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Ontario east marine surveys

Ontario East Marine Surveys
3589 Battersea Road RR2 Inverary, On K0H 1X0 Surveyors Report
Report Number:

Date of Inspection:

Commissioned by:


6522 Bedford Road, RR1 Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0
General Information

Make of Vessel
Alberg 30, Whitby Boat Works
Name of Vessel

Hull Description

Model Year

Date of Manufacture

Official/License Number

Builders Dimensions

Builder's LOA
30 feet 3 inches
Builder's Beam

Builder's draught

30 foot sailing sloop with single inboard engine.

Found on Board

Force 10 propane BBQ Bulkhead Compass Uniden Solara Fixed Mound VHF two way marine radio Kenwood HF Transceiver, single sideband UHF radio 2 Mustang auto inflatable life vests 4 CCG approve life jackets 4CCG approved keyhole like vests CCG 30 inch life ring overboard rescue sling First aid kit Electronic and manual bilge pumps 6 barlow winches Purpose of Survey

Scope of Survey
This survey is to be used only for the purpose stated above. This surveyor recommends
regular inspection by a qualified mechanic before operation of this vessel. Safety
equipment found on board does not mean it meets Transport Canada Standards. Tests
of instruments or mechanical systems were not performed unless specifically noted in
the Comments section.

This vessel has been surveyed without removing any parts, fittings, carpets, screwed or
nailed boards, anchors, chain, fixed partitions, instruments, clothing, spare parts,
miscellaneous materials in bilges and lockers or other fixed or semi-fixed items. No
inspection has been made of locked compartments or other inaccessible areas. No
determination of stability characteristics or inherent structural integrity has been made
and no opinion has been expressed regarding them. The scope of the survey is limited
to the available accessibility at the time of the inspection and has no guarantees
expressed or implied. This survey is not an inventory or warranty specified or implied. It
does not include lists of cosmetic deficiencies, such as, gelcoat cracks or blemishes,
unless they are a structural concern.
Please be advised that local jurisdictions may have rules, regulations or bylaws that may
affect the operation of your vessel. This could include rules affecting navigation light
lists, regulations affecting pollution standards for your vessel or bylaws governing
restricted uses for your vessel.
It is up to the operator of the vessel to insure that the required safety equipment is on
board at the time of departure and that his vessel meets Transport Canada regulations
and those of local jurisdictions. We also recommend that all smoke and vapour detectors
be replaced every 10 years. Carbon monoxide detectors should be changed every 36
The moisture levels are given in a comparative reading using a Tramex Skipper Plus.
Readings above 9 indicate that the conditions are present for core decay. Wood
moisture content is given in percentage by weight. A good reading for wood is between
10 and 18 percent. Ultrasonic readings for steel and aluminum vessels are measured in
percentage of wastage using a Sonaguage two. Ultrasound for gelcoat and other
composite materials is performed using a Sonatest Ultrasonic Coating and Thickness
gauge. Stay and shroud tension is measured in percentage of breaking strength of wire
rope using a Loos tension gauge.

Structural Changes

Type of construction

Fibre reinforced plastic
Freeboard or Topsides

Sound with moisture content 1.8 to 2.2

Sound with moisture content 5.0 Sound with moisture content 2.0 to 6.0 Sound with moisture content 2.0 to 8.5 Some minor crazing Deck Joint
Sound with no impact damage
Internal structure

Sound with moisture content 1.0 to 2.3 Through hull fittings
Swim Platform
Superstructure and Decks
All in sound condition Deck Equipment

Danforth anchor, 13 pounds
Danforth anchor, 26 pounds
Bruce anchor, 33 pounds
All with chain and rope
Steering Gear

Hand held tiller with spare
Manganese bronze with 2 blades
Ontario East Marine Surveys
Rigging Checklist
NA = not applicable NS = not stepped
Is mast stepped? Are stay and shroud tension correct? Do spreaders bisect the shrouds at equal Are chain plates aligned with turnbuckles, Are there any signs of leaks around chain Are terminal fittings free of cracks, bends, Are turnbuckles lubricated and free Are turnbuckle barrels secured to threads, with rings, cotter pins or by tightening locknuts? Is there broken wire in the standing Is the mast straight? Is the mast step properly supported Are any rivets or screws missing from sail tracks or other fittings? Are mast and boom welds corroded? Are spreader ends secured to the shroud? Are spreader ends protected, either with tape or a rubber boot? Are all cotter pins taped? Do "T" terminals show any indication of Are halyard fittings, especially sheaves, crushed, split or badly worn? Are masthead mounts for wind indicators and radio antennas tight? Are problems with the forestay fittings (cracks, bends, rust) being hidden by the roller furling gear? Does the base of the mast show signs of galvanic corrosion or where dissimilar metal fastenings are attached or mushrooming? Are there any signs of decayed wood using a moisture metre or wasted steel using ultrasound? Does the mast require an air terminal? Is the mast grounded?
Propulsion engines

Engine size
Engine Serial No.
Engine hours
Cooling system
Engine mounts
Solid bolted vibration dampening Drive system
Outboard/Drive Serial No. Port/Single
Exhaust System

Fuel System

Fixed polyethylene
Fuel other than that Used for Propulsion

Alcohol, propane
Navigation and Lights

Displayed appropriate lights for the Great Lakes Basin and contributing
Fire Protection Equipment
Two 10BC hand held fire extinguishers
One 5BC hand held fire extinguishers
Electrical Systems
12 volt DC ship's system
12 volt DC engine starting system
12 volt DC distribution panel with glass fuses
Battery selector switch
3 batteries
Fixed charger 115 volt AC shore power with 30 amp receptacle 115 volt AC breaker box
Philippine mahogany plywood with hard plastic liner and teak and holly sole


Alcohol stove, ice box and sink
Head with transfer pump, polyethylene tank
Integral fresh water tank


1. Recent replacement of through hull fittings. 2. Includes 6 foot fiberglass dinghy , unknown HIN 3. Includes 5 horsepower Seagull outboard. 4. Includes custom manufactured 12,500 pound 2006 tandem trailer. ON Lic. C14772, VIN M4362-62554-90304.
It is this surveyor's opinion that this vessel constitutes a reasonable insurance
risk as is.
Symptomatic evidence of blistering can be obscured by bottom coatings, bottom
laminate sanding and other conditions or actions. This surveyor has no firsthand
knowledge of the history of bottom maintenance, blistering, repairs, or prophylactic
coatings. Assessing the extent of any conditions that may develop would require
invasive destructive testing (a laminate "profile" and/or laboratory analysis of core
samples) and consultation with a qualified fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminate
expert(s). The causes and cures of various forms of blistering are complex and
controversial. Repair methodologies are constantly evolving as new prevention
technologies and remedies are rapidly emerging.

Current Market Value
Vessel $21,000
Trailer 5,400
Dinghy 400
Outboard 250
Total $27,050
I CERTIFY THAT, to the best of my knowledge and belief:
 The statements of fact contained in this report are true and correct.  The reported analysis, opinions and conclusions are limited only to the reported assumptions and limiting conditions and are my personal, unbiased professional analyses, opinion and conclusions.  I have no present or prospective interest in the property that is the subject of this report and I have no personal interest or bias with respect to the parties involved.  My compensation is not contingent upon the reporting of a predetermined value or direction in value that favors the cause of the client, the amount of the value(s) estimate, the attainment of stipulated result or the occurrence of the subsequent event.  My analyses, opinions and conclusions were developed and this report has been prepared, based on my professional experience as a marine surveyor.  I have made a personal inspection of the vessel that is the subject of this report.  No one provided significant professional assistance to the person signing this
Without prejudice
Richard Trainor
Marine Investigator
Accredited Marine Surveyor,
Certified Marine Surveyor, ACMS-CMS
ABYC Certified Master Marine Technician


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