Your right not to be held against your will without due process and good reason is protected under the Human Rights Act (1998) and by what is known as common law.
Formal Admission under the Mental Health Act If you have been detained to Rharian Fields for assessment or treatment you do not have the right to leave the hospital at your will. You do have the right to appeal against this, the Nursing Staff will discuss this with you at your admission assessment and will support you to appeal if you wish to do so.
We recognise that you may feel vulnerable and isolated, the advocacy service will assist you in communicating your needs should you not be able to do this independently at this time. An advocate could:• Represent you at meetings• Support you through legal proceedings, including supporting you at appeals and • Support you with any accommodation issues• Support you in making a complaint• Involvement in your care planning• Assist you in accessing specialist advice• You can ask the staff here at Rharian Fields to make an appointment for you with an advocate or you can contact them directly yourself.
If you are under the Mental Health Act you need to call Cloverleaf Advocacy on: (01724) 854952If you are an informal patient you need to call Rethink Advocacy on: (01472) 751259 All our rooms are single with en-suite bathrooms. There is a lockable cupboard in all rooms. The unit can provide separate male and female areas and we ask everyone to respect each others privacy in regard to this. This is a no smoking building , you can ask staff about designated smoking areas. If you would like help to stop smoking please speak to a member of staff. Our smoking cessation lead is Liz Scott. Our accommodation offers modern, stylish areas that foster a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Our gardens offer a tranquil area for your comfort and relaxation.
We would encourage you to personalise your own rooms while you stay with us at Rharian Fields.
The unit has two separate lounge areas both with television and music systems for you to enjoy. We ask that the televisions remain off during therapeutic group time. If you do use the televisions or music systems please be respectful of others and keep volumes at a reasonable level. To aid your sleep the televisions will normally be turned off at midnight. However, if you cannot sleepthe living room will be open throughout the night. A room can be arranged should you require it for any private or personal consultations, such as solicitors and advocates. Please ask a member of staff if you require this, preferably ahead of time if possible.
Your Safety and Security We know that being in an unfamiliar place can be frightening so we are keen to talk with you about how we can make you feel safe. Please tell our staff if you feel worried about your safety while you are here. We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for the people who use this service and our staff. Please help us to maintain a safe environment by not consuming alcohol or drugs while you are with us. If you would like any help or advice regarding alcohol or drug use, please talk to your named worker as there is a specialist service in the area. We have access to a dual diagnosis nurse who would be happy to discuss any concerns with you. All visitors should report to reception so we can keep an accurate record of who is All people admitted to Rharian Fields have their whereabouts checked hourly during the day and half hourly during the night, this is to ensure your safety and comfort. Some people will require enhanced observations for a variety of reasons. Should this apply to you this will be discussed with you and you will be provided with a plan of care that will explain why and how this will occur.
Rharian Fields operates an ‘open door' policy. However, the unit will be locked in most cases, this is to ensure your safety on the unit and so that we know who is on the unit at anytime. So long as you are an informal service user and not under the Mental Health Act then you can leave the unit as and when you please, you will just need to ask a member of staff to open the door for you. If you have any questions or concerns about this please ask a member of the Nursing Team.
2:30pm-6pm and 7pm-9pm We are aware that your loved ones may have work commitments and so we will offer more flexibility if arranged in advance. However, we do not allow visits during any therapeutic times. If you bring any electrical equipment they must be tested by our concierge staff. Staff in the unit can arrange this for you.
There are a number of items which are not permitted onto the unit for safety and recovery reasons. Some examples of these items are alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms and blades, aromatherapy oils, any diet products including diet coke, sweeteners or any low fat or sugar free foods (this list is not exhaustive). Staff will discuss this with you. Valuables We would advise that you do not bring any valuable items onto the unit unless it is absolutely necessary. You are responsible for all of the items that you bring, we cannot take responsibility for these items.
We do not have the facilities to safeguard any personal money you bring onto the unit so it is advised that you do not bring large amounts of money to the unit. Mail is delivered daily. If you are expecting an important letter please check at reception. If you wish to send a letter all stamped mail can be left with our Secretary at the reception or with other staff after 5pm.
We have a right to refuse outgoing post if the recipient of the mail has requested in writing for it to be stopped. We will discuss this with you if necessary. Use of Telephones/Mobile Telephones/Confidentiality We understand your need to keep in touch with your life outside the unit and we encourage contact with friends and family. We are happy for you to use mobile phones ,computers and social networking sites so long as this done in your free time. Due to confidentiality and the respect of other service users and staff we ask that you do not breach confidentiality in regard to naming others within any communication with people outside of the unit. Please be mindful of social networking sites in relation to this. In exceptional circumstances you may be allowed to use the unit telephone, this will be at the discretion of the Nursing Team, please ask a member of staff if you require to do so. You are requested to not use mobile phones or any other mobile electronic devices during therapeutic 1:1 sessions, groups, rest, meetings or at the dinner table. At all other times you are able to use your mobile phone or mobile devices.
You should not put anything on any social media sites involving any other patients on the unit as this would be a breach of their confidentiality. Where there is found to be any breach of confidentiality in this way we may need to review the use of your mobile devises, this will be done in consultation with yourself.
Any other electrical devices that require a power source will be locked away and The DVLA advise that you must inform them if you suffer from an eating disorder, as it may affect your ability to drive safely. If the DVLA are not informed about a medical condition that may affect your driving, this could result in a fine of up to £1000. If you are unsure whether your eating disorder effects your driving ability, please discuss this with a member of Rharian Fields staff.
We will facilitate visits to the hospital chapel and where appropriate if your physical health allows we will escort you to your choice of church. There is a multi-faith spiritual room located in The Gardens, you have access to this room at all times. If you would like to attend, or would like to see a religious leader from your chosen denomination or faith then please ask your named worker and we will try to facilitate this. A spiritual advisor will attend the unit each Friday for you to chat to. Cultural Preferences There may be customs, dietary or spiritual needs that are important to you and your family. Staff on the unit will discuss your particular needs with you. Please let them know what you need and we will do our best to make sure that your preferences are met.
Our daily unit timetable can be made flexible to accommodate religious worship.
Please alert a member of staff if you have any special requirements as soon as possible following admission. We will endeavour to ensure that you are comfortable during your admission. Special requirements include dietary needs, mobility needs, interpretation or communication needs, such as specific language, Makaton, BSL, or any other communication aids.
Confidentiality, Information Sharing and Accessing your As an inpatient, information will be gathered and kept regarding your care for a number of reasons:• It allows the people caring for you to properly understand your experiences and decide how best to support you • It allows you continuity of care• It allows collaborative working with the other agencies involved in your care Your recorded information will be held on an internal computer system. This information is protected under the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Trusts Confidentiality Policy. In regard to sharing your information with other professional teams we will send a copy of your assessment and discharge plan to your GP and we will keep your Care Co-ordinator up to date with your progress, this is so that we can ensure we can facilitate your discharge back home as soon as is possible and safe. We may also need to share your information with other divisions of the Mental Health Service and Local Authority Services. It may also be necessary to share your information with other agencies, such as voluntary services. You will be asked for consent before this happens.
We will seek your consent when sharing any information with your nearest relative/carers. You can ask to see a copy of your records at any time, you will need to do this in writing to the Consultant in charge of your care. We aim to be open and honest in all our interactions with you and work in collaboration with you in all aspects of your care.
Discharge from Rharian Fields We will talk with you regularly about your discharge from Rharian Fields, this is because we want your discharge to be planned with you. You will have time to discuss any concerns you have over your discharge, we know that leaving the unit can be as scary as coming in.
Your Named Worker will work closely with you to ensure that your discharge is successful and that your concerns are addressed. You will be involved in all aspects of your discharge planning.
There is a national system for delivering mental health services called the Care Programme Approach (CPA). Since you have received care as an inpatient in a specialist unit this applies to you and you will have a CPA Care Co-ordinator (CCO). You will be discharged back to the care of your CCO who will visit you at home within 7 days of your discharge date, you will be given a time and date for their visit before you leave the unit. Your CCO can help you with :• Housing• Employment/training• Leisure time• Friendships and relationships• Treatment, including medication• Money matters, including benefits• People to help you.
There will be a discharge review meeting where your discharge plan will be discussed with you, your relatives (provided we have your consent), your CCO and the Rharian Team.
You will be given a discharge date at least four weeks prior to your discharge so both yourself and the team here can prepare for this.
You will be given a copy of your discharge plan prior to your discharge.
You will have had exposure to home, eating out, eating with family and cooking prior to your discharge in preparation for you leaving the unit and becoming more independent.
Useful Contact Numbers Below is a list of useful contact numbers which may be of use to you both during and following your stay on the unit. If you require any further information regarding their services or assistance to access them, please approach a member of the nursing team.
Service User Carer Forum Smoking Cessation Service Mental Health Act Commission Carers Support Lodge Citizens Advice Bureau: Advice Line (01472) 2525000 Cloverleaf Advocacy Service Rethink Advocacy Complaints and Compliments Should you have any compliments, complaints or any issues that concern you during your stay on the lodge, please discuss these with a member of the nursing team as soon as possible.
If you are uncomfortable with this for any reason you can also ask to speak to the service manager or complete a Your Opinion Counts form. These can be found in the reception area or can be requested from one of the nursing team. This is a freepost form and will be posted to: Patient Experience Lead N.E. Lincolnshire TEL: 01472 583040 Alternatively you can contact Joanne on the telephone number above.
Joanne will contact you to discuss any concerns. Your feedback is incredibly important to us whether it be good or bad as it will help us to improve our service and help us achieve our goal of providing services we would be happy for our families to use .
Feedback is important to NAViGO. We encourage you to tell us about your experience as a service user, carer, visitor or staff member. Here are some ways you can do this: NAViGO PALS SERVICE
North East Lincolnshire independent complaints PALS and complaints advocacy service.
North East Lincolnshire NHS CHOICES
Search for our services and YOUR OPINION COUNTS
give online feedback. Available at all NAViGO sites CARE QUALITY COMMISSION
Regulating body for all
health and social care Via the quarterly friends and family test, NHS Staff Survey, national service user surveys MEMBERSHIP
The CCG commission health services for NE Lincs. WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE Self Help Books Available at Rharian Fields If you would like to borrow any of the books included in the list below to assist in your recovery, please ask any member of staff. Eating Difficulties The Anorexia Workbook: How To Accept Yourself, Heal Your Suffering And Reclaim Your Life Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa: A Wish To Change Overcoming Bulimia Workbook: Your Comprehensive Step By Step Guide To Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa Overcoming Bulimia Workbook Overcoming Body Image Disturbance: A Programme For People With Eating • The Body-Image Workbook Overcoming Anxiety: A Practical Manual Using Cognitive Behavioural Overcoming Anxiety: A self help guide using CBT Overcoming Panic And Agoraphobia Overcoming Social Anxieties And Shyness The Mindfulness And Acceptance Book: A Guide To Breaking Free From Anxiety, Phobias And Worrying Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway • Panic Attacks Overcoming Depression: Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Potatoes not Prozac • Eat Yourself Happy Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Overcoming Regrets, Mistakes and Missed Cutting- Understanding and overcoming self-mutilation Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Shut up and move on Freedom from addiction • Overcoming Sexual Problems A Service User's Perspective
"I am a 22 year old woman who came to Rharian Fields in the September of 2012. When I first arrived the memories of past experiences overshadowed my thoughts and I felt quite apprehensive, was this going to be another long admission that bared no result? In the past I have been admitted to several hospitals and specialist eating disorder units, the majority of which held times of misery and left me with recollections I would rather forget. However, the minute I was met at the door by a nurse from the unit I felt a sense of calm of which I have not encountered before on first entering a Looking back on that time the memories are faded, but what sticks in my mind is the level of kindness, care and complete and utter acceptance for the individual I am. You see the staff here at Rharian Fields accept each service user as a person without stereotypes and without just seeing ‘the eating disorder' and instead looking underneath to reveal and develop the person that is buried beneath.
I carry on with my journey in the knowledge that I have the power to recover. I feel so fortunate that I was transferred to Rharian Fields because without them I do not think I would have ever have recovered." Goddess of the bountiful harvest and the nurturing spirit In Greek mythology the goddess Demeter was the most generous of the great Olympian goddesses. She was beloved for her service to mankind in giving them the gift of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil. Also known as the Roman goddess Ceres, Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain. Demeter was thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land. The Rharian Field was located in Eleusis in Greece and was supposedly where the first plot of grain was grown after Demeter taught humanity agriculture.
She was the only one of the Greek goddesses who was involved on a day-to-day basis in the lives of the humans. While others occasionally "dabbled" in human affairs when it suited their personal interests, or came to the aid of "special" mortals they favoured, the goddess Demeter was truly the nurturer of mankind. Demeter also was the only one of the Greek goddesses who could truly empathize with the human experience of suffering and grief, having experienced it fully herself. The story of Greek goddess Demeter illustrates the tremendous capacity of a woman to love and nurture, within her own family and the world at large.
It also reminds us to stand firm for what is good and right, even in the face of adversity, when powerful forces are aligned against us. The goddess Demeter's message also reminds us of the seasons of a woman's life, that even though there are times of great sorrow there is also great joy to be found. Rharian Fields, The Gardens, 2nd Avenue, Grimsby, DN33 1NU(01472) 302482Email: [email protected] NAViGO, NAViGO House, 3 - 7 Brighowgate, Grimsby, DN32 0QE T: (01472) 583000 E: [email protected] Health and Social Care W: Registered office: NAViGO House, 3 - 7 Brighowgate, Grimsby, DN32 0QE Company Registration Number 7458926 Issue version: RF001-1029


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