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Brother™ PocketJet® 6 Mobile Thermal Printers Home Healthcare Case Study PocketJet® 6 mobile thermal printers provide a better
alternative to inkjets for the Midwest Pal iative & Hospice CareCenter.

"We selected Brother
On the heels of this mandate, new Electronic Moving forward, Midwest CareCenter plans to PocketJet® mobile
Health Records (EHR) benchmarks and integrate the PocketJet® into a new document printer to provide our
"meaningful use" requirements were released management and electronic forms system. It is homehealth clinicians
by CMS. Meaningful use guidelines promote also investigating its application as part of the the best tool possible
higher standards in EHR integration and strive admissions process. when working from
to further insure patient safety, but posed the Three years after deployment, the PocketJet® the patient residence."
second greatest field chal enge to Midwest mobile printer has done more than resolve CareCenter administrators: How to connect — Yasmin Clinton of Midwest Palliative
the logistical and compliance issues for hundreds of field clinicians, social workers & Hospice CareCenter
which it was adopted. Staff agree that it has and physicians with individualized safety, drug measurably helped increase field efficiency, interaction and educational materials, and improved patient education and further help Midwest Pal iative & Hospice CareCenter enable them to output this data in real time for ensure patient safety. Mobile printing enables serves more than 4,000 patients per year in the homebound patient.
clinicians to convey complex information to their homes, extended care and inpatient hospice facilities. As a vital part of a large Business Solution family caregivers during emotional y-charged geographic community, Midwest CareCenter has delivered pal iative and hospice care Within months of reviewing the CMS While the printer's lightweight, durable design to the patient for more than three decades. regulation, Midwest CareCenter supplied and long life were paramount in the initial With a large clinical workforce and complex its clinical staff including nurses, physicians selection process, administrators agreed that route considerations, mobile printing has and social workers with the PocketJet® the long battery life, super fast print speed, become a critical component to the Midwest mobile printer. The clinician's tablet or and absolute reliability have made it easy for CareCenter's compliance, patient safety and mobile device can interface via USB with the clinicians to adopt the technology. education process.
lightweight, high-speed printer, which can be carried easily in a field bag*. Immediately upon implementation, clinicians were providing clear, current, printed medication Find a lightweight mobile printing solution With a clinical and interdisciplinary staff of documentation to the in-home patient. with long battery life and absolute nearly 300 professionals, Midwest Pal iative field reliability to support busy medical In response to the new electronic health & Hospice CareCenter delivers medical and records mandates, Midwest CareCenter hospice care services to a broad network of further integrated its IT system with field patients in their homes, extended care and computers – creating a truly mobile extension inpatient hospice facilities. In recent years, of the main facility. As a result, clinicians were the home healthcare industry has been faced Brother™ PocketJet® 6 ful -page mobile thermal now able to generate highly personalized with logistical and records transfer chal enges printers with Li-ion battery and Brother™ patient instructions and important drug brought on by a number of new regulations. interaction data before leaving the patient's When reviewing the CMS (Centers for residence. In addition, the printed documents Medicare & Medicaid Services) Conditions served as a written reference for family and of Participation mandating that hospice and other care givers. home health care workers leave a detailed Although the administrators were pleased medication list at the patient's residence, that the CMS compliance requirements were Midwest CareCenter realized it needed met, they have realized even greater benefits. to integrate its EMR system with other "We're providing our patients and their technologies to help improve the efficiency families with important information regarding of its current process. The chal enge was to ongoing comfort and safety, while spending provide accurate, hard copy documentation of more time attending to their immediate continual y changing data, to the patient – and needs." – Yasmin Clinton, Midwest Pal iative & do it at the time of the visit. Brother™ PocketJet® 6 Mobile Thermal Printers Home Healthcare Case Study Benefits of Brother™ PocketJet® About Brother™ PocketJet® 6 Choose from two models: 6 Mobile Thermal Printers full-page mobile thermal PocketJet® 6 Plus
• Up to 6ppm, at 300 dpi resolution
• Fast, ful -page printing from laptops and
printers and Healthcare • Prints up to 8.5" wide on cut-sheet, fanfold or handhelds - With print speeds up to 6ppm,
PocketJet® 6 ful -page thermal printing continuous-rol thermal paper PocketJet® 6 printers can quickly print solutions provide an enhanced tool that can • Stores downloaded templates medication lists, drug interaction data, quickly print high-resolution text, graphics • Resident fonts patient instructions and other ful -page and photos, with potential y fewer issues • Engine retraction mode standard documents in the field, right from PCs or in the field than mobile inkjet printers. With • Ful -speed USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces reliable PocketJet® 6 printers, clinicians • Optional Bluetooth® technology Version 2.0 • Print documents with high-resolution text,
can print out clear, current and detailed plus EDR support available* graphics and pictures - Print high-resolution
medication documentation immediately • Optional Ni-MH battery or Li-ion battery* text and pictures – in up to 300 x 300 dpi – upon implementation right in a patient's from family homes, critical for transferring residence, al on cut-sheet, fanfold or a patient's medical record, and for updated, continuous-rol thermal paper up to 8.5" detailed medication lists to help prevent wide. What's more, the printed documents harmful drug interactions.
can serve as written reference for family and auxiliary care takers.
• Easier to operate and maintain in the field -
PocketJet® 6 mobile thermal printers have This added graphics capability and ful -page been proven to perform reliably in the field size can help reduce patient and medication PocketJet® 6
day after day. There are no inks or toners identification problems, provide clearer to maintain and replace – there's only one documentation of highly personalized • Up to 6ppm, at 200 dpi resolution consumable: high-quality Brother™ thermal patient safety instructions and extended care • Prints up to 8.5" wide on cut-sheet, fanfold or cut-sheet, fanfold or continuous-rol paper. information, and more. Since PocketJet® continuous-rol thermal paper 6 models easily connect via USB or an • Stores downloaded templates • Easily adaptable to a variety of vehicles - At
optional Bluetooth® technology interface* • Resident fonts only about 10" in length, about 2" wide and to a doctor's laptop or handheld, and use • Engine retraction mode standard 1.25" high, and weighing about 1.3 lbs., thermal printing technology that requires • Ful -speed USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces PocketJet® 6 printers are among the smal est only one consumable – high-quality Brother™ • Optional Bluetooth® technology Version 2.0 ful -page mobile printers. Multiple vehicle thermal paper – there are added operating plus EDR support available* mounting and power options* are available • Optional Ni-MH battery or Li-ion battery* to adapt PocketJet® 6 printers to almost any vehicle, critical to social workers and nurses PocketJet® 6 printers are also among the performing in-home patient care.
smal est and lightest ful -page mobile printing solutions available today at only about 10" in length, about 2" wide and 1.25" high, and weighing about 1.3 lbs. Multiple mounting and power options* are available to accommodate the PocketJet® 6 printers easily in virtual y al traveling clinicians' For more information about Brother™ ful -page vehicles and facilities.
and smal format mobile thermal printing solutions please contact Brother Mobile • Detailed medication lists • Drug interaction data • Transferred patient medical records • Patient safety & care instructions • Reference for family & auxiliary care takers *Requires additional purchase. Al specifications subject to change without notice.
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CR Primary BatteryPrimar Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery (Li/MnO2) This battery contains lithium, organic solvents, and other combustible materials. For this reason, improper handling of the battery could lead to distortion, leakage*, overheating, explosion, or fire, causing bodily injury or equipment trouble. Please observe the following instructions to prevent accidents.


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