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Management Team and Evergreen Board of Directors Photo credits (cover): Henry VanderSpek (middle left), Geoff Fitzgerald (right) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT

Expanding our Vision
A Message from the CEO and Board Chair
Evergreen has always been more than the sum Perhaps most importantly, by taking the time to of its parts. We pride ourselves on our ability articulate our work in a way that bridges Evergreen to collaborate and build networks. It's what we Brick Works with programs nationwide, we have do best; making the most of the knowledge and been able to create a robust platform for advancing expertise of our partners, volunteers, donors and our vision: "Green Cities, Healthy Planet." We have supporters. Without them, our work to advance organized our many projects and initiatives into sustainable cities would not be possible. four program themes—Greenspace, Children, Food and CityWorks—because we believe positive action After a few short years of rapid and often dizzying in these key areas will lead to greener, resilient growth, that "sum" has increased substantially. cities and a sustainable future. Evergreen has evolved from a small charity focused on community and school ground greening to You can learn more about our new program areas an innovative non-profit with global reach; one in the pages that follow. You can also read about that is tackling a whole series of challenges and our many highlights from 2012—the major public opportunities concerned with broader issues related events and festivals we hosted and the diverse to urban sustainability. communities we brought together to transform schools and neighbourhoods across the country. In 2012, it was time to create an integrated vision for this expanded version of Evergreen to align And as always, we are grateful for the generosity our new strategies with our internal systems and and encouragement of our many supporters. Without external positioning. It meant making the most the collective efforts of our staff and volunteers, of our highly unique reality: We are a charity that our greening associates across the country and the offers a wide array of programs across the country; many fruitful partnerships we continue to nurture, but we also run Evergreen Brick Works, a world our work would simply not be possible. renowned environmental community centre in the heart of Canada's largest city.
It was a wonderful challenge to be faced with; find a way to advance our national efforts, while developing our new home base and vibrant public Chief Executive Officer Chair, Board of Directors space in Toronto.

Winter Round Dance
Greening Our Urban
Youth Food Summit
Bringing more than 500 people Youth gathered at EBW to together at EBW to share traditions The Green Infrastructure Ontario experience the interconnections across cultures in an evening of Coalition, an alliance that between food and the environment, traditional dance and ceremony, includes Evergreen on the steering as part of a project led by Students this event was co-hosted with committee, released its much- of Toronto for Environmental Native Child and Family Services of anticipated report, Health, Prosperity Progress, with support from HSBC– Toronto—a child welfare agency and Sustainability: The Case for Evergreen Youth Action Series.
serving the city's First Nations.
Green Infrastructure in Ontario. Sustainable Cities
Molson Canadian
Ride the Ravines
of the Future
Red Leaf Project
With partner Cycle Toronto, Evergreen hosted a panel Nearly 2,600 Canadians rolled up Evergreen kicked off its inaugural discussion exploring innovations their sleeves to give back to the charity bike ride through Toronto's in urban design, featuring Dan land at over 100 greening events ravine trails to support cycling in Hoornweg, a lead urban specialist hosted by Evergreen and Molson in in the World Bank and Evergreen's parks throughout Canada. Board Chair, George Dark.
Photo credits (left to right): Bill Wilson, Bill Wilson, Antonio Guzman, Mike Derblich, Mike Derblich EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Community Bicycle Hub
The Transportation Expo
Agriculture Summit
The Bike Works team at EBW A partnership with the Institute worked with youth from Toronto's Evergreen gathered with global without Boundaries, this multi- at-risk communities to lead food experts to discuss the role of sensory Expo at EBW showcased cycling workshops, and to run the urban agriculture in 21st-century the past, present and future of community bike space on site— cities. The summit included a transportation in Canada and offering these young people great workshop and tour at EBW, which around the Globe.
leadership skills for future jobs.
profiled best practices in food garden design.
Mapping Green Jobs
Designing Green
Evergreen and ECO Canada teamed Play Spaces
In partnership with Credit Valley up to release the Green Jobs Map Evergreen and the Toronto District Conservation, Evergreen released report, a study of the potential School Board released Landscape this new resource to help businesses of the green economy for jobs in and Child Development—a resource bring some nature back into their Ontario and throughout the rest of that helps educators create office spaces—all while reducing engaging outdoor play spaces for costs and satisfying the bottom line.
their students.
Photo credits (left to right): Min Yang, Evergreen, Jocelyn Williams, Bill Wilson Engaging young people to connect with the natural world All young people should be able to explore and learn in nature; whether they grow up in the country or in the heart of the big city. But these days, getting outside to experience the natural world often takes a back seat to sitting in front of a computer. And that's a shame, because experiencing nature is essential for our health and well-being; it plays a vital role in the healthy development of children, and improves learning outcomes and increases creativity.
Photo credits: (above) Min Yang, (next page) Thomas Ferguson (top right), Mike Derblich (bottom) In 2012, Evergreen led a wide range of children and youth programs and initiatives that engaged young Canadians in bringing nature to the classroom—and the classroom to nature. We transformed schools and daycares, and offered resources and lesson plans for teachers, as well as design expertise and hands-on workshops led by our Canada-wide network of Greening Associates.
At Evergreen Brick Works, our camps inspired students through outdoor play and adventure, encouraging young people to be architects of their environment—to learn through creativity and discovery while playing with natural materials. We also engaged children in hands-on cooking workshops, and encouraged them to grow, pick, prepare (and eat!) delicious, healthy food.
By connecting our children to nature, we are not only nurturing our next generation, but also ensuring a sustainable future. By the Numbers
58,981 students and teachers
engaged across Canada 117 school grounds
$264,866 in grants distributed
1,600 youth participated in
the Kids World of Energy Festival at EBW 600 youth explored nature in
the city at EBW's Green City Adventure Camps 3,000 Schools Greened and Still Counting
Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds has committed more than $2.5 million to approximately 3,000 schools since Toyota Canada and Evergreen launched the I deeply believe in the importance of program in 2000.
holistic teaching for children within "From Canada's largest cities to the country's far-flung rural communities, the Toyota Evergreen our schools and within the community Learning Grounds Program has provided funding, as a whole. Supporting Evergreen was a expertise and a helping hand to transform concrete powerful incentive for me to bring that and asphalt schoolyards into living laboratories and naturalized play spaces for our children," said Sandy together with my own need for green living, Di Felice, director external affairs, Toyota Canada Inc. especially within an urban environment. "We're thrilled that Canadian schools have been so enthusiastic about this program, with thousands of It's easy to imagine the smiles with each schools across the country are benefitting from it. This new addition—like the Children's Garden has given us a remarkable opportunity to give back at Evergreen Brick Works—and Evergreen's to the communities that our customers, dealers and associates call home." reach-out and reach-high leadership.
—Madeleine Wong, an Evergreen Monthly Donor Last year, these funding grants supported greening projects at over 100 schools and daycares across Canada.
Robert Service School
Terra Child and Family
Dawson City, Yukon
Support Centre
At the only school in Dawson City, Robert Edmonton, Alberta
Service School, you'll now find an outdoor The Terra Child and Family Support Centre
classroom that incorporates various is a multi-service agency that includes native trees, shrubs and plants, and a vital childcare services for teenage fire pit surrounded by a learning circle mothers who attend the adjacent Braemar for traditional teachings. It's officially High School. The school's landscape was called Łenähjin Tr'ëdëk, which means "The transformed into a naturalized outdoor Gathering Place" in the Hän language.
space that includes a thriving vegetable garden, and has become an integral part of programming for both the daycare and the high school.
Action Series
The HSBC-Evergreen Youth Action Series supports
Canadian youth in their efforts to make a positive
impact on their communities by getting their hands in
the ground and educating them about urban ecology in
Greening Schools with BMO
their neighbourhoods. Outdoor classrooms inspire children to learn through In Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver, over 200 exploration of nature. With support from the BMO youth aged 14-18 participated in an exciting series of Bank of Montreal eStatement campaign in 2012, hands-on workshops and activities that connected them Evergreen's school ground greening program engaged with nature in their own communities. Youth were able and empowered teachers, students and community to share their insights and experiences on what makes members to transform 22 school grounds into an ideal outdoor public greenspace, and learn the basics vibrant, green outdoor learning environments. BMO's of gardening and environmental stewardship so that continued commitment is providing students and they can start their own gardens and greening projects teachers with greener, healthier spaces for learning in the future.
and recreation in communities across Canada.
Photo credits: Bill Wilson (top left), Kelly Cruise (bottom left), Bill Wilson (top right) Empowering Canadians to restore and conserve nature in urban landscapes From public parks to green roofs, greenspace in cities improves our quality of life in immeasurable ways: it cleans the air we breathe, filters our rainwater, reduces energy costs through much-needed shade cover, provides habitat for wildlife, and offers an ideal setting for outdoor recreation and connecting with our neighbours. Photo credits: (above) Henry VanderSpek In 2012, Evergreen worked closely with organizations and individuals to conserve natural landscapes and restore degraded urban environments across Canada—from shoreline clean-ups in Corner Brook, NL, to community food gardens in Yellowknife, NT.
We empowered Canadians to naturalize their communities, by facilitating greening projects and citizen science initiatives in parks, backyards and public spaces; we organized team-building events with Canadian businesses to get employees out of the office and into nature; and we hosted a wide array of gardening workshops, speaking events and other initiatives, designed to get people involved in urban greening activities.
With over two decades of experience bringing nature to cities, Evergreen is more active than ever in empowering Canadians to create vibrant green spaces in their communities. By the Numbers
21,755 volunteer hours
contributed to Urban Ecology initiatives $728,700 in grants and in-kind
109 greening projects
9,608 volunteers engaged in
393 events and workshops
25,825 trees, shrubs and
wildflowers planted Greening Communities from Coast to Coast
With over 85% of Canadians living in urban areas, it's more important than ever to keep our communities green and steeped in nature. From a children's outdoor playground in Inuvik, to supporting food gardens in The Walmart–Evergreen Green Grants program supports a wide array of community greening projects across Toronto, people across this country care Canada—including food garden and community about their community. We're thrilled that development initiatives, tree planting and wetland restoration. our partnership with Evergreen allows us Since 2005, Walmart Canada has contributed over to help facilitate that passion into action, $5 million to revitalize neighbourhoods with nature helping neighbours come together and and greenspace, and lending support for Evergreen's build, protect and restore those community training, design and maintenance expertise, as well as a range of print and online resources. green spaces close to all our hearts.
—john Lawrence, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Walmart Canada Friends of Covehead-
Discover Your Watershed
The Place of the Blue
Brackley Bay
Grouse Project
York, PEI
A charity that encourages a cleaner, Brentwood Bay, BC
Friends of Covehead-Brackley Bay, healthier environment in the province, To restore the Tod Inlet, or "SNIDCEL," a community based volunteer Clean Nova Scotia initiated its Discover region of Vancouver Island, Victoria-based organization, is engaging local Your Watershed Project to foster a sense SeaChange Marine Conservation Society communities along Covehead Bay in of stewardship toward water as a shared teamed up with the Saanich First Nation stewardship and restoration efforts to resource. The project uses educational to spearhead The Place of the Blue Grouse address erosion in the area. The project workshops and presentations, as well project. The effort replaced invasive plant is a demonstration case for other as hands-on activities such as riparian species with native varieties and restored communities for implementing low- restoration plantings, invasive-species critical wildlife habitat in the area. cost erosion control solutions, such as removals, water quality monitoring and strategic rock installations and native plantings to stabilize the shoreline.
Photo credits (left to right): Friends of Covehead, Bay Valerie Francella, Nathalie Kraemer EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Counting Down to Earth Month with Fido
Fido and Evergreen have been working together since 2009, greening school grounds, parks and other public spaces in communities across Canada through great We want to work together and initiatives like Share Your Care™ and the Quick Start encourage Canadians to make choices that will reduce their ecological impact In April 2012, Fido kicked off its Earth Month Countdown contest, a campaign that invited Canadians and benefit their communities directly. to visit and vote for their favourite
We believe in making our cities Fido-Evergreen greening project. A huge success, the more livable and we know that our initiative set the stage for 10 environmental projects in communities across Canada.
customers want this too. We're happy to give Canadians the opportunity to show their support.
—Steven Sarfin, Senior Director, Marketing, Fido The Rainbow Garden
The LEAF Learning Garden
Winnipeg, MB
Toronto, ON
A project from the Immigrants A project spearheaded by Local Integration and Farming Workers Coop, Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests the Rainbow Garden strives to make (LEAF), the LEAF Learning Garden is an regional vegetables available for new urban public demonstration site that immigrants, while facilitating their teaches visitors about a wide array of integration into the community, and native plants, including edible and contributing to sustainable local food medicinal plants. Educational signage systems. Designed by Raymond Ngarboui, guides visitors through the space, naming a newcomer to Canada, the garden offers each plant and identifying its value a place to make friends and grow plants, to birds, pollinators and the natural while engaging people in hands-on environment. It is also Canada's first learning about composting, rainwater smartphone-friendly garden with QR scan harvesting and other sustainability codes that link to additional information on what's growing there.
Growing the Urban Tree Canopy
Evergreen was excited to launch Canon's Take Root Program—a new community tree planting and greening initiative sponsored by Canon Canada.
Our corporate philosophy of kyosei—living and working together for the Canon's Take Root Program aims to add more than 7,500 trees to the Canadian urban landscape annually common good—dictates that we work in and encourage community engagement in public spaces harmony with others to ensure long-term through native tree-planting events, invasive-species removal and other community stewardship, monitoring sustainability. Canon's Take Root Program and developmental activities.
will continue our tradition of supporting In 2012, the program awarded a $5,000 grant and a environmental initiatives that have a PowerShot digital camera to 30 local groups across positive impact on the Canadian landscape.
Canada, and will offer the same each year for the next two years.
— Tony Valente, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Finance, HR and Corporate Communications, Canon Canada Inc.
Seniors for Kids Society
Falls Brook Centre
Cochrane, AB
Led by Cochrane's Seniors for Kids Society, The South Knowlesville Community Tree this restoration project offers seniors a Project celebrated the 20th anniversary chance to work closely with youth in the of Falls Brook Centre—a sustainable local community. By planting native trees community demonstration and training and shrubs along nearby Big Hill Creek, centre in rural New Brunswick—by participating volunteers—young and planting native trees and perennial old—not only worked together, they also plants in local areas, and building and enhanced habitat for aquatic animals and improving trail infrastructure throughout other wildlife, and helped to control soil the community. The organization supports erosion in the area.
initiatives that improve ecosystems and provide a balance with communities and nature.
Photo credit: Nathalie Kraemer (right) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Revitalizing the Lower Don
The greenspace that surrounds Evergreen Brick Works is
part of the Lower Don Valley—one of the largest and
most unique urban watersheds in the world.
Working with long-time partners the City of Toronto and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), Evergreen is restoring the region through the Lower Don Greenway project. In 2012, Evergreen began an extensive public-engagement process with key Echo Foundation has been supporting environmental stakeholders and communities in the Lower Don—an stewardship and restoration projects with Evergreen effort that complements the City's master plan for for more than 20 years. Most recently, the Foundation development in the area, which will showcase Toronto's helped Evergreen bring nature back to Toronto's distinctive ravine system by adding new access points Downsview Park through a series of meaningful and bridges, iconic art installations, and improved community engagement initiatives, including invasive- pedestrian and cycling trails. species removal, public plantings and tree monitoring. The Foundation's longstanding support has allowed The project will link key sites along the corridor and Evergreen to increase the inclusion of diverse connect Evergreen Brick Works with the waterfront, communities in the greening of parks and public spaces transforming the Lower Don into a prime destination in across the GTA, and to demonstrate the numerous ways the city—a place to celebrate, admire and appreciate in which Canadians can make a positive and lasting the ecological significance of Toronto's ravine network.
impact on their local environment. Photo credits: Mike Derblich (top left), Karimah Gheddai (bottom left), Geoff Fitzgerald (top right) Supporting a healthy, sustainable food system for all Canadians For many communities, processed food that is transported from afar is often the only option—an issue that affects our health as well as the environment through increased carbon emissions.
There is another way. Through a wide range of food programs, Evergreen explores healthy, sustainable food alternatives, and empowers Canadians to take an active role in supporting and celebrating their local food system.
Photo credits: (above)Mike Derblich, (opposite page) Thomas Ferguson (top), Dekel Chui (bottom) In 2012, we expanded and enhanced our Food initiatives through a series of engaging projects—from cooking workshops on local food to urban food gardening in community based projects across the country. At Evergreen Brick Works, our Farmers' Market continued to attract up to 2,000 people every Saturday, offering Torontonians an option for healthy, local food while supporting regional farmers and producers by contributing almost $4 million to the local economy. We also engaged some of Canada's top chefs and food experts in a series of interactive demonstration-style cooking classes and workshops for all ages.
By engaging people in supporting local, healthy food, Evergreen continues to lay the foundation for healthier, more sustainable urban communities.
By the Numbers
1,300 youth, adults and
seniors engaged in hands-on workshops on local, sustainable food $61,999 in grants distributed
17 food gardens maintained
100,000+ visited the EBW Farmers'
4,000+ people visited summer
and fall food festivals I have learned so much from this experience about eating healthy food, reading labels, shopping at local markets, and how easy and inexpensive it is to make delicious and nutritious food at home.
—Grant Goodman, YMCA Academy Student and Food Program participant Growing Green Leaders
At the Youth Food Summit in May 2012,
over a hundred young people from
across the GTA gathered at Evergreen
Brick Works to experience first-hand the
interconnection between food and the
Led by Students of Toronto for Environmental Progress (STEP), with funding support from the HSBC–Evergreen Youth Action Series, the project engaged youth in hands-on education initiatives about the importance of food systems, including thought-provoking discussions about who grows our food and where it More than a local food market, the EBW Farmers' Market is a celebration of the diverse communities working together to In the training workshops held build a sustainable food system from the throughout the day, students learned the basics of composting, as well as how to identify healthy soils, build their own Drawing thousands of visitors to the food gardens and cook with freshly-grown site throughout the year, the weekly ingredients. Another workshop on the market offers local farmers and food politics of food systems offered students producers a vibrant space to connect with some tips on how to spread the message Torontonians. The benefits extend far of sustainable food habits to others in beyond this site and Evergreen programs, their community.
since the market offers regional food producers a chance to compete with industrial food systems—the first step toward creating a sustainable food system.
Photo credits: Kelly Cruise (top left), Min Yang (bottom left), Melissa Yu (top right), Ron Smith (bottom right) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Food Garden Grants
Since 1991, Evergreen has funded more than 4,000
greening projects in communities and schools across the
country—engaging more than 81,000 volunteers.
In addition to the many tree planting and restoration projects supported in 2012 (see pages 12–14 for some highlighted projects), many of our funding grants focused on urban agriculture and food—empowering Canadians to support healthy, local food in their own communities. Indigenous Orchard
Urban-Rural Farm Exchange Growing Chefs!
and Community Garden
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
Santropol Roulant created its Urban-Rural This classroom gardening program sends This community garden at Standing Farm Exchange to engage people through teams of chef volunteers into elementary Buffalo First Nation is a great example urban food issues. The project allows the schools where they teach students about of the far-reaching impact a food garden organization to cultivate a small piece food from seed to table. The initiative can have on a community. The garden of land in Montréal's West Island, which aims to inspire children with a love is a hub for community growth, learning produces a higher yield of fresh produce for sustainable food through direct and sharing that brings together all for their successful Meals-On-Wheels experience—getting their hands in the generations, and allows elders to pass on program. The project features a strong dirt, watching and caring for growing their cultural knowledge to others in the public education component, increasing plants, and harvesting and cooking their public awareness and ensuring protection own vegetables.
of the last remnants of peri-urban farm land in the Montréal area.
Photo credit: Celeste Longhurst (left) Advancing ideas and innovation for building sustainable cities Cities hold tremendous value as drivers of economic prosperity and as dynamic hubs for creativity, innovation and cultural expression, but they also face unprecedented challenges— from aging infrastructure and increased traffic congestion to seemingly endless urban sprawl.
With our CityWorks initiative, we're tackling these critical challenges head on.
Photo credits: (above) Geoff Fitzgerald, (opposite page) BIll Wilson (top), Vito Riccio (bottom) Working closely with businesses, community groups, governments and individuals, we are exploring innovative and sustainable ways to design and build green urban infrastructure—everything from solar panels and smart grids to efficient transit networks. In 2012, we convened leading innovators, urban planners and the public in a series of expositions on cutting-edge ideas and technologies in urban sustainability. Our inaugural MOVE Expo at Evergreen Brick Works explored innovative solutions to transportation gridlock and helped build momentum to advance transportation solutions in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. By bringing together diverse audiences to share and test new ideas, we are actively seeking solutions for the critical challenges of the 21st century. By the Numbers
2,500 participants in CityWorks'
workshops, seminars and conferences on urban sustainability 20,600 people explored the
future of transportation at the MOVE Expo 400 attendees at CityWorks'
Innovation Talks discussion series 150 environmental leaders
attended the launch of CityWorks' green jobs report To confront the key challenges of the 21st century, we must build clean, smart and sustainable cities. Technology innovation can be a key driver of sustainability, and our ambition with Evergreen is to showcase technologies, to Canada and the global community, that will help drive new and sustainable ways of living.
—Nitin Kawale, President, Cisco Canada Leveraging the work of The Big Move, Staying connected
Metrolinx's 25-year plan to improve with Cisco
the region's transportation system, the Lab convenes leading environmental In 2012, Evergreen and Cisco announced innovators, urban planners and the public a collaborative relationship that will to create a dynamic "hub" where key significantly accelerate Evergreen's partners and like-minded organizations mission through the use of Cisco's can share resources, and focus their innovative technology at Evergreen efforts toward the common goal of Brick Works. This includes enhancements accelerating investment in regional to our technical capacity for video transportation infrastructure. conferencing, site-wide wireless, digital signage, video and webinar functionality. As part of this collaborative effort, As the official technology partner for Moving the GTHA
the team launched a new website,, which offers Lab
MOVE: The Transportation Expo, Cisco's technology contributions helped bring the Worsening daily commutes, lost members and the public an online space exhibit to life, showcasing the innovative productivity, deteriorating urban air to engage, discuss and move toward ideas and technologies needed to build quality and rising greenhouse gas solving transportation issues. and connect our communities in efficient emissions are all contributing to a The website features an online map and and sustainable ways. groundswell of public interest in finding events page showing public consultations solutions to transportation woes in big and discussions happening throughout We're proud to recognize this partnership cities across Canada. the region, as well as a section that through the naming of the Cisco Innovation Centre, which will be used With seed funding and advisory support features key campaigns and success for bring together community members, from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund stories—all designed to inform and innovators, city builders, researchers and (TAF), Evergreen CityWorks launched its empower people to be part of the other partners helping to green our cities. Transportation Lab initiative to help advance strategies for a sustainable and efficient transportation system for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Photo credits: BIll Wilson (top), Mike Derblich (bottom) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Volunteering for Evergreen has helped me discover and further develop my interests in sustainable urban design and green building technologies… I especially enjoyed the MOVE Innovation Talks. It was a unique opportunity to see design experts and industry professionals together discussing their research, inspirations, ideas and goals to promote positive change in the city.
—Caroline Misek, MOVE Expo Volunteer MOVE: The Transportation Expo
Transportation connects our
Leading up to MOVE, we asked some neighbourhoods to each other; it moves of today's top innovators and experts our goods and materials, and makes our to share their ideas in a series of economy hum. But current transportation brainstorming sessions, or "charrettes," systems in Canada are unsustainable, which formed the basis for much of the and outdated infrastructure is costing exhibit's content. us billions of dollars in time lost due to clogged highways and poorly designed In the fall, Evergreen hosted MOVE: Innovation talks, a five-part discussion series where charrette team members In spring 2012, Evergreen partnered presented their innovative ideas for the with the Institute without Boundaries future of urban mobility. Each event to present MOVE: The Transportation featured a panel of transportation Expo—a multi-sensory exhibit exploring experts—including Cisco Canada's Rick the innovative solutions to our Huijbregts, Leslie Woo, VP of Policy, transportation challenges. The MOVE Planning & Innovation for Metrolinx, and Expo drew over 20,000 visitors to jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner for the Evergreen Brick Works, and engaged them City of Toronto.
with creative ideas for connecting our communities in sustainable ways. Photo credit: Min Yang Evergreen BC
2,986 volunteers engaged
105 events and workshops
8,211 native trees, shrubs and
wildflowers planted 364 cubic metres of invasive
Evergreen BC continues to expand on efforts to create vibrant, inclusive urban green spaces representing the ecological and cultural diversity of Vancouver. Restoring Vancouver's
Project Green Bloc:
creeks through citizen
A neighbourhood
In 2012, Evergreen BC launched Uncover With key support from the City of Your Creeks, a community-focused Vancouver and the Vancouver Foundation, program that trains volunteers to collect Evergreen BC launched Project Green and analyze water samples from local Bloc, an initiative that will help the City streams and creeks while simultaneously meets its Greenest City Action Plan 2020 engaging them in hands-on restoration sustainability goals. work in areas surrounding the waterways.
Partnering with local residents in a By collaborating with local municipalities, two-block area of central Vancouver, the regional authorities and academic project will help that neighbourhood partners, Evergreen BC serves as a bridge reduce its environmental footprint by between residents of the region and 30 percent over the next three years. the agencies responsible for watershed It will also feature ongoing discussions planning and development. about neighbourhood-level sustainability with Simon Fraser University's Public Square Centre for Dialogue, and will work with academic partners, including the University of British Columbia, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, to establish the baseline environmental footprint for the community.
Photo credits: Joshua Berson (top), Jaime Kowal (middle right) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Architects of a Green Legacy
It feels good to give back. The better we Evergreen BC enjoyed a second year of youth take care of our community, the better our capacity-building through Architects of a Green community takes care of us. Volunteering in Legacy. The summer program enables passionate youth from many different backgrounds and the urban orchard allows me to reconnect cultures to work together to transform their with nature.
neighbourhood through creative urban greening projects that celebrate expression and cultural —Kenny Teng, Evergreen BC Volunteer Fruit-growing 101 at the
Growing a hub of food
Urban Orchard
security in the heart of
In summer 2012, Evergreen BC ran a post-industrial Vancouver
series of workshops on growing healthy Located on the Great Northern Way fruit trees. Hosted at the Great Northern Campus in Vancouver, Evergreen's Urban Way Urban Orchard, the workshops Orchard is a 10,000-square-foot mobile explored the complex world of integrated fruit and nut orchard—a public space pest management—the art and science where urban agriculture engages and of creating an ecologically balanced inspires the community. The site features environment that can keep pests and a wide variety of organic crops, including diseases at bay. apples, raspberries, strawberries, These workshops and learning blueberries and huckleberries. resources were made possible by the The Sitka Foundation's generous generous support of the Organic Sector contribution to this key site for Evergreen Development Program, along with BC builds food literacy among youth and Vancity, the Sitka Foundation and the new Canadians, enables research in urban Gencon Foundation.
agriculture and encourages local residents to explore best practices for organic farming. The Sitka Foundation's support in 2012 has been instrumental in providing valuable opportunities for community members to engage meaningfully with nature.
Evergreen Brick Works
100,000+ people visited the EBW
Farmers' Market in 2012 2,200+ students participated
in EBW's school program 1,600 youth participated in
the Kids World of Energy Festival in May 20,600 people explored the
future of transportation at the MOVE Expo Diverse communities at
Evergreen Garden Market
Evergreen Brick Works
Our signature effort in the area of social In 2012, we launched a multi-year enterprise, Evergreen Garden Market (EGM) effort to engage diverse communities at started out as a pilot project in 2010. Evergreen Brick Works, and to engage new In 2012, EGM developed into a fully groups in the activities on site. stocked retail destination that educates In striving to make the site and our visitors about sustainable purchases and programs as accessible and inclusive as gardening—featuring eco-friendly goods, possible, we built strong relationships native plants, organic foods, and artisan with a broad range of community gifts and crafts.
partners—from First Nations communities and newcomer families to youth and Getting active with Fido
seniors. We also focused on decreasing A proud supporter of Evergreen's barriers with marginalized communities, community greening programs since and continue to develop a comprehensive 2009, Fido complemented its cross- strategy to further engage diverse Canada support by making active, healthy lifestyle programming possible at Evergreen Brick Works. Developing our social
In the summer season, Fido engaged over 4,200 people, as they built bikes, What's a social enterprise? For Evergreen community and confidence through Brick Works, it means that all the revenue Evergreen's Bike Works program. In we receive—whether it's from paid events the winter, Fido kicked off the 2012 on site, donations or parking fees—is skating season with the Winter Solstice used to help us deliver accessible and Festival—a packed event that featured inclusive community programs.
loads of activities for the entire In 2012, we continued to expand and community, including public skating in enhance these efforts in a range of Koerner Gardens, live music, eco-crafts creative and entrepreneurial ways. workshops, as well as a traditional Winter Round Dance, put on by Native Child & Family Services of Toronto.
Photo credits: Robert Greatrix (top), Kelly Cruise (middle right) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Getting involved with the schools program A community of volunteers
at Evergreen Brick Works has been a great We depend on volunteers to keep this site safely chance to be back with kids again and to humming—everything from guiding nature hikes, help them discover nature. It's great to be and facilitating cooking and gardening workshops, outside and I love the way that not only are to maintaining our skating trail. In 2012, over 80 volunteers helped us welcome thousands of the kids learning and discovering, but I also visitors to the MOVE Expo—providing "virtual" get to learn something new every time. To tours through the past, present and future of transportation, and spurring dialogue about top it all off, I get a chance to work with terrific, enthusiastic people every week!—Barb Williams, Outdoor Teaching Assistant, EBW Schools Program Staying active
Bringing children's
at Bike Works!
play to EBW
How we get around town is a big part The essential starting point for every visit of how we green our city. In 2012, we to Evergreen Brick Works is The Commons, hosted several bike events, including a dynamic and engaging natural foyer. In ongoing bicycle safety and bike-repair this outdoor gathering space, raised garden workshops, and, along with partner Cycle beds featuring native plants and shrubs Toronto, we kicked off Ride the Ravines, greet visitors and set the tone for what an inaugural charity bike ride through they can expect to experience at the site.
Toronto's ravine trails to support cycling Among those themed garden beds is The Scace Family Garden, supported by the At Bike Works, EBW's community bike Scace family and the Henry White Kinnear space, we continued to promote and Foundation. Designed by The Garden Club encourage cycling through rentals and of Toronto, the garden features a children's other do-it-yourself projects. As part of play environment for toddlers and their the "community bicycle hub" initiative, Bike Works staff reached out to the wider The Scace family chose to support Evergreen GTA community, by engaging youth from based on their keen interest in children, Toronto's underserved neighbourhoods education and industrial heritage—and and working with them to facilitate because three generations of the family training sessions on bike safety and regularly visit the site to enjoy Canada's first large-scale environmental community centre.
Volunteers bring their skills, experience, enthusiasm and contributions to Evergreen in all sorts of ways. In 2012, we worked with volunteers from diverse communities and cultures. The following graphic—a hearty thank you to our team of volunteers—provides a snapshot of their impact, and the many projects and initiatives that would not be possible without their help. 9,015 who gave us your
heart & soul in 2012!
YOU 24,883
trees, shrubs & wildflowers planted AcROss
Photo credit: Min Yang (bottom) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT 38,149 hrs
to writing, researching, taking photos, supporting our office, giving tours, and sharing your leadership and expertise.
71 markets
featuring local, sustainable food got people
hiking, biking
YOU and skating
and muddied over at children's programs 1,230 of food
Photo credits: Ron Smith (top), Cameron Collyer (middle), Min Yang (bottom) are all creating a green future and
WEa healthy planet
Financial Summary
Overall, Evergreen experienced increased financial stability across the
organization in 2012.
This was based on continued support from new and existing partners; financial support from our Social Enterprise toward Evergreen Brick Works and programs; a modest contribution to Evergreen's General Fund; and compliance with loan covenants.
Statement of operationsyear ended December 31 Corporate donations and sponsorships 3,360,361
Events and rentals 2,576,377
Government grants 1,718,717
Consulting and partnerships 1,518,163
Foundation grants Individual donations Donations-in-kind 11,117,269
Amortization of deferred 3,266,180
capital contributions 14,383,449
Salaries and benefits 5,466,928
Office and property 1,566,868
Contracts and support services 1,418,880
Project and event fees Grants to schools and community groups Communications and marketing Travel and meetings 14,180,364
Surplus (deficit) EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Breakdown of $14.4 million funding and other revenue:
Revenue was $14.4 million in 2012, $1.7 million or 14% higher than 2011.
Increase in fundraising revenue of approximately $0.9 million or 8.7%. Areas of growth include: • Corporate planting offerings • Multi-year corporate funding and government grants • Committed capital pledges Increase in Social Enterprise revenues of $0.8 million or 42% from four key areas: • Third-party event rentals• Tenant spaces • Evergreen Garden Market Breakdown of $14.2 million of operating expenses:
Evergreen Brick Works Social Enterprise:Products & Services Expenses were $14.2 million in 2012, $1.4 million or 11% higher than 2011.
As costs rise, Evergreen management and staff continue to monitor expenses closely to ensure: • Effective and timely delivery of programs • Maintenance of Evergreen Brick Works • Future financial stability Direct Programming Statement of financial positionas at December 31 3,126,711
Short-term investments Accounts receivable 1,401,507
Prepaid expenses and other 5,420,755
Long-term receivables 49,158,283
Current liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue 2,863,165
Current portion of long-term debt 2,502,048
Deferred capital contributions 41,898,653
Invested in capital assets 54,579,038
EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Statement of cash flowsyear ended December 31 Operating activities
Excess of (expenses over revenue) revenue over expenses Add (deduct) non-cash items Amortization of capital assets 3,469,952
Amortization of capital contributions (3,266,180)
Deferred capital contributions recognized (269,281)
as other revenue Donations-in-kind revenue Donated goods and services Add (deduct) changes in non-cash working capital balances Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses and other Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (133,379)
Deferred revenue (1,229,347)
Investing activities
Decrease (increase) in long-term receivable Increase in short-term investments (37,694)
Capital assets additions (610,333)
Deferred capital contributions received 2,074,415
Financing activities
Repayment of long-term debt (1,757,348)
Proceeds from long-term debt (1,757,348)
Net increase (decrease) in cash during the year (714,302)
Cash, beginning of year 3,841,013
Cash, end of year
Our Funders
Capital Campaign

Carolyn Keystone and jim Meekison Marcia Moffat and Mark Wiseman Government of Canada The Kresge Foundation The Northpine Foundation Sonia and Arthur Labatt Francisca and Michael Quinn $10,000,000
Live Green Toronto William and Meredith Saunderson Government of Ontario Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation at the Toronto Community Foundation Peter and Barbara Stuart The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen jaime Watt and Paul Ferguson Robin and David Young Richard D. Phillips Andrew and Valerie Pringle $10,000 - 24,999
Susanne and Bruce Alexandor Holcim (Canada) Inc.
Sandra L. Simpson The Home Depot Canada Strada Aggregates, jim V. De Gasperis Kaye and Paul Beeston The Koerner Foundation TD Bank Financial Group The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Toronto Atmospheric Fund Matthew Church and Patricia Cavanagh The Henry White Kinnear Foundation The Collombin Family $500,000 - 999,000
BMO Financial Group $50,000 - 99,999
Enterprising Non-Profits (Toronto) Ashoka Innovators for the Public john and Gay Evans T. R. Meighen Family Foundation Bealight Foundation Edward Gibbard and Sandy McCaul The Salamander Foundation Fiona and David Berry j.P. Bickell Foundation Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation R. Howard Webster Foundation The Max Clarkson Family Foundation Donald K. johnson Mrs. Robertson Davies The Henry and Berenice Kaufmann $250,000 - 499,000
The Davies Charitable Foundation Donner Canadian Foundation Angela Lam and Alex Macdonald Carpenters' District Council of Ontario April and Sasha jacob Edward S. Long and Family Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Mike and Martha Pedersen Hartland and Eve MacDougall Green Municipal Fund, an endowment jennifer Surridge The Midloch Foundation created by the Government of Canada jennifer and Kenneth Tanenbaum The Gordon and Lorraine Gibson Family The Tony Taylor Memorial Fund Bill Morneau and Nancy McCain Foundation in honour of Dan Gibson Sandy and Bart MacDougall Bob Reeves and Carolyn Blaine Frances and Tim Price $25,000 - 49,999
Friends and Family in Memory of The Rogers Foundation Lawrence Ritchie, Heather Crawford Estate of Margery j. Warren jalynn H. Bennett The Young Fund of Hamilton Suzy and Hans Brenninkmeyer David Roffey and Karen Walsh Community Foundation Bev and Chris Cape The Seybold Family Geoff Cape and Valerie Laflamme jane and Eb Zeidler $100,000 - 249,999
Mary Cape Usher-jones Adam Zimmerman and Barbara McDougall Augusta and Shawn Cooper $1,000 - 9,999
The Gail and Bob Farquharson Family Sherry and Edward Drew Martin and Kim Abell Diane and Michael Hasley jamie and Patsy Anderson Harbinger Foundation Michael jantzi and Amy Stein Robert and Mary Pat Armstrong Richard and Donna Ivey Fund at the William, Renee and Maryke Ballard Toronto Community Foundation The McColl-Early Foundation EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Nancy's Very Own Foundation Ellen and Murray Blankstein Northfield Capital Corporation The Bradstreet Family Foundation Robin and Robert Ogilvie Helen Braithwaite and Patrick Phillips Edita and Graeme Page Warren Brown and Sarah Heynen Passport to Prana Ruby and Arlo Brubaker-Plitt jay and Manissa Patel Cameron Charlebois Kevin and Caroline Pennington Stewart Chisholm and Family Pradip Gordon Enterprises Ltd.
Cam Collyer and Lauren Baker Katherine Dalziel Grace and Faith Regan Deep Foundations Contractors Inc.
Pierre and Catherine Rivard Shayne Robinson and Rachel Melzer The Rogan Foundation H. Garfield Emerson Tara Rogerson and Chris Gruhn jacques and Chantal Fleurant jan Ruby and Mary Thomson jeremy and Natalie Foote Tom and Pamela Scoon Gartley Family Foundation, at the joyce and Norman Seagram Toronto Community Foundation Mike, Ilana, Ezra and Marcus Sereny Andrew and Katie Gilchrist Gerald Sheff and Shanitha Kachan Douglas and Ruth Grant Don and Denise Green Kathy and john Stevens Oliver and Oscar Hare Stonehouse Robert and Ann Stevens jill and Adam Hermant The St. George's Society of Toronto Hermant Family Foundation Daniel and Sandra Sullivan and Family Howard and Diane Taylor Fund Nicola Hives and Graeme Young at the Toronto Community Foundation The john C. and Sally Horsfall Eaton Cara Thomson and Peter Wong David and Denise Howe Timberland Canada Seana Irvine and Andrew Gray The Timeless Material Company jackman Foundation john and Liz Tory Langar Foundation Unilock Ltd.
Peter and Kathie Wayne, Dudley Camille Lisser, joey Lisser and jasper and Mabel McGeer Alan and Sally Webster Lister-Stevens Family Peter W. Webster and Family Nancy and john Love julia West and Richard Wernham jennifer Martin and Linda Heimlich The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation The McLaughlin Family Robert and joan Wright Sid and judith McMurray Wrigley Canada Inc.
john and Dorothy McSherry Fund at the Toronto Community FoundationKelly Moffatt National Title Partner
Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds
Toyota Canada Inc. and its Dealerships
$500,000 - $1,000,000
$25,000 - $49,999
Intact Foundation Institute without Boundaries/ Bullfrog Power Inc.
Investors Group Inc.
George Brown College* Centrosolar Canada Inc.* Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation City of North Vancouver The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Dundee Kilmer Developments L.P.
Mountain Equipment Co-op, $100,000 - $499,999
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Ontario Automotive Recyclers Development Canada Holcim (Canada) Inc.
Human Resources and Skills Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Development Canada Culture and Sport Andy Chisholm via Goldman Sachs Gives Ottawa Catholic Disctrict School Board Canon Canada Inc.
Parc Downsview Park Pembina Trails School Board Environment Canada: EcoAction Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment The Home Depot Canada and Training Centre Tippet Foundation Nova Scotia Department of Education United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.
The Rogers Foundation University of Toronto Scarborough The Ontario Trillium Foundation Solsmart Energy Solutions Inc.* Vancouver Foundation Toronto District School Board Staples Advantage Canada The Winnipeg Foundation TD Friends of the Environment $50,000 - $99,999
$1,000 - $9,999
Capital One Services (Canada) Inc.
Timberland Canada Durham District School Board Arup Canada, Inc.
General Mills Canada Corporation Autodesk, Inc. (Canada Division) $10,000 - $24,999
Aviva Canada Inc.
bcIMC Realty Corporation Nestlé Purina Canada Arrell Family Foundation j.P. Bickell Foundation Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund Canadian Automobile Association Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Canadian Pacific Railway The Bloom Centre for Sustainability CCL Industries Inc.
john and Anne Brace Ottawa Carlton District School Board Canadian Cardiovascular Society The Toronto Atmospheric Fund City of Toronto Museums Geoff Cape and Valerie Laflamme Toronto Catholic District School Board City of Toronto, StreetARToronto The Career Foundation Town of Richmond Hill Coleman Leggitt Trust David and Robin Young / The Michael Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Young Family Foundation Vancouver Office The Gail and Bob Farquharson Family The Home Depot Canada* City of Toronto, Community and Neighbourhood Services EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT Collombin Family Fund, at the Toronto Outdoor Living Today* Community Foundation Pizzeria Libretto Conseil Scolaire Centre-Nord Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.
Desperado Marketing Inc.
Public Conservation Assistance Fund Queen West Community Health Centre Stephen Eby Memorial Fund at the TCF The Rubber Association of Canada Edmonton Catholic School Board Edmonton Public School Board SAP Canada Inc.
Schein Foundation Environics Communications Inc.
Eva's Initiatives Software for a Sustainable World Evergrow Christmas Tree Co.* Spectra Energy Transmission Gencon Foundation Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Andrew T. Graham Starbucks Coffee Company Grand & Toy (Ontario) Steve Nash Foundation Great Northern Way Campus The john and Marian Taylor Family Fund, Greater Toronto Airports Authority at the Toronto Community Foundation Green Research Environmental Tony and Caley Taylor Family Fund, Association Ontario at the Toronto Community Foundation TD Canada Trust (Main Street Branch) TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Halton Distric School Board University of Toronto The Hamber Foundation Mississauga Campus Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.* Upper Grand District School Board Evangeline and jack Heynen Vancouver City Savings Credit Union The Hylcan Foundation Vancouver International Airport Seana Irvine and Andrew Gray In Memory of Estherelke Keyawis Kaplan Waterloo Region District School Board Waterloo-Wellington Regional Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Zeller Family Foundation Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation at the TCFjulia MedlandMinistry of jobs, Tourism & Innovation Canadian Gardening Mulmer Services Ltd.
North Shore Community Foundation Fleurs, Plantes et jardins Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (CFWIP) Out to Lunch Cuisine Inc.
SpacingToday's ParentToronto Star Zoom Board Of Directors
Geoff Cape, Chief Executive Officer
George Dark, Chair
Seana Irvine, Chief Operating Officer
Partner, Urban Strategies Inc. Sarah Heynen, Development Director
Cameron Charlebois, Deputy Chair
John Brodhead, Executive Director, CityWorks
Vice President, Canada Lands Company Stewart Chisholm, Program Director
Anne Brace, Treasurer
Cam Collyer, Program Director
David Stonehouse, EBW General Manager
Lea Anne Armstrong, Creative Director
Consultant, JPB Consulting Manissa Patel, Finance Director
Julie Bowen
Vice President, Experience & Engagement, Canadian Museum of

John Coyne
Vice President & General Counsel, Unilever Canada
Alan Dean
President & Director, Brookfield Partners Foundation
Saleem Dedhar
President, S2S Environmental Inc.
Andrew Graham
Senior Director, President's Choice Financial
Kristin Jenkins
Vice President, Communications, Ontario Power Authority
Andy Macaulay
Chairman, Union
Kevin McLaughlin
President, AutoShare
Sarah Qadeer
Senior Corporate Counsel, Home Depot of Canada Inc.
Dianne Saxe, Secretary
President, Saxe Law Office
Frances R. Westley
J.W. McConnell Chair, Social Innovation, University of Waterloo
EVERGREEN ANNUAL REPORT National Title Partner Sustaining Partners National Office: Evergreen Brick Works,
550 Bayview Ave, Suite 300, Toronto ON M4W 3X8
Tel 416-596-1495 Fax 416-596-1443
Toll free in Canada 1-888-426-3138
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British Columbia Office
107-555 Great Northern Way, Vancouver BC V5T 1E2
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To make a donation please call 1-888-426-3138 Donations are tax deductible. Charitable Registration Number: BN 131815763 RR0001


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