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Jefferson Elementary School
Our Mission
The Mission of Jefferson Elementary School is to provide all students with Student, Parent/Guardian
educational opportunities which Handbook
enable them to become 2007-2008
life-long learners. "My father has always taught me that there are only two things in life that you have to do…. You have to share and you have to care.". Tiger Woods Website: Table of Contents
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Community Unit School District No. 1
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: Central Administration:
This handbook is provided to you to acquaint you with the Dr. William E. Hill, Interim Superintendent of Schools 639-1000 rules, regulations, procedures, and other relevant information necessary for the orderly functioning of the school. It has Board of Education:
been structured to help promote student progress, as well as Kevin Oakley, President to provide for the safety of the students through appropriate Dr. Gail Mason, Vice President rules and regulations. This handbook is only a summary of Kelly Miller, Secretary Board policies and may be changed throughout the year Jeff Coon, Treasurer Please read and familiarize yourself with this handbook. Periodically, you may need to refer to the handbook to answer questions. If clarification is needed or other questions arise, Building Administration:
please contact any teacher, counselor, or administrator. We are eager to help and anxious to work with you. Ashmore Elementary School - 639-3000 Terry Diss, Principal 7:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m. Students, this is your school. Take pride in the school and Carl Sandburg Elementary School - 639-4000 show respect for fellow students, staff, teachers, administrators, and most of all yourself. Your years here will Chad Burgett, Principal be what you decide to make of them. The opportunity is 7:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. available for all to have an exciting, positive, and rewarding Charleston High School—639-5000 experience. Let us all direct our energy toward seizing that Diane Hutchings, Principal 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Charleston Middle School—639-6000 Sandy Wilson, Principal Debbie Poffinbarger 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Debbie Poffinbarger, Principal Jefferson Elementary School - 639-7000 Debbie Poffinbarger, Principal 7:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. Mark Twain Elementary School - 639-8000 Terry Diss, Principal 6:45 a.m.—3:15 p.m. Elementary Daily Schedules
Early Dismissal Schedules
Ashmore Elementary School
Breakfast served to those who choose Half Days
Students arrive and assemble in gym Students are dismissed to the classrooms Ashmore Elementary School Tardy Bell / All classes begin Carl Sandburg Elementary School Grades K, 1, & 2 Lunch Grades K, 1, & 2 Activity & 3 & 4 Lunch Jefferson Elementary School Grades 3 & 4 Activity Mark Twain Elementary School Carl Sandburg Elementary School
Breakfast is served for those who choose 2-Hour Early Dismissal
Students arrive and assemble in gym Ashmore Elementary School Students are dismissed to the classrooms Tardy bell / All classes begin Carl Sandburg Elementary School Grade 1 Lunch & Activity Grade 2 Lunch & Activity Jefferson Elementary School Grade 3 Lunch & Activity Mark Twain Elementary School Jefferson Elementary School
Breakfast is served for those who choose Guidelines for Jefferson Before School
Students arrive and go to designated area Students are dismissed to classrooms Tardy Bell / All classes begin All students who arrive at school before 8:10 a.m. are to report directly to Grade 6 Activity and Grade 5 Lunch the gym. Pupils who walk, ride bicycles, or ride with parents/guardians, are Grade 5 Activity and Grade 4 Lunch not to be at school before 7:45 a.m. unless special permission has been Grade 4 Activity obtained. Supervisors are not on duty inside or outside before that time and doors will remain locked until 7:45 a.m. Mark Twain Elementary School
Lunch purchases and returning library books should be taken care of between 8:10 and 8:25. Breakfast served to those who choose Students arrive and assemble in gym Students are to be in classrooms at 8:25. Classroom teachers will be on Students are dismissed to the classrooms duty outside their rooms between 8:10 and 8:25. Tardy Bell / All classes begin 1/2 day Kindergarten dismissed 1st Lunch Period 1st Activity Period 2nd Lunch Period 1st Lunch group resumes classes 2nd Lunch Activity Period 2nd Lunch group resumes classes Early Dismissal Schedules Attendance
Full Day / Half Day Absences Defined
Attendance Policy
Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who arrive at 9:36 or later are Illinois has a compulsory attendance law for youngsters between 7 and 17 considered absent for 1/2 day. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who years of age. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to see that their arrive at 9:35 or before are considered tardy. Students leaving school sons and daughters attend school regularly. The following policies are in during the day are counted as follows: Fourth, fifth and sixth grade effect concerning attendance procedures: students who are present 300 minutes total are counted as full day present; fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who are present 150 minutes but less than 300 minutes are counted as 1/2 day present. Parents/guardians are to report their child's absences by 8:30 am. This may be done by calling the Homework Hotline (refer to page 15) or the school office. Illinois law requires schools to inform parents/guardians if Excessive Absences
their children do not come to school; therefore, if the school is not contacted, we will contact parents/guardians at home or at work to verify your child's absence. After nine (9) absences without a doctor's note during the school year, a doctor's note may be required. If a doctor's note is not received it will be recorded as an unexcused absence. Illness of the student, serious illness or deaths in the immediate family are After nine (9) unexcused absences or tardies are accumulated an conditions for a student being absent. Individual vacations, recreational attendance specialist from the Regional Office of Education will be activities, or matters of personal convenience are discouraged during contacted and the student will be required to follow their guidelines. school time and will be counted unexcused or elimination from participation in extracurricular event. Tardy Policy
Students may be pre-excused (see excused absences pg. 13) if (1) an Students are tardy to school if they are not in the classroom when the 8:25 Anticipated Absence form is completed, (2) approval is granted by the bell rings. Parents/Guardians and students need to realize that excessive principal and (3) arrangements for make-up work have been made with the tardiness affects academic performance, grades, and if habitual, will classroom teacher prior to the absence. If these conditions are not met, probably affect future job performance. Students who arrive tardy will be absences will be unexcused. Anticipated absence forms are available from subject to the following consequences: (1) first day, parent/guardian notified by letter; (2) second day, parent/guardian will be contacted; (3) third through fifth day, student will be benched at recess (15 minutes); after fifth day, student will serve one day after school AER for each day tardy. A student having excessive absences from school without sending a Tardies will be deleated at the end of the semester and students will start
statement of being under a doctor's care may be subject to a conference with a "clean slate". Students who have a doctor appointment and bring a
with the assistant principal or principal concerning his / her attendance note will be counted as an excused tardy and not be subject to the tardy record. A total of more than nine absences during the school year must be consequences. Tardies will count against perfect attendance. The accompanied by a doctor's note or will be recorded as unexcused. administration reserves the right to bypass this system. When a student is too ill to attend school, he/she is considered too ill to participate in after-school activities. Attendance
The parent/guardian may request that a child who has been absent 5th Truancy
because of illness be permitted to remain in the building for a day or two Wrap-Around Conference held to include, but not limited to: Administrator, during recess periods. The staff feels, however, that as a rule it is Counselor, Juvenile Officer, Parents / Legal Guardian, Student, beneficial for the child to be out-of-doors at recess time. If there is doubt about making the request, the child's physician should be consulted. If the Notify Regional Office of Education (AIM Referral) child is to remain indoors for a longer period, a doctor's statement should Notify Juvenile Officer for potential legal action. Information provided regarding Community Agencies for possible "Truancy" is defined as an unexcused absence from school. If a student is chronically or habitually truant, as defined in the school code 5/26-2a, 10th Truancy
further steps may be taken. Second Wrap-Around Conference held to include, but not limited to: Administrator, Counselor, Juvenile Officer, Parents / Legal Guardian, Student, Teacher(s). Truant - Chronic Truant Procedures
Notify Regional Office of Education (AIM Referral) Notify Juvenile Officer for potential legal action. Information provided regarding Community Agencies for possible Truant Child is defined as a child subject to compulsory school attendance
and who is absent without valid cause from such attendance for a school day or any portion of a school day. 18th Truancy
Notify Regional Office of Education for Truancy Petition with States Attorney. Other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by Administration Chronic or Habitual Truant is defined as a child subject to compulsory
school attendance laws who is absent without valid cause from school for Illness During School
10 percent (18 days) or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days. No student may leave school during the day unless he/she has permission Valid cause for absence shall be illness, observance of a religious holiday,
from the office. A student who becomes ill during school should report to the office where he or she will be picked up by a parent/guardian. If a death in the immediate family, family emergency, and shall include such student leaves the building for lunch and becomes ill, the school expects a other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by the parent/guardian to call and report the illness. board of education in each district, or such other circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for the safety or health of Students Leaving School
Progressive Steps to Address Truancy Days
Parents/Guardians who pick students up during school hours must report to the office and sign the child out. If the student returns to school on the same day, he or she must be signed back in. The sign-out system allows the school to know the whereabouts of students at all times in case of an Any Truancy
Detention / AER assigned to make up time missed. Parent/Guardian notification. Attendance
Excused Absences
Attendance Specialist

Students receive absences and are permitted to make up work or exams in
Diagnose causes of school absences the following circumstances: Provide intervention Illness of the student or serious illness of a member of the immediate Work with schools, parents/guardians and students to resolve difficulties Death of a family member/ friend. Parent/Guardian and Schools
Medical appointment which cannot be made after school or on weekends. Be enthusiastic; convey a positive attitude about school. Religious holiday/pilgrimage (with a completed anticipated absence form). Prepare your child for school experiences by explaining what to expect and answering questions honestly. These circumstances above must be defined with the Administration. Treat school as part of a normal everyday life event, something that is expected of your child and accepted by you. Anticipated Absences
Homebound Instruction
The anticipated absence is not recommended by teacher, administrators or the Board of Education. Hopefully it will be minimally used by students and parents/guardians. Planning prior to an absence allows students to make In the event that a student has a prolonged illness (two weeks or more), the up as much work as possible. Students and parents/guardians may plan parent/guardian may request homebound instruction. A doctor's note absences in advance by filling out an "Anticipated Absence Form" which is stating the length of time needed for recovery at home will be needed along available in the office. The form should be returned to the office at least with your written request. Contact the building principal so this may be one day one day in advance of the absence. Other absences not accounted initiated. Final approval of any homebound instruction must come from the for will be considered unexcused. Excessive absences may cause the student to be referred to the A.I.M.S. program. Attendance Improvement Matters (A.I.M.S.)
Request for Homework when Absent
Requests for daily homework must be made by 10:00 a.m. on the day needed. This allows the homeroom teacher the necessary time to contact A.I.M.S. strives to improve attendance, attitude and achievement of other teachers to get work together for the student. Homework may be students by providing an Attendance Specialist to work together with the picked up at the office after school. Some teachers utilize the Homework student, the school and the parents. Following are the responsibilities of Hotline. Check with your student's teacher for clarification. Please refer to the schools, the Attendance Specialist and the parent/guardian. the list of Homework Hotline numbers included in this handbook. Students will be allowed the same numbers of days to make up work as they were Make a parent/guardian phone call Send a letter of notification of excessive absences Homework Policy
Refer to the attendance specialist Please contact your child's teacher for detailed information on his / her homework policy and procedures. Attendance
Bad Weather School Closing
Aggressive Behavior / Bullying
WEIC, WEIU, WLBH, and WMCI radio stations and WAND, WCIA, and WICD TV stations announce the closing of school soon after receiving the decision of the district. This decision and announcement most often occur between 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM. School may be dismissed early if weather Illinois law requires a school district to notify the parent or guardian of a conditions worsen on days school is in session. Parents/Guardians are child who engages in aggressive behavior, including bullying, possession of urged to listen to the radio and/or TV, and call the Homework Hotline for a firearm/weapon on or around school grounds. (105 ILCS 5/10-20.14) school closings or early dismissal times on days of severe weather CUSD#1 Board Policy prohibits students using aggressive behavior while at school that does physical or psychological harm to someone else and/or urging other students to engage in such conduct. Prohibited aggressive The following factors are considered when determining a school closing: behavior includes, without limitation, the use of violence, force, noise, The severity of the weather coercion, threats, intimidation, fear, bullying, or other comparable conduct. An Aggressive Behavior Reporting Form will be completed. A Law Potential of a drastic change in weather; Enforcement Form will be submitted if a student threatens an adult. Bus routes - flat roads, curvy roads, hilly roads, narrow roads, turn around problems or any combination of the above; School Wide Discipline Program
Children waiting for buses - applicable to the severity of the weather, temperature, wind chill, etc; Each student at Jefferson must have a safe, positive environment in which Consultation with neighboring districts; to learn. However it is each student's responsibility to follow school rules in order to maximize their learning opportunity. The following rules will be Imposed energy restrictions, state or privately imposed. followed when students are on school property or in the proximity of school. Parents/Guardians should inform children about what to do if school closes Jefferson Rules include but are not limited to the following: early. Students are expected to not have to make arrangements by phone. Students will show respect for other students and all staff. Outdoor Activities / Wind Chill Consideration
Students will not damage the building, equipment, or any property connected with Jefferson. Guidelines have been established to allow children to play outdoors during Students will follow directions given by any member of the winter months. Students and teacher will go outdoors during activity Jefferson Staff. periods when the wind chill index is 20 degrees and above. Students will not be allowed to display behaviors that jeopardize the safety of other students and staff in the Parents/Guardians are expected to dress children appropriately during the winter months (hats, heavy coats, gloves) and for the unpredictable Illinois weather all year long. Students will not be allowed to remain in the building The four rules listed will be enforced by all Jefferson staff. Students who during outdoor recess without daily written parental / guardian permission choose not to obey the rules will receive an incident report for each offense. Incident Reports will be issued in and out of the classroom. At the end of each nine week grading period, students will start with a "clean slate". The principal and assistant principal reserve the right to bypass this system in Discipline
Corporal Punishment

The progression of consequences is as follows:
Corporal Punishment is forbidden in all schools in the State of Illinois 1st Incident = Student/Administrator Conference 2nd Incident = Removal from Activity Period 3rd Incident = 1 A.E.R Out of School Suspension
4th Incident = 2 A.E.R.'s 5th Incident = 3 A.E.R.'s 6th Incident = Suspension and upon return the students must meet with the guidance counselor during two Serious misconduct which may lead to suspension or expulsion of a student activity periods to discuss conflict resolution as outlined in the Illinois School Code includes any activity which disrupts or interferes with school activities. This includes activity in school, on school property, on a school bus / bus stop or at a school-sponsored function. In Alternative Education Room (AER)
accordance with School Code 5/10-22.6, the parent/guardian has the right to a review of the suspension. AER assignments will include a late stay from 3:05-4:00. During this time, During the review process, the suspension will stand. Students shall be students will work on classroom assignments in a strictly quiet allowed to make up missed work. environment. AER will be supervised by the assistant principal or an assigned teacher. Students who do not follow AER rules will be assigned additional AER late stays. Parents/Guardians will be notified so that transportation can be arranged. Students serving AER are not allowed to Suspension - Suspension is the removal of a student from school for a
participate in extra-curricular activities on the day of assigned AER. specified number of days—not to exceed ten (10) days for any one offense. Skipping AER will result in another day of assigned AER. A student's suspension from school is based on two conditions: 1. Repeated or very severe incidents of breaking school rules and inability to adjust properly to the school community. (Counseling by certified school Positive Consequences
personnel and conferences assist in adjusting to the school community.) 2. When the safety and health of the student, other students, or staff has Students who choose to follow the rules and do not accumulate any incident reports, has not served an AER, or has not been suspended, or A student on suspension is not permitted to attend school activities or be received a class dismissal, will be rewarded with special privileges as on the school campus, for the duration of the suspension. Students are designated by the administration. Such privileges will occur on a quarterly required to turn in written assignments on date due and make up tests. basis and may include: bowling, a movie, roller-skating and picnic at Fox Expulsion—continued disobedience of school rules and regulations can
result in requesting the student and his/her parents/guardians to appear Students who show exceptional behavior will be rewarded with "Gottchas".
before the Board of Education to show just cause why the student should The "Gottchas" are presented during announcements and published in the be granted permission to reenter school. Due process will be observed. monthly newsletter to those students that go above and beyond in modeling The Board of Education may expel a student for gross misconduct or good citizenship. Discipline
Search and Seizure
Prohibition of Gangs and Gang Activities (Board Policy 7.190)
For the safety and supervision of students in the absence of parent(s)/ The Board of Education believes that presence of organized gangs, gang guardian(s), to maintain discipline and order in schools, and to provide for activities and other undesirable groups have the potential to cause major the health, safety and welfare of students and staff, school authorities are disruption of and / or material interferences with the school environment authorized to conduct searches of students and their personal effects, as and school activities. Therefore, the Board prohibits the existence of gangs, well as District property. gang activities and undesirable groups through the implementation of With the approval of the Board of Education, the Superintendent may student requirements as follows: request the assistance of law enforcement officials for conducting No student on or about school property or at any school activity: reasonable searches of students and school property for controlled substances / illegal drugs, including searches utilizing trained dogs. Shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, Searches conducted by authorized school personnel in conjunction with or emblem, badge, symbol, sign or other item which is evidence of at the behest of the law enforcement agencies shall be conducted in membership or affiliation in any gang; accordance with the standards applicable to such law enforcement Shall commit any act or behavior, use either verbal or non-verbal (gestures, hand-shakes, drawings, graffiti, tattoos, etc.) including membership or affiliation in a gang; Students and Their Personal Effects
Shall use any speech or commit any act or behavior in furtherance of the interests of any gang or gang activity, including but not limited to: Certified employees and school administrators may search a student a. Soliciting others for membership in any gangs; and/or the student's personal effects (e.g., purses, wallets, knapsacks, b. Requesting any person to pay protection or otherwise book bags, lunch boxes, etc.) when there are reasonable grounds for intimidating or threatening any person; suspecting that the search will produce evidence that the particular student has violated or is violating either the law or the District's student conduct c. Committing any other illegal act or other violation of rules. The search itself must be conducted in a manner which is reasonably school district policies; related to its objectives and not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student and the nature of the infraction. d. Inciting other students to act with physical violence upon any other person. When feasible, the search should be conducted as follows: A "gang" is defined in this policy as any group of two or more persons Outside the view of others whose purposes include the commission of unlawful acts or violation of school rules and regulations. In the presence of a school administrator or adult witness The administration is directed to develop a uniform system of specific By a certified employee or administrator of the same sex procedures of punitive action to be taken throughout elementary, middle Immediately following a search, the school authority that conducted the school and high school levels in addressing any gang related incidence or search shall make a written report. The report shall be submitted to the Building Administrator, where appropriate, and forwarded to the Superintendent. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student shall be notified of the search as soon as possible. Videotape Surveillance
Jefferson is under 24 hour videotape surveillance. Discipline
Sexual Harassment Policy
NOTE: Procedures for implementation of a School Environment Free of Sexual Harassment of Employees and Students may be reviewed and/or Board Policy Series 5.20 and 7.20—A Policy to Maintain A School attained from building principals. Employee complaints shall be initially Environment Free of Sexual Harassment of Employees and Students. filed with the building principal or the superintendent. Student complaints shall be filed with a female Complaint Administrator or a male Complaint Administrator responsible for implementing this policy and its procedures. It is the policy of the Charleston Community Unit School District Number 1 to regard sexual harassment of its employees and students as a very serious matter and to prohibit it in the workplace and educational setting by any person and in any form. Sexual harassment is a violation of state and A student who uses, possesses, controls, or transfers a weapon, or any The Charleston Community Unit School District No. 1 is committed to a object that can reasonably be considered a weapon, or looks like a weapon, working and learning environment that is free of discriminatory intimidation. shall be expelled for a definite time period of at least one calendar year, but The exploitation of authority to sexually harass students or staff members is not more than 2 calendar years. The School Board, however, may modify a form of illegal sex-based discrimination. In addition, sexual harassment the expulsion period on a case-by-case basis. A "weapon" means may also involve relationships among equals, as when repeated sexual possession, use, control, or transfer of any object which may be used to advances or demeaning verbal behavior have a harmful effect on a cause bodily harm, including, but not limited to, firearms, knives, guns, person's ability to study or work in the academic setting. Sexual rifles, brass knuckles, and billy clubs. Such items as baseball bats, pipes, harassment in any form will not be tolerated. bottles, locks, sticks, pencils, and pens may be considered weapons if used or attempted to be used to cause bodily harm. The building principal or The Charleston Community Unit School District No. 1 endorses the principle designee shall notify the criminal justice or juvenile delinquency system of that persons should be left free of unwelcome verbal or physical advances any student who brings a firearm or weapon to school, and a law which are sexual in nature. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for enforcement reporting form will be completed. sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when: Student Dress and Grooming
1. Submission to the conduct is made either an implicit or explicit condition of employment or academic opportunity; We would like to remind you of the student attire that is appropriate at 2. Submission to or rejection of the conduct is used as the basis for an school. The guidelines below should be followed. employment or academic decision affecting the harassed employee or Clothing should not be offensive or otherwise disruptive to the educational 3. The harassment substantially interferes with an employee's or student's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or Clothing is to cover the torso, including, shoulders, back, cleavage and academic environment. midriff at all times (standing or sitting). If a tank top is worn, a jacket, shirt or sweater should be worn over the top of it. The officials of the Charleston Community Unit School District No. 1 will treat all such complaints or allegations with respect and confidentiality Clothing is not to display inappropriate language, pictures, symbols, or regarding the personal privacy of all concerned parties. The building promote alcohol or tobacco products. principals, the assistant superintendent of schools and the superintendent are responsible for implementing this policy and its procedures. Hats and other headgear, including scarves and sunglasses are not to be worn in the school building. Discipline
Bus Riding
Clothing should be kept clean and fee of offensive odors. Students are forbidden to carry animals, firearms, weapons, explosives, alcoholic beverages and narcotics on the school buses. Also, all prohibited All clothing is to be reasonable in length, using mid-thigh as a standard rule conduct spelled out in Part II of Community Unit School District No. 1 School Behavior Policy is applicable to school buses. Shoes are to be worn at all times and be free of cleats. Remember that the students are outside running and playing during the day, so make sure that your child's shoes are appropriate for this and will not cause injury The bus driver is responsible for maintaining discipline on the school bus. to your child. Tennis shoes are best. The driver may verbally admonish any student for a violation of rules and regulations, assign seats to any and all bus riders, and take any reasonable Students have the right to dress and groom themselves according to their action deemed necessary to maintain discipline and safety on the school (or their parent's/guardian's) personal tastes, as long as such dress and bus. When in the opinion of the bus driver, behavior is not in compliance grooming does not present health or safety hazards or substantially disrupt with that outlined in "Instructions to School Bus Riders", and when that or contradict the educational process. behavior jeopardizes the safety of the passengers, the driver should report such behavior to the building principal or assistant principal. If the driver is unable to correct unacceptable behavior, the following procedure will Hats and other types of headgear are to be removed when students enter
usually be followed: the building. Headgear may be replaced upon exiting the building. Clothing
advertising alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products and slogans / sayings of
First / Second Offense - Administrative conference with the student. Copy an offensive nature are prohibited.
of the bus report sent to the parent/guardian and the Director of Third Offense—Temporary suspension of riding privilege not to exceed ten (10) days. Copy of bus suspension letter will be sent to the Bus Riding
parent/guardian, Director of Transportation and to the Superintendent of Fourth Offense—If after three (3) offenses, the student's behavior is still unacceptable, the student may be suspended from riding privileges in All school bus riders, while in transit, are under the jurisdiction and control excess of ten (10) days. of the bus driver. The bus driver is duly responsible for the safety of both passengers and the bus. Any behavior on the part of school bus riders which diverts the driver's attention could result in a serious accident and If a child's behavior is not acceptable, the privilege of riding the bus may be will not be tolerated. When drivers determine that improper behavior withdrawn, and it becomes the responsibility of the parent / guardian to should be brought to the assistant principal's or principal's attention, a transport the child. "Bus Discipline" form is to be filled out. Repeated violations may result in loss of bus riding privileges. Enrollment
Types of student behavior which are considered unacceptable on the school bus are as follows: yelling, throwing objects in the bus or out the windows, use of profane language, deliberate damage of the bus, arguing, Enrollment Procedure
harassment or intimidation of other riders, extending head or arms out of the windows, tobacco or forbidden substance, or engaging in other behaviors which seriously distract the school bus driver. New students shall be registered at their designated school, except where other arrangements for their registration are provided. An official birth certificate, or hospital record, shall be required for registration and must be Enrollment
presented before the registration is considered final. In the case of first graders who have never attended school, a birth certificate and Building Transfers
immunization record must be provided before they will be enrolled. If the official birth certificate or hospital record is not presented within a reasonable time, the parent/guardian will be reported to the local law Parents/Guardians may request a transfer from one elementary attendance enforcement agency. center to another center depending upon several factors. Transfer request forms are available at each attendance center; a copy of the form is on the next page. Transfers are for one year only. Parents/Guardians must Students who enroll after the beginning of school will begin attending the reapply annually and all requests are due to the proposed receiving day AFTER they have registered. This will permit the teacher and the school administrator by the last day of school of the preceding year. time to prepare for the student, arranging for books, desks, etc. This will also prevent interruptions to the class and protect the learning time of all Out-of-District Transfers
Entrance Age
The School Code of Illinois, Section 5/27-8.1, requires students to have a physical exam with up-to-date immunizations and recommends they have dental and eye exams upon entering kindergarten, fifth grade and ninth To enroll in kindergarten or first grade at any time during a school year, a grade. All Illinois students must present a completed Illinois State Board of child must be five or six years old respectively, on or before September 1, of Education student transfer form from their former Illinois public school the current school year, in which case he or she may enter on the first day of school. Kindergarten and first grade children enrolled for the first time must present a certified birth certificate or hospital record. **Please contact the office for a building transfer form. Change of Address / Telephone Number

Out-of-District Transfers (continued)
If an address or telephone number changes during the year, please immediately notify the school office of that change. Students transferring from out of state need to have the physical exam completed on an Illinois Department of Public Health form. Immunizations and immunization forms can be obtained at the Coles County Health Transferring to Another School In-District
Department (825 18th Street, 348-0530) as well as in some physicians' offices. All new students who are first-time registrants (transfer students) shall have 30 days following registration to comply with the health examination and immunization regulations. A kindergarten student is When students change residence within the school district during the expected to have his / her health examination and immunizations before school year, they may be allowed to complete the school year in the school the first day of school. they have been attending as long as the parent provides transportation. Other transfers between schools not involving a change of residence shall Students will be considered truant from school if these requirements are
require the approval of the Superintendent. All students transferring into CUSD#1 must provide a copy of their birth
The parent(s)/guardian(s) shall submit written evidence of eligibility for Kindergarten Round-Up—Enrollment
waiver of the student's fee. A separate application form shall be submitted for each fee assessed to each student. All students that will be five years old on or before September 1 are eligible to pre-register for kindergarten. Newspaper and radio announcements will The Building Administrator will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) promptly as to whether the fee waiver request has been denied. A Building Administrator's denial of a fee waiver request may be appealed to the Superintendent by submitting the appeal in writing to the Superintendent Waiver of Student Fees
within 14 days of the denial. The Superintendent or a designee shall respond within 14 days of the appeal. The Superintendent's decision may be appealed to the Board of Education. The decision of the Board is final The Superintendent will recommend to the Board for adoption what fees, if any, will be charged for the use of textbooks, consumable materials, extracurricular activities, and other school fees. Students will pay for loss of school books or other school-owned materials. Questions regarding the fee waiver request process should be addressed to the Building Administrator's office. Students shall not be denied educational services or academic credit due to the inability of parent(s)/guardian(s) to pay fees and charges. Students whose parents/guardians are unable to afford student fees may receive a waiver of fees, including lock rental and physical education charges. However, these students are not exempt from charges for lost and damaged books, locks, materials, supplies, and equipment. COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1
Applications for fee waivers may be submitted by a student's MEDICATION POLICY AND PROCEDURES
parent(s)/guardian(s) who have been assessed a fee on an application form from the Building Administrator. PROCEDURES TO IMPLEMENT
A student shall be eligible for a fee waiver when: BOARD POLICY 7.270
The student is currently eligible for free lunches or breakfasts pursuant to 105 ILCS 125/1 et seq. The purpose of administering medications in schools is to help each child The student or student's family is currently receiving aid under Article IV of maintain an optimal state of health that may enhance his/her education The Illinois Public Aid Code (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). plan. The medications shall be those required during school hours that are necessary to provide the student access to the educational program. Additional consideration will be given by the Building Administrator where one or more of the following factors are present: Illness in the family; Unusual expenses such as fire, flood, storm damage, etc; Seasonal unemployment; Emergency situations. Administering Medicine to Student
Any form of the following medications: 1. Antidepressants 2. Antipsychotics (Thorazine, Haloperidol) General Procedures
4. Ritalin (Methlyphendiate) 5. Cylert (Permoline) 6. Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine) A. If at all possible, all doses of needed medication must be given at home rather than at school. Parent/guardians are responsible for the early AM dose at home, unless otherwise specified. B. Parents/guardians are encouraged to come to school to give the necessary medication. They should notify the school office prior to their administering the medication. MUST BE BROUGHT WITH THE APPROPRIATE LABELED BOTTLE FOR APPROVAL TO THE STUDENT'S ATTENDANCE CENTER. This list is not all C. If a student requires a non-prescription medication for a temporary inclusive and will be updated as necessary. condition (headache, toothache, etc.), he/she may bring a one or two day supply of the medication in its original container. A signed note by the E. The medication shall be brought to school in the container approprately parent/guardian must accompany the bottle. The note needs to include the labeled by the pharmacy or physician. This container must duplicate the reason for the medication and the dose, the time of the day doses are to be directions given on the request for "Administration of Medication" form. For given and how long the medication is to be given. The medication bottle students who require the use of an inhaler: Any inhaler must be properly must be labeled with the student's name and be given to and kept by the labeled and the consent forms completed by the physician and secretary until needed. parent/guardian. (There is a specific form which needs to be filled out when the child is to use asthma medication. It is entitled D. Parents/guardians must follow the procedure developed by Community "ADMINISTRATION OF ASTHMA MEDICATION".) Unit School District #1 before school personnel will administer medications F. Medications shall be kept in locked drawer or cabinet at school at all Medications may be administered by school personnel each day. Such The school district retains the discretion to reject requests for disbursements are documented daily. administration of medicine either by the school or by the student. H. When the student is taken off the medication, the school nurse shall be Administration of Medicine to Students at School
notified orally or in writing by the parent/guardian and/or the physician. I. The parent/guardian shall be responsible for removing the remaining medication from school, within one week after the expiration of the physician's order or on or before the last day of the school year. Medicine The form, Administration of Asthma Medication, needs to be completed for not removed will be destroyed (in the presence of another staff member those students who have asthma and use asthma medication at and documented as such). Bottles containing medication will not be sent home with students. The physician must provide written orders detailing the name of the drug, dosage, time it is to be given, and the number of hours between doses J. Approval of all medications shall be made by the school nurse or school and how long the medication is to be given. nurse assistant. In her absence(s), temporary approval shall be made by The parents/guardians shall sign the form or submit a written request for school district administration. the medication to be administered by school personnel. K. Field Trips: Medication will be prepared for field trips with the name of student, name of medication, the time to be given and the teacher's name written on an envelope. AT LEAST 2 WEEKS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN TO Immunization Requirements
THE SCHOOL HEALTH OFFICE BY THE SCHOOL. L. Antibiotics require the same paperwork as long term medications. Must receive three or more doses with the last dose being a booster and having been received on or Physical Examination, Dental and Immunization
after the 4th birthday. Must receive four or more doses of DPT with the last dose being a booster and having been received Physical exams are required. See below. on or after the 4th birthday. Prior to the date of entering kindergarten or first grade. Prior to the date of entering fifth grade. If the child is 6 years old or older when he/she enters school and he/she hasn't had DPT as a pre- Prior to the date of entering ninth grade. school student, he/she must have 2 doses of Td no less than 4 weeks apart with a booster a year later For students attending school programs where grade levels are not assigned, examinations shall be completed prior to the date of Must receive 2 doses of measles vaccine after 12 entering and within one year to the age of 5, 10, and 15. For students, regardless of grade level, who transfer from out of state or out of country that do not have a comparable health exam at the above specified grade level. (Comparable health exam will be determined by Must receive rubella vaccine on or after 12 months the school nurse.) Dental exams at Jefferson are required for those students goint into 6th. Health exams, immunizations and vision and hearing screening tests may Must have received the mumps vaccine on or after be objected to only on religious grounds. A parent or legal guardian may 12 months of age or had the mumps disease verified make the religious objections by writing and signing a statement detailing Any medical objection to an immunization must be: HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZA TYPE b (Hib) - The Hib vaccination is required for Made by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches children two years of age or older entering a school-operated program indicating what the medical condition is below the kindergarten level. Any child who has had one Hib vaccination on or after 15 months of age is considered in compliance with the Hib Endorsed and signed by the physician on the certificate to child health vaccination requirement. examination and placed on file in the child's permanent record HEPATITIS B (HBV) - The HBV vaccination series is a requirement for all children entering fifth through twelfth grades and children two years of age or older entering a school-operated program below the kindergarten level. VARICELLA—One dose of chickenpox vaccine (varicella) on or after their first Homeroom Placement
birthday. This is required for kindergarten, first and second grade students or a physician can confirm past disease history in lieu of vaccination, by having examined the infected child, documenting the parent's/guardian's Students who enter Carl Sandburg & Jefferson Elementary School are description of the child's history, or reviewing laboratory evidence. grouped according to the end of the year placement recommendations made by the teachers. Consideration is given to maintaining diverse IMMUNIZATIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM YOUR DOCTOR OR THEY ARE AVAILABLE AT THE PUBLIC HEALTH IMMUNIZATION CENTER AT 825 18TH Textbooks
THERE IS A SMALL FEE FOR IMMUNIZATIONS; HOWEVER, NO ONE WILL BE REFUSED. TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE NEXT CLINIC CALL 348- 0530. BE SURE YOU RETURN THE REQUIRED IMMUNIZATION FORM TO The Charleston School District is currently using: YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL SECRETARY OR SCHOOL NURSE. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT WHOEVER GIVES THE IMMUNIZATION, ALSO SIGNS THE FORM. PLEASE NOTE: Record should show full dates of immunizations so a determination of whether they are in compliance can be made. Houghton-Mifflin Serious Illness Assessment Forms
Reading/English K Reading/English 1-3 If a student is known to have a serious (critical) illness, or a severe medical problem, that student's parent or guardian will be asked to complete a serious illness assessment packet. If your student is in this category and you have not been contacted, please notify the school health office immediately. Processing this packet takes time; therefore the packet Macmillan/McGraw-Hill should be completed and returned to the school health office prior to the If a textbook is lost or stolen, we ask that it be replaced at the replacement first week of school. This information is helpful to CUSD#1 staff so your cost prior to the last day of school student could receive the best possible care if a serious situation occurs. Library Policies

Books are to be kept for one or two weeks. Overdue notices are sent after
two weeks but no fines are charged. Students are required to pay for lost or damaged library materials. Please encourage your child to read by reading to him or her daily. Find out when the class goes to the library and remind your child to return any books that are due. Please call the school Media Grading Scale (first grade utilizes a checklist during the first/second Specialist if you have any concerns. Annual Achievement & Ability Testing
The primary concern of the school is to help each pupil develop to the fullest extent of his / her abilities, skills, interests and personalities. Teachers can best help each child when they understand each child as fully as possible — what the child already knows, how fast he / she will learn, what interest the child has and what kind of person he / she is. By simply Kindergarten students use a checklist of skills mastered each quarter. seeing children in school, however, teachers learn only part of what they need to know to help each student as much as possible. To aid them in obtaining a fuller understanding of the pupils with whom they work, the following tests are given which provide additional information about each child and about the differences that affect what and how the child learns. Final Grades
These test scores will become part of your child's permanent school record. A copy of the test scores will be sent home before the end of school. These test scores will also be analyzed by staff during the May School Improvement Planning day in order to implement instructional procedures The final grade assigned by the teacher cannot be changed by an to maximize student learning and effective teaching. administrator without notifying the teacher. Reasons for changing a student's final grade include: A miscalculation of test scores; A technical error in assigning a particular grade or score; The teacher agrees that the student may do extra work assignment and its evaluation impacts the grade; Illinois Standards Assessment Test An inappropriate grading system used to determine the grade; or An inappropriate grade based on an appropriate grading system. Report Cards
See Board Policy 6.280 and/or School Code 5/10-20.9. Communication between parent/guardian and the school is essential for understanding and serving children. Report cards are issued four times Parent-Teacher Conferences
during the school year. At the close of the first and third nine-week grading periods conferences are conducted and grade reports may be given to parent/guardian at that time. Grade reports are sent home with students the week following the close of each nine-week grading period. Parent-Teacher conferences provide opportunities for parents/guardians Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact your child's teacher for and teacher to discuss each child's progress on a planned basis. detailed information regarding his / her grading policies / procedures. Conferences are held twice a year; fall and spring. The district's current contract specifies that spring parent conferences are optional, either at the request of the teacher or the parent/guardian. Teachers contact While conference days are days when school is dismissed early for the parents/guardians to set up conference times. It is essential that these exchange of ideas, this is not the only time parent/guardians are invited. appointments be kept. Parent/guardians are welcome or may request a conference at any time. Please contact your child's teacher for an available conference time. To develop the most favorable relationships between parent/guardian and Promotion and Retention Policy
teacher so each may work to the greatest advantage of the child. To enable the parent/guardian and teacher to discuss the child's progress The Board of Education adheres to the Illinois School Codes prohibition on at home and at school. promotion of a student to the next grade level based on social reasons, To consult with each other in order that both may be in a better position to such as age. It is, therefore, the policy of this District that students shall be secure the best reaction from the child at all times. promoted to the next grade level based on the following criteria: successful completion of the curriculum for the assigned grade level (Pupil Progress Report); attendance/tardies; summer school success and state and local Preparing for Conferences
assessments. Individual Education Program goals completion will be used for special education students. Students shall not be promoted for purely Conferences are successful when parent/guardians come prepared to offer thoughts and questions that will aid the parent/guardian / teacher If a student has not qualified for promotion to the next grade level using the relationship. Advance planning about specific problems, family discussions, above criteria the District shall provide the student with an individual and prepared questions are helpful. remediation plan and accompanying services. These services may include a summer school program of no less than 90 hours, special homework, tutorial sessions, increased or concentrated instructional time, modified Suggestions for Discussion—Parent/Guardian instructional materials, and other modification in the instructional program. The final decision on promotion/ retention will rest with the building Child's reaction to school Responsibility he / she assumes at home How he / she spends time out of school Free and Appropriate Public Education
Child's relation with family and neighbors All students, including students with disabilities, have the right to a free and appropriate public education. Child's response to rules and regulations in the home Child's hobbies, special interests and abilities Preschool Screening
Child's health habits and handicaps Problems of the child in the home Preschool screening is offered to children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 5 Questions regarding the written progress report years. The areas to be screened will include vision and hearing, basic learning concepts, communication skills, and development of small and large muscle activities. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to watch the Psychological Services
newspaper and weekly bulletins from schools to find out exact dates and location of the clinic. When parents/guardians know clinic dates, appointments for screening should be made by calling the number on the Psychological services are provided to students in all Charleston Schools. Gifted Program
The psychologist's time is devoted to conferences with teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators in addition to a diagnostic testing. Services are provided to the Charleston gifted student in grades K-12. Charleston's approach recognizes the necessity for program articulation Social Work Services
throughout the district and subscribes to a philosophy which strives to provide programs that will provide an appropriate gifted program each year as identified students move from grade to grade or school to school. Social work services are provided to students in all Charleston schools. Hearing Impaired Program
The social worker's time is devoted to consultations with teacher and administrators, and special education evaluations. They also may assist counselors in working with individual students as specified in Individual Education Plans. The elementary hearing impaired program serves area children ages 3 to 13. The program serves not only children from Community Unit District #1, but several other districts as well. Speech/Language Services
Learning Disabilities
Speech and language instruction services are provided from preschool age through sixth grade. Service is also provided by E.I.U. practicum clinicians. Each student is provided with 2 or 3 periods of instruction each week. Students who have been diagnosed by the school psychologist as having a learning disability may be scheduled to receive service from a special education teacher (LBS1). Learning disability services are provided as stated on the students individual education plan to those students who Counseling
A certified Elementary Counselor serves attendance centers. The counselor PE Participation
works with individuals, small groups and classes. Parents/Guardians are notified for permission before a child begins seeing the counselor individually or in small groups on a regular basis. The counselor works with classrooms in the area of conflict resolution. Students are expected to participate in Physical Education classes on a regular basis; exceptions to this must be approved by the building administrator. Repeated requests for non-participation may require a medical excuse from a physician. It is required to wear tennis shoes. If this is a concern please notify the instructor. an interpretation from person specially trained in the administration and interpretation of such tests. Anyone else wishing to see a student's record must get written permission from the parent/guardians, the student or the Special help is provided on a daily basis for students whose achievement levels in reading are behind their classmates. These services are offered in some elementary buildings. For more specific information refer to Student Record Procedures approved Recreation Department
by C.U.S.D.#1 Board of Education—August 1987. Some attendance centers provide a place for a variety of activities in Field Trips
cooperation with the recreation department. For more information contact the Charleston Recreation Department.
During the school year, pupils of our district may attend various district events such as concerts, plays, and athletic events. Supervision is Student Records
provided, but pupils must remember that manners and school rules have not been abandoned. Parents/Guardians can help children reap the full benefits from these cultural and social experiences by reminding them of It is the responsibility of the school administration to maintain accurate and their responsibilities. If all pupils remember the manners they have been complete records of school attendance, progress, and participation taught, their continued participation and enjoyment of these events will be throughout the student's years in the public schools. These cumulative records are kept in the school where the student is enrolled. They are available with permission of the building administrator to all professional staff members authorized by the Board of Education. There are many facilities of an educational nature in the Charleston area which may be used to enrich the current school curriculum. Field trips for educational purposes under school sponsorship and supervision will be The Illinois State Board of Education Regulations on Student Records, restricted to a distance which will permit their completion within a single Section 4-14, essentially reflect the stipulations of federal court decisions: day unless authorized by the superintendent's office. Field trips are used to broaden horizons for cultural enrichment for the individual student. A student and/or the student's parent/guardians have a right to know the contents of the student's file. All field trips require the written consent of the parent or guardian. No verbal permission will be accepted. These trips must be taken in vehicles Information contained in the students file is confidential and should not be properly insured against liability, preferably district owned buses that are released to anyone other than school personnel without the express, adequately insured. written consent of the student and/or parent/ guardian. Information contained in the records should be relevant, up-to-date, and The Parent/Teacher Organization requests a $2 donation to offset the expense of these trips. In addition some trips may ask for the full amount of the trip to be paid by the parent/guardian, with the understanding that In some cases, as with psychological testing, social work profiles and some students are not able to contribute. special education placements, parent/guardians and students should seek Student Computer/Network/Internet Use Agreement
Student Computer/Network/Internet Use Agreement
Charleston Community Unit School District #1
The purpose of providing computers, network and Internet access in the 3. Compliance with Copyright Laws—The district and its computer
school environment is to enhance student's educational experiences. The users shall abide by all copyright laws. use of the computers/network/Internet allows students a new means of gathering information, collaborating on projects and provides additional 4. Copyright Publishing Rules
learning and research experiences. To that end the district reserves the a. Copyright laws and district policy prohibit republishing right to limit student access to those sites which are appropriate to of text or graphics found on the Internet or on district educational activities and research. This Computer/Network/Internet use web pages without explicit written permission from the agreement does not attempt to state all required or proscribed behaviors by copyright owner. users. The failure of any user to follow the terms of the b. Student engaged in producing web pages shall provide Computer/Network/Internet Use Agreement shall result in the loss of their cooperating teacher or the building media specialist privileges, disciplinary action, and/or criminal prosecution. Users shall be with hard copy permissions authorizing use of the mate- subject to disciplinary action under this policy only after they have been rial before the web page(s) are published. Printed evi- given a copy of this policy. Please read this document carefully as the dence or the status of "public domain" documents shall signatures at the end of this document are legally binding and indicate that be provided as well. the parties who signed it have read the terms and conditions carefully and c. The absence of a copyright notice may not be interpreted understands their significance. as permission to copy the materials. Only the copyright General Terms and Conditions owner may provide the permission. The manager of the Internet site displaying material shall not be considered Acceptable Use—Access to the district's computers/network/Internet shall
a source of permission. be for the purpose of education or research, and shall be consistent d. Student work and/or photos may be published on district with the educational mission and objectives of the district. Using the web pages upon receipt of this Agreement unless the computers/network/Internet for private financial or commercial gain is parent(s)/guardian(s) notifies the school otherwise. The not allowed. Using the computers/network/Internet for personal e- parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive notification from the mail is not allowed. Accessing, submitting, sending, posting, cooperating teacher if their child's work/photo is to be publishing, or displaying any defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, posted on the school web page(s) prior to the posting. pornographic, threatening, racially offensive, harassing or illegal Students whose work/photo appears on the school web materials, and material of sexual nature that is inappropriate in a page(s) will be identified by first name only. school environment is not allowed. Vandalism—Vandalism shall result in cancellation of privileges and other
Privileges—The use of the district's computers/network/Internet is a
disciplinary action. Vandalism shall be defined as any attempt to harm or privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in a cancellation destroy data of another user, or the computers/network/Internet, or any of those privileges. The building principal and/or district technology other computer or network. This includes, but is not limited to the coordinator will make all decisions regarding whether or not a user has uploading or creation of computer viruses any action that inappropriately violated this policy. hinders, delays, or obstructs others in their use of school computers, networks, and/or files or information contained therein. interruptions caused by unforeseen computer/network/Internet problems Security—Network security is a high priority. If a student identifies a security
or a user's errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the problem on the computers/network/Internet, the student shall notify the computers/network/Internet is at a user's own risk. The district specifically media specialist, building principal, or district technology coordinator. denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained a. Users shall keep their account and password information through its services. b. Users shall not use the computers/network/Internet for any illegal or improper activity such as theft, fraud, Lunchroom Expectations
hacking, or transmitting any material in violation of any U.S. or State regulation. c. Users shall not use the computers/network/Internet to invade the privacy of individuals. Lunchroom Expectations
d. Users shall neither operate a computer under a false name nor post anonymous messages. e. Users shall not use or download any file, whether soft- All talking in the lunchroom should be in low voices. ware or data, for a purpose other than that authorized by the owner of the file. A quiet signal will be given when it is time for students to stop talking and f. Unauthorized Access listen for announcements. 1. Users shall not tamper with or attempt to gain access Students are expected to clean up after themselves before leaving the to computer data for which the user lacks security clearance. This includes, but is not limited to, financial, employee, or student information. All trays and utensils will be returned to an assigned place when students 2. Users shall not use another user's account or pass- are dismissed from tables. word without written permission from that individual. 3. Users shall not use the computers/network/Internet Food may not be eaten outside of the lunchroom. while access privileges are suspended or revoked. Lunchroom Guidelines
Online Charges—The district assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized
charges or fees, including telephone charges, long-distance charges, per- minute surcharges and/or equipment/line costs. Breakfast and lunch are offered daily, when school is in session, for Indemnification—The student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) agrees to
students. Milk is served with both the breakfast and lunch. Additional milk indemnify the district for any losses, costs or damages, including may be purchased. Adults are welcome to eat with their children. Adult reasonable attorney fees, incurred by the district relating or arising out of lunches are available at a slightly higher price. Monthly menus will be any breach of these or other school rules by the student, in using provided by the food service and will be sent home at the beginning of the month. Information concerning our prepaid meal system will be distributed Student Supervision—Teachers shall instruct students on acceptable use of
at registration. the computers/network/Internet and on network etiquette. Students leaving the building for lunch must be signed out by a No Warranties—The district makes no warranties of any kind, whether
parent/guardian and signed back in within 30 minutes. Any student not expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. The district will not be signed in within 30 minutes will be counted as tardy. responsible for any damages an individual suffers. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, or service Traffic at School
Impress upon your child the importance of returning home immediately after classes are dismissed. Use the shortest and safest route to and from school. Parents/Guardians are urged to exercise extreme caution when driving in Emphasize the proper use of bicycles and safe riding habits. areas near the school. Children often forget what they have been taught about pedestrian and bicycle safety, and it is the responsibility of the driver All children are to be warned that they are not, under any circumstances, to to anticipate the mistakes of children. accept rides with strangers at any time. A traffic pattern has been developed for the safety of students. We ask that if you pick your child up, you use this system. You are endangering Disaster Preparedness
students when you use the church parking lots and the vacant lot to the west of the building. Please drive down to at least 12 th street before coming down Jefferson Ave. The further you go down the more successful the line will run and the security of students will be assured. Also, due to Fire, tornado and intruder drill instructions are reviewed and practiced the crosswalk at the front of the building, we ask that you not load your periodically by each class in our district. Procedures are posted near the child until after that cross walk as we have had cars pull out of the line and entrance and practiced in each room. endanger the safety of students as they were crossing. If by chance your child needs assistance getting into the building due to an injury, or what not, you may drop them off at the handicap ramp on the west side of the Bicycles, Rollerblades, Skateboards & Scooters
building. At anytime, no cars are allowed to travel on the east side of building as this is for the buses. Please help us insure students' safety and follow the plan that parents, students and teachers have developed. Thank Students may ride bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and scooters to school. Students are to dismount from skateboards, bicycles and scooters as soon as they arrive on school grounds. Rollerblades are to be removed before entering the building. The school assumes no responsibility for Accidents and Illness
rollerblades, skateboards or scooters. Bicycles are to be parked immediately upon arrival on the school grounds. All bicycles should be locked as the school assumes no responsibility for When a student becomes injured before, after, or during school, the teacher the bicycles or damage to their accessories. Bicycles should never be left in charge will inform the office. If the accident is serious, an accident report at school overnight. will be filed. If the student requires immediate medical attention, parents/guardians (or the person named for emergencies on the student's The school encourages bicycle safety and parents/guardians are urged to information card) will be called. Minor scrapes and cuts will be treated at instruct their children in safe riding procedures. Safety Guidelines
Abused and Neglected Child Reporting
For the protection of your child, please stress the following rules: Remain on sidewalks, cross streets only at corners, look both ways before A District employee who has reasonable cause to suspect that a student crossing, and never step into the street from between parked cars. may be an abused or neglected child shall report such case to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The employee shall notify the Superintendent or Building Administrator that a report has been made. Any employee hired after July 1, 1986, shall sign Parent-Teacher Association
a statement to the effect that the employee has knowledge and understanding of the reporting requirements of the Act. The name of this organization is the Joint Parent-Teacher Association for Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg, and Jefferson Elementary Schools, hereinafter referred to as "Joint PTA". The Joint PTA was created in 1997 to coincide Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
with Charleston's adoption of school centers. Joint PTA membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the welfare of our children and our Individuals with disabilities shall be provided an opportunity to participate in all school sponsored services, programs, or activities on an equal basis as The objectives of the Joint PTA are: those without disabilities and will not be subject to illegal discrimination. Where necessary, the District may provide persons with disabilities To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and separate or different aids, benefits, or services from, but as effective as, those provided to others. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth; Individuals with disabilities should notify the Superintendent or Building To assist parents/guardians in developing the skills they need to raise and Administrators if they have a disability which will require special assistance protect their children; or services and, if so, what services are required. This notification should occur as far as possible before the school sponsored function, program, or To encourage parent/guardian and public involvement in the public To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents/guardians and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the Agency and Police Interrogation
education of children and youth. All requests by agency or police officials to interview a student shall be handled according to the procedures for the interrogation of students Emergency Evacuation
developed by the Superintendent. When an emergency/disaster occurs in or around a school building, the school building may need to be evacuated. An emergency temporary Electronic Devices
housing plan is used to provide safe shelter to students and staff. The emergency temporary housing plan will be implemented in situations that prevent students and staff from waiting inside or outside the school Students are prohibited from the use or possession of laser pointers. building during an emergency/diaster. If emergency temporary housing is Students may possess cell phones and other such devices at school; required, students will be directed to the following alternate locations: First however, such devices must be turned off and out of sight during the school
Presbyterian Church of Charleston and St. Charles Borromeo Catholic day (stored in bookbags, locker, or purses). The school is NOT responsible Church.Parents will be notifed of the evacuation through the schools' phone for lost or stolen cell phones or other such devices. A student who allows service and/or the emergency notification system. any such device to become disruptive to the classroom or school learning environment may receive discipline consequences (see School-Wide Discipline Program). Continued misuse will result in loss of such electronic Insurance
Student insurance is entirely optional. The school has made arrangements with a group plan providing low-cost coverage. For those who take out the policy the claims must be filed immediately after an accident at the school Teachers are required to file a report in the office at the time of the Pictures / Yearbooks
accident or as soon as possible after the accident. All children have their pictures taken individually at the beginning of the school year. Parents are notified prior to picture day. A picture of each child is attached to his/her cumulative folder. Buying school pictures is optional. Yearbooks may be purchased separately and are sold at a later All students are provided equal opportunities in all education programs for all services. No person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, citizenship status, or mental or physical disability in any of Sex Equity
its programs, activities, services, or benefits. All students are guaranteed equal access to educational and extra curricular activities as required by No student shall, on the basis of sex, be denied equal access to programs, Illinois PA79-597 and Title IX of the 1973 Educational Amendments. activities, services, or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage, or denied access to educational and extracurricular No person shall, on the basis of gender, be limited in the exercise of any programs and activities. right, privilege, advantage, or opportunity. The board does not discriminate on the basis of actual or potential marital or parental status, and no person in the district shall be subjected to sexual harassment by any school Any student may file a sex equity complaint by using the Uniform Grievance employee, or by other students, or by the effect of any school policy or Procedure. A student may appeal the Board of Education's resolution of the complaint to the Regional Superintendent of schools. Schools (pursuant to 105 ILCS 5/3-10 of The School Code) and, thereafter, to the Additional information and forms for filing complaints relative to gender, State Superintendent of Education (pursuant to 105 ILCS 5/2-3.8 of The racial, ethnic, religious, age or handicap discrimination may be obtained through the office of the Superintendent at 345-2106. A local grievance procedure exists to resolve grievances. However, if either the grievant or the party charged is dissatisfied with the School Board's decision, further Messages to Your Child
appeal may be made to the Regional Office of Education, 730 7th Street, Suite A, Charleston, IL and ultimately to the State Superintendent of Parents please make sure you phone the office and not the teacher if there Education, Springfield, IL Appeal outside the district should be made in a are messages that need to be delivered to your child. You must phone these in by 2:15 so the office is given ample time to deliver them. Please understand that not all messages will make it to your child, therefore plan ahead and make sure your child knows what to do before he/she leaves Pets and Animals
home that morning. Animals may be brought into the classroom for educational purposes only, and only with the permission of the building principal. Such animals are to Student Deliveries
be kept in the classroom for the time necessary for their study. The elementary schools discourage the delivery of flowers, balloons, candy, etc. during school hours. Items delivered during the school day will be kept Birthdays/Class Parties
in the office and may not be permitted to be transported on the bus We ask that parents please contact the teacher for specifics on this. So not to hurt others feelings, we ask that treats are not handed out during the lunch hour. Thank you. identifying himself/herself, the purpose of his/her visit and to pick up a Student Directory Information
"Visitor" badge. Badges are to be returned prior to exiting the building. All school employees are authorized to request the above information and ask "Directory Information" may be released to the general public, unless the that visitors report to the principal's office. Siblings may accompany a parent/guardian requests that any or all such information not be released visiting parent/guardian to eat lunch. Supervision is the responsibility of on his/her child. the parent/guardian. If, in the judgment of the principal, or a designated Identifying information: name, address, gender, grade level, representative, the visitor's presence and purpose interferes with the birthdate and place, and parents' names and addresses; smooth operation of the school, he/she will be asked to leave. In the event he/she refuses to leave, the principal, or designated representative, is to Academic awards, degrees and honors; request the assistance of law enforcement officers, Illinois School Code Information in relation to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and Athletics. Period of attendance in the school. Students not enrolled in CUSD#1 will not be allowed to accompany another child to school due to liability concerns. Unless parents/guardians notify the principal in writing not to release directory information about their child, such information will be released at the discretion of the principal. Honor Roll
To qualify for the Jefferson 4th, 5th and 6th grade honor roll, a student must have a minimum of 20 points (A=4, B=3, C=2) with no Ds. Six subject areas are used to determine eligibility: Reading, Math, English, Spelling, Students are to use the telephone in the office when calling home. Science and Social Studies. Students must have teacher permission to make phone calls. Long distance phone calls are permitted only for emergency reasons or if a student's family lives outside the local dialing system. University Participants
Those students who go up a grade level in two subjects without going down in any subject will be recognized on the Jefferson Improvement Honor Roll Since Eastern Illinois University is located in Charleston, all Charleston (those names will not be published in the Newspaper). schools have a number of EIU pre-service teachers working in each building. University students in preparation for teacher certification are under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher and the EIU Lockers are the property of Jefferson Elementary School. They must be kept in order so they can be easily opened and closed. Locker doors must Visitors
not be slammed or kicked open or shut. Locks are not provided. If a student brings a lock to school, they are encouraged to keep an additional key or combination at school. Any person or persons, other than students and staff, entering the school grounds or any school building is required to report to the principal's office Special Offerings
Midterm Progress Reports
Student Council
Offered to students in Grades 4, 5, & 6. The Student Council members are elected to represent each fourth, fifth and sixth grade homeroom. Being a Midway through each nine week grading period, teachers will issue Midterm Student Council member is an honor and a privilege which also carries Progress Reports to parents whose child is experiencing academic difficulty. some responsibilities. Students elected agree to: (Grade of D or F) Parents/Guardians are encouraged to talk with their child's teacher to discuss grading practices used by the teacher. Demonstrate leadership by setting a good example… Special Offerings
a. In the classroom; b. In the halls; c. In the lunchroom and on the playground; d. In the extra curricular activities. The band program for Jefferson students begins at the fifth grade level and continues through the sixth grade. All band rehearsals are held between Be a responsible member by… 8:10 – 8:40. Sectional practices are scheduled throughout the day depending on the instrument played. a. Attending meetings; At least two concerts are scheduled during the year — one at Christmas and b. Participating and working at Student Council functions; one in the spring. c. Relating Student Council news to homeroom; d. Bringing suggestions from homeroom to meetings; Basketball Program
e. Participate on building/grounds cleanup committee; A comprehensive basketball fundamentals program is available to all f. Maintain a B average; interested boys and girls in grades five and six. Volunteer coaches are g. not receiving 2 incident reports in any nine (9) week period (If required for the program. Each team plays several scheduled games. A tournament at the end of the program is optional. you do, you will be replaced by an alternate from your classroom); h. Be a courteous student. Council members participate in and sponsor numerous activities each year. Cheerleading
This program is offered to 5th and 6th grade students and runs
simultaneously with the boys' basketball program. Chorus
A chorus program is provided for fifth and sixth grade students. The Chorus
practices twice each week during the activity period. At least two concerts are scheduled during the year — one at Christmas and one in the spring.


J. Viet. Env. 2014, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 77-83 DOI: 10.13141/jve.vol6.no1.pp77-83 Identification of antibiotic-producing Bacillus sensu lato isolated from national parks of Hoang Lien and Phu Quoc in Vietnam Phân loại các loài vi khuẩn Bacillus sensu lato sinh kháng sinh phân lập tại vườn Quốc Gia Hoàng Liên và Phú Quốc

The National Ribat University Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research INVESTIGATION OF WEIGHT GAIN AMONG PSYCHOTIC PATEINTS ON ANTI PSYCHOTIC A Thesis Submitted in Fulfillment of Partial Requirement of master Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics SARA OMER MOHAMED